Generation Four Heir Poll

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Vermilion gen heir poll!

This has been reposted because the first time around, the poll didn’t show up and then WordPress kept freezing when I tried to edit it. So I just deleted the old post. Luckily I don’t think too many people saw the first one yet anyways. Sorry for any confusion!

Anyways, let’s meet the contestants.

Heir Poll

Heir Poll

Heir Poll

Heir Poll

Heir Poll

I’ll probably leave this poll open until New Years or a little longer to give everyone enough time, since the holidays are very busy and it’s not like I can play anymore for a while anyways. If I don’t post anything for a while, I hope you all have a Happy Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, Festivus, or whatever else y’all celebrate. And as always, Happy Simming!


4.13: There’s Something About Van Gold Boys

Hey guys! I know I just posted last night, but this is the last chapter before the heir poll so I got too excited. I just had to write this today. In the last chapter, Deoxys rolled an LTW (the first of this gen to do so) and the teens went to prom. The next day, Solrock aged up but Leds had issues. So let’s get started and see if things are back to normal!


Oh, look! After rebooting the game, Leds is back to normal!

Ledyba: What took you so long? Being stuck as a creepy dwarf thing was exhausting…

She rolled perfectionist, but it didn’t stick. I tried giving it to her through master controller a few times. Still didn’t stay. I’ll give it to her when she ages into YA.


Charmie got asked on a date by this girl, Maricela Shaver. She was Curley Hair from the sleepover. I’m not completely sold on Green Girl for Charmie yet, so I let him go.

Charmander: Let’s see…on the one hand, we’ve got hot green chick…on the other hand, we’ve got hot brunette chick…choices, choices…

Mericela: I’m right here, you asshat.


She’s a bit…interesting looking.


Here’s a closer look. If it weren’t for the jaw and they eyes, she’s pretty face bland. But Charmie can continue the date. We’ll see if he ends up liking her.


Charmander: If you marry me, you could end up being the spouse of an heir to a legacy! Isn’t that cool?

Maricela: Like right out of one of my romance novels…maybe being with this guy wouldn’t be so bad after all…

I sent them to get dinner and then to see a film. We’ll catch back up with them later.


Meanwhile, Ledyba’s on her own special mission.

Ledyba: What is this place? It looks like a Munsters mansion reject.


Ledyba: Woah, it’s a little alien dude! Is he made of ectoplasm like daddy?

Phillip: Hehe…boobs.

Leds, meet your future husband.


Ledyba: Little dude, the fact that you are a ghost is a HUGE turn on for me. As soon as you grow up, you’re mine ;D

Phillip: Oh…okay…


Oh, look. It’s Kurtis. Back from trying to seduce teenage girls?

Kurtis: For your information, things with Suzanna didn’t work out. We’re on…poor terms at the moment…wait a minute…what are you doing here anyways?

My youngest girl is making friends with Phillip.

Kurtis: You want my little brother too?! Why can’t you just leave us alone!!!

Because you two have been promised to Kanto women since your conception.


These two didn’t talk for very long before Phillip decided he was tired and needed to go to bed. But they did become friends, so a little progress was made tonight.


Charmie’s date went well. She ran off after the movie, but I think they had a “great date.” Still not sold on either of his spouse options. We might have to hunt down Blue Girl.


Back home, Tari maxed charisma! Huzzah!


Jamie: Wanna go celebrate, baby?

Altaria: You always know just what to say!


Torchic: I shall eat you alive, IF with default name!

Yeah, I forgot to name poor Tori’s. I think it ended up being Puzzle or something ridiculous like that.


Ledyba: Befriending your future ghost husband is exhausting…where can a girl get some power food around here?


Solrock: I can finally actually raise my athletic skill! This is the best day ever!

Good, I’m glad one IF in this household does productive things.


Camerupt: Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this guitar thing. ~rolls wish to be a master of the arts~

Nice try hun, but your great grandpa already did that. If you want a chance at being heir, you’ll have to do something different.


Tepig: I’m boss at this painting thing. ~rolls wish to be an illustrious author~

C’mon guys, can’t we get any original LTWs in this family?


At least one Sim in this house is doing something original.

Deoxys: Must…get…in shape…or Kurtis…won’t want me…anymore…


I..umm…don’t think you were meant to age up yet, bud. Oh well, I guess if my game wants to glitch out and make it easier for Leds to seduce her husband, I won’t complain. I think he’s rather pretty. Much better than either of Charmie’s options so far.


Speaking of Leds, she and Cammy haven’t gotten to hang out much since they became teens, but they’re still best friends. While playing this game, she rolled her LTW. Chess master. Not very extreme of you, Leds.

Ledyba: What are you talking about? Chess gives you the opportunity to dominate someone physically and mentally. I’d say that’s very extreme.

Despite being out of character for her, I locked it in. It’s something we haven’t done yet. (By the way, she’s been stuck in her formal outfit since the age up. Might have to reset her at some point.)


Unfortunately, Cammy couldn’t play long. He had places to be, aliens to visit.


Inside, Solrock is having a go at Deo.

Solrock: How dare you call yourself evil! You are a disgrace to Sims with mean traits everywhere!

Deoxys: But…but I am evil…


Our other evil kid is too adorable to be really evil either.

Torchic: I’m not adorable! I’m mutilating this block. See? EVILLL!!!!

Sure, kid.


We have company!

Ledyba: Wow, ghost boy! You grew up! And…you’re kinda hot…~blushes~

Phillip: Heh…that was kinda the idea…


Deoxys: Kurtis. How very nice to see you.

Kurtis: Hello, Deo. The pleasure’s all mine.

Why don’t y’all move inside and talk for a bit?


These two hit it off right away.

Ledyba: You’re so cool…living your whole live half dead is mega wicked…

Phillip: Heh…I guess it has its perks…especially if it means I get to hang out with someone as awesome as you…

Ledyba: That’s so sweet…


These two made up quickly. Although adult-teen interactions are so awkward…


Ledyba: OMG, we’re hugging…so this is what ghosts feel like…


Deoxys: Still mad that my baby sister is after your baby brother?

Kurtis: Naw. They seem sweet together. He really likes her.

Deoxys: And I really like you…

Kurtis: Deo…


First kiss!


Ledyba: This might seem kinda sudden…but I really like you, so…be my boyfriend?

Phillip: I really like you too, Leds! And I’d be honored to be your bae.



Ledyba: Catch me!

Phillip: H…heavy…

Hey! Don’t call my little girl fat!


Deoxys: So Kurtis, do you think maybe you’d like to make us official too? I mean, our siblings have known each other a day and they’re already dating. We’ve known each other since I was a kid.

Kurtis: Sure, Deo. Why the hell not?


Kurtis: Not in front of the camera, Deo. You don’t want readers thinking I’m a pedophile or anything, do you?

Deoxys: But…Kuris…


I caught these two about to run off and woohoo in the shower. Not on my watch, children! You guys just became teens, no need to think about that yet.


Deoxys: So, Kurtis. I know you’ve been wanting to move out, so what do you say you and your brother come live with us?


Kurtis: Sure! I don’t see anything wrong with that!


So we moved Rachelle, Azurill, and the two IFs out…


And the Van Gold boys in.

Kurtis is an artistic, snobby couch potato who sleeps lightly and dislikes children. He wants to be a master of the arts.

Phillip is an artistic, grumpy, inappropriate animal lover. He wants to be a home design hotshot.

I didn’t take a picture of it because months ago when I was playing this I was still adamant that one of the girls would be heir, but Kurtis and Tepig heartfarted when he moved in, so Kurt could also be an option for him.

If it feels like I moved them in really hastily, it’s because I did. I kept getting popups that Kurtis was flirting with half the town, and I freaked out. And months ago me decided that the better option would not be turning off his romance, but to instead move him in. So there you have it.

Now, we come to a little update section. I was going to make this a separate post, but decided against it. These pics were meant to be for another chapter, but the Kanto save file is getting really laggy again, so despite playing a few in-game days, I only have about 20 pictures. So I’ll just show you the highlights.


Jamie got to retire. She wasn’t moving up in her career at all and she wished for it, so I let her.


I moved all the graves to the graveyard in hopes that this would help with the slowdown at night.


Torchic became a child and rolled equestrian. I’m going to have fun dressing him when he’s a teen ❤


Azelf became an elder. If Squirtle were still alive, that means he’d be an elder now too T.T

Job Change.

Tari got he opportunity to switch jobs, and I let her. I figured being governor would be more fun for her.

Tarmie Anniversary

Finally, Tarmie had their first anniversary! Awww.

That’s all the updates, but I also thought I’d use this post to show you guys some of the spouse options.


Obviously for Deoxys, there’s Kurtis Van Gold. He’s also an option for Tepig.

Here are Tepig’s other options.


This one’s name is Buddy Judd. He’s already a YA, but Tepig’s just three days away, so he’s not too much older.


This one is Lonnie Bolech. He’s still a teen. His face intrigues me-I can’t decide if I like it or not-so I thought I’d consider him.

Now for Charmander’s options.


Christina Cornett (Green Girl.) She’s definitely interesting looking.


Mericela Shaver (Curley Hair).

There is also one more.


Abbie Jaramillo, otherwise known as Blue Girl. She’s my favorite for Charmie right now. She’s already YA too, but she’s about the same age as Kurtis, so there’s not too much of a difference.

Next, Camerupt’s options. The first is to bring Paras back into the house with plastic surgery.


The second is this girl, Maribel DeLong. She’s properly adorable, even with the squinty eyes. She’s my favorite option for Cammy.

Finally, for Ledyba.


Phillip Van Gold.

I don’t have any options for Torchic at this point. I don’t know his gender preference yet, and all the kids his age are face ones. I don’t think I’ll include him in the heir poll anyways.

Welp, that’s the end of this ridiculously long chapter/update/spouse introduction post. Sorry it’s so scattered and rambly at points. This will be the last chapter for a while, at least until I get a new computer. The Kanto save is pretty unplayable on my ancient monstrosity at this point. I will be posting the heir poll sometime today, so be on the lookout for that! Hope you guys have a great day, and as always Happy Simming!

4.12: Romance in the Air

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Camerupt and Paras aged up into teens and Paras became a crazy obsessed lover. Huzzah! Let’s jump on in and see what my lovelies are up to this time.


We start off with some toddler training.

Jamie: Can you say bait, Tori?

Torchic: Torture of innocent creatures! MWAHAHAHA!

Jamie: Isn’t he just precious?


Joe’s Ghost: I thought I told you to get rid of that stupid Simmer already!

Tepig: I’m sorry, grandpa Joe! I don’t think that’s even physically possible…

Joe’s Ghost: SILENCE.


Tepig: No, wait! Grandpa!


Tepig: I hate you. Immensely.

Not my fault you’re insane, hun.


Rachelle: You young things are so lucky. You get a brand spanking new, posh limo to pick you up and take you to prom! Back in my day, we had to walk to prom uphill in the snow both ways.

Camerupt: Yawn. As if I hadn’t heard that one before.

That’s right, tonight is prom for the Vermilion kids.


And Kyovan’s eldest daughter Suzanna aged up just in time for it.


Deo rolled an LTW. She’s going to become the empress of evil. If I remember correctly, she’ll need the athletic skill in the criminal career. I could be mistaken. The first heir to my first legacy ever was the last Sim I had in that career so it’s been a while.


Rachelle wanted to cast a love charm on someone and poor Ri hasn’t been out of the house in ages, so I let her have the honors. This girl was the first person we came across. Hope Ri likes her!


Looks like she does!


Here’s Azurill’s new girlfriend. I forgot her name, but you probably won’t be seeing her much anyways.


Ledyba: Who needs icky romance when we have each other, right Mr. Bunny?


Ledyba: Oh my goodness, Mr. Bunny can fly!

Mr. Bunny: They laughed. They scoffed. Until I took liftoff.

Ledyba: And now he’s flying! He’s flying high in the sky!


Rachelle: C’mon, Tori. Come to Auntie Shelly. I won’t bite you. Much.


Torchic: I’m the most dangerous Sim in this family and even I’m terrified of that creature…

Rachelle: How dare you disrespect your elders so!


Looks like our kiddos are getting ready for prom already.

Altaria: I can see your thought bubble, son. It’s far too early for you to be thinking of diamond rings, especially if you’re planning to give one to that trashy girlfriend of yours.

Camerupt: She’s not my girlfriend, Ma…

Altaria: But she will be…


Charmander: Now wait…was it two slows and one quick or two quicks and one slow?…GAH! I’ll never get a girl to dance with me if I can’t even remember that!


Deoxys: My back is killing me from all that exercising you made me do…how am I meant to dance with my bae if my back is broken?

I highly doubt it’s broken, Deo.

Tepig: I’m so embarrassed about earlier….could you leave me alone for awhile? I don’t want readers seeing me like this…

Paras: Imbeciles. All of them.


Poor Leds has to stay behind. She’s one day away from getting to go with the rest of the group.

Ledyba: I don’t mind. I’ll probably skip my prom when it comes anyways. I’ll be too busy doing some extreme sports or something cool like that.


Solrock: I’m okay with it too. Gives me time to develop my hot bod before I present myself to the lovely ladies of high school.

Prom 1


Against my better judgment, I said yes. Although I’m a bit surprised by the fact that Cammy asked her and not the other way around.

Prom 2

Prom 4

Charmie became prom king and got himself an RI! Let’s take a look at her, shall we?


Christina Cornett, better known as Green Girl from the slumber party. She’s not bad looking, but she definitely has an interesting nose and lips…

Prom 3

Poor Tepig. He just can’t seem to catch a break.

Prom 5

Surprisingly, Deoxys was named prom queen. I guess she’s not such a loser after all.

If you’re wondering about the lack of Kurtis related popups…


He ever so kindly decided to skip prom and grow up. And then had the audacity to start flirting with Suzanna, who literally just turned teen today. What a quality Sim I’ve picked out for Deo, ne?


The teens return home after an interesting night.

Paras: YES! I told you I’d get him to fall for me! I just knew we’d be together forever!

Camerupt: Well, I don’t know about forever, babe…

Deoxys: That’s right, just rub it in my face that you got your man while mine stood me up to become an adult and flirt with another woman…

Poor kid. That can’t be good for her self-esteem.


This is becoming a common sight. If I don’t constantly keep them busy, all they do is suck face…


Tepig: ~grumble, grumble~ Love stinks.

Don’t worry, honey. We’ll find you a nice boy soon.

Tepig: Like I trust you to do anything right?

Ouch. You’ll see. I’ll find your true love for you and then you’ll be thanking me instead of ridiculing me.



Redundant prom pics are redundant. It would be awesome if they had better poses, but we get what we get I suppose.


Cammy the virtuoso finally found Bronzong’s old guitar. Hopefully this’ll keep him occupied for a while.


Paras: ~pouts~ My Cammy isn’t paying attention to me…

He’s skilling, like any good legacy child should. Why don’t you go do something useful?

Paras: When I’m Queen, you’ll be the first to go.

Why do I get the feeling everyone this generation hates my guts?


Charmander: You know, I just realized something. I was about to invent something special for Christie, but I bet she’d prefer it if I wrote her a love letter!

I  think, if she really likes you, she’d love whatever you decided to give her. (Can Lysander being on the inventing table make it explode or anything?)


The final toddler skill has been learned. Huzzah!


Since aliens don’t sleep, I had Deo work on her athletic skill all through the night.


She may have nearly died a couple times, but I think she’s making some progress.


And in the morning, it’s time for some birthdays.

Solrock: Can’t wait to meet some girls finally!

Ledyba: Unless the cake catches fire, this event bores me.


We ran into some…complications.

Solrock: Hah! Looks like you can’t grow into a teenager, master. You can’t boss me around any longer, kiddo!

Ledyba: Sol, if you don’t shut the hell up I’ll punch your lights out.

A while back, I posted about one of my Sims being stuck aging, and when she did age up she became a bland pudding face. That was Leds. Fortunately, after some fiddling, I was able to age her up through master controller while keeping her face intact.




Much better. Changing outfits seemed to work.


~sobs uncontrollably~

I think I’m gonna leave things here. Hopefully next time, things will be back to normal. Thanks so much for reading guys, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day! Happy Simming!

4.11: All About the Girls

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! Last time Ledyba’s IF Solrock turned into a real boy. Altaria gave birth to the final child of the generation, Torchic. Kurtis Van Gold asked Deoxys to go to prom with him. And finally, the ghost of Squirtle took a break from his reaping world tour to visit with his children. Time to see what shenanigans will occur today!


The lazy bum here still spends all of his free time in front of the TV. What are you watching, kid?

Charmander: Why don’t you see for yourself?


Cooking channel, huh? I can deal with that. Learn those recipes, boy!

Charmander: Yeah, yeah. Glad I could be useful to you for once.


Looks like you have company.

Paras: My favorite food is loch-ness monster sandwich, just so you know. Hint hint.

Charmander: MOOOOMMM! There’s a creepy kid sitting next to me! Help!

Rachelle: Just hit her with your magic son, mommy’s busy applying face cream!

Don’t you dare, Charmie. Your cousin might just kill you.


Tari has completed her LTW, ladies and gents! These Cerulean kids, as uninteresting as they were, sure are efficient, aren’t they?


Of course she celebrates with her bae.

Jamie: Congrats, honey. What are you going to do now that you’ve completed your LTW?

Altaria: I’m going to Disney World.


The baby of the family is already a toddler. Those two days went by quickly. Could you turn toward the camera so readers can see your lovely face?

Torchic: Don’t you know never to stare directly into the face of evil? I’ll turn you all to stone!

I don’t think it works that way, hun.

Torchic: Prove it then!


Well, readers? Are you stone?

Torchic: Stare into my eyes. I dare you. I may look adorable, but I’m the deadliest entity in this house.

That’s not saying much. He’s the only one of the Tarmie kids to get Tari’s nose. I also find it interesting that all three kids got Jamie’s berry skin. They seem (at least for me) to be the hardest to pass down.


Paras: Hey! There’s more important birthdays going on over here!


Paras: Your turn, hun. And you’d better be a hunk, otherwise we can’t be together.

Camerupt: Give me a break, Paras. Have you seen the rest of my family? I’m bound to be gorgeous.


Here’s our new teen! As you can see from this picture, he’s the spitting image of his mother. He does have Tari’s lips, so he’s not a clone.

He rolled kleptomaniac.

Camerupt: I’m going to steal the hearts of all the lovely ladies of the world 😉

Charmander: Cake! Huzzah! Umm, I mean…you go, cuz!


Camerupt: Auntie Shelly, there’s dishes all over this house and it’s disgusting! Since you never do anything all day, don’t you think you could clean up this mess or something?

Rachelle: Quiet, sonny! I’m trying to enjoy my last piece of cake before my poor old heart gives out on me.

Oh please, you’re not even close to dying you old hag.


Camerupt: So now that we’re teens, how’s about you and I get some nice dinner together one night?

Paras: You realize that you’re mine forever as long as I say so, right slave?

Camerupt: Whatever gets me a kiss, babe ;D

Ledyba: My cousin Cammy demanded that you clean up these plates, mother. When he tells you to do something, you do it!

Rachelle: How’s an old lady supposed to live in a house where all these munchkins are ganging up on her?


We have a visitor!

Kurtis: Isn’t it enough that I asked that girl to prom? Now I have to spend another day at this insane asylum you people call a home?

Oh, be nice. You like it here.


Deoxys: Kurtis! I’m so glad you could make it!

Kurtis: Yeah, well. Not like I had anything better to do.


The two chat for a bit, building up their relationship more.


And then we go in for the kill! I mean, hug.

Deoxys: Wow, you’re actually touching me? You don’t think I have some kind of disease or anything?

Kurtis: Of course not. Just because you’re an alien, that doesn’t mean you’re infectious. And besides, hugging you feels kinda nice…

Deoxys: ~dies a little~


Deoxys: Wait…what are you doing?

Kurtis: Relax, Deo.


Kurtis: I’m just holding your hands. Is that ok?

Deoxys: Ye..yes…more than ok…


Deoxys: Time to take a leap of faith.


Kurtis: Wha…

Deoxys: Oh plumbob…please don’t hate me…




And then he promptly left.

Deoxys: But…wait…


Azurill: He kissed her! Can you believe it?

Camerupt: But then he just left! Doesn’t he know that’s not how you woo a lady?

Azurill: This is too juicy! I’ve got to get the full story!


Azurill: So…

Deoxys: I’m not telling you a damn thing. Not shut up and make your move.


Sim check. I sent Leds and Solrock to the festival.

Ledyba: LAME. Why’d we have to come to some stupid park? I wanna be where the real action is!

Solrock: I think this place is quite pleasant.


Charmie went to the junkyard to collect more scraps.

Charmander: This would be a nice pipe to bang over someone’s head, don’t you think?

This is sort of a creepy gen, ne? Shouldn’t we save the weirdos for Lavender town?


Cammy and Paras got to go fishing together.

Camerupt: Psst! Over here!


What are you doing in the bushes?

Camerupt: Hiding.

From who?

Camerupt: Paras. I think she brought me here to drown me. She knows I can’t promise myself to just one woman when there are so many other lovelies out there for me.

Don’t worry, hun. She can’t drown you. I’ll make sure of it.


And of course, Tepig paints.

Tepig: I was wondering when you were going to mention me this chapter.

You asked for more space, remember?

Tepig: …


Back at the festival, these two decided to have a hotdog eating contest. Because that’s all the Kantos ever seem to want to do at festivals.

Ledyba: This is different. These are extreme hotdogs.

I’m sure they are.


Ledyba: On your mark…

Solrock: Get set…

Ledyba and Solrock: GO!





Ledyba: Oh my gosh, I won!


Back home, Jamie partakes in the ceremonial skilling of the toddler.

Jamie: Yay! You’re doing so well, my little cutie pie!

Torchic: That’s right, mother. Fall under my adorable toddler spell!


Everyone returns home for the night. I see Paras didn’t kill you, Cammy.

Camerupt: Nope. And I made some decent cash from those fish we caught too. Catch enough of those, and I could be on my way to fame and fortune! Maybe hanging around with her won’t be so bad…


Ledyba: Hehe. I’m a winner.


Paras: Just you wait, Simmer. After prom, that boy will never think about another woman again. He will be mine, and so will this legacy!

We shall see about that, hun.

That’s all I have for you this chapter, guys. I have two more chapters to write, plus one quick update, and then it’ll be time for the heir poll! Yay! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a fantastic day! Happy Simming!


4.10: True Evil

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Ledyba and Camerupt had an adorable friendship and Deoxys aged up into a teenager and attempted to make the moves on the oldest Van Gold boy. She did not succeed. We also found out that Tari is having another baby. Now, let’s jump right into this chapter, shall we?


First off, yay! Ri managed to max the logic skill as a YA, tying with Squirtle as the youngest Kanto ever to max a skill!


One of Paras’s traits is definitely angler, although I don’t recall why I sent her to the graveyard to fish instead of a pond. Maybe it was closer to their house?


Tari still likes to pull this thing out whenever I’m not keeping her busy. Not sure what use it is to her anymore, but whatever makes the pregnant lady happy, I guess.


What’s this? Tepig’s actually wearing clothes?

Tepig: Mom got mad at me for walking around in my swim gear around cousin Ledyba. I can’t imagine why. I mean, we’re all family right? It baffles me almost as much as this calculus homework…


Ledyba: I don’t mind you walking around half naked one bit. It’s a learning experience for a growing girl. In fact, you should go ahead and take your shirt off right now.

Tepig: Really? Don’t mind if I…

Leds, when you finish your homework why don’t you go do something useful and stop creeping on the men in your family.

Ledyba: Hey, it worked for Auntie Tari. She creeped on daddy and she became heiress.


That’s a much better use of your time.

Ledyba: Here, Solrock. Drink this.

Solrock: What is it?

Ledyba: No clue.

Solrock: Maybe this isn’t a good idea…

Ledyba: Don’t be such a pansy! Just drink it already!

Solrock: Well…bottoms up…


Solrock: Woah…trippy…


Charmander: I hate to interrupt the moment, but I almost died again.

~sigh~ Go inside and get cleaned up, hun.


Here’s the newly human Solrock. I absolutely adore his coloring. Too bad he has to be such a face one.

Solrock: I resent that!

I wrote down his traits. They are loves the cold, athletic, and mean-spirited.

What do you think of your new friend, Leds?


Ledyba: Eh. I’ve seen better.


Ledyba: Now this is more like it! WEEE! Ride like the wind, Bullseye!


Don’t wanna play outside with Leds, Solrock? Won’t she get mad at you?

Solrock: She doesn’t own me! I’ll sit here and play with my blocks if I wanna!

It’s your funeral.


Phione’s eldest child Derik just became a teenager! They grow up so fast!


There goes Deo, pretending she’s evil again.

Deoxys: Mwahaha!!!

Solrock: What’s her beef?

Poor Deoxys

Poor Deoxys 2

She’s getting picked on. That’s her beef.


Deoxys: I’ll get back at them for this! I’ll make them rue the day they ever called me names! I’ll spread a rumor that she’s a loser, that’s what I’ll do!

It’s sad, really. Poochyena back in Pewter gen was a loser too, but I got one, maybe two popups that he was having trouble in school. Deo comes home crying about bullies just about every day. Screenshot-16

We got a bunny gnome! Huzzah! I figured we only got those for throwing the seasonal parties, but whatever. I forgot what I named him, but it’s not like I ever see the gnomes around anyways.


Rachelle: I heard you wanted to be informed about your family members’ bodies with minimal clothes on. Well, here’s what your sexy mother looks like in a nighty. What do you think, Ledy darling?

Ledyba: …I think I’m gonna be sick…

Honestly, this family…


At least someone is doing something productive.


Jamie: Just thought I’d let you know that I almost died.

This seems to be a recurring theme today.


Tepig is still painting away, I see.


While Charmie pretends to be studious.

Charmander: Hey! I always get my homework done!

Yeah, when you’re not blowing yourself up blasting magic everywhere.

Charmander: ~grumble, grumble~

AHHHHH!!!!! YES!!!!!


I’ve never had this happen before! Of course we said yes!


Deoxys: Of course I’ll go to prom with you! I’d be honored! Humbled, even! I can’t wait to rub it into that bitch Christina that I’m going to prom with the hottest guy in school!

Kurtis: Yeah, yeah…don’t make me regret asking.

I was seriously shocked by this. I kind of thought he hated her after her awkwardness the other day.


Charmander: Why does she get a date to the prom when I’m just stuck with hunks of metal?

Because I already had her future spouse picked out. There’s too many choices for you boys! Come home with a friend from school one day and I’ll hook you up.

Charmander: So much work…~grumble, grumble~



Yay, the (hopefully) last member of Vermilion gen is arriving!


Although the current baby of the family is distracting me from the birth.

Ledyba: Five laps to go before the end of the race, and Kanto is far ahead of the rest of the pack! She’s got this race in the bag!


Ledyba: Oh no! An angry driver that Kanto drove off the road is getting out of his car and running her way! Time to sweeerrvee!


Ledyba: Did you see that? That was too close!


Charmander: What makes her so special anyways? She’s not a witch like me, so she can’t even make pretty magic.

Oh Charmie, no need to be jealous. You know we love you too.


Altaria: Don’t worry, nooboo. If we’re patient enough, they’ll eventually acknowledge your birth.

Oh, oopsies! The new Tarmie baby is another boy named Torchic.


I was waiting to use this name for a girl, but I guess this will have to do. Torchic was born an evil heavy sleeper. Looks like Deo’s got some competition.


Right after he was born, this random old guy hanging out on our property died…


Torchic: MWAHAHAH!!! Behold my evil power!

This couldn’t possibly be your fault. You’re just an infant.

Torchic: Oh, but it is! And if you don’t believe me, I’ll gladly do it again!  Gaze well upon my face, my dear. For it is the face of evil!!!


Deoxys: NOO!!! Random guy! Why’d you have to die? This is so sad!…


Grim: Is this chick for real?

Jamie: ‘Fraid so.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Tepig: I hate these stupid dishes…

Squirtle: Don’t mind me. Just a happy haunt materializing.

Tepig: That’s funny. For a minute there I thought I heard a voice that wasn’t Grandpa Joe…


Squirtle: Hello, Ledyba. I’m your father. Sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve been…held up.

Ledyba: I have a ghost dad? Neato!

Paras: Where can a girl get some toys around here?

Way to ruin the moment, chick -_-


Charmander: Dad! You’re back!

Squirtle: Sure am, kid. Since Grim had a reaping in the backyard tonight, I decided to pop in for a visit.

Charmander: We’re so glad you did! Right, Leds?

Ledyba: Ectoplasm…awesome…

Tepig: Look at that family moment over there…it disgusts me…


Squirtle: Deo! It’s so nice to see you again!

Deoxys: Eww! Get away from me, ghost dad! You abandoned us! You left me alone with that crazy witch lady who isn’t even my mother!

Charmander: He died, Deo.

Deoxys: That’s no excuse!


Ledyba: So I wonder…how many crazy stunts to I have to pull before I can become ectoplasm like daddy?

Please don’t!


Deoxys: Gosh…maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on him…

Charmander: You think?

Squirtle: Look kids, it was great seeing you, but you’ve obviously been going through a lot lately and I’m not making things any easier. I need to go back to the underworld with Grim now, but I promise I’ll be back to see you again soon, ok?

Charmander: Wait dad! Please, don’t…


Charmander: …go…

I think it’s time we leave Charmie alone and see what else is going on, don’t you?


Ri still has a love for the babies of the house.

Azurill: I’m protecting him from all this sadness.

Torchic: Protecting me? HA! Foolish mortal, I caused all this sadness! MWAHAHA!!

Azurill: Isn’t he the sweetest thing?


Shelly went down to her old place of business to try casting a toadification spell on some poor soul.

Lady: No, please! Can’t we talk about this?


Not like anything she casts ever works.

Rachelle: Confound it!

Lady: I’m not…dead?

Not this time, hun.

Meanwhile, back at the house…


Altaria: Tada!

Tari became a proper adult.


…and decided to have a midlife crisis. Which I will most likely ignore.


Solrock: Hooray! You go, Mrs. K!

To close off this chapter, we have a few more birthday pictures to show off.



First are the Kyovan twins. The top picture is Ginger. The bottom is Judy. They certainly have MacDuff genes.


And this is Phione’s youngest child, Robyn. She’s quite adorable.


And finally, here is Ledyba’s future spouse Phillip Van Gold. I think I forgot to mention, he’s a vampiric ghost like his brother Kurtis.

Well, that’s the end of this chapter. Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day! As always, happy Simming!

4.9: Alien Encounters

Hey guys, it’s time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! And so soon after the last one, too! I’m bound and determined to post all the chapters I have left over break so that I can get the heir poll posted while I wait for my new computer. In the last chapter, Ledyba aged up into a child while her older brother Charmie became a teen. The rest of the time, the Vermilions attempted to establish their characters. Let’s see what they’re up to today, shall we?


We start off with the only friendship of the generation so far.

Camerupt: Leds, in honor of our alliance, I give you this gift as a token of our perpetual bond.

Ledyba: I have no idea what you just said, but YAY!!! PRESENT!!! Is it a motorcycle?!

It was some worthless rock he found in the catacombs last chapter. She loved it anyways.


And of course the only appropriate way to celebrate a gift is to play tag, right?


Meanwhile, inside the house, it’s Deoxys’s birthday!

Jamie, the Sim in the house who cares about poor Deo, was also the only one present for the celebration.

Jamie: Woop woop! You age up, weird alien chick!

Deoxys: I feel so loved…


Deoxys: I wish for a magical princess palace and a pony!…umm, I mean I wish for world domination! Mwahaha!


Deoxys: I feel so underwhelmed with this transition…

She rolled cat person. Fitting. She can sit menacingly in a swivel chair stroking a cat whilst concocting her evil schemes.

Deoxys: Or I can just pet them because they’re fluffy and adorable.

Pure evil right here, folks.


Gender preference check.

(That hair’s a little floaty, isn’t it?…)

Deoxys's Gender Preference

I’ll gladly decide for you. Your preference is Kurtis Van Gold.


Charmander: You should pay more attention to me. Nobody likes aliens.

Hey, be nice to your sister! I’ll pay attention to you when you do something interesting instead of sitting around on the couch all day.

Charmander: …I’ll show you…


Ledyba: Man, playing tag with cousin Cammy is exhausting…who’s ready for some cake? I know I am.

Very cake oriented, this family.


Deoxys: Where am I headed on this fine afternoon?

To meet a very important person. Or, re-meet him really.

(Note: She has the same dress that Azelf, the Cerulean alien had as a teen. I feel like it fits her though since she’s a cat person. Many apologies for the unoriginality.)


Deoxys: Oh dear plumbob…it’s him

That’s right, it’s your potential spouse.

Kurtis: Ugghh, seriously? This alien kid again?…


Deoxys: So, you were at my family’s slumber party a while back. Remember that? You thought I was a boy back then.

Kurtis: Yeah, I remember.


Deoxys: You’re looking particularly ghastly today, sir.

Kurtis: Umm, thanks I guess…


Deoxys: Umm…wonderful weather we’re having?

Kurtis: Is this chick for real?…


Kurtis: Look kid, if all you have to offer is small talk about the weather, I’m not interested. You seem nice, but please. Just leave before you embarrass yourself even more.

Deoxys: But…where did I go wrong?…


Deoxys: I’m really really sorry Kurt…I know I’m really awkward and that nobody likes me…I just…I don’t have many friends in school…I have more bullies than friends really, and I guess this is probably why…cause I’m a weirdo alien freak who doesn’t know the right things to say…I guess I just thought…


Kurtis: Woah, hey. It’s alright. You can stop rambling now, I get it. You know what? Why don’t you stick around a while. We can talk. Maybe you’re not suck a weirdo alien freak after all.

Deoxys: ~sniffles~ …really?

So how’s she going to use her second chance?


Deoxys: So…how’d you kick the bucket?



Deoxys: What do you wanna do when you graduate? What career would you like to go into someday?

Much better.


Kurtis: This might sound weird, but I wanna go into music. I love watching symphonies with my dads, and I always thought it’d be neat to conduct them someday.

Deoxys: Really. How interesting. Tell me more.

Now that these two seem to be stabilized, let’s check on the rest of the family.


Ledyba: Solrock, other than cousin Cammy you are my absolute best friend in the world!

Charmander: Damn you, wall! You’ve turned my baby sister into a crazy person! She’s talking to inanimate objects!

Everything seems normal here.


Tepig: I thought we had an agreement about space…

Fine, fine. Carry on.


Camerupt: Why am I the only one doing homework?…

Beats me, kid. But I applaud your studiousness.


Oh no! A rejected flirt!

Deoxys: Since you like music, would you maybe wanna go see a concert with me?

Kurtis: Are you kidding? I may be a vampiric ghost, but even I have standards!

I think it’s time to go home, sweetie. We’ll try again another day.


Charmander: Let me give you some brotherly advice, Leds. Imaginary friends? They’re rubbish. They follow you around, they never leave you alone. They’re creepy, really. And I don’t want you getting any more involved with yours. Otherwise people will think I’m related to a loon. Well, another one anyways.

Ledyba: Says the person who talks to walls and blows himself up.

Ah, sibling bonding.


Tepig: Haha, you’re all old and wrinkly now, Auntie Shelly. I bet Grandpa Klink and Uncle Squirtle wouldn’t be so into you now, huh?

Rachelle: Sonny, that was uncalled for! Y’all shouldn’t speak bad about the dead like that. It’ll come back to haunt you.

Tepig: Yeah right. Like I believe anything you say.


Deoxys: Talking bad about my dead dad, huh? REVENGE SCARE!

Tepig: ZOMG It’s coming back to haunt me! Oh wait, it’s just that weirdo alien freak who lives with me.

Deoxys: D:


Ledyba: Oh hey. You can walk now.

Solrock: I’m not talking to you. Your brother hurt my feelings.

Ledyba: Don’t listen to that doofus, he doesn’t know anything.

Solrock: ….

Ledyba: Fine. I’ll go somewhere else then.


Ledyba: Your move, cuz.

Camerupt: Quiet Leds, I’m trying to focus…


Oh, would you look at that.

Altaria: Look son, you’re going to be a big brother again!

Tepig: That’s nice Ma.

With three of our kids already teenagers and the other two not too far behind, this kid might not get a fair chance in the heir race. In fact, I might not even include him/her. But I’ll let you guys decide when the time comes.


Altaria: I don’t feel so good…

Really? You don’t get morning sickness until AFTER you pop?

Altaria: It’s not MY fault your game is glitchy.



This is Phione’s second child, Torey. Gotta love when your spares marry pudding faces and have bland looking babies.


Ri finally discovered IF potions, so time to make some fake friends turn real!

Camerupt: Here, drink this.

Paras: What is it? Looks kinda fishy…

Camerupt: Auntie Ri just gave it to me. I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Paras: I feel really funny…what they heck was in that drink?…

Camerupt: I wonder if I can sell these and become a playboy billionaire…that would be the life…


Paras: Well that wasn’t too bad.

Purple hair and turquoise eyes. I like.


I think this was Tepig’s first brilliant work. Or maybe his first masterpiece? Either way, it’s very nice looking. Tepig does a lot of nature paintings. Not sure which trait makes him do that.


Ledyba: C’mon Sol, show me your game face!

Solrock: Grrr!

Ledyba: Haha, right on! If I’m gonna bring you into this world to be my spotter, you’re gonna need to get tough!

Solrock: You got it, boss!

Paras: What a bunch of meat heads…


What’s the matter, Tepig? Lost and confused?

Tepig: I’m just get the feeling that something’s not quite right with me.


I wonder why.


Altaria: You seem happy today, kid.

Charmander: I’m surrounded by my beautiful, supportive family who I love unconditionally 😀


Charmander: You’re rubbish at this game, twerp! Why don’t you hand the controller over to someone who actually knows how to play the damn game?!

Camerupt: Shut up, asshat. I’m trying to beat this freaking boss and you’re distracting me!

Altaria: Yupp, I can definitely feel the unconditional love.


Rachelle: You know, that rude child was right. I’m not as young as I used to be. Maybe I should get a face lift…

No plastic surgery for you!


I’ll leave you guys with a better picture of Cammy’s IF.

Paras: Could you leave me alone? I’m busy planning to rule the world!

…well good luck with that. For some reason, I didn’t write down any of her traits…odd.

Anyways, thanks for reading this chapter, and have a fantastic HUMP DAAAY! As always, happy Simming!

4.8: Hobbies. We Have Them.

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, we hosted a slumber party for all the neighborhood kids and got to meet some of our interesting spouse options for the generation. Also, Altaria and Jamie’s eldest child Tepig aged up into a teen. They grow up so fast! Let’s jump right into today’s chapter and see what hijinks will ensue!


We start off with the current youngest child of the generation, Ledyba, about to grow into a child.

Ledyba: Yay! That means more screentime!


She rolled daredevil. Yay, a new trait for this family!

Ledyba: ~sigh~ You people bore me…I wanna be where the action is!

All in due time, sweetie.


First, it’s time for your older brother to grow up.

Charmander: I get to actually flirt with girls now, don’t I?

I think you were already doing that in the last chapter.


Azurill: You remembered his birthday. And he gets a cake. I see how it is.


Charmander: Please let me become more interesting so readers will like me…


Charmie rolled natural cook, just like his great-grandma Gala. Wow, has it already been so long that she’s his great-grandmother? How the time flies…

Charmander: Can we get back to focusing on me? I just turned hot!

Yes yes, you’re very pretty. And I lied to you again. That is definitely Squirtle’s nose. It just looked way different on him as a kid than it did on Squirts. Which means he’s not a clone child! Huzzah!


Camerupt: I swear, if one more family member of mine ages up hot enough to steal my ladies away…

Ledyba: Big brother, did you know you’re not wearing any pants?

Charmander: Umm…

Please tell me she’s not another Tari…


Charmander: We haven’t talked in a while, cuz. How’s life? Enjoying teenhood?

Tepig: Quiet Charmie, I’m trying to write a very important memoir about being insane in even more insane places.

Charmander: That’s deep, bro.



Ledyba: Why do you get two pieces of cake, mother? That’s absolute rubbish!

Rachelle: Because I’m a frail old lady and my body needs the nutrients.

Jamie: If by nutrients, you mean calories you old hag.

The friendship between our spouses is very strong indeed.


I was supposed to show you this picture last chapter, but I forgot. This is Phillip Van Gold, the younger brother of Kurtis. Hopefully, this will be Ledyba’s future spouse prospect should she be chosen heiress.


This whole laziness thing didn’t fly with me when your father pulled it, so it sure isn’t gonna work now.


Much better.


Deoxys: I can’t wait until I’m a teenager and I can start making people beg me for mercy!

Tepig: Can’t focus…too many distractions…


Tepig: Much better…

I honestly have no idea why he was writing in the first place. Maybe I was fulfilling a wish?


Maid: Boo to the attractive teenager being too young for me!

It’s not like I’d give him to you anyways, nose lady. I’m so not letting those genetics into this family.


Deoxys: Hey, hey! I found something in the sky!

Satellite Discovery

I’ve taken to naming her discoveries after Pokémon ships that I support. This was the first.


I sent our youngest kiddos to the graveyard to explore the catacombs since one is brave and the other is a daredevil.

Camerupt: Are you sure about this Ledyba? I don’t wanna get mauled by a bear or anything and mess up my gorgeous face.

Ledyba: Don’t be a wimp, Cammy! This is gonna be freaking awesome!

Ledyba Exploration

Ledyba Exploration 2

Camerupt Exploration


Camerupt: Grrr, that Leds…she dragged me here and just left me to die! Wait’ll I get my hands on her…where’d she go anyways?


In the comfort of your home, playing with her IF.

Ledyba: Solrock needed me to protect him. Things were getting too scary for his delicate temperament.

Some daredevil.


Tepig: What was I doing in here again?


Tepig: You distracted me! Now I can’t remember where I was going!


Tepig: I suppose it’s not your fault. I mean, it is your job to take pictures of me and everything…


Tepig: You’re rather quiet today. Normally this is where you’d make stupid comments like, “Ooo, look at me. I’m a Simmer and I can control you.”

How could I possibly make comments when I’m too busy enjoying the show?


Altaria: Isn’t our son the greatest, Jamie?

Jamie: He’s certainly something, hun.


Tepig: All hail the mighty Simmer who controls our pathetic existences and forces us to do her bidding.


Tepig: Well from now on I’m taking control of my own life! You are no longer in charge of my…of my…


Tepig: Wait, what does that say? Den…density?

Joe’s Ghost: That’s destiny, you nitwit! She’s no longer in control of our destiny!

Tepig: Oh, that makes sense.

I don’t think Joe likes me too much for letting him die before he completed his LTW. I thought Tepig was just insane, saying his ghost took control of his left hand, but maybe there’s some merit there…


I had Ri go around asking our teens what their gender preferences are.

Tepig's Gender Preference

Tepig likes men. No wonder none of the ladies at the party were making any progress with him.


What about Charmie?

Charmie's Gender Preference

Girls. Good, that means Blue Girl has a chance.


All these two every do is have sexy times.


I guess they have a reason for it.

Altaria: More babies please?

We’ll see. Although at this point the new baby would probably be too young to have a proper chance in the heir race.


Little miss evil is at it again.

Deoxys: The people I live with are such slobs…doesn’t anyone ever clean?


Rachelle: I got the magic in me 😀

She is so different as an elder…it’s odd…


Camerupt: So look Leds, I’m gonna forgive you for abandoning me at the graveyard like that if you let me pummel you with water balloons.


Ledyba: How noble of you.


In the spirit of maintaining the alliance they made as toddlers, she let him.

Ledyba: I’m gonna need a spotter someday when I do epic motorcycle stunts and stuff.


Charmander: So, I’m a witch. And witches ride on brooms. So that means I get my own broom someday, right? Just imagine me gliding around town impressing all the ladies.

Azurill: Is this kid for real?


Tepig: Can’t you just leave me alone to read for five seconds?

Fine, fine. I should stop giving this goofball all the screentime anyways.


Awww, Nowny’s an elder now! It’s crazy how much younger he was than the rest of Pewter gen.


Every true Kanto paints autonomously at least once in their life.


Ummm…Charmie? I think you have a problem there.

Charmander: I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Charmander: Oh wait…holy plumbob I’M ON FIRE!!!




Nobody could be bothered to care about Charmie’s plight.


Fortunately, he managed to get to the shower in time to put himself out. Thank goodness.

Welp, that’s all I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you again soon for another chapter. As always, happy Simming!