5.8: I Have Siblings?

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! But first, RIP superstar Prince. So many wonderful celebrities have passed this year already, it’s weird…

Anyways, speaking of death. In the last chapter, Ledyba topped the chess rankings and completed one half of her LTW. But in doing so, she killed two innocent Sims with her chess table of doom. Kimberly Strauus, who was the wife of Barry Kanto (Unown’s son) and our own beloved Jamie. Meanwhile, Em and Essey declared an alliance. Let’s see what my crazy Sims are up to this time, shall we?

No Thanks

First thing that happened when starting up the game. Where was this when Squirtle died, huh?

~grumble grumble~

We said no. We have two ghosts running around the house already. We don’t need anymore.

Altaria: I object! I want my Jamie back!

Sorry, hun. She was super old anyways. She lived a good life.

Shinx Died

Phione Died Too

Two more deaths in the family. I think this is the first time we’ve been in once place for so long that we’ve actually witnessed our spares pass on.

Friendship 1

I love these little friendship popups. I hardly ever get them ❤

And finally, a little bit of romance before we get started.

Romance 1

Ginger, still going for her teenage cousins…

Romance 2-Baby Birth

Weastoffet had another baby! His twin just died though, meaning his time is coming and he’s going to be leaving his children fatherless…

Romance 3

BernTep got married! They’re still expecting a child.

Romance 4

Apparently since Barry’s wife and Robyn’s mother died, they’ve taken comfort in each other…awkward…

Romance 5

Romance 6

And finally, there’s these two couples. The four of them were the only legacy Sims who hadn’t bred yet (looking back, I realized that Cheez Whiz hadn’t spread his DNA yet either, but it’s too late for that now.) Gumby and Daniel have been together this whole time, and Jenna and Angry Beaver were together for a little at the beginning, so I impregnated both couples. And now they hate each other. Yay!

Now that the soap opera bit is over with, let’s start with the actual family, shall we?


Autonomous!Tari never did move from the spot her wife died. She fell asleep on the floor, poor dear.


Eventually, Lysandre the evil gnome turned on the TV and woke her up. She threw a fit.

Altaria: Damn you, TV! How dare you interrupt my self-pity!


She got around to showering after a little more moping. Now that she’s actually taking care of her needs, I’ll stop stalking her for a while. Let’s check on the rest of the family.


Leds still has a little bit to go before she maxes the logic skill and finishes her LTW, so she’s still chained to the chess table.


Em found his baby brother for the first time.

Missingno: So this is Em’s brother? How underwhelming.

Arbok: I’ll show you underwhelming, buddy…


Autonomous!Tari makes herself some breakfast after showering.

Altaria: I figured that Jamie wouldn’t want me to be sad for her. She’d want me to live my life as always.

Good for you, honey.


Ditto always wants to improve his logic skill and make potions, so he gets chained to the chemistry station most days. Kantos do love their logic.


Oh. It was good while it lasted.


Essey gets to work on the writing skill in her spare time, and she always wants to be in the same room as her big brother when she does it.

Ditto: Stupid baby sister, can’t you see that I’m busy? Get out of my laboratory!

Espeon: You’re write, brother. I should leave you alone. But we only ever hang out periodically.

Ditto: …I hate you so much…


Em gets roped into playing chess with his mother. It’s a win-win, cause he wants to raise his logic skill too.

Missingno: Make your move, mother. Em is waiting.

Ledyba: Oh, you’re going down son!

Missingno: We shall see.


Phillip paints. As usual.

Phillip: I’m so interesting, aren’t I?

Sure are, hun.


Like a good big sister, Essey gives her brother his lunch.

Espeon: Here you go, little bro. No more bottling up your hunger.

Arbok: Thank you, whoever you are!

That’s your sister.

Arbok: I have a sister?!


Autonomous!Tari finds the video games.

Altaria: YES! I’m in the lead! Take that, stupid red car!

Video games are good at soothing soul pain.


Essey decided to hold a tea party.

Espeon: I guess you could say it’s a par-tea ;p

She sat her IF and a bottle of juice on the floor and just sort of stood there…smiling…


Birthday! Our little Arbok rolled computer whiz to go with virtuoso and loves the outdoors. An…interesting mix.

Arbok: You just don’t know what to do with me, do you?

Nope. Screenshot-26

Missingno: Em heard there was a birthday in here. Where’s the cake?

Arbok: Oh, good. Waiter. Go get me a sandwich, but leave out the yucky fruits and veggies. Just meat, bread, and cheese for this kid.

Missingno: Em isn’t a waiter, idiot. Em is your brother. And don’t you dare talk down about veggies to a vegetarian.

Arbok: I have a brother?…


Arbok: Ewwww, get this freakish ghost-brother out of my face! Who even likes vegetables anyways? Weirdos, that’s who!

Missingno: Em is so going to kill you…

Ah, brotherly love.


Em left his brother in favor of his Auntie Tari.

Missingno: Em wants to know how you did it, Aunt Tari. How did you get people to vote for you for governor without using conniving villainy?

Altaria: I’d say it’s all about money, but I haven’t raised a damn cent for my campaign fund. I guess I’m just awesome like that.

Missingno: Fascinating…


Arbok: He talks to old people too? Gag me…how can I be related to that freak?


I sent the little brat to the grocery store for fishing lessons since he wanted to learn the skill and it’s winter. His brother would hate him so much for this.

Arbok: That’s kind of the point here.


This escalated quickly…


Missingno: There…there?

Evil Sims are the best at hugs, aren’t they?


Oh boy. Looks like our maid’s affections have been averted…

Maid: The lovely Ledyba…she’s the one I want now. I will win her…somehow…

I don’t think you want her. She’s a handful.


Missingno: So what would you recommend Em do when he makes his world domination acceptance speech? Should Em be gracious and kind, or should Em show the world how he will rule with an iron fist?

Altaria: To be honest kid, I don’t really care. I need to pee.

Missingno: Ah, cold and uncaring. Why didn’t Em think of that?


Ditto: I’m noticing a startling lack of me in this update.

The poor dear. Between the chemistry station, the cooking channel, and the treadmill, he doesn’t do much besides skilling. The rest of the lot are doing very well on skill points as well, but they all do more interesting things autonomously. Our little genius just wants to be studious all day long.

Ditto: Can you blame me? The real world isn’t a popularity contest like this stupid heir race. If you’re going to kick me out of the house, I need to be well-versed.

I don’t think you need to worry about being kicked out quite yet, hun. There’s still time for you to make your mark on the legacy.


Maid: I can appreciate a young, learned man. Do you think since Phillip and Ledyba don’t want me, they’d let me go for their hot son?

Don’t push your luck, bud. You’re lucky we’ve let you stay this long.


See? Em skills too.

Missingno: This working out thing isn’t working out…


Oh, but Tari. You were doing so well.

If this were an ISBI, this chapter would have ruined me XD



Altaria: Oopsies? Give a grieving wife some slack, okay?


Are our boys bonding?

Arbok: Another brother?…

Ditto: Plumbob, I hate having siblings which aren’t my twin, especially ones who made fun of my twin earlier in this very chapter! I swear, I won’t be happy until I see your urn!

Nope. Definitely not bonding.


Espeon: Who needs stupid boys? I can totally picture a world with just me in it and it is wonderful. What are the chances that my siblings all have strokes? Except Em. He can stay.

I wish these kids didn’t all hate each other, but I guess it’s a nice change from last generation when the kids all hated me.


Phillip: Hey dude, let me finish this juice before you take out the trash. Just two more seconds, kay?

Maid: …you’re too cruel to me, Phillip-senpai…


Ditto: What am I supposed to do with two younger siblings? Why does my life suck so much?…

Enough about Ditto’s woes. Time for one last grouping of town updates.

Romance 7

Sooo…this is kinda creepy. Both Steelix and Unown, from back in Pewter gen, dated Violet too, and Nowny had a baby with her! Maybe we should move…

Romance 8-Breakup

That didn’t last long.

Romance 9-Nemesis

Neither did that. I guess pregnancy will do that to a couple, ne?

Romance 10-Baby

Romance 11-Baby

And finally, two more incoming babies. I can’t believe we’re going to have ANOTHER Van Gould kid…

Anyways, that’s the end of this update. Thank you guys so much for reading! Happy Simming!