3.16: The Best Laid Plans

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! I’ve really been pushing out the posts the last couple days, huh? Well, I have some spare time right now before I go do some volunteer stuff back at school, and this next chapter is short compared to the last few ones, so I thought I might as well write it now. Last time, we had a bunch of birthdays! This time, maybe some stuff will happen? Probably not though.


Joey decided that it would be a great idea to converse with his daughter in the snow at 9:00 at night. Meanwhile, Aza and her man build a snowman in the graveyard.


They made an alien snowman, which I haven’t seen before. It’s so…green.


Kyo-kun really likes presiding over the royal court.

Kyogre: One day, I will be king of this legacy!


Klink is level nine in both painting and writing. I don’t know why it always takes my Sims so much longer to skill than other legacy Sims. I feel like anyone else would be done by now, considering he’s almost an elder. At least he’s farther ahead than his dad was at this age.


Pidove: Kekeke…

What are you doing?


Pidove: Planting my stink juice potion, of course!



The best laid plans…


Aza tirelessly works at her LTW. I’m not sure how many skill points she has in logic right now, but I’d say she’s getting close to halfway toward her goal of mastering three skills. Maybe.


That doesn’t look like writing, Squirts.

Squirtle: Go Brady, go Brady, go! YES! TOUCHDOWN!

Good to see that, despite having no sense of humor now, he’s still as much of a slacker as ever.


Wobbuffet: I can’t believe we’re killing so many trees to give out a new notebook of assignments every single day…how wasteful…

What? Wobbuffet’s actually showing one of his traits? That’s new. He’s eco-friendly, in case you forgot. Cause I sure did.


Kyogre: Hear ye, hear ye! Due to my dashing good looks and sharp whit, I officially declare myself supreme overlord of the Kanto household! I shall now ask Klink Kanto, my good father, to step down from his position and allow me my rightful rein.


Wobbuffet: Look at me! I’m shirtless! And working out! Look how hot I am! Vote for me?…

He’s desperate, I tell you.


Pidove: Boyfriend. I demand that you stop what you are doing and make out with me.

Squirtle: Away with you, wench! Can’t you see I’m busy writing?


Wobbuffet: I need to take a shower, but some invisible force that my sister is talking to is in my way!

Altaria: Quiet, brother! Squirty and I were planning our wedding ceremony.


He was just about to take said shower when a different sister intervenes to talk about how great she is.

Azelf: Aren’t I just the best, little brother? Don’t you just wish you were me?


Wobbuffet: I’m really great too! Yay, all the Cerulean kids are great!

Azelf: How droll.


Squirtle broke his computer. He is NOT amused.


Bronzong: You wanna get on that, sonny? You’re the only one in this house who never does anything useful.


Turns out he is actually useful for something. He’s the only one in the house who doesn’t get bored of Aza talking about herself.

Shinx: Mhmm. Mhmm. Tell me more…~stares at Aza’s chest~


Oh, look. Phio does something this chapter. She booby traps the toilet.

Phione: The things I do to get screen time…


Outside, we have yet another birthday.

Altaria: Yay! I’m becoming a teenager with access to romantic interactions!

Squirty 2.0: Huzzah!


Squirty occupies himself so he won’t have to face his youngest sibling/personal stalker.

Squirtle: Hey there, sis. Let’s be best friends! Wanna talk about cookies? I think that’s a pleasant enough topic.

Phione: Ummm…



Altaria: That’s right, I’m hot.

She rolled ambitious. As if we couldn’t already tell that, given her constant determination to win her brother’s heart.


Squirty 2.0 has a birthday too.


I don’t know if it’s THAT exciting, Tari…


Inside, our little king has his birthday too.


The noise woke up Pidove.


Kyo-kun rolled no sense of humor, making him seem like a future engineer or something. What am I supposed to do with all these humorless Sims?


Pidove: Well, since everyone else’s growing up, I might as well jump on the bandwagon.


You gonna go cheer on your girlfriend?

Squirtle: Ehh, she’s fine without me.


Welp. Here she is. I don’t remember her trait, nor did I bother to change even her everyday outfit, showing you just how much I care. (I thought IF’s were supposed to wear their IF outfit all the time, anyways…)


To finish out this round of birthdays, the screen pans over to Klink. Where’s his husband, you might ask?


Why, outside playing soccer, of course.

Joe: He didn’t come to my birthday, so why should I come to his?


Luckily, most of his kids are there to celebrate. We’re just missing the middle children.


OH HAI BRONZONG. I couldn’t find Klink’s hair, so I just gave him something that looked good, completely forgetting that I used this hair on his father. Oh well.

In a span of three days, every single Sim in this household had a birthday. Fun times. In other news…


NOOOOO. I lost the screenshot, but they’re having a baby together, too. And yes, they’re both still teens. The best laid plans…

Well, that’s the end of this chapter. Told you it was short. This is actually the last chapter before I end the heir poll. In the next chapter, we’ll find out which of these chilluns will bring in Vermillion generation! If you haven’t already, go vote for the next heir, right here! Have a great day everyone, and happy Simming!

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3 thoughts on “3.16: The Best Laid Plans

  1. Damn right, Altaria is hawt. Love her! Kyogre looks exactly like Joe, unfortunately for him. Those droopy eyes…

    Herbert and Bronson are gay? Probs won’t make goods mates for a female heir, then. Though I would like one, the first two heirs of this legacy have been male. Good thing we have so many choices!

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