1.4: A Fresh Start


Yes, everyone, I’m back! Finally! Bronzong here has decided to settle down in Twinbrook and get a fresh start in life.

Bronzong: My life was so…empty before. Now it’s even emptier…

Yes, well…moving along…


I decided to get started right away in looking for a spouse. Having just one Sim in the house is kinda boring…This woman looks nice enough, but maybe a bit too old…


Bronzong: Excuse me, miss, how old are you?

Kat: I am two days from aging up into an elder.

Bronzong: Oh….



Alright, much better, aside from Buddy creeping in the background…

Buddy: She’s so hot…

Bronzong: Life is so meaningless…without someone to share it with…


Gala: He has such a way with words…

Bronzong: Heh, that’s right.


Bronzong: These stupid vegetables…they will never understand my sorrow…

You may notice that the furniture in this house isn’t recolored. Well, it won’t be. At least not for a while. I’ll explain at the end of the post.


Bronzong, honey, is that what you slept in?

Bronzong: Yes.

Okay…you gonna answer your phone?

Bronzong: No.



You know, you’ve drawn better pictures than that as a child.

Bronzong: This painting represents the inner turmoil I went through as a child growing up in a house without any love…

That, or you’re just losing your touch.

Bronzong: Shut up…


Excuse me, ma’am, what are you doing outside our house?

Alma: I was just taking a walk when I heard that crazy kid screaming again…



Bronzong wanted to be a stylist.

Bronzong: Here is your new formal-wear. I feel that it is sophisticated and gentlemanly, but will not drain your wallet. Topped off with a nice ribbon bow instead of a constricting neck-tie, you’ll be sure to impress all of your co-workers and your boss. What do you think?


Nick: It’s absolutely hideous!!! Get it away from me!!!

Bronzong: Sad face…


What’s wrong, Amy?

Amy: I wanted to be the legacy spouse…

I wanted Bronzong to marry you too, I just couldn’t find you that first day…I’m sorry…

Amy: Pouty face….


Bronzong: Ugg, you creep! Why are you watching me sleep?!?!

I watch you all the time, not just in your sleep.

Bronzong: You’re such a freak…

Okay, okay, I’m leaving now.


Gala: Hey, Bronzong, remember me?

Bronzong: How could I forget the most beautiful person in this miserable existence?

Gala: Teehee…


Gala: You’re so sweet, Bronzong…

Bronzong: I know…wanna come inside?

Gala: I thought you’d never ask…


Gala: Oh, by the way, I have a boyfriend. Just thought you should know that.

Bronzong: Oh…

Gala: Yeah.


Ummm, Bronzong, she has a boyfriend, remember?

Bronzong: It’s just a friendly hug, don’t worry.


Somehow, I don’t that that’s just a “friendly” hug….


Definitely not just a “friendly” interaction….


So much for Bronzong being a “good” Sim…


Bronzong: Oh, Gala! I love you so much! You’ve made my empty world actually mean something! Yeah!

Wonderful song…now what are you going to do about her boyfriend?

Bronzong: Oh yeah…that…


Bronzong: Darling, how about you ditch your man for me?

Gala: I’d love to!


Bronzong: Wanna move in too?

Gala: Sure!

Well, I guess that takes care of that…


Here’s Gala after her makeover. And I regret to inform you that this is the end of the chapter. Yes, I know, it’s super short, but I have a good explanation for that. It also explains why the furniture isn’t viridian colored. I’m pretty sure there’s still something wrong with my computer, even after my boyfriend got rid of the virus for me. It’s been super slow, not just with the Sims, but with everything. And since Sims 3 has always been kinda slow on this computer, now it’s nearly unbearable. It takes at least half an hour for me to even load up the game. So, I’ve only been playing in little chunks until I figure out what’s wrong with this computer. I’m sorry that it means shorter chapters, but it also means that there should be more chapters per generation too, so that’s good. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to update often though. I stupidly decided to take 14 hours of college credit this year on top of everything else, so I’ve had a ridiculous amount of homework every night. I regret this decision a little bit…anyways, have a good day, guys! See you next update!

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