3.20: A Rushed Job

Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Kanto legacy! I should seriously have posted something this weekend, since I’ve been stuck home in bed with the flu, but looking at the computer screen gave me a headache, so I chose not to. Sorry! Anyways, let’s go ahead and get started, shall we?

Shinx Be A Player

We start out with some updates on Aza and her bae.

Enemies For Life

They don’t appear to be getting on too well. I saved a bunch of popups of him dating every other girl in town, but apparently lost them somewhere along the way. Just know that Shinx is a fickle lad.


Ri is an adorable baby. Not much else to say.


Homework party in the living room.

Kyogre: Homework is good for us, siblings. If we get good grades, we’ll get promoted in our careers faster!


Altaria: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~ I detest homework…

So you’ve said.


Everyone loves Azurill, exhibit A.

Kyogre: A bottle for my beloved baby sister.

Azurill: FOOOD.


I bought a motive mobile with Joey’s LTH points. I haven’t really had one before. I’m bad at spending LTH points…


This is Kurtis Van Gold, offspring of Herbson. He’s a vampiric ghost, I’m pretty sure. Totally mate material for Vermillion gen.


This is our new maid, Jamie Ring. She’s awesome and for a while, I debated not going through with my plans for Squirtle so he could marry her instead.


Klinky takes an instant liking to her.


I honestly can’t tell if she likes him too, or if she’s just playing along to get a raise.

Jaimie: Oh, Mr. Kanto, you’re so funny 😀


The adults in the house were invited on a free vacation. I obliged. They deserve a break.

Klink: Catch you later, suckers!


Tari instantly snatches the game console now that Squirty is gone.


Altaria: NOOO! I don’t want nerd influence! I’m not a nerd…


Phione: I’m sooo tired. ~yawns~ Maybe I can skip school since the parents aren’t breathing down my neck.


We interrupt the minimal plot with a birthday! This is little Barry, Unown’s son with Violet Slymer. He would be so adorable if it weren’t for Violet’s hideous nose…


Altaria: I hate school. I’m a legacy heiress, I shouldn’t have to go if I don’t want to. And I shouldn’t have to do homework. Homework is for losers.

Wobbuffet: Yes sister, we’re all painfully aware of your feelings…


In the morning when all the kids leave for school, we have to hire a babysitter.


He didn’t put Ri down ALL DAY. Even to let her pee.


When the teens arrive home, it’s time for a joint birthday party. First up is Ri.


Her siblings do love her dearly. There’s always at least one person to skip out on cakings. Not with Ri.


Azurill: Yay, birthday!


Azurill: The candles on these cakes concern me…they could totally explode and set the whole house ablaze. It’s happened in other legacies! Sure, it hasn’t happened to us yet, but our day is coming! Just you wait!

Yeah, she rolled neurotic. Why does my spare get the fun trait?…


Next, it’s time for Phio and Bobo go move out grow up. Nope, totally not ready to chuck them out. What are you talking about?


Phione: Deep down, you know you love us.

I never said I didn’t!


The adults chose a splendid time go come back home. Although I swore they had another day until they were due back…


Here’s Bobo, all grown up. He rolled easily impressed, to add to clumsy, good, eco-friendly, and athletic. This is now the second trait he shares with his twin. He likes geek rock, hamburgers, and the color spice brown. His star sign is Taurus, and he would like to be a superstar athlete.

I’m not big on his facial hair, it looks kinda awkward on him, but he looks even more awkward without it.


Wow, what happened to Phio?

Phione: Get with the times, baby. Rock n’ roll is where it’s at.

She rolled virtuoso, adding to artistic, easily impressed, athletic, and unflirty. She likes indie music, key lime pie, and the color lilac. Her sign is Pisces, and she wants to be a rock star. I definitely played off of her LTW when designing her outfits. I’m not sure if I’m happy with her look, but I’m not gonna change it. At least, not right now.

The twins were given jobs and promptly shipped out.


Azurill: If I make you love me, does that mean I can be heir instead?

Nope. My mind’s made up. But you may continue being adorable, if you’d like.


Azurill: I sense a dark presence under my bed…

That’s not even your bed…


Azurill: GAH! Run…run away…


Azurill: A midnight soccer game should calm my nerves.


Azurill: Will you read me a bedtime story, big brother?

Kyogre: It’s six AM. I’m getting ready for school. And you should be, too. Why in the world were you up all night anyways?

Azurill: Sad face…


Vain Kyo-kun wanted a portrait painted of himself. In the background, you can see Joey’s spouse painting. See how similar they look?


Kyogre: I just had a portrait of myself painted, darling! Isn’t that awesome? Wanna come over and see it? What do you mean, no?…

It’s true, Jovan hasn’t stepped foot in the Kanto household since that fateful day…

In other love related news…




I sent them out to the diner to celebrate.

Klink: Isn’t this just so exciting, dearest?! I can’t believe we’ve been married for a whole year! Oooo, I wonder what I’ll order…

Joe: ~gulps~ people…


Klink: Thank you for bringing me here, despite being afraid of literally everything, Joey. I love you.

Joe: I love you too, Klinky.



Ummm, Klinky already went home, Joe…shouldn’t you be heading back too?

Joe: Nope! This place is a goldmine! I come here all the time!


Joe: ZOMG, I think I found an entire couch in here!



Altaria: You’d best sit down, child. The queen of this legacy has already been decided. And that would be ME.

Azurill: But…but I was just playing…

Altaria: Nope, I shall hear nothing more on the subject. Now sit!

Better watch out, Ri. She’ll fight you.

That’s actually where I’m going to stop for the day. Next time, we’ll get to the plan, I promise! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, thanks so much for reading, and have a fantastic evening! Happy Simming!

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3.19: Sibling Rivalry

Hello everybody, welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, all the teens attended prom, and Tari came back with a new love interest.


Klink: Wanna start this chapter off on a good note?

Sure. What’cha got for me?

LTW Complete!

Klink: Tada!

Success! Such proudness.


Squirtle: Shouldn’t I be working toward my LTW instead of training up this baby?

Think of it as practice for when you have kids of your own.


Squirtle does a little bit more of the teaching, but now that Klink’s LTW is finished, he’ll probably finish it up.


Tari fixes the TV in Squirtle’s room because Bobo and Phio absolutely cannot function without it.


Afterwards, she has a very important phone call to make.

Altaria: Do I really have to do this?…



Altaria: Hi, darling. Wanna come hang out for a while? Great, see you soon.

See, that wasn’t so bad.

Altaria: ~withholds a gag~


Kyogre: Kyo-kun, it’s time to get your sexy on.


Kyogre: Hello. You must be Jovan. Welcome to our home.

Jovan: Gee, thanks dude.


You’re not gonna go greet your lover boy, Tari?

Altaria: Naw, Kyo can keep him entertained for a while. I need to sit in here for a while and prepare myself.


Jovan: So, you know I’m kinda in a relationship with your sister, right?


Kyogre: What? My precious baby sister? But how could you? She’s just a toddler!

Jovan: Dude, no! That’s not what I meant at all. I’m talking about your totally hot twin.

Kyogre: Oh, right. Her.


Kyogre: You know, she doesn’t really like you at all. She just needs your sperm. I, on the other hand, think you’re a really great guy.


Jovan: Hehe, wow. Really?

Kyogre: Totally.


Altaria: YES! My brother is taking that guy off of my hands for me!


Kyogre: Does your precious Tari ever do this?

Jovan: No…she slaps me if I even try to hold her hand…

Kyogre: Feels nice, doesn’t it?

Jovan: Maybe a little…


Altaria: Haha, look at those saps. Who knew Jovan was bi?


Kyogre: Score one for Kyo-kun!


Altaria: Wait a minute…I was just cheated on!

Finally dawning on you, huh?


Altaria: Who the hell do you think you are, buddy?

Jovan: Hold up. I thought you didn’t even like me.

Altaria: I don’t! But that doesn’t mean that you can just cheat on me right in front of my face! And with my dweebus twin brother, of all people!


Jovan: Look, Tari, I’m sorry. But maybe if you would’ve treated me better…

Altaria: Nope. I don’t wanna hear it. We’re through. I want you out of my life forever. Got that?


Kyogre: He’s so hot when he’s getting yelled at…


Altaria: And have a slap, for good measure!


Kyogre: Hey, I’m sorry my sister slapped you like that. You totally didn’t deserve it. You okay?

Jovan: Yeah, dude. I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.


Kyogre: I know we just met and it’s kinda sudden, but would you maybe wanna be my boyfriend?


Jovan: I’d really like that.

Kyogre: Yeah?

Jovan: Definitely.


I know this technically makes him a cheating jerkface, but look how cute these two are together!


Altaria: I didn’t even have any feelings for the kid…so why am I hurting so much?…

Could it be that you cared for him more than you let on?

Altaria: Absolutely not! He meant nothing to me!



Joe: It’s like a soap opera unfolding right before our eyes, sonny boy.

Squirtle: Indubitably.

Joe: What should we do about it?


Squirtle: I have a few ideas…


Squirtle: Who the hell do you think you are, you asshole?! You broke my sister’s heart! And now you think you can just waltz into my brother’s life like you own the place? Stay the hell away from my family, if you know what’s good for you.


Jovan: Woah, dude. Woah. Take a chill pill.

Nobody messes with Squirtle’s family and lives to tell the tale.


He then goes to comfort his raging baby sister.

Altaria: How could he do that to me?!?! He was MY boyfriend! Well, not really, but we were in a relationship and he just kisses my brother!!! This is why I don’t want a man in my life aside from you…

Squirtle: Hey, calm down, Tari. He’s an asshole. But not all guys are like that, I promise. One of these days, the right guy will come by. You’ll know him when you see him.


Altaria: You’re right, big brother. Thanks.

Squirtle: Damn straight, I’m right. I’m always right.


Squirtle: I’ll always be here if you need me, baby sis. Don’t you forget that. And if anyone ever hurts you like that again, I’ll kill ’em.

Altaria: He’s…touching me…his hair smells so good…

Way to ruin the moment…


Altaria: I’m really glad we were both voted as heir, Squirty. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

Squirtle: I’m sure you would’ve been just fine…


Back in the living room, Kyovan lives in ignorant bliss.

(Their names merge together perfectly! It’s like they were meant to be!)


Phione: Yes! My dorky brother has a boyfriend! Now he’ll stop coming to me with his creepy experiments!



~Sigh~ I do love them.


Squirtle: You know, Tari, just because I told you I’d protect you, that doesn’t mean you can follow me around like a puppy.

Altaria: Just give me this one meal, please. I wish to treasure this day.


Joey’s not very good at this toddler training thing…

Joe: Just pee, kid. It’s not that difficult.

Azurill: WAAAA!!!! DON’T TOUCH ME!


Jovan is apparently a natural dancer.



Jovan: Admit it. You love me, even if I’m a pudding face.

…shut up.


Jovan: How about you let me stay over tonight? I can show you a real good time, if you catch my drift…

Kyogre: Heh…okay…


Wobbuffet: Get a room, you two! Preferably not this one, cause I am in serious need of a shower.


Oh, autonomous teen woohoo…this is how Herbson babies are born, you know!


Jovan: Well, that was fun. But man, am I beat. Be a doll and show me the bed, babe.

Kyogre: Ummm, sure. Right this way.


In the morning, Klink continues with Azurill’s skilling.


Altaria: I see you running away, Jovan Gale. You’d best beware. You haven’t seen the last of me, I assure you.


Jovan: ~gulps~

He is right to be afraid. She really meant it when she said that, too. Right after she slapped him, she rolled the wish to kiss him for the first time. I had it locked in for a little bit, hoping it would bring some fun drama into the legacy. But then I just couldn’t bring myself to ruin Kyovan…anyways, that’s the end of this chapter. Hope you enjoyed this more drama-filled one. Happy Simming!

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3.18: The Generation That Doesn’t End

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, our heir, or should I say heirs, were revealed! Squirtle and Altaria will be taking this legacy over together! We just have to wait for Tari to age up to YA. With that being said, let’s jump right into this chapter.


We begin the chapter with Squirts doing what he does best. Absolutely nothing.




I couldn’t resist taking pictures of all his different facial expressions.

Squirtle: Wait…feeling a bit…


Squirtle: Gotta PEE!!!

Pidove: Then go to the bathroom, you idiot.

Yeah, like you’re one to talk.


We hired a maid. I don’t remember this one’s name. He was only around for a couple days.


Altaria: Snub, snub, snub, snub.

Kyogre: Why is sister ignoring me?…


Altaria: But I don’t wanna do my homework…


Altaria: Wait, I’m the heiress. I can do what I want!

You should really still do your homework though…


Rise, young Squirtle. It is time.

Squirtle: Durr…


Pidove: Hmm…how can I con my way into having his babies?

Squirtle: Pidove, we need to talk.


Squirtle: We can’t be together anymore. You’re just taking up space at this point, and you don’t even do anything useful. You just pass out and pee your pants and stuff. Besides, it’s not like the Simmer will allow the heir to marry a face one.

Pidove: But baby…I thought what we had was special…


Squirtle: No buts, Pidove. We’re through. And you need to leave this house.

Pidove: But…

Squirtle: I said no buts.


Pidove: I hate you all.

So, I know I said I was gonna keep her around a while, but I’d had enough of her at this point, so I just decided to kick her out. See ya, Pidove. Have a nice life in SP.


Squirtle: I suddenly feel as though a weight has been lifted.


Tari still spends time raising her painting skill. Because she’s not artistic though, it’s a bit slow going.

Misty the Bear: Why have I not been introduced yet?

Oh, right. Sorry. That’s the Cerulean gym bear, Misty. I forgot to buy her until just recently, but there she is. Lt. Surge bear has already been purchased so I don’t forget later.


Joe: It’s baby time!


Klinky isn’t a bad husband, I promise. He just really needs to max out writing.


A baby girl for Kloe. She was named Azurill.


She was born with brave locked in, and she rolled excitable. I feel bad for her, being born a spare. With my luck, she’s going to be the most genetically diverse baby in the bunch.


Joe: This new baby is a recipe for disaster…

You’re telling me.


Since she’s an extra baby, I decided to age her up immediately. Babies are so boring, and this one’s just taking up space until she moves out anyways.


I think she has Klink’s eye shape. Interesting, given that most of the kids this gen have Joe’s. She definitely has that long MacDuff face though. Kinda tired of that by this point.


Altaria: Leaving lights on when nobody’s in the room…how wasteful. Let’s just turn those off.

Cute. She’s never done anything to show off her frugal trait before.


She has to turn them right back on, though, so she can read one of her brother’s books.

Altaria: “He stared deeply into her amber eyes, grasping her hands tightly with his, and mouthed three words. I love you. And with that, he took off into the distance, the only sign of his presence the footprints left by his large combat boots.” Oh, he wrote this for me, I just know it! Why else would her eye color be amber?


Being the least busy person in the household, Squirts was tasked with teaching Azurill to talk.

Squirtle: My ex-girlfriend was a big, raging monster, Ri. Can you say, “monster?”


Azurill: Hmmph. I shall not.


Squirtle: Tari was so much easier to teach than this kid…


Tari, why are you doing your homework next to the toilet?

Altaria: Because homework is poo. They are one and the same.


Kyogre: Kyo-kun, you are one sexy mofo.

Keep telling yourself that.

Good to know

I did find out that Kyo-kun is gay. The rest of the kids are all straight.

Cheryl likes Bobo

I also found out that Cheryl has a thing for Bobo. She sent him, like, five different love letters. Hopefully SP will be kind and pair them up once he leaves the house.


Wobbuffet: Excuse me, madam. I need to use that toilet you are so rudely blocking.

Altaria: There are three other bathrooms in this house, Bobo. Pick one.

They both have a point.


Wobbuffet: I’m gonna PEE my PANTS.

Altaria: Fine, fine. I’m leaving.


I guess this is why he couldn’t use a different bathroom.

Maid: I need to clean that shower, miss.

Phione: And you couldn’t wait until I was done using it?

Maid: I need to clean it.

Phione: Yeah, yeah…I’m leaving…


Phione: Grrr, I have such raw strength. Fear my unbridled power!


Phione: Hey, why did you suddenly make me change into my formal outfit?

Because prom.


Wobbuffet: I look so fine right now. I’m gonna go snag me a girl.

No you’re not. You’re going to marry Cheryl, who will not be at prom because she is now an adult.


I like Tari’s dress the best, I think.

Altaria: Only the prettiest, smartest, bestest girl gets the good dresses.


I didn’t realize it until just now, but Kyo-kun has the same tux as Bobo. Ehhh, it’s ok. They can pretend to be twins.


Ahh, the middle twins. These two are the definition of forgotten middle children. But I do love them. And they’re still very pretty.


Altaria: I’m so nervous…I think I need Squirty for support.


You’ll be fine, Tari. You look gorgeous.

Altaria: If you say so…


Joe, go take a shower!


Joe: Do you see? This is why I don’t take showers!

Sorry bout that, Joey. Anyways, let’s check up on the kidlets at prom.

Prom 1

Prom 2

Prom 3

Prom 4

Kyo-kun is prom king? This I did not expect. I figured it’d be Bobo.

Prom 5

Prom 6

Phio is the prom queen. At least one good thing happened to her at the dance.

Prom 7

Altaria: SEE! See what happens when I approach guys who are not Squirty? I get humiliated!

He just wasn’t the guy for you.

Altaria: You can say that again…

Prom 8

Prom 9

Phio wasn’t any luckier with the most popular boy in school, even if she’s the prom queen.

Prom 10

Altaria: I found a boy to produce my babies since you won’t let me marry my dearest brother. I told him as much, and he ran…I tried hunting him down for you, I really did.

You probably shouldn’t tell potential husbands that they’re just slabs of meat to you…

Altaria: But isn’t honesty the best policy?

Prom 11

Kyogre: I’m clearly the most popular boy in school, and I can have any man I want. Right? So why wouldn’t that bratty blond just hand him over like a civil human being?

Life doesn’t work that way, honey…honestly, these kids have such a messed up view of love…

Prom 12

Altaria: I found a good one. He’s totally hung up on me. Can I keep him as my manservant?

We’ll see. Probably not though, since I do have a plan for you.

Prom 13

Prom 14

Oh, Kyo-kun. He apparently thinks he’s a badass. With that, prom draws to a close.


This is Jovan, Tari’s romantic interest from prom. He’s just a face one.


I also found this fine specimen hanging out at the school. She’s a babysitter, and I have SP set to replace service Sims with immigrants, which is why she has such special genetics. I was a little disappointed none of the Kantos hooked up with her. I mean, c’mon. She’s so much cooler than pudding faces!


What’s wrong, Tari? Disappointed with your new boy toy?

Altaria: I feel like such a backstabbing traitor…does it count as adultery if you’re not married? Or even a couple?

Honey. You are not cheating on your brother. I’m sure he’s ecstatic you have a new man in your life.


Phione: I think you should just give up on all men, Tari. They’re all swine. Find one to impregnate you so you can carry on the legacy, then throw him to the curb and raise your child on your own. That’s what I would do.

Altaria: Gosh, no wonder you didn’t get any votes in the heir poll. You’re nothing but a man-hating prude.

Phione: Say that again. I dare you. I could kick your butt so hard you won’t even be able to have children.

Altaria: I’d like to see you try!

Ah, sisterly love.


I’ll leave you guys with a picture of Azurill, in case you forgot that she exists. Her IF doesn’t have a special Pokemon name. It won’t be turning real anyways. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and happy Simming!

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3.17: It Takes Two

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, we finished out having birthdays for every Sim in the household. This time, we’ll find out who our new heir is! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super pumped! Without further adieu, let’s jump on in!


Before we get around to the actual chapter, I’d like to introduce you guys to Barry Kanto. This is Unown’s son with Violet Slymer. He’s very cute, but unfortunately cursed with Violet’s absurd nose.

Herbson Baby

Herbson’s baby is named Kurtis. He’s a ghosty! Mate material for Vermillion gen?

Enough stalling though, you guys really just want to know who’s taking over the legacy, huh?


Here are your Cerulean heirs, guys! That’s right, Squirtle and Altaria tied in the heir poll! They will both be sticking around and having Vermillion themed babies. An honorable mention goes out to Wobbuffet, who came in second. None of the other kids got any votes, not that I blame you guys. They weren’t all that interesting, even for me.


Aza and Shinx were immediately shipped out. I do love her, but I’d like to have less Sims in the house for a while before we have babies.

Aza and Shinx got a kitty

They got a kitty as soon as they left. This kitty had two litters, and they now have about ten cats living in their house. It’s ridiculous.


Klink: So children, by now you’re aware that you’re the co-heirs of the legacy…

Altaria: Does this mean you’re gonna paint our pictures now, daddy? Cause I’d really like for me and Squirty to share our picture.

Squirtle: I object. I want my own picture.

Klink: Separate pictures, Tari. Those are the rules.

Altaria: Drat…


You know, Phio, you don’t have to impress anyone anymore. The heir poll is over.

Phione: I know. I’m just getting into shape so that when you throw me out into the big, bad world of story progression, I’ll be prepared.


Squirtle: I’m sooo hungry…

You’re making food.

Squirtle: I don’t think I can last long enough to finish cooking it…this is just too strenuous…

Yupp, still a lazy bum.


Despite hardly having time for each other, Klink and Joey are still very much in love.

Klink: Privacy, please?

Right. Of course.


Remember that booby trap Phio set in the last chapter? Yeah, Squirts set it off.

Squirtle: Curses!


Squirtle: ~grumble, grumble~ That sister of mine will pay…I’ll write a character based off of her…then kill her off! Mwahaha!



Out of all of his kids, Joey is closest to Phio. In fact, she may be the only one who’s actually friends with him.

Joe: I’m sorry you’re not the heir, darling. I would’ve voted for you.


Phione: It’s alright, daddy. I think I’d rather live my own life than be bottled up in this house and forced to have babies anyways. I mean, that would require hunting down a man, and you know how I feel about that.

Joe: Ah, what a relief. I thought you’d be devastated.


Bobo gets no such comfort.

Wobbuffet: I can’t believe there’s two heirs this generation and I’m not one of them!


Wobbuffet: I mean, who wouldn’t vote for me? Do you even see how cute I am?

I’ll admit, you’re very pretty. But you’re not all that interesting, honey.

Wobbuffet: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Klink begins on Squirtle’s portrait.


This picture exists merely to remind me to tell you all that I changed Joey’s LTW. Obviously he wasn’t gonna master both athletic and logic skills. But he’s halfway to the top of the medical career, so I figured this goal was more attainable. I’m not counting on it happening, but we can try.


I definitely won’t be choosing an art-related LTW for Tari, but we will need someone with a high enough painting skill to do heir portraits once Klink is gone, so I’m letting her continue painting in her spare time.


Although it’s hard for her to focus on anything with Squirty 2.0 constantly shouting at and heckling her.

Squirty 2.0: You really suck at this. I could draw better with a set of used crayons. Don’t quit your day job.

I sent him back into her inventory after one too many negative moodlets from his heckling.


Pidove: Hey there, readers. I’m still around, too. Did ya miss me?

Right, she’s still hanging about. I have a plan for Squirts and Tari (which does NOT involve incest) so I need him to wait until she ages up to YA. Which is just a little under two weeks. I’m sure a lot of you can guess what my plan is, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m keeping it a secret. Anyways, Pidove is allowed to stay since it’s not pressing for Squirtle to get a wife right now.


Squirts’s finished portrait. I don’t think it’s as good as the Pewter gen paintings, but it’ll do.


Until he gets a wife, it’ll be hanging up next to his baby picture.


Cheryl Slymer aged up into a YA. That nose is certainly…special.


Ummm…excuse me?

Joe: Baby…

Klink: Don’t tell me the pills didn’t work…

So…apparently that Woohoo they had earlier in the update was either risky or TFB. I’ve been playing with sound off, and I didn’t even think to check if he could enroll in college. I didn’t expect this at all…


~sigh~ So lucky this isn’t an ISBI. She’s pretty much left on free will, cause I don’t like her. At all.


Tari rolled the wish to learn the handiness skill, so I figured, why not? There’s plenty of broken stuff in the house for her to fix. I haven’t had a Sim want to fix stuff since Absol.

Note: I know we haven’t seen much of our heiress yet this chapter. I was sort of rushing through the rest of her teen years in anticipation for her and Squirts officially taking over. Apologies to Tari fans. She’ll have more screen time soon, promise!


Phione: I’m still here, you know!

Yes, and in the exact same spot I left you. She never leaves Squirtle’s room. She’s just constantly working out.


Is this just another picture of Klink slaving away at the easel? Or could this mean…

Klinky masters one skill

He’s finally finished one half of his LTW! We’re super close to mastering writing as well, so hopefully we can get that done soon too. Also of note, he’s already completed all of the painting skill challenges. You go Klink!


Wobbuffet: Do you know anything about Elizabeth Bathory, sis? I have to do a research paper on her.

Altaria: Bathory? As in, bath? As in, a tub filled with water? You know perfectly well I’m afraid of water! You’re such an insensitive jerk! I’m telling Squirtle!!!

Wobbuffet: You do that…


Kyogre: Commencing “fun” in 3…2…1…


Kyogre: WEEEE!!!


Kyogre: Deactivating “fun” mode.

Welp, it was nice while it lasted.


Much like his namesake, and unlike his little sister, Squirts loves splashing around in water.




Such cute.


A typical Kanto family meal.

Phione: You’re body’s grown weak and flabby, dear brother. You should really exercise more often.

Wobbuffet: But I spend every second I’m not at school or taking care of my needs working out in front of the TV…how could I possibly exercise more?…

Joe: I think Phio’s right, Bobo. Flex that athletic skill like there’s no tomorrow.

Phione: Like you’re one to talk, dad. Have you seen your belly lately?

Joe: That is your younger sibling you’re talking about!

Altaria: All this “sibling bonding” is upsetting…I just wanna do my homework…

Klink: Will you all just be quiet? I’m trying to max out my writing skill here.


Kyo-kun spends a lot of time in front of Aza’s old mirror. I still haven’t made over the room she used to share with Squirts.


Kyogre: Awww yeah, I’m a hottie.


Altaria: Why do I have to do this crap?

Because you wished for it?

Altaria: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~

Lots of grumbling this chapter, I’ve noticed.


Squirtle wrote his first best seller! The title was sort of a play on the manga, “I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother.” I haven’t actually read it, but it’s on my list, and I thought it was fitting, given his situation with Tari.


Squirtle: Ok, I wrote a best seller. Can I go to bed now?…

Oh, I suppose.


Wobbuffet: I’ll show that stupid sister of mine…I’ll work out so hard I’ll end up passing out!

Please don’t…


Joe: Son, I’d like for you to feel my baby bump.

Kyogre: Mhmm…I see…what rhythmic kicks…when you’re done with the placenta, may I keep it for my experiments? I’d love to test out some of those new preservative chemicals I purchased from Craigslist…

Ummm…not disturbing at all?


Herbert? What are you doing here?

Herbert: Trick or treat!


Herbert: Why are you Kantos so slow? You made me wait a billion years last time, too.

But…but it’s not Spooky Day…it’s not even the right season!


Joe: Here you are, young man. Several handfuls of our finest candies.

Herbert: Keke…sucker.

Joe: Jokes on him. It’s all hard candies. Only old men ever eat these. He’s gonna be so disappointed when he pops one of those in his mouth!


Herb aged up as soon as he got home, so I guess he was getting in one last hurrah. He’s quite the looker, isn’t he? I have high hopes for his and Bronson’s child.

Snub Snub Snub

Tari rolled the wish to snub her brother. So she did.

That’s all I have for this chapter, everyone. I have plenty more pictures though, so expect a new post soon! Hope you all had a spectacular Valentines Day, and happy Simming!

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3.16: The Best Laid Plans

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! I’ve really been pushing out the posts the last couple days, huh? Well, I have some spare time right now before I go do some volunteer stuff back at school, and this next chapter is short compared to the last few ones, so I thought I might as well write it now. Last time, we had a bunch of birthdays! This time, maybe some stuff will happen? Probably not though.


Joey decided that it would be a great idea to converse with his daughter in the snow at 9:00 at night. Meanwhile, Aza and her man build a snowman in the graveyard.


They made an alien snowman, which I haven’t seen before. It’s so…green.


Kyo-kun really likes presiding over the royal court.

Kyogre: One day, I will be king of this legacy!


Klink is level nine in both painting and writing. I don’t know why it always takes my Sims so much longer to skill than other legacy Sims. I feel like anyone else would be done by now, considering he’s almost an elder. At least he’s farther ahead than his dad was at this age.


Pidove: Kekeke…

What are you doing?


Pidove: Planting my stink juice potion, of course!



The best laid plans…


Aza tirelessly works at her LTW. I’m not sure how many skill points she has in logic right now, but I’d say she’s getting close to halfway toward her goal of mastering three skills. Maybe.


That doesn’t look like writing, Squirts.

Squirtle: Go Brady, go Brady, go! YES! TOUCHDOWN!

Good to see that, despite having no sense of humor now, he’s still as much of a slacker as ever.


Wobbuffet: I can’t believe we’re killing so many trees to give out a new notebook of assignments every single day…how wasteful…

What? Wobbuffet’s actually showing one of his traits? That’s new. He’s eco-friendly, in case you forgot. Cause I sure did.


Kyogre: Hear ye, hear ye! Due to my dashing good looks and sharp whit, I officially declare myself supreme overlord of the Kanto household! I shall now ask Klink Kanto, my good father, to step down from his position and allow me my rightful rein.


Wobbuffet: Look at me! I’m shirtless! And working out! Look how hot I am! Vote for me?…

He’s desperate, I tell you.


Pidove: Boyfriend. I demand that you stop what you are doing and make out with me.

Squirtle: Away with you, wench! Can’t you see I’m busy writing?


Wobbuffet: I need to take a shower, but some invisible force that my sister is talking to is in my way!

Altaria: Quiet, brother! Squirty and I were planning our wedding ceremony.


He was just about to take said shower when a different sister intervenes to talk about how great she is.

Azelf: Aren’t I just the best, little brother? Don’t you just wish you were me?


Wobbuffet: I’m really great too! Yay, all the Cerulean kids are great!

Azelf: How droll.


Squirtle broke his computer. He is NOT amused.


Bronzong: You wanna get on that, sonny? You’re the only one in this house who never does anything useful.


Turns out he is actually useful for something. He’s the only one in the house who doesn’t get bored of Aza talking about herself.

Shinx: Mhmm. Mhmm. Tell me more…~stares at Aza’s chest~


Oh, look. Phio does something this chapter. She booby traps the toilet.

Phione: The things I do to get screen time…


Outside, we have yet another birthday.

Altaria: Yay! I’m becoming a teenager with access to romantic interactions!

Squirty 2.0: Huzzah!


Squirty occupies himself so he won’t have to face his youngest sibling/personal stalker.

Squirtle: Hey there, sis. Let’s be best friends! Wanna talk about cookies? I think that’s a pleasant enough topic.

Phione: Ummm…



Altaria: That’s right, I’m hot.

She rolled ambitious. As if we couldn’t already tell that, given her constant determination to win her brother’s heart.


Squirty 2.0 has a birthday too.


I don’t know if it’s THAT exciting, Tari…


Inside, our little king has his birthday too.


The noise woke up Pidove.


Kyo-kun rolled no sense of humor, making him seem like a future engineer or something. What am I supposed to do with all these humorless Sims?


Pidove: Well, since everyone else’s growing up, I might as well jump on the bandwagon.


You gonna go cheer on your girlfriend?

Squirtle: Ehh, she’s fine without me.


Welp. Here she is. I don’t remember her trait, nor did I bother to change even her everyday outfit, showing you just how much I care. (I thought IF’s were supposed to wear their IF outfit all the time, anyways…)


To finish out this round of birthdays, the screen pans over to Klink. Where’s his husband, you might ask?


Why, outside playing soccer, of course.

Joe: He didn’t come to my birthday, so why should I come to his?


Luckily, most of his kids are there to celebrate. We’re just missing the middle children.


OH HAI BRONZONG. I couldn’t find Klink’s hair, so I just gave him something that looked good, completely forgetting that I used this hair on his father. Oh well.

In a span of three days, every single Sim in this household had a birthday. Fun times. In other news…


NOOOOO. I lost the screenshot, but they’re having a baby together, too. And yes, they’re both still teens. The best laid plans…

Well, that’s the end of this chapter. Told you it was short. This is actually the last chapter before I end the heir poll. In the next chapter, we’ll find out which of these chilluns will bring in Vermillion generation! If you haven’t already, go vote for the next heir, right here! Have a great day everyone, and happy Simming!

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Origin Game Time: My First 48 Hours of TS4

The last time I started up TS3, the launcher boasted a special offer. Play TS4 absolutely free for 48 hours. I’ve been skeptical about this game since we learned there would be no toddlers or pools, but I’ve tried to withhold judgement. I’ve resisted watching videos or reading blogs dealing with the game so that when I finally played it, the reactions would be completely my own. When I found out that I could try the game out before actually buying it, I jumped on the idea. This post will not be anything professional or formal or anything like that. Just my genuine first time experiences.

02-01-15_9-48 AM

Say hello to Steelix Kanto, everyone! Well, obviously he’s not the REAL Steelix. I tried to remake him to the best of my abilities. Which brings me to my first grievance with the game. I know that a lot of people really like this new CAS system. I’m not fond of it. Because it’s hard for me to actually change what I’m trying to change, I feel like I have less flexibility with creating my Sims than even in TS2. For example, Steelix’s nose is supposed to be much farther down on his face. It started out that way, but I somehow accidentally pushed it upward. And I couldn’t get it to go back down. I’d just end up messing up the nose tip or bridge widths. I’m also disappointed that I couldn’t add his blue highlights, and that there isn’t a lot of customization with the clothing. With my CAS experience being less than promising, I dive right into the actual game.

Steelix was given loves the outdoors and clumsy, traits that he has in TS3. For his third trait, I had a hard time finding anything to match other traits he had, so I gave him…self assured? I don’t actually remember what it’s called, but it’s the one about confidence. His aspiration is gathering, because his LTW in TS3 dealt with collecting little animals. He was placed in a pre-made home because I didn’t feel like messing with build mode just yet. Not after my struggles with CAS.

02-01-15_9-54 AM

One of Steelix’s wishes was to boost his confidence or something like that. The helpful description told me to have him practice his speech in the mirror. It did nothing.

02-01-15_9-56 AM

Instead, I had him make mac and cheese. I like that there are more meal options.

02-01-15_9-57 AM

At this point, I hadn’t figured out how to put walls up yet. It didn’t take me too long to figure it out, but for the most part I just leave them down. I’m just experiencing things right now, not really telling a story. Not that the Kantos really have a story anyways…

02-01-15_9-59 AM

Steelix wanted an instrument. It was an impulse buy, because he was feeling confident. I’ll make him play it eventually.

02-01-15_10-01 AM

I sent Steelix to the Blue Lounge (or something like that) to make some friends and test out the social aspects of the game I’ve been hearing such good things about.

02-01-15_10-02 AM

DON LORATHO!!! (I know it’s Lothario, but I’ve been calling him the wrong name since I was a small child. Not gonna stop now.)

02-01-15_10-03 AM

Steelix sits down with Don and…some girl. I wanted him to focus his attention on Don, since his grandfather was best friends with him back in Riverview. That didn’t happen. It’s pretty cool though, that Sims can have conversations with multiple people. And I really like how fluid the transitions are from one topic to the next. No awkwardly standing around and staring at each other for these guys.

02-01-15_10-06 AM

Steelix walked over to the bar to get a drink. EVERYONE followed him. I tried having him introduce himself to all these people, but he kept getting interrupted by the people he was already in a conversation with, and then the new people would leave. I guess if I can think of one negative thing about socialization so far, it can be a bit of a clusterfuck (pardon my language). Almost too much going on.

02-01-15_10-07 AM

I decided that the girl on the left, Zoe, was really pretty and I wanted her in my legacy wanted Steelix to get to know her better. But, like with all the others, she left before he could get away from the present conversation. (Side note: yay for multitasking! Drinking and talking with other Sims simultaneously!)

02-01-15_10-10 AM

Hey! It’s Nina Caliente! I really love TS2 premade Sims, if you can’t tell. I grew up with these guys, specifically the Pleasantview ones. I played in Strangetown a lot more as I got older. I hardly ever played in Veronaville.

02-01-15_10-11 AM

We talked to Nina for a while, and I debated marrying Steelix off to her. But I really did like that Zoe girl…

02-01-15_10-20 AM

Steelix went home, and almost immediately called Zoe over.

Steelix: I’m finally gonna get some action, aren’t I?

If you remember, he never married. Nor did he have children. Romance is a new subject to even the original Steelix Kanto.

02-01-15_10-21 AM

Steelix, who’s done no physical activity what-so-ever, decides to show off his muscles. Somehow, this impresses Zoe.

02-01-15_10-23 AM

Steelix: A flower for my lady?

Zoe: Teehee…

02-01-15_10-24 AM

A kiss to seal the deal. Also, who put that heart in the middle of my picture?

02-01-15_10-24 AM-2

Steelix asks her to be his girlfriend. She happily agrees.

02-01-15_10-25 AM

Woah. Well then.

02-01-15_10-29 AM

I took a chance and had Steelix propose. Surprisingly, she agreed!

02-01-15_10-30 AM

Ah, bliss.

Now would be an opportune time for my analysis of the romance aspect of the game. It was much easier to woo Zoe than I expected. Not that I’m complaining much. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the friendly and romantic bars being separate…I’m pretty sure you can become better friends with a person by flirting with them, and that you can fall for a person just by talking to them. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with this. I kinda like the friendship meters from TS2, although it took me forever to figure out what they meant. I was, like, seven when I got the game. It’s understandable. Anyways, the meters are a small thing, not nearly enough to be a deal breaker.

02-01-15_10-31 AM

Some random guy started doing pushups on the sidewalk. I found it amusing.

02-01-15_10-32 AM


02-01-15_10-34 AM

Zoe’s first autonomous action is to pick up a book read it, literally, on the edge of her seat. But I have other plans.

02-01-15_10-35 AM

Zoe: Pregnancy confirmed.

Nice touch. It’s a small thing, but I think it’s cute.

02-01-15_10-37 AM

Steelix got a job. In the criminal career. Sounded fun.

02-01-15_10-38 AM

Zoe makes some…mac and cheese maybe?

02-01-15_11-15 AM

When she’s done eating, I plop her down in front of the TV to watch children’s programming. Since I’ve done no research on TS4 what-so-ever, I don’t know if this actually works. But we shall see.

02-01-15_11-16 AM

There was a fishing pond right behind our house, so Steelix journeyed over. He fished for about half a second and decided it was boring. He then walked back home without asking me for permission.

02-01-15_12-10 PM

Zoe’s LTW aspiration has to do with making all sorts of friends. She already has the three friends necessary. Now she needs to introduce herself to ten different people. She was sent to the gym, where she met five people. After being surrounded by everyone available, she took off for a different location.

02-01-15_12-12 PM

Zoe was sent to the park. As you can tell, she’s trilled.

02-01-15_12-14 PM

After meeting everyone at the park, Zoe fulfilled her aspiration!

Game: Congratulations! Now for part two!

Zoe: Part two?



Hehe. Seriously though. I was more than a little bit disappointed by the appearance of a part two, especially after feeling so good about fulfilling her aspiration so early on. I was wondering why it seemed like such a simple wish though.

02-01-15_12-17 PM

I told you he’d be forced to play it. Both he and Zoe got bad moodlets (or whatever they’re called in TS4) because of the “terribly played music.” That’s why you’re practicing, dummy. If you never practice, you’ll never sound better.

02-01-15_12-21 PM

I think I just took this because I think she’s pretty. I’m more interested in her than in my actual legacy Sim at this point…

02-01-15_12-26 PM

After he got home from work. Steelix feels his beloved’s tummy. Because cute.

02-01-15_12-30 PM

Testing out couch interactions.

02-01-15_12-30 PM-2

“Stare deeply into eyes” might be my favorite interaction so far. Though it’s nothing compared to the embrace from TS3.

02-01-15_12-51 PM

Skipping ahead a bit, it’s labor time. I decided to go for a home birth, just to see what happened.

02-01-15_12-52 PM

Hun, I distinctly remember getting the popup that you are in labor.

Zoe: Yeah? So what?

Shouldn’t you be, you know, having a baby?

Zoe: Give me a break. I’m hungry.

02-01-15_12-54 PM

Zoe: Oh look, it’s Nina Caliente, my best good friend. Wanna come inside, girl?

Nina: Umm…are you in labor?

Zoe: Yeah, why?

Nina: ….

02-01-15_12-55 PM

Zoe: Nina, I can’t talk now! I’m trying to unclog this toilet!

Babies maybe?…

02-01-15_1-00 PM

This went on for HOURS. She would go to bed. I would get her up. She would go read a book. I’d take it away from her. She’d go talk to Nina. I asked her to leave. Still no babies.

02-01-15_1-05 PM

Finally, I bought a crib, even though I was told they were providing one for me. I clicked “have baby.” And that solved my problem. Nearly 20 hours she was in labor. RIDICULOUS. I appreciate the multitasking abilities this game provides, but I’m not so sure you should be unclogging toilets in labor. She ended up having twins.

02-01-15_1-06 PM

Yeah, we’re growing them up.

02-01-15_1-31 PM

This is Oliver, who was actually the second twin born. I used a random number generator to determine their trait and aspiration. Ollie is a gluttonous whiz kid.

02-01-15_1-28 PM

This is Noah, an exact clone of his brother. He is a perfectionist and…it’s the social one. I forget what it’s called. Since I’m just playing around right now, I’m not writing any of this down.

02-01-15_1-32 PM

Here are the boys. They have weird profiles. Also, it’s absolutely ludicrous that toddlers don’t exist in this game. I mean, what was Eaxis thinking? Way to take a step all the way back to TS1…

02-01-15_1-36 PM

Since Noah’s aspiration is about making friends, I sent him to the park. Hat guy is a teen, and just wants to get back to his game. At least he counts toward meeting people.

02-01-15_1-41 PM

Lloyd here was the only other child at the park, and I really wanted Noah to befriend him. This old lady wasn’t having any of it. She kept interrupting their conversations.

02-01-15_2-32 PM

Back at home, the parents skill.

02-01-15_2-33 PM


02-01-15_2-33 PM-2

They can talk to it too! Useful for when Noah needs to raise his social skill and nobody else is available.

02-01-15_2-49 PM

I bought Ollie a chess table for his aspiration.

02-01-15_3-02 PM

He plays a little bit with his brother. I seriously don’t know about those profiles…

02-01-15_2-57 PM

Somehow, despite growing up on the weekend and not having attended a day of school yet, the boys have homework already.

02-01-15_3-33 PM

Despite protests, I make Steelix cooperate and help Ollie finish part one of his aspiration. Now on to part two.

Oliver: Part two?!? PART TWO PART TWO PART-

Stop. We already did that joke.

02-01-15_3-58 PM

This is cute. Noah was embarrassed, and he wanted to hide himself from the world.

02-01-15_4-00 PM

The twins are BFFs. They take a photo together. They don’t make nearly as cute of facial expressions as Sims in TS3.

02-01-15_5-03 PM

Zoe’s pregnant again. She’s going to the hospital this time. She watched no kids TV this pregnancy, yet somehow she had twins again.

02-01-15_5-17 PM-2

Melody. I picked her aspiration, the one dealing with the body skill. She rolled the outgoing trait.

02-01-15_5-22 PM-2

Calem. He got the artistic aspiration, completing the set. He rolled genius.

02-01-15_5-30 PM

Calem was given an art table.

02-01-15_5-30 PM-2

And Melody got some monkey bars.

I could’ve gone on, but I was kinda getting bored by this point. I’ll probably play some more tomorrow, but I won’t post anything about it. So, my consensus? I like the game, I really do. But I definitely like TS3 better. I even like TS2 better, to be perfectly honest. I like some of the things they did with this game. It’s less laggy and less buggy, and the social aspects have been improved quite a bit. However, I have some major issues with the game that prevent me from really loving it. I don’t feel any attachment to any of these Sims, except for the ones from previous games. I will definitely buy this at some point (probably once an EP comes out and they combine it with the base game. That’s how I bought both TS2 and TS3.) But it will probably only be played for some quick and easy downtime. I’m not going to go blogging about TS4 and creating legacy families or anything like that. I’ll probably play it about as much as I play TS1. Not very often at all. But that’s not to say that it’s a bad game or that I don’t like it. I do, and I can definitely see why some people like it more than TS3. But I think it’s because TS3 is so buggy and has so much character that I like it so much. It is my true Sims love. Hope you enjoyed my first 48 hours of TS4, and as always, happy Simming!!!