4.4: Insane Kanto Party

Hello all, I’m back with a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! I still can’t promise that I’ll be able to officially come out of hiatus. I start college in three days, and I’ve seen what the stress does to many legacies. I can say, however, that I think I’m finally ready to write a new chapter. In my last week of freedom, I’ve been slowly easing my way back into Sims, so I’m hoping I’ll be back to having lots of fun posting!

In the last update, Tarmie had a new baby, Jamie was impregnated by her ghostly husband, and Klink sadly passed away.

We’ll start out this chapter with some updates, as I tend to do quite frequently.


First off, Tari is halfway to her LTW! She’s buzzing right up the corporate ladder like nobody’s business. It’s amazing how fast Cerulean gen is progressing compared to the rest of their family.

Baby Torey

Phio had another baby. As I mentioned in a previous update, this man was previously engaged to Aza.


Newly aged up Tepig heads straight for the easel, as so many Kantos before him have done.


Jamie pays more attention to the alien baby than to her own children most of the time.

Jamie: So, can aliens feel pain? If I poke you like this, does it hurt?

Deoxys: Stop this at once, foul wench! I demand that you…ahaha, it tickles so bad!!!


Tepig: I find the artist’s use of watercolor in this scenario to be appalling. Charcoal would have been much more appropriate for such a scene.

I just love how insane Sims, when otherwise unoccupied, will waltz about the house judging artwork.


Another favorite activity of this insane Sim is gossip.

Rachelle: And then he said… ~whispers~

Tepig: No way! Tell me more!


Tepig: Will you stop following me around everywhere?!?! Even I have some boundaries!


Tepig: Nope? Still taking pictures? I see how it is…


Tepig: Blah blah, took at me! I’m Ami and I can’t even write a new chapter because all I want to do with my life is watch anime.


Tepig: I’m so stupid, I can’t even get halfway through a legacy in two years!

Alright, fine. I get it. I’ll stop taking pictures…for now…


Instead of following Tepig around, why don’t we move our focus to Jamie, who is about to turn elder.


Look how cute she is!!! She is the most adorable elder ever!!! The only disadvantage is that now, if I want to give her and Tari one more chance at having a girl, I’m going to have to let Tari get pregnant, which would interfere with her LTW. I’ll give it a little while, see how quickly she progresses, and then I’ll consider it.


Speaking of birthdays, Kurits VanGold became a teen! I luv him so ­čśÇ


Even though I’ll probably have Tepig take over with painting, I’m still working toward Tari reaching at least level 7.

Altaria: I call this one An Ode To Kooks.

Hmm. Can’t imagine why.


Tepig: People as evil as you only exist in movies, Aunty Shelly!

Rachelle: What in blazes are you talking about, kid?

Tepig: Everybody hates you cause you killed grandpa and Uncle Squirtle!


Rachelle: Could we talk about this later, hun? I’m kinda in the middle of something.


Tepig: OH MY PLUMBOB. If I wasn’t already traumatized, I sure am now!


Altaria: Do you hear something, dear?

Jamie: The only thing I hear is you NOT coming to bed with me.


Rachelle: Look, y’all! A girl.

Yay! Another heiress contender! Ladies and gents, meet Ledyba.


She was born absent-minded and grumpy. Not the best starting traits, but there’s plenty of time for improvement.


These two can’t be bothered with the birth of their niece. No surprise there.


On the dawn of his sister’s birth, Charmander decides it’s time to grow up.

Charmander: Yay! Much excite!


Charmander: I have the sudden urge to blow something to pieces…

He rolled eccentric. Huzzah! A new trait for this legacy!

Also, remember how I said that he had Squirtle’s nose? Apparently I lied. I think he actually has Shelly’s meaning he’s probably a clone. Well, poo.


This little fella grew up too. In case you’ve forgotten, his name is Camerupt. He is very similar in appearance to his elder brother, Tepig, although Tepig’s nose is slightly higher.

Camerupt: Watch out, ladies. Here’s Cammy.


I bought an invention table for Charmie, and he flew to it immediately.

Charmander: I wander what highly improbable shenanigans I can get into with this thing!


Tepig had a wish locked in for a while to visit the fairy house. I figured I’d give him a little break from my watchful eye and let him explore.


First I sent him into the gardens.


Next, he went under the bridge.


Finally, he looked into the Fairy House.


Drat. Foiled again.


Back home, we have more Tarmie spam.


Cammy works to broaden his horizons.

Camerupt: The ladies like musicians, right? If only I could figure out how this infernal wooden stick makes noise…


I caught Charmie slacking off from inventing. Like father, like son.

Charmander: What can I say? I inherited┬áonly the best traits from good ol’ dad.


Shelly and Tepig do NOT get on. Nobody gets on with her, really. But the kid always seems to be having a go at her.


Tari tries to further her son’s learnings.

Altaria: So you see, son, in order to climb the corporate ladder you must crush those below you like bugs.

Camerupt: Mother, I find the idea of a suit and tie job appalling.


This is Suzanna, the Kyovan offspring. She’s every inch a descendant of Joey (who has been strangely absent this update).


Squirtle appeared again, and in my haste to conceive a ghost baby, I failed to take many pictures again. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. They didn’t even make it into the bedroom before he disappeared.


We may not have ghost babies, but we do have aliens, and that’s almost as good, right? Deoxys, our Vermilion alien, is about to age up into a child.


She aged into a loser…poor kid.

Deoxys: A loser?! How will anybody take my evil seriously now?…

Oh honey, I don’t think anyone took your evil seriously to begin with…


Azurill: Aunty Shelly, if you so much as step one foot out of line, I will bitch slap you, understand? ­čÖé


Rachelle: Woah, woah, back off there, tiger. I ain’t hurting nobody. I haven’t hurt a fly since I got here.

Keep telling yourself that, darling.


Deo has occupied herself with the chess table, the second most popular of activities in the Kanto family.

Deoxys: An evil mastermind needs to be intelligent, yes? I figure, if I get a head start, I’ll be ten times as dastardly as my foes!


Tepig has no special reason for painting. He just likes it.

Tepig: Puts me in my happy place…


Charmie and his lovely outerwear are sent to the junkyard to collect some scraps for the inventing table. The Kantos have plenty of money and could easily just buy all the scrap he’d need, but what fun would that be?


Altaria: If I use this color pallet, will my son be displeased? It might be too pastel for his taste…

Poor Tari, afraid of the criticism of a small child.


Ri has taken a special interest in Ledyba. She’s constantly in the nursery to check up on her.

Azurill: This baby is marvelous. I think I’d like one for myself. Maybe two.


This, however, is the aftermath of her infant encounter.

Azurill: Must…wash…hands…three times…

She set off the booby trap. The one that she placed, I’m pretty sure.


Jamie: C’mon kid, can’t you just come┬áto mommy? She’d really love it if you would.

Camerupt: But see, that would require walking.


To wrap this chapter up, let’s witness Rachelle’s latest magical feat.

Rachelle: For my next trick, I shall transfigure this small seed into an insect!


Rachelle: ….oops.

How underwhelming. Welp, hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I know I enjoyed writing it after such a long break. I hope to see you all soon with another new post and as always, happy Simming!