3.18: The Generation That Doesn’t End

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, our heir, or should I say heirs, were revealed! Squirtle and Altaria will be taking this legacy over together! We just have to wait for Tari to age up to YA. With that being said, let’s jump right into this chapter.


We begin the chapter with Squirts doing what he does best. Absolutely nothing.




I couldn’t resist taking pictures of all his different facial expressions.

Squirtle: Wait…feeling a bit…


Squirtle: Gotta PEE!!!

Pidove: Then go to the bathroom, you idiot.

Yeah, like you’re one to talk.


We hired a maid. I don’t remember this one’s name. He was only around for a couple days.


Altaria: Snub, snub, snub, snub.

Kyogre: Why is sister ignoring me?…


Altaria: But I don’t wanna do my homework…


Altaria: Wait, I’m the heiress. I can do what I want!

You should really still do your homework though…


Rise, young Squirtle. It is time.

Squirtle: Durr…


Pidove: Hmm…how can I con my way into having his babies?

Squirtle: Pidove, we need to talk.


Squirtle: We can’t be together anymore. You’re just taking up space at this point, and you don’t even do anything useful. You just pass out and pee your pants and stuff. Besides, it’s not like the Simmer will allow the heir to marry a face one.

Pidove: But baby…I thought what we had was special…


Squirtle: No buts, Pidove. We’re through. And you need to leave this house.

Pidove: But…

Squirtle: I said no buts.


Pidove: I hate you all.

So, I know I said I was gonna keep her around a while, but I’d had enough of her at this point, so I just decided to kick her out. See ya, Pidove. Have a nice life in SP.


Squirtle: I suddenly feel as though a weight has been lifted.


Tari still spends time raising her painting skill. Because she’s not artistic though, it’s a bit slow going.

Misty the Bear: Why have I not been introduced yet?

Oh, right. Sorry. That’s the Cerulean gym bear, Misty. I forgot to buy her until just recently, but there she is. Lt. Surge bear has already been purchased so I don’t forget later.


Joe: It’s baby time!


Klinky isn’t a bad husband, I promise. He just really needs to max out writing.


A baby girl for Kloe. She was named Azurill.


She was born with brave locked in, and she rolled excitable. I feel bad for her, being born a spare. With my luck, she’s going to be the most genetically diverse baby in the bunch.


Joe: This new baby is a recipe for disaster…

You’re telling me.


Since she’s an extra baby, I decided to age her up immediately. Babies are so boring, and this one’s just taking up space until she moves out anyways.


I think she has Klink’s eye shape. Interesting, given that most of the kids this gen have Joe’s. She definitely has that long MacDuff face though. Kinda tired of that by this point.


Altaria: Leaving lights on when nobody’s in the room…how wasteful. Let’s just turn those off.

Cute. She’s never done anything to show off her frugal trait before.


She has to turn them right back on, though, so she can read one of her brother’s books.

Altaria: “He stared deeply into her amber eyes, grasping her hands tightly with his, and mouthed three words. I love you. And with that, he took off into the distance, the only sign of his presence the footprints left by his large combat boots.” Oh, he wrote this for me, I just know it! Why else would her eye color be amber?


Being the least busy person in the household, Squirts was tasked with teaching Azurill to talk.

Squirtle: My ex-girlfriend was a big, raging monster, Ri. Can you say, “monster?”


Azurill: Hmmph. I shall not.


Squirtle: Tari was so much easier to teach than this kid…


Tari, why are you doing your homework next to the toilet?

Altaria: Because homework is poo. They are one and the same.


Kyogre: Kyo-kun, you are one sexy mofo.

Keep telling yourself that.

Good to know

I did find out that Kyo-kun is gay. The rest of the kids are all straight.

Cheryl likes Bobo

I also found out that Cheryl has a thing for Bobo. She sent him, like, five different love letters. Hopefully SP will be kind and pair them up once he leaves the house.


Wobbuffet: Excuse me, madam. I need to use that toilet you are so rudely blocking.

Altaria: There are three other bathrooms in this house, Bobo. Pick one.

They both have a point.


Wobbuffet: I’m gonna PEE my PANTS.

Altaria: Fine, fine. I’m leaving.


I guess this is why he couldn’t use a different bathroom.

Maid: I need to clean that shower, miss.

Phione: And you couldn’t wait until I was done using it?

Maid: I need to clean it.

Phione: Yeah, yeah…I’m leaving…


Phione: Grrr, I have such raw strength. Fear my unbridled power!


Phione: Hey, why did you suddenly make me change into my formal outfit?

Because prom.


Wobbuffet: I look so fine right now. I’m gonna go snag me a girl.

No you’re not. You’re going to marry Cheryl, who will not be at prom because she is now an adult.


I like Tari’s dress the best, I think.

Altaria: Only the prettiest, smartest, bestest girl gets the good dresses.


I didn’t realize it until just now, but Kyo-kun has the same tux as Bobo. Ehhh, it’s ok. They can pretend to be twins.


Ahh, the middle twins. These two are the definition of forgotten middle children. But I do love them. And they’re still very pretty.


Altaria: I’m so nervous…I think I need Squirty for support.


You’ll be fine, Tari. You look gorgeous.

Altaria: If you say so…


Joe, go take a shower!


Joe: Do you see? This is why I don’t take showers!

Sorry bout that, Joey. Anyways, let’s check up on the kidlets at prom.

Prom 1

Prom 2

Prom 3

Prom 4

Kyo-kun is prom king? This I did not expect. I figured it’d be Bobo.

Prom 5

Prom 6

Phio is the prom queen. At least one good thing happened to her at the dance.

Prom 7

Altaria: SEE! See what happens when I approach guys who are not Squirty? I get humiliated!

He just wasn’t the guy for you.

Altaria: You can say that again…

Prom 8

Prom 9

Phio wasn’t any luckier with the most popular boy in school, even if she’s the prom queen.

Prom 10

Altaria: I found a boy to produce my babies since you won’t let me marry my dearest brother. I told him as much, and he ran…I tried hunting him down for you, I really did.

You probably shouldn’t tell potential husbands that they’re just slabs of meat to you…

Altaria: But isn’t honesty the best policy?

Prom 11

Kyogre: I’m clearly the most popular boy in school, and I can have any man I want. Right? So why wouldn’t that bratty blond just hand him over like a civil human being?

Life doesn’t work that way, honey…honestly, these kids have such a messed up view of love…

Prom 12

Altaria: I found a good one. He’s totally hung up on me. Can I keep him as my manservant?

We’ll see. Probably not though, since I do have a plan for you.

Prom 13

Prom 14

Oh, Kyo-kun. He apparently thinks he’s a badass. With that, prom draws to a close.


This is Jovan, Tari’s romantic interest from prom. He’s just a face one.


I also found this fine specimen hanging out at the school. She’s a babysitter, and I have SP set to replace service Sims with immigrants, which is why she has such special genetics. I was a little disappointed none of the Kantos hooked up with her. I mean, c’mon. She’s so much cooler than pudding faces!


What’s wrong, Tari? Disappointed with your new boy toy?

Altaria: I feel like such a backstabbing traitor…does it count as adultery if you’re not married? Or even a couple?

Honey. You are not cheating on your brother. I’m sure he’s ecstatic you have a new man in your life.


Phione: I think you should just give up on all men, Tari. They’re all swine. Find one to impregnate you so you can carry on the legacy, then throw him to the curb and raise your child on your own. That’s what I would do.

Altaria: Gosh, no wonder you didn’t get any votes in the heir poll. You’re nothing but a man-hating prude.

Phione: Say that again. I dare you. I could kick your butt so hard you won’t even be able to have children.

Altaria: I’d like to see you try!

Ah, sisterly love.


I’ll leave you guys with a picture of Azurill, in case you forgot that she exists. Her IF doesn’t have a special Pokemon name. It won’t be turning real anyways. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and happy Simming!

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3 thoughts on “3.18: The Generation That Doesn’t End

  1. I like Jovan, even if he is a face one. It’s a very cool name. Maybe you could edit/randomise him a bit – that is, if Tari really does like him outside of prom.

    Man, Squirtle taught Tari her toddler skills, I forgot he was *so* much older than her!

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