5.7: Chess or Die: Vol. 2

Hey everybody! Happy Easter! It’s time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! At the pace I’m going, we might be done with this generation by retirement!

In the last chapter, all the kids in the house had a birthday. Arbok became a toddler, Espeon became a child, and our twins grew into teens. Let’s see what troubles we get into this time, shall we?

Romance 1-Baby

First, some romance. More babies from Weast and Wobbuffet.

Romance 2

JenGin is at it again.

Romance 3

Although flirting with newly teenaged cousins is fun too, ne?

But enough about the spares. Let’s see what the main branch of the family is up to.


Arbok: Potty training is srs bidness…


Arbok: Parents? I went potty all by myself! Why is nobody here to acknowledge me??? Parents?!?!


We got our little virtuoso to the xylophone before he could cause too much of a ruckus. Crisis averted.

Arbok: Music soothes my soul ❤


Little miss here has her first before school breakfast. They grow up so fast!

Espeon: You’re going to bowl like a baby when I leave, aren’t you? But don’t worry. You’ll be bus-y with the rest of my family, so you won’t even notice my subtraction from the house.


This is Ditto’s attempt to look happy. Do you find it convincing enough?

Ditto: ~grimaces~ I’m so excited to go to school, guys. See how happy I am? I’m smiling and everything.

Nice try, hun. But you’ve got some work to do on your fake emotions.


Espeon: Brother.

Missingno: Sister.

Espeon: I hate you 🙂

Missingno: I hate you a slightly larger amount 🙂

I’m so glad my children get along so well.


Autonomous!Tari plops down to play with Arbok. Sometimes I forget that she’s not actually these kids’ grandmother.

Altaria: I may as well be. Now if you’ll excuse me, the maestro here was playing me a sonata.

Arbok: I call it: Ode to Heirship. It shall be played when I ascend my throne!

Keep telling yourself that, kid.


Leds invited Kyo-kun back over to actually play chess this time.

Ledyba: Show your face, old man, so I can whip your ass properly!

Kyogre: Should I be scared? Cause I think I’m kind of scared…


Ledyba: This isn’t even a challenge anymore.

Another flawless victory. Honestly, I have no idea why this has been so easy for me.

Ledyba: It’s because I’m so awesome, duh.


Phillip: Can you say torture device, Ary?

Arbok: High heels!

Phillip: Wonderful!

Maid: That’s right, my love. Teach your wife’s last pathetic child. You’ll be having MY children soon enough…



Missingno: Em is getting kind of tired of doing homework on the floor. Why can’t we go to the table, twin?

Ditto: Because, Em.


Ditto: Sister is there.

Missingno: Oh, I see.

Espeon: Stupid boys…

Also, Hilary is there. Hilary is always there…

Hilary: I’m just draining your battery life by trolling on forums. No big deal.


Phil and Leds congratulate each other on successful endeavors for the day. In the bathroom. Where their guest was trying to pee.

Kyogre: I almost missed this place, until I remembered the crazy…


Espeon: Hilary and I have decided that we’re skipping school tomorrow. We’re going clothes shopping instead.

Ditto: But I thought you were supposed to be the good one.

Espeon: Even good girls go through a rebellious phase, brother.


Ditto: First she’s more popular than me, and now she gets to skip school?…life’s not fair…

Oh, she’s not skipping school hun. She’s ambitious. She’ll have a mental breakdown if she doesn’t progress at least once a day.


These two finally took their PDA to the bed where it belongs.

Ledyba: Quiet, we’re trying to conceive another offspring.

No more babies right now, children. You two have plenty.


Arbok: Who is this person?

That’s your Auntie Jamie.

Arbok: I have an aunt?

I can see how you would forget her. She hasn’t been popping up a lot lately.

Jamie: I’ve been busy. What do you want from me?


Skilling time! Ditto intensely reads a cooking skill book.

Ditto: Quiet! Absorbing information of this caliber takes complete focus…


Essey wanted to learn the writing skill, so she starts on her first novel.

Espeon: I’m so happy to be sentenced to being glued to a computer for the rest of my life. Just like grandpa Squirtle was!

And he turned out so well, didn’t he?


Em, meanwhile, goes to take a gardening class…I think?

Missingno: One must learn to grow ones own vegetables if one is to live the life of a vegetarian like Em.

Between him and his twin, we could start up a restaurant.


What’s this? Ledyba is teaching one of her children for once?

Ledyba: Shut up. I can be a good mother when I wanna be. Now get over here kid, I don’t have all day.


Ah, she’s only toddler training because Phil is busy with skilling of his own.

I haven’t actually sent him to work in a really long time. I’m not really cut out for interior decorating, but maybe we’ll try again sometime in the near future?


Oh boy, looks like the children are bonding…

Espeon: I say we make a truce, brother. I think the two of us working together could be a dangerous combination. We could get filthy rich! We could rule the world!


Missingno: Throw in some diamonds and Em is in, princess.

Espeon: You got it, brother.


Missingno: Twin. Em has called a truce with sister. We’ve made a deal to take over the world together.

Ditto: That’s cool I guess. But you might need by genius, so can I join?

Missingno: You’ll have to take that up with sister.




She is adorable.

That is all.


Ditto: Hold still, Em. I’m going to control your mind so you won’t wanna work with sister anymore.


Missingno: Woah, twin. Isn’t this a bit extreme?


Uh-oh. Looks like it backfired.

Ditto: Duhhh….what was I doing?…


Missingno: Twin? Brother? Ditto, talk to Em!

Jamie: He’ll be fine, honey. He’s only a little bit brain dead.


Looks like we’ve got some trick-or-treaters. Kindra is an inception alien.


And possible future spouse Chandra is a scuba diver.

Chandra: I hate all of you…

She’s perfect for Em, isn’t she?


Ledyba: What was I doing out here again?…

Chandra: Candy, bitch. You got some?


Birthday time! Here’s Stefan Van Gould, the youngest offspring of Herbson. He’s quite the cutie!


And here is Josiah, Weast and Wobbuffet’s son.

Romance 4-Anniversary!

Wow, two years! As cliche as it sounds, it seems like just yesterday that Cerulean gen were still teens.

Romance 5

Tepig found a new man! This is the first I’ve heard from Bernard in a while. I hope SP lets them be happy!

Romance 6-Nemesis

Well that didn’t last long. Is anyone surprised?

Missingno's Gender Preference

Ditto's Gender Preference

The boys’ gender preferences. Don’t know why I don’t have pictures of anyone asking them. Anyways, looks like the Tartlam ladies will be fair game for the both of them! Exciting!


Essey is up super early in the morning.

Espeon: I’m playing with Mien best friend. He’s shao-ing me love ❤


Em is up early too, getting some exercise in.

Missingno: It’s never too early in the morning to get less fat!


Ummm, hi? What are you doing here this morning, Nick?

Nick: I’m here for tricks or treats.

That…was last night…

Nick: I’ll wait here as long as I have to.


Nick: Candycandycandycandy!!!

Altaria: What a charming little boy.



Another chess opponent. Another victory.


YAAASSSSS!!!!! Now we just have to finish up the logic skill and Leds is done with her LTW!!!


Oh no…

Kimberly: I feel kinda funny…


Ledyba: ….not again…


Grim: Really, Kantos? Killing someone over chess again? 

It’s not like we did it on purpose!!!


Jamie: Hey, guys?…


Jamie: Well that’s peculiar.

Looks like Grimmy decided to go for a double reaping.


Altaria: NOOO!!! NOT MY WIFE!!!

Ledyba: Another one?…what is wrong with me?…


Grim: Squirts and I are taking an extended vacation to Disney World, so I thought I might as well get this over with. 

(Grim is making it extremely hard to photograph him, appearing on the roof directly facing the wall. We really need to redo this house…)


Altaria and Ledyba: ~mourns~

Phillip: Way to die in inconvenient places, Jamie. I needed those stairs…

Maid: Boo to the dead lady inconveniencing dearest Phillip!

As you can see, everyone was quite torn up about the death.


Jamie Ring lived to the ripe old age of 118, just a couple days away from being my oldest Sim ever. She was a great maid and an even greater lover to our heiress, Tari. She never completed her LTW of being a firefighter superhero, but she did get far in the athletic career for how short a time she was in it. She will be missed. Her grave will be moved next door to the graveyard with the other departed Kantos soon.


Leds had it in her queue to flirt with Grim. But of course she couldn’t get to him on the roof.

Ledyba: I was going to seduce death, but there’s a wall in the way…could this day get any worse?

She would be the one to make Grim her bitch. And now I’m totally regretting not having her make Reaper babies…


Innocent baby is innocent.

Arbok: Me and Misty would like to see Grim try to take mommy away. We’ll fight him.

Don’t worry, kid. She’s not going anywhere. Not if Grim’s best friend has anything to say about it.


Phillip: How am I meant to give people my dazzling smile when my wife tried to cheat on me with death?…

Ledyba: That’s the part you’re upset about? Not our aunt dying?

Phillip: At least her death isn’t a betrayal to my very soul!

Ditto: Dad, you’re such a pansy. She didn’t even do anything.

Phillip: My son too? Who else will you turn against me, you vile wench?!


Poor Autonomous!Tari hasn’t left this spot since Jamie passed. And since my game breaks every time I try to control her, I can’t help her. I hope she moves soon…


On a more positive note, Francesca Tartlam grew into a child. And she’s a cutie!

Romance 7

Cheez Whiz is apparently moving on from his breakup with Tepig to go after a teen. I mean, Marcelo is definitely a good catch, but I’d rather you spread your genetics elsewhere, Mr. Personality.

Romance 8-Baby

BernTep babies!

Romance 10-Breakup (1)

And finally, Cameras broke up! So sad! They make such attractive children together!!!

Well, that’s all I have for this chapter. Thank you guys so much for reading. Hope you all have a great day, and happy Simming!


5.6: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Hey guys! It’s spring break, so let’s try to get some more chapters written!

Last time, baby Arbok was born. Meanwhile, Em was an evil older brother and Ditto was a nice one.

Romance 1-Nemisis

Romance 2-Breakup

Tepig and Cheez Whiz broke up 😦

And to make matters worse, Tepig is stuck with the scary blue face. None of the hairs make it go away. So that’s fun.


Missingno: The sound of babies screaming in the other room is NOT music to Em’s ears…

Don’t worry, sweetie. Your mom is taking care of it.


Espeon: Mommy? Why are you feeding brother first? I’m the hungry one, and I can only bottle up my feelings for so long…

Ledyba: Quiet, kid. You’ll get your food in a minute.


Espeon: I’m fed up with waiting. WAAAAA! I’M HUNGRY! FEED ME NOW!

Ledyba: You know what? You don’t get food. I’m just going to stand here and watch you suffer.

Mother of the year, folks.


At least our boys are having some fun.

Ditto: I’m gonna whip your butt so hard, bro! Better watch out!

Missingno: We shall see, twin.


Missingno: HA! Em is the winner! You now owe Em a week of chores!

Ditto: Is…is it too late to beg for mercy?


Essey finally got her food and is now contently playing with her toys.

Espeon: Hi there, mister green shirt guy. Do you want to be my friend? No? Don’t worry, I have other plans for you. This is going to bite for both of us. Teehee.


Little miss has some crazy eyes going on…


Leds’ next game is with Cheryl Slymer, the sister of Bronson and our children’s great aunt.

Cheryl: Last time I was in this house, I was a child.

Yeah, and Squirtle was a teen and Tari was an infant. Time sure flies…


Maid: One day, Phillip. You will be mine.

We should probably fire this maid, but he amuses me so.


Just checking up on Autonomous!Tari. She doesn’t pop up a lot anymore.

Altaria: Nice to know you still think of me from time to time.


Apparently these two don’t get along.

Altaria: This conversation earns a dramatic look over the shoulder and a “hmmppphh!”

Cheryl: Same to you, lady…

Ledyba: I’m too tired for this crap…


Child updates! This is Clayton, the son of Alyssa Holly and Judy. I love his coloring, but I do wish he’d taken some facial features from Alyssa…


And this girl is Hilary, the daughter of Rice Krispies Mendoza and Suzanna.


These two still frequently woohoo. It’s a good thing they’re both girls and can’t get pregnant in their elder years like Klink and Joe.


During the night, I happened to be scrolling through the map and found Weast in the graveyard. Just kinda hanging out.

Weast: It soothes my inner goddess.

Kay. Carry on.


Birthday time! Here’s little Arbok, the spitting image of Missingno and Ledyba. I wonder why Phillip’s genes almost never get passed on…

Arbok: You sound disappointed. Am I not cute enough for you?

Of course you’re cute enough, honey!


It’s also Espeon’s birthday!


Look at her! Isn’t she precious?

Espeon: Considering my three gross brothers, I guess you could say it’s been ages since you’ve seen something as pretty as me around this house.

She gained the ambitious trait, to go with good and artistic.



The first thing Arbok does as a toddler is play with the dollhouse.

Arbok: Why does this toy have teeth marks?…


Essey takes up painting right away. Definitely a Kanto child.


Time to teach some toddlers.

Phillip: We’re gonna have a party for your big brothers today, kiddo! We’re gonna have lots of cake and drinks it’ll be a good time!

Arbok: But daddy, I’m a baby. I can’t drink soda yet.

Phillip: Sure you can! We just won’t tell your mother about it.


Speaking of Ledyba, Kyo-kun was supposed to be her next chess opponent. But he got kind of…distracted.

Kyogre: Ewww! What is that…glowy thing?


By Phillip.

Phillip: I’m what you mortals call a ghost. And I’m very offended. I’m not glowy, I’m ectoplasmic.


And then by birthdays.

Missingno: Somebody shut that whining thing up! Em is trying to bask in the attention!

Ditto: Let’s just hurry this along, bro. I’m too tired for this today.


Espeon: Yay, you go big brother! But not Em, because Em is a big fat stupid head!

Missingno: Same to you, baby sister.

(The crazy eyes strike again…)


Hilary: I came over to study with Em, but…I guess that’s not happening.

Sorry, kiddo.


Here’s our favorite little ghosty! Em rolled the vegetarian trait to go with evil, athletic, and daredevil. So…he’s an evil health nut?

Missingno: There’s nothing wrong with keeping up a perfect body during Em’s dastardly doings.


And here’s Ditto! This room is pretty bright, so I don’t know why this picture turned out dark. Sorry about that.

Anyways, Ditto rolled natural cook to add to genius, athletic, and slob. Interesting mix of traits you’ve got going there, kid.

Ditto: Thanks. I do my best.


Hilary: Birthday parties. How droll.

Shouldn’t you be getting home?

Hilary: I’d rather mooch off of your cable. We don’t have TV at home.


Espeon: Brother.

Ditto: Was that a little voice I heard? Perhaps the voice of a little girl who hates my twin? Nope, it was probably just a bug.

Espeon: Em, I will get you back for taking away my only friend…somehow…


Phillip: If you’re going to be evil toward my little princess, I’m going to have to ask you to walk out that door, son.

Missingno: Kindly drown, father.

Ditto: Good to see my family getting along so well, right Mr. Chair?


Altaria: I’m starving. Gimme some of that cake, twin.

Kyogre: Get your own cake, Tari. This piece is mine.

Please get the pan, please get the pan, please no fire, pleasepleasepleaseplease….


Altaria: Relax, will ya? I may be autonomous but I’m not an idiot.

Give me a heart attack, why don’t you…


To close off the chapter, here’s some children!

Chandra, our possible future spouse.


Nick, the son of Chabbie…


and his sister Georgina.


And finally Marcelo, Camerupt’s son. He actually aged up a day later than he was supposed to, but oh well. He’s still incredibly pretty.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Thanks for reading! I hope you guys all have a good spring break if you happen to be on it like I am. Happy Simming!