5.5: Big Brothers Are We

Hiya guys! It’s been a while. Hope you’ve all been well!

In the last chapter our twins bonded, Espeon aged up into a toddler, Ledyba killed Auntie Azelf with her chess powers, and then found out that she’s pregnant with the forth child of the generation.

Romance 1-It Has Begun

Oh no…it has begun…Derik and Deo are first cousins, which makes him first cousins once removed with Kindra…I think?

Either way. The creepy legacy incest has begun…

Romance 2-AGAIN

And JenGin got back together. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.


This week’s maid doesn’t do much. He hangs around eating our food until the last minute, pretends he’s going to take out the trash, and then drops it on the living room floor when his shift ends. He’s a real winner.

Maid: It’s a living.


That’s okay though. We still have Jamie around to clean up his messes.

Jamie: Once a maid, always a maid.


Phil takes up his fatherly duties, trying to teach Essey to walk.

Phillip: C’mon princess, wobble your way over here.

Espeon: I dunno…seems like a lot of work…


Proof that Jamie still goes to work. She’s doing really well in athletics!

Jamie: I’m a woman of many talents.

She also has the talent to still look great in a tank and shorts even as an elder. Props to you, hun.


Ledyba: I see you training that baby, husband.

Phillip: Do you approve, wife?

Ledyba: …you may continue.

Espeon: Am I missing something here?

Don’t worry, kiddo. So am I…


Robyn, Phione’s youngest daughter, finally aged up. Looks like she had the same aging glitch Leds suffered from and now she’s stuck as a pudding face for all eternity. Poor kid.

Romance 3

JenGin plans to get married!


Finally, this is little Josiah. He’s the son of Wobbuffet and Weast Derpington. He reminds me of Weast’s brother Leedle, only without the freckles. So cute!


Our twins sit down to an intense game of chess.

Ditto: Make your move, brother.

Missingno: Quiet, twin. Em is thinking. You can’t rush perfection.


Daddy Phil has a clear favorite.

Phillip: Who’s my little princess?

Espeon: I am! I am!

Scary Leds is Scary

Ledyba Kanto.



Ledyba: You just don’t get it. I’m too awesome to die. One measly fire would be no match for me.



The boys were supposed to do their homework together. Em decided to do his on the roof.

Missingno: Em is just getting back at brother Ditto for doing his homework without me last time.

Fair enough.


Ditto: The betrayal…it stings…


After homework, both boys attended a free game for school. Have fun, kiddos! It’s not often a Kanto gets to actually leave the house!


Another game against Bobo. Another victory for the record books.


Another habit of our maid: creepily staring at Phillip.

Maid: Hiii Phillip. I’m your biggest fan.

Phillip: That’s…not weird at all. Just roll with it, Phil. Everyone needs an entourage.


Autonomous!Tari, making PB+J like a pro. She actually gained a lot of cooking skill points on her own. I’m impressed.

Altaria: I do have some uses, you know.


Aside from Phil, our poor little girl doesn’t get a whole lot of attention from the family.

Espeon: Who needs affection when you have imagination?

True dat.


And anyways, the adults of the house are too busy doing this.

Jamie: Wrassin’ frassin’ showers…


And this.

Ledyba: And now to spy on our neighbors as they roam about their house in their pjs…

Don’t know why I decided to trust her with a telescope. Mistakes were made that day.


The boys made it back home.

Missingno: Em simply can’t believe the llamas won! They totally sucked in the first half!

Ditto: I know, right? They needed my genius to lead them to a strategic victory.

Missingno: Or Em’s evil for a cunning takedown.

Ditto: Maybe they needed our combined evil genius!

Missingno: Egad!


Honey, you know you can’t gain any skill levels from that just now.

Missingno: Em knows. But that’s no reason not to stay in shape.


At least one of these children is doing something useful.

Ditto: I live to please.


Lucky for our lonely little toddler, she has Mienshao to keep her company.

Espeon: I guess you could say he’s Mien only friend. Teehee.

Oh no, she’s learning how to pun! Somebody socialize with this kid, and fast!


I guess that’s not exactly possible right now. It’s labor time for Leds.

Missingno: What’s going on?!? Em doesn’t understand why mommy is in such pain! Quick daddy, help her!

Phillip: Relax, kid. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.


To distract from further mental scarring, Em found his sister.


Missingno: Hey there, baby sister. Come to Em.

Espeon: Big brother! Big brother!


Missingno: Ha! Gullible child, Em has sneakily stolen your candy!

Espeon: Why you…


Espeon: WAAAAAAAAAA! Big brother is mean!!!

Missingno: Will somebody shut this kid up?

Maybe this poor girl is better off without social interaction after all…


Ledyba: Enough about my other children. Look. New nooboo.

Oh, right! We got another vampire boy (still no purple skin…)

His name is Arbok.


He was born a virtuoso who loves the outdoors.


After the birth, it’s right back to chess practice for our heiress.

Missingno: Mother, Em suggests that you take up physical training to rid yourself of three pregnancies worth of baby fat.

Ledyba: Did you just call me fat? That’s it, you’re grounded. And banned from being heir.

You can’t ban your child from being heir.

Ledyba: Watch me, bitch.


Esssey seems to be getting over her trauma from earlier.

Espeon: From now on I’m going to tune brother out.

Stop it with the puns, child! You don’t even have the good sense of humor trait!

Espeon: Doesn’t mean that I can’t sense when to make a good joke 😉

…what have I created?…


Maid: Time to clock out already? Oh darn, I guess I can’t take out this load of trash. I guess I’ll just have to leave it on the floor. Phillip will be oh so disappointed in me…oh well. Time to go home and watch Melrose Place on Netflix.

See what I mean about him just dumping our trash on the floor when it’s time to leave? This happens every day, I tell you!


Ditto: Hey, baby sister. Sorry about Em stealing your candy. He’s evil like that. Let me give you a bottle to make up for it.

Espeon: Yay, new big brother!

At least one of the twins is nice to their sister.


Phillip: I wanted to hold my new baby, but Autonomous!Tari is in the way…

Altaria: You snooze you lose, buster.


To wrap things up for today, this is Francesca, the youngest Tartlam girl and our second spouse option. Besides for having different coloring and Franny having Beinget’s nose, she looks just like her big sister!

Romance 4-Shocker

And, JenGin broke up. Shocker.

Welp, that’s all I have for you guys today. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your night! Happy simming!