3.15: They Grow Up So Fast

Hey guys, time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, the Kantos were forced out to the festival, where none of them really did anything. Later, the teens went to prom while the rest of the family hosted a Snowflake Day party. As the title suggests, there will probably be birthdays this chapter. Let’s jump right in and see what happens!


Squirtle: I just realized…if I’m voted heir, I’m going to have to break poor Pidove’s heart…

Altaria: Get it over with quick, brother. Squish it like a bug. It’ll only hurt a second.


His fears are quickly erased when his lady love comes for a makeout.

Altaria: ~sniffs~ Fine. Squash MY heart instead. It’s ok. I can take it.

Side note: I know her outerwear is ridiculous. I just really don’t care enough to change it. Besides, I seem to have a glitch where they choose their own outerwear even after I set something for them, demonstrated by Tari in the background.


Altaria: Don’t mind me. Your precious little sister. Sitting in the snow, playing with her imaginary friend. ALONE. I totally won’t freeze to death.

Squirtle and Pidove: ~remain blissfully unaware~


Shinx: Should you really be sitting with me instead of your girlfriend?

Squirtle: She understands my need for space.

Pidove: ~glares daggers into Shinx~


Klink still slaves away at his LTW. As repetitive as it is taking pictures of him painting all the time, if I didn’t include at least one per chapter, he’d never show his face in this legacy.


Joey actually works toward his own LTW for once. Not like it’s going to happen or anything.


Not really sure why I took this picture. Maybe to demonstrate that Aza does things other than paint. Or maybe to show that Shinx has kind of taken over Bronzong’s old bed. Yeah, I haven’t replaced it yet.


Aza works toward her LTW by bonding with her little brother.

Kyogre: Make your move, sister. You’ve been staring at the board for an hour now.

Azelf: You stupid child. White always goes first.

Kyogre: Not the way I play.

Azelf: What stupid rules do you use?

Kyogre: Screw the rules, I have blue hair.


The Kanto children are forced to decide to play outside for a while. Tari builds a snowman.


Phio opts to make a snow angel.

Phione: Obviously because I’m an angel myself.


Bobo builds a fortress.

Wobbuffet: I shall rule the legacy from the safety of these snowy walls.

Sure, kid. Also, why is Phio the only one who stayed in the outerwear I designed for her?


Squirts, meanwhile, does what he does best. Absolutely nothing.

Squirtle: Video gaaaaameeess.


Despite their sibling rivalry in the previous chapter, Phio and Bobo are best friends. They have been since they were toddlers, basically.

Phione: So, no hard feelings about the other night, right bro? Love you.


Wobbuffet: Haha, love you too, sis. By the way, my bear’s still better than your bear XP


Tari still tries to win favor by autonomously making a play for the easel.

Altaria: I may not have been born artistic like my sisters, but I can still paint like the best of them. I hear creativity is an attractive quality in a woman.


I let Squirty 2.0 out. It wasn’t too exciting. And Tari kept on painting like he wasn’t even there.


Pidove was not in a bad mood at all. She wasn’t stressed. She wasn’t having mood swings. She just crushed a snowman.

Pidove: Yeah, you see this? This is what will happen to the next person who gets between me and my bae.


Joey decided to have his birthday facing the wall, where I couldn’t get any pictures of him.


I couldn’t get a face on picture, so here’s his profile. Not much changed. And nobody came to cheer for him.

Joe: I see how important I am to you people…


Oh look, the middle twins are having their birthday into teenhood.

Wobbuffet: Woohoo! Birthday!


Phione: Please let us get more interesting!


As proof to how much he loves his twin, Bobo rolls athletic, now sharing a trait with her.

Wobbuffet: YES! We’re just alike! Now we can really be SUPERBESTFRIENDS.


Phio is not quite so happy about her new trait.

Phione: Men are pigs. All of them. They’re all dirty, rotten pigs. If one ever touches me, I will cut off their…

Woah, ok there. We get it. Yeah, she rolled unflirty.


Tari couldn’t really care less about her siblings’ birthdays. She’s a little busy.

Altaria: I’m sitting on HIS chair, playing HIS video games…you know, he’s right. This is kinda fun. DIE KOOPA!!!


Squirtle: Hey, pan that screen over here. I’m growing up too!

Really? More birthdays?



Phione: Sure, take the attention away from me and Bobo. Like always.

My youngest Cerulean babies are going to be young adults already…


Oh, Shinx is growing up too. Yaaayyy….


Azelf: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~

What’s wrong, Aza? Don’t like your new look?

Azelf: The trait I rolled couldn’t possibly suit me less…I mean, me? A gatherer?

But that could be fun! Once you’re done maxing three skills, we can send you out on the town, collecting rocks and such.

Azelf: You really expect me to dig my perfectly manicured nails through the dirt, looking for filthy rocks?

Yeah, gatherer and snob really don’t go well together, do they? To recap, Azelf is an artistic, grumpy, snobby gatherer who loves the cold. She loves indie music, lobster thermador, and the color lilac, is a capricorn, and wants to be a renaissance Sim.


Congratulations! Your Squirtle has evolved into-

Squirtle: NOT. FUNNY.

Fine…spoilsport…Squirts rolled no sense of humor, to add to good, grumpy, couch potato, and perceptive. He likes pop music, dim sum, and the color black. His sign is cancer, and he wants to become a professional author. I have a feeling that he’s going to glue himself to his computer and never leave his room again…


And here’s Shinx. He’s just a boring face one…He’s an absent minded, artistic, snobby heavy sleeper who loves cars. Ewww, a vehicle enthusiast…living in a small, redneck town with a small, redneck family, I really can’t stand cars. Or people who talk about cars. Or people who spend all their time and money on their beat up old pickup trucks. He’ll be sticking around until the heir is decided. If Aza isn’t the heir, they’ll be shipped out together. For now, he’s just left on free will.


Kyogre: Do you think we’ll get fun new traits for our birthday, sister?


This is why they grew up on their own. We still have a fridge full of leftover cake. Hope you guys don’t mind too terribly much.


Bobo immediately flaunts his new trait, as well as tries to gain some points by getting his chest out.

Wobbuffet: Aww yeah, I’m a hot, hunky dude now!


Aza keeps working at that painting skill.

Azelf: See? This is much more suiting to my personality. I refuse to acknowledge that “new trait” of mine.


Squirts, like I expected, has not left the desk since he aged up.

Squirtle: I have no more time for fun and games. Time to get cracking down.


Life goes on as normal in the Kanto household.


Joey continues to do the jobs nobody else has time for.

Joe: Confounded contraption…


Shinx got a job, I guess. ~shrugs~


Phio decided it would be a good idea to play soccer. In the below freezing weather. With snow still on the ground. In her athletic outfit.

Phione: What can I say? I’m dedicated to sports.


Tari shares a moment with her IF.

Squirty 2.0: If you’d like, mistress Altaria, you may pretend that I am your brother.


Moving on.


Eventually, Phio got bored kicking a ball at a net over and over again, and decides to make a snowman instead.


It was at this point that I noticed all the melting snowmen in the graveyard. Creepy? It’d be worse if they were all the grim reaper snowmen.


Phio built a hockey snowman. Haven’t seen that one before.

Phione: I made something new and different. Love me?


Kyo-kun plays chess. And that’s it.

Kyogre: I’m very dedicated to my game.


Klinky wants to bond with his kids.

Klink: Phio, baby! How are you? How’s that athletic skill going?

Phione: See, daddy, I’d love to talk. But I kinda came inside to pee…


Squirty 2.0: I think you should marry someone rich.

Altaria: My brother writes books…that means he’s gonna be rich, right? RIGHT?


Oh look. Flirting.

Shinx: You’re hot. Like my car engine.

Azelf: I surprisingly don’t find your grease-coated hands repulsive…


Yeah. They didn’t get past romantic interest.


Pidove tried making potions. She failed.


Remember Bobo and Kyo’s alliance from all those years days ago? Yeah, it still exists.

Kyogre: I’d put to bed any hopes you have of becoming heir, brother. Neither of us stand a chance compared to Squirtle, or even Tari.

Wobbuffet: Yeah, I guess you’re right…then let’s agree to be the best spares we can be! If we’re lucky, we might be able to stick around the legacy house for a while.


I’ll leave you guys with this pointless picture that I don’t remember taking and serves no purpose what-so-ever. Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter, make sure to vote for heir if you’re ready, and happy Simming! I’ll be updating the poll page to include the kiddos’ new traits. Also, happy Superbowl Sunday tomorrow! Seahawks FTW!!!

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5 thoughts on “3.15: They Grow Up So Fast

  1. Azelf: What stupid rules do you use?
    Kyogre: Screw the rules, I have blue hair.
    PMSL, Nice one, Kyogre! He is becoming a second fave after Altaria. Squirtle’s YA trait and LTW make him too boring for heir – he’d be just like his father, with one photo at the computer each chapter to prove he’s alive.

    I used to have the outerwear glitch; both of them, actually, Pidove thinking that gloves with everyday will suffice, and the others choosing their own. Never resolved it, but the new laptop doesn’t have the same issue. Maybe a new Sims3 folder might help? Rename the folder in your My Documents area to something else (or add a word on the end like I do), and when you restart the game it will regenerate. Great to help weed out annoying mods or CC.

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