3.10: Goodbye, Viridian City

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, the Pewters got pregnant again and our newborn twins aged up into toddlers. Also, we had a really crappy sleepover. What hijinks will ensue today? Let’s find out!


Before we really get started, I’d like to point out that Joe’s ex-wife sent us a wedding gift. From the afterlife. She’s been dead for a good twenty or more Sim days.

Helen: HOW DARE YOU MOVE ON, YOU MAN WHORE! Hope you enjoy these teeth. They won’t bite you or anything…

Riiight…moving onto the chapter now…


We start out with some speaking lessons from Unown.

Unown: Listen up, kid. I’m gonna teach you about mortality. See, one of these days, we all die. And then ol’ Grimmy takes us away to the afterlife. And you never know when you’re gonna die, either. It could creep up right under our noses….

Ummmm, morbid much?


Phione: All this talk of ghosts gives me an eerie feeling…something’s about to go down…



Bronzong: I feel kinda funny…


Bronzong: Well shit.

No…I’m not ready for this….


Poor little Nowny was the first to realize what was happening. He took it hard. He was very close with his father.

Unown: ~sobs~ B…but why?…why did this happen?…he’s too old to die!!!


Joe: I didn’t know you all that well yet, but you were really cool, Mr. K. Why’d you have to die?…


Bronzong picked a really inconvenient place to die, so Grimmy had to spawn in the dining room.

Grim: Why can’t you Sims die in a big open field or something? 


Klink: My daddy’s dying, and I can’t even get into the room to see him…

Grim: Would you mind getting out of the way so I can reap the dead man? 


The twins got home from school just in time to witness the tragic event.

Squirtle and Azelf: Grandpa?….


Unown: ~weeps uncontrollably~


Because of poor pathing, Bronzong, like his wife before him, didn’t get a proper goodbye. He went straight to his urn. Goodbye, my first heir. You were a wonderful, interesting Sim even into your elder years, and things will not be the same without you.


Grim: One of these days, Kantos, you won’t get off so easily. 

I wasn’t prepared for this, guys…when he first reached the end of his lifebar, I was really cautious cause I figured it’d be any day. But he lasted so long that I just figured he’d keep on trucking for a while. He lived a long life though, dying at 107 Sim days.


Klink: I’m hungry…but my dad just died, so I would feel guilty eating right now…oh, what to do?…


Aza’s taking the death pretty hard, even if she wasn’t that close to Bronzong.

Azelf: Oh, grandpa, why’d you have to die?…


Squirts, ever the man, chooses to keep his emotions locked up and put on a brave face.

Squirtle: I’m crying on the inside.


Klink makes dinner for everyone, still bawling like a baby.


And then I got sick of all the whining, so I used the moodlet manager Bronzong managed to get for us before he passed, and had Klink cure everyone. Insensitive? Maybe, but we have skills to learn and toddlers to train, plus we don’t want our new babies to end up with crappy traits, do we? For some reason, both Unown and Joe were unable to be cured, so they’ll still be moping about, but everyone else should be ok now.


Joe: Oh, Mr. K, why’d you have to leave?…

Do shut up. You didn’t even know him, really.


Aza manages to get her homework done despite all the chaos in the house right now.


And Klink manages to begin teaching Phio to walk. Good thing the younger twins are still toddlers, otherwise they’d be all depressed too.



Squirtle: Ummm….there, there?


Having the nursery on the second floor was a bad idea…little Bobo keeps sitting right here on the steps so nobody can get to him…

Wobbuffet: Try putting me on that stupid potty now!


We do eventually get him to cooperate, and we commence the walking.



No, seriously. Stop.


Throughout all this madness, Squirtle thinks he can sneak away and play video games when he still has homework to do.


We put a stop to that immediately.


Aza still likes to check herself out.

Azelf: My nails look pretty fab for just having changed a diaper.



Wobbuffet: I are cute. Give me more screen time.


Klinky was eating a late dinner, when suddenly…

Klink: Something with this grilled cheese just isn’t sitting right with me…


Klink: That is definitely not the sandwich….


Joe: I sense babies…


Well, baby. Singular. Her name is Altaria.


She was born clumsy and hydrophobic.


We interrupt this programming to bring you…


Squirtle: Don’t hurt me….I’m too young to die…

Stay away from my baby!


Zombie: Brains, brains?


Oh, looks like it’s labor time for Joe.


Unown: It’s also my birthday!

Wait, what?


Azelf: Woohoo! You age up, uncle Nowny!

Seriously? That’s inconvenient…


Joe: Hey, what about me? The man giving birth?

Oh, right. Carry on.


Joe gave birth to baby Kyogre.


Kyo was born good and with a hatred of the outdoors. That means all three of our Cerulean boys were born good. Two out of three of the girls were born artistic. Great randomization, huh?


And finally, we have adult Unown. He aged up lucky, making him a lucky loner who loves to read and hang around outdoors in the heat. He wants to be a world reknowned surgeon.

That’s where we’re ending things for today, guys. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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3.9: The Sleepover

Hey guys, time for another new Kanto chapter! I know I said I’d try to post two more chapters this weekend, but I was super tired yesterday, so I opted out of writing. Hope you aren’t too disappointed! Last time, two new babies, Wobbuffet and Phione, were brought into the world, and the eldest children grew up into teens. Let’s jump back in and see what shenanigans we can get into!

Note: I’m writing this chapter at the same time as watching Pewds play “The Crooked Man,” so we’ll see how that goes.


Phione is already everybody’s favorite. Everyone is always rolling wants to hold her and cuddle her. Nobody seems to care much about poor Bobo.


Are newly aged up teenagers sit down together for some celebratory cake.

Squirtle: Cake always tastes better when it’s for you, huh sis?

Azelf: Whatever you say, bro.


As soon as she’s finished eating, Aza immediately makes her way up to her baby sister. These people freaking love her, I’m telling you.


Squirts gives some attention to his poor, neglected baby brother instead.


Bronzong likes to go between easels, starting paintings and never finishing them. At least it keeps him busy.


I decided I really didn’t like homeschooling, so I had Squirtle enroll himself in public school again. Aza was placed in art school.


Ever since she aged up, Aza’s loved to admire herself in the mirror.

Azelf: I look soooo fine in this dress.

By the way, I haven’t redecorated their rooms yet. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with them. So all their childish stuff is still sitting around for now.


After she was finished gawking at her reflection, Aza decided to read a book. And of course, like the rest of the household, she just has to sit in that beanbag chair.


Unown’s still hard at work making potions. He’s getting better. He hardly ever singes himself anymore.


I decided to have Klink and Joe go through one more double pregnancy. I like big families, and if I want all the kids to have an equal chance at being heir, we can’t wait much longer.


After taking care of Bobo’s needs, Squirtle decides to go watch TV. While still holding him. Go put him back in the crib, please…he’s getting sleepy…


After a long day of making potions, Nowny has to restore his brain power. This is actually only the first or second time he’s ever had to do this his whole life.


Aza’s painting skill is already very high. I think at this point, it’s 6 or 7.


After he was done recharging his brain, Nowny decided to go splash about in the rain. You’re gonna catch pneumonia, boy! Get inside!


Oh look, Joe’s painting is finished. It looks pretty good.


As a comparison, here are the Viridian couple’s portraits that Bronzong painted. Klink is definitely the superior artist.


Bronzong: Ewwwwww, ghosts!

Gala’s Ghost: You’ll be one soon enough, you old geezer. Then we’ll see who’s the gross ghosty.


Before long, it’s time for Bobo and Phio to grow up into toddlers. I actually grew them up a day early. I don’t really like the baby life stage, and I want to start characterizing them as soon as possible so they have a fair chance in the heir race. I’ll be doing the same thing for the next pair or set.


Here’s little Bobo, looking very much like Joey at this early age, and sporting his brown eyes.


And here’s little Phio, cute as a button. She looks very similar to her twin, but has the typical Kanto golden brown eyes.


Just like when she was a baby, everyone immediately flocks to Phio to give her attention.


While her twin throws a bitch fit over nothing. His needs are all in the green. He must just be a crybaby. My favorite…


Phio heads straight for the block table. Smart kid already.


While Bobo heads for the dollhouse in his brother’s room.


Bronzong was placed on toddler skilling duties. He starts with teaching Phio to talk.

Bronzong: Can’t I just plop you down in front of Sesame Street or something?


Squirts is in charge of teaching Bobo to talk.

Squirtle: You ever tried running away in heels? Not easy, kid. Not easy…


Wanting nothing to do with the toddler training, Aza makes sure she’s busy before I assign Sims to jobs. Clever girl.


Is that Unown doing homework? That’s a surprise. Don’t get used to this sight. You likely won’t be witnessing it again.


I love having alien Sims around to fix things for me. So convenient.


Wobbuffet: This is so humiliating…can’t you go take pictures of anything else?…

Da Slumbah Partay

I thought I took a picture of it, but I guess not. Anyways, both Aza and Squirts rolled the wish to have a slumber party, so I decided, why not? It would be a good chance for them to get to know their potential spouses.


Emelie Van Gould arrived promptly at 7, but left right after. Must have just been dropping off her son.


Here’s the little guy now. That hair doesn’t quite do him justice, but he’s certainly a cutie.


Here’s a better look at him. And there’s Cheryl Slymer outside. For some reason, I don’t have a great picture of her, but she has a very unique look.


Would you like to go out and introduce yourself to your potential lovers, Squirts?

Squirtle: Naw, I’d rather just chill in my room and watch TV.

Your loss.


Klink has discovered he’s once again pregnant.



A few hours later, Joe discovers that he, too, is pregnant. Get ready for more Cerulean children!

Speaking of children…..








Cute toddler picspam ruined…thanks, Mr. Crybaby…


Back to more important things, such as the sleepover. Herbert’s getting his groove on to kid’s music. Klink and Joe’s male wombs better not be absorbing that shit…


Cheryl chooses not to participate in socialization, and instead spends her evening on the computer. After she finished up on here, I lost track of her. I think she may have snuck off to Unown’s room and stolen his bed. Not that he needs it.


Not a whole lot happens at this party. Aza and Herbert talk well into the morning, but they don’t become friends, which is disappointing. We still have time to befriend him, though. It’s not like we can get romantic with him yet anyways.


Brain the ghost stayed well past his welcome, and randomly started booing at poor Squirtle while he was trying to sleep.


Squirts doesn’t mind too much though. He was just about to get up anyways.


It gives him a chance to write before school.


Unown: Why am I still a virgin?….

Get your hormones in control, boy!


The bus never came for the kids, so they had to find different methods of getting to school. Squirtle took a cab.

Squirtle: This is slightly less awkward than being on a completely empty bus. I think I prefer this.


Aza decided to take the bike. Again, just like her father. Not sure how well it works with a skintight dress, but ok.



With the eldest children at school and the youngest tucked away in bed, Klink gets a chance to work on both his skills. They’re both around the 7 or 8 range. He’s getting close.

This is where we’re going to end things for today. I know this chapter was really scatterbrained and not very good, and I’m sorry for that, but I hope you were able to enjoy it anyways. Have a great day, everyone, and happy Simming!

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3.8: New Additions

Hey guys, I’m back after another long-ish break! Just getting back into the swing of things at school and such. But now it’s time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, I solved my lag problem, we moved in our new legacy spouse, Joe MacDuff, and both he and Klink got pregnant. Let’s jump right back in and see what my Simmies have been up to.


Since moving into the house, Joe has been trying hard to make a good impression on the rest of the family. He particularly enjoys talking to Unown.

Unown: This guy’s as pale as a ghost…that can’t be healthy.

Joe: You know what is healthy? Veggies! You should definitely eat your veggies, little boy!


It usually doesn’t turn out very well.

Unown: Uggghh, if I wanted lecturing on my diet, I’d ask my dead mother. Just because you’re my brother’s baby daddy doesn’t mean you can come in here and boss me around.

Joe: ~whimpers~ I was only trying to help…


Bronzong’s still hanging in there, and he’s been spending a lot more time with his grandkids lately, possibly because he knows that his time is running out.


Bronzong: My time isn’t running out. I’m still as handsome as ever. Allow me to sit in this beanbag and stare off into the distance so you may admire my hot bod.

Did I mention he’s delusional?

Bronzong: I heard that! I may be old, but I’m certainly not deaf!


After his argument with his new brother-in-law, Unown treats himself to a nice bath.

Unown: This is the life…


Meanwhile, Joe runs outside to play some chess. His LTW is perfect mind, perfect body, but considering he has no skills whatsoever aside from gardening and he’s halfway through his adult life bar, it’s not likely to happen.


He doesn’t get to play for too long before a wave of nausea sets in. Poor kid’s having a really rough pregnancy so far, and he doesn’t even know he’s pregnant yet.


Bronzong: ~gripe, gripe, disgruntled old man noises, gripe~

I really don’t know what he’s yapping about anymore. He mostly just sighs exasperatedly at everything these days…


Squirtle goes on many a submarine adventure after he’s finished his homework.


His sister can’t be bothered with such childish activities. Her heart belongs to her artwork.


Not sure how she can focus with zombie ghosts running rampant through our house.


Joe: ZOMG, I just had a terrible nightmare! It involved teddy bears and children and evil gnomes and it was awful!

Joe's nightmare

Well this is new. I’ve had cowardly Sims before, but I’ve never seen a nightmare.


Right after Joe goes back to sleep, Klink discovers he’s pregnant.


A couple hours later, Joe also starts to show.


While looking through the options of genres for Squirtle to write, I found out he could do a risque novel. I found it to be super humorous that a little kid is allowed to basically write porn, and boys his age tend to be super immature, so I decided to go for it.

Squirtle: Kekeke, nobody shall ever know of my dark secret…


Bronzong rolled the wish to get a tattoo, and I figured, why not?

Bronzong: Hello, young man. Could you tat me up?

Tattoo Artist: Ummm, sure…right this way.


Bronzong: Does the tat business pay well? Are you “rolling in the riches,” as they say?

Tattoo Artist: Ehhh, it’s a living.


Bronzong: Awww yeah, I’m a badass, hunky dude.

Tattoo Artist: Great. Thanks for your business. Now please kindly get out.


Back at home, Joe is being boring, as usual.


That is, until Klink comes over for a nice chat.


Klink: Just wait one second, Joey, I’ve got a little something for you.

Joe: Ok, sure.


Klink: Since I’m pretty sure I know the answer by now, I’ll keep this simple. I love you, Joe MacDuff. Will you marry me and become my official legacy spouse?


Joe: OMG, YES! Oh, if my twin could see me now….




And so the two heavily pregnant Pewter men said their vows right there in the living room, and we were finally able to make an honest man out of our Klinky. Huzzah!


The two newlyweds sit on down for a nice healthy breakfast of…spaghetti and ice cream?

Joe: Pregnant people have weird tastes, you know.




Klink: ~loving sigh~ I ❤ my Joey-kins.


I can see why. A knight in shining armor, he.


Azelf: Scared of grandma’s ghost? Honestly…it’s not like she’s around every night. What a wimp.


Gala’s Ghost: I am offended. I’m absolutely harmless. I wouldn’t even hurt a fly.


Klink begins Joe’s portrait. It’s already looking much better than Bronzong’s painting of Gala. I told you he’s the superior artist.


Unown: I wish I could make use of this bed….

You’re an alien. You don’t need sleep.

Unown: That’s not what I meant….

Honestly…teenagers and their hormones…


Bronzong: You’re almost a teenager now, aren’t you my dear?

Azelf: Yes, grandpa.

Bronzong: When you get to be that age, you’ll start to feel strange urges. But please, for your old gramps’s sake, don’t take part in any of that nonsense. What do you kids call it these days? Forking? Knifing?

Azelf: Honestly, grandfather. I won’t do anything bad. Now will you please leave me alone? I’m doing my homework…

Squirtle: Glad that’s not me…hooray for man parts!


Klink decides he needs some last minute preparation for when his babies come.

Klink: You can never be too careful when it comes to your children.


Later, Joe decides to give the book a read.

Joe: Wow, Klinky, this stuff is really quite interesting. Did you know that some mothers choose to eat their placenta for medical reasons?

Klink: Not now, Joey…trying to eat over here…


Aza keeps on painting like the awesome little child she is.


While her brother chooses to not be productive.

Squirtle: I did my homework. I wrote some. I’m stressed, ok? Can’t a guy get a break once in a while?


And Bronzong rants. Which I promptly put a stop to. There will be no deaths tonight.


We’re too busy celebrating life.


Joe: I sense a disturbance in the force…


Joe: Oh my goodness! No amount of reading could have prepared me for this!!!


Joe: I guess now’s as good a time as any for me to give birth too.


Joe: Yeah, see how you like it!


Unown: I don’t even know which one of you to be scared for!!!!


After several arduous hours of freaking out about each other’s labor pains, a baby was finally born! Klink gave birth to Wobbuffet.


Little Bobo was born clumsy and good. Somewhat boring traits, but maybe he’ll turn out more interesting in the future.


Yes Klink, put your baby down on the floor where your screaming brother and husband could accidentally step on him. Sounds like a good plan.


Joe gave birth to a baby girl named Phione.


Miss Phio was born artistic and easily impressed. I see this artistic trait isn’t going away any time soon…not that artists are bad, we just have so many of them in this family now. It’s ridiculous.


In the morning, after the chaos of childbirth had settled down, it was time for another celebration.

Azelf: Come one, come all! You are cordially invited to the birthday party of the eldest Cerulean twins! The celebration shall take place in the kitchen at once!


Squirtle: Birthday party? What a thing to wake up to. C’mon, sis, let’s go!


It was a bit of a hectic affair, as everyone kept getting in the way of the cakes, but eventually we did get the twins aged up into teenagers. I’m sorry I didn’t get more pictures, but my game crashed a couple of times during the event, so I just wanted to get it over with.


Here’s Squirtle, all aged up. And boy, is he fiiiiine. I know I said I wouldn’t pick favorites, but just look at this kid. He’s adorable. These are just his PJ’s. He has glasses normally, and I just ❤ him. He grew up with the perceptive trait. I’m getting a detective novel ghost writer vibe from him. Or he could be a PI. We shall see.


And then we have Aza, who also grew up to be quite the looker. I just love this dress on her. It looks adorable. She gained the “loves the cold” trait. That’s two traits now that she shares with Klink. She must really look up to him.

Well, this is the end of our new chapter. Worry not, for I shouldn’t take too long with the next one. I have a good five or six chapters worth of pictures to post, and I don’t have any homework over the weekend, so if I’m not feeling too lazy, I should have a chance to post at least one, if not two more in the next couple days. I’m pretty sure things should calm down soon. Teachers just love to shove work onto you in the first few weeks, then they realize they have to grade it all, and they calm down a bit. Next time, we get to see how Squirts and Aza act as teens, and we hopefully learn more about our new Cerulean additions. Thanks so much for reading, guys! Have a great night!