Generation Three Heir Poll


Squirtle Kanto

Traits: Good, grumpy, couch potato, perceptive, no sense of humor

LTW: Professional author

Favorites: Pop, dim sum, black

Sign: Cancer

Potential Mates: Pidove (if not heir), Cheryl Slymer


Azelf Kanto

Traits: Artistic, grumpy, snob, loves the cold, gatherer

LTW: Renaissance Sim

Favorites: Indie, lobster thermador, lilac

Sign: Capricorn

Potential Mates: Shinx (if not heir), Herbert VanGould


Phione Kanto

Traits: Artistic, easily impressed, athletic, unflirty

LTW: Unknown

Favorites: Indie, key lime pie, lilac

Sign: Pisces

Potential Mates: Herbert VanGould, Bronson Slymer


Wobbuffet Kanto

Traits: Clumsy, good, eco-friendly, athletic

LTW: Unknown

Favorites: Geek rock, hamburgers, spice brown

Sign: Taurus

Potential Mates: Cheryl Slymer, Bronson Slymer


Kyogre Kanto

Traits: Good, hates the outdoors, snob

LTW: Unknown

Favorites: Songwriter, key lime pie, red

Sign: Cancer

Potential Mates: Bronson Slymer


Altaria Kanto

Traits: Clumsy, hydrophobic, frugal

LTW: Unknown

Favorites: Songwriter, spaghetti with veggie sauce, white

Sign: Leo

Potential Mates: Squirty 2.0 (if not heir), Bronson Slymer


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