5.13: I Ain’t Saying She’s A Gold Digger

Time for a new chapter! This might be the last one for a little while since I’m going to be sniffing around my game hunting for the source of that glitch. In the last chapter, Missingno was crowned heir and spent the chapter attempting to woo his future wife. Ditto, meanwhile, spent the day with Chandra’s crazy sister and was very unhappy. Will Em finally win Chandra’s affections? Let’s find out!


Ever the skill builder, Ditto deals with his frustrations from last chapter by exercising.


Ari usually just stands around looking cute.

Arbok: ~smirks~ That’s because I am cute.


Em takes his turn caring for the baby.

Missingno: Em is practicing for when he has kids.



This is all these two do all day since Leds finished her LTW. I guess they’re making up for lost time. You guys are immortal, you know. You don’t exactly have to worry about that.

Ledyba and Phillip: ~suck face~

Yeah yeah, you just be gross then.


Birthday time for Starmie!


Although Autonomous!Tari decides to interrupt by breaking our stereo.

Altaria: We’re not buying a new one. Too expensive.

Right, it’s not like we have all kinds of money sitting around to replace a $150 stereo…



She’s soooo cute!

Starmie: I am?

Little Star has Ledyba’s huge eyes, Phillip’s nose, and she’s the first of the kids to have his lip shape as well. She also has the Van Gould blonde hair! How come the most diverse looking one is born last?!


C’mon you guys, do something useful.


Much better.

Ledyba: C’mon you little brat, could you please just talk? Mummy wants to go back to sexy fun times with daddy.

I don’t think she’s buying it, Leds.


Starmie: Can you believe this lady?


Seriously Leds, you might as well make the most of your mother-daughter bonding. Phil’s got his own stuff to do.


What? New maid? NOOOO! I liked the creeper…

Maid: Perhaps a fresh bouquet of flowers will changed your mind.


Besides the nose, he’s a bit bland looking.


At least he does his job. For now.


Essey got an opportunity to bring a fish in for extra credit and Ari is always rolling fishing-related wants, so they got to leave the house for a while.


Arbok: Happy place 😀


Espeon: This doesn’t look too hard.


Espeon: I think I’m getting hooked on this activity!


Espeon: On second thought, this seems a little fishy…


Em invites Chandra over so we can woo her. He and Ditto age up tomorrow so we have to work fast.

Missingno: Hey there friend. Get your butt over here.


Missingno: Okay, Em. You can do this. Focus.


I really like this painting.

Phillip: Thanks, I put my heart into it.


Here’s our girl! Her outfit today is much more acceptable than last time. Good job.


Also, Hilary was there. Hilary is always there…


Missingno: Hello, my love.

Chandra: About time you showed up. I don’t know how much longer I could take this plague known as the outdoors.

Trait learned!


Missingno: Em’s heart yearns for you-

Chandra: We’ve been over this, ghost boy. No cheesy lines.

Really? We’re starting this again?


Ditto was sent to occupy Hilary, not that she minded.

Ditto: So that’s how Orion’s Belt was discovered.

Hilary: Fascinating. He’s so hot…

Chandra: Can I have that one instead?


Espeon: Hahaha, brother just got rejected. Serves him right for stealing my heirship.


Arbok: I’m just glad to be getting so much screentime this chapter 🙂

In stark contrast to his brother Ditto, this kid looks perpetually happy. All the time. It’s a little weird…


She refuses to flirt with Em, but she’s all for physical contact.

Missingno: Score!

Trait learned maybe?


Missingno: What do you say we take this inside? You can stay the night if you wanna.

Chandra: I’d love to…


Altaria: Don’t mind me, I’m just caring for your baby.

If by caring for, you mean picking up and refusing to put down then yes. You are certainly caring for that child.

Starmie: Halp?


Going in for the kiss.

Missingno: Please don’t reject Em…




Phillip: Doesn’t it remind you of our youth, dear?

Ledyba: Then why don’t we have our own party in the shower there?

Phillip: Sounds good to me.


Ditto: Way to rub your love in my face, twin…

Starmie: Where are we going, big brother?

Ditto: Wherever…


Missingno: We haven’t known each other very long, but Em likes you a lot, Chandra.

Chandra: It’s strange, but I’m growing rather fond of you as well. Must be your ghostly charm.


Altaria: I sense an aura of death…

Kyo-Kun Died

Her twin died right when that thought bubble popped up. Poor dear, she’s the only one of Cerulean gen left now. Azurill should still be alike too, but she seems to have disappeared along with Rachelle. They must have been homeless at some point, because I have overwatch set to purge the homeless to reduce lag.


Ditto: Don’t mind me. Just doing my homework. Right in your makeout shot.


Missingno: Be Em’s girlfriend?

Chandra: Oh, I suppose so…

Great. Just in time for birthdays! I’m aging them up early in the morning so they don’t have to go to school.


Ditto: You ready for this, bro?

Missingno: So ready, brother.

Ditto: Then let’s do this.


Espeon: They’re growing? I never thought I’d see this day…

Chandra: This broken dishwasher is kind of distracting, but you go honey!

Ledyba: Who the heck is this chick?

That would be your son’s girlfriend.

Ledyba: Whatever. I don’t care.


Twins: Here goes nothing…


First up is Ditto! He rolled neurotic as his final trait.

Ditto: Oh the horrors I’ve seen…

Ditto is a slobby, athletic, genius who cooks really well and who freaks out over the slightest things. He likes geek rock, tri-tip steak, and the color blue, and he is a Sagittarius. His LTW is to turn the town. Should be fun!

Ditto: You mean I don’t get to leave the house right away? You’re keeping me here?

For a while, yeah. I want to at least find you a spouse in the new hood.

Ditto: Curses…


And here’s our heir with his lovely (totally not cluttered) intro card!

As you can see, Em rolled genius as his final trait, leaving him as an evil, athletic genius who hates meat and loves all things extreme. Of all the repeat traits we could’ve gotten, I’m glad he got a useful one.

He likes kids music, autumn salad, and hot pink, and he’s a cancer. He wants to become the emperor of evil. And he’s officially taken over the legacy! Congrats, Missingno!

Missingno: Thanks, Em guesses.



Altaria: Out of my way, twerp. Mourning pity-party coming through.


Chandra gets caked too. And only Em cared.

Missingno: Em is here for you, baby.


Tada! Our spouse!

Missingno: Hur dur, she’s hot.

Chandra: Hell yeah I am.


Missingno: I see Em’s fairy queen is still gorgeous as ever as an adult.

Chandra: I could say the same for you, ghost boy.


Missingno: While you’re still here, Em has a question for you.

Chandra: Do you, now?


Chandra: What’cha doing there, hun?


Chandra: Oh my gosh, is that…?

Missingno: Em knows how much you hate corny lines, so let’s make this quick. Marry me?


Chandra: I’d love to.

Missingno: Awesome.







Like all good Kantos before them, they share a romantic bathroom wedding. Hopefully this will change with the next generation.


Altaria: Wedding shmedding. Doesn’t anybody care about my SORROW?!

Espeon: To be honest, not really.


Introducing: Chandra Kanto. She’s a clumsy, ambitious mooch with a hot head an a hatred for the outdoors. She likes indie music, cheesesteak, and the color sea foam. She’s a taurus. And her LTW? Gold digger. Yes, you read that right. She wants to see the ghost of her dead husband. And somehow, this didn’t fulfill right when she married in.

Proof of Richness

As you can see, the game does consider us rich. So either we’re not rich enough yet, or it doesn’t work with playable ghosts. This means that we might have to send Em back to the underworld at some point, or change her LTW. We’ll decide later.


Phillip: Did you hear, darling? Our son is married.

Ledyba: I did hear. You thinking what I’m thinking?

Immediately After Chandra Moves In

They both rolled this wish as soon as Chandra moved in.


The newlyweds consummate their marriage.


No babies yet though, much to Philyba’s dismay. Em’s immortal and Chandra has a super long lifespan. They’ve got all the time in the world…

That’s all I have for you today, guys! Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for more updates, whenever they may come! As always, happy Simming!