5.15: Settling In

Hello friends! So, I have a bit of explaining to do. Not even a week after the last chapter I wrote, back in September, one of my sorority sisters messed up my laptop and I couldn’t get it to turn on again. So, I’ve spent most of my semester without a computer. It’s been interesting. I got one just in time to write all my term papers, and finals ended last week, so I finally had time to install TS3 on the new rig and play out a new chapter.

Eons ago, the Kantos packed up and moved to Dragon Valley. The last chapter was mostly just exploring the new town, and finding a spouse for Ditto. What will happen this time? Let’s find out.


Ledyba: I can’t believe you abandoned us for the better part of a semester.

I’m sorry hun, but it wasn’t my fault!

Ledyba: Save it. You’re not worthy of my time.


Well, at least some people around here aren’t angry.

Phillip: How are you on this lovely day, Auntie Tari?

Altaria: Why, I am lovely. Thank you for asking.

With the new computer and the new save file, I figured it’d be safe to start controlling Tari again from time to time. No glitches as of yet. She’s still mostly autonomous though.


Ditto starts his first day in the military career. Good luck, sweetie!

Ditto: Yeah, yeah. I know you’re just waiting to get rid of me.


Ari and Em spent most of their morning blocking each other from eating. One of them would stand in front of the fridge doing the wavey dance, then would back away to let the next one have his turn.

Arbok: I can’t reach the plasma juice, my idiot brother is in the way!

Missingno: Em isn’t even near the fridge right now, stupid. Just open the door already and get your damn food.


Altaria: He…help?

It would seem that Phillip is making a habit of this.


The kids have never ridden the bus before. In the old save, they got teleported to school.

Arbok: You okay, sis? You seem a little tense.

Espeon: I’m bracing myself for the worst…haven’t you seen these buses driving through buildings?

Arbok: You make a solid point.


Ledyba: Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Hey, you’re a vampire. Why do you have a reflection?

Ledyba: The mirror can’t resist reflecting my awesomeness.

Right, I’m sure that’s exactly the reason.


Oh boy, what’s going on here?

Chandra: Hey Phil, what’s that up there?

Phillip: What? I don’t see anything…


Chandra: Take that!

Phillip: What the heck…?


Chandra: Haha, this is gonna be so good!



Phillip: Holy crap!


Chandra: Mission accomplished.

Phillip: What the heck is wrong with you?!

She really does hate him. Although antagonizing the in-laws probably isn’t a great idea…


Fortunately, she gets back to doing more important things.


As does he.


Starmie was minding her own business, finishing up her TSAL when suddenly…

Maid: Oh, look. Books on the floor.

Don’t you dare.


I hate you.


Maid: Did I do a good?

Experimenting has showed that even if we lock the maid out of the room where the books are laid out, they get teleported into the bookshelf when he leaves if he can’t clean them. We still managed to get Star through her TSAL despite the maid’s enthusiasm, but we’re gonna need to figure something out for the next batch of munchkins. Ideas?



Don’t look so enthusiastic, guys. Really, homework is a joyous occasion.

Arbok and Espeon: Can’t we move out yet?

Y’all have a long ways to go before you’re adults. Why not enjoy it?


Lookie here! Promotion number one for Em!


Missingno: Em would like to thank these waffles for getting me through the day. If it wasn’t for the though of eating you at the end of it all, Em never would have made it.


Espeon: Brother. Look at you, thinking you’re so cool. I am unimpressed.

Arbok: Kay.

Espeon: Aren’t you offended by my comments?

Arbok: Not really.

Espeon: Hmmph! I’ll show you.


Despite their constant cat fights, Phil managed to complete Chandra’s portrait. Not bad, not bad.


Starmie: Mommy, you remembered me! I’ve been so lonely!

Ledyba: Who is this kid again?


Chem(?) settles in for the night with some congratulatory woohoo.


Which may have been interrupted.

Ledyba: Oh look, a mirror.

Missingno: Mother! You can’t just barge into Em’s room and watch him woohoo with his wife!

Ledyba: You should never put a mirror in a room you expect me not to enter.

True facts.


Love day is just about here, and Ditto and I are still set on Siobhan, the girl he met at the library last chapter. He rights her a love letter to prep her up for the wooing.

Ditto: ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.’ No, that’s probably too pretentious, isn’t it?

Well, you did meet in a library. Working in literary references would likely do more good than harm.


Essey was hanging around outside, texting one of her friends from school, when we spotted that beauty in the background. We must live on an emerald spawning point, because one shows up on our lot right around the mailbox every other day.

Espeon: Emerald, shmemerald. Morrigan and I are trying to gossip about this dorky kid in school who has a crush on her. I need details!

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just be sure to collect that gem when you’re done.


On the subject of gems, Leds happened to have one in her pocket, so she was sent to try out our new gem cutter.



Everyone hates it.

Phillip: That noise is driving me crazy…

Missingno: It’s absolute rubbish, isn’t it?

Chandra: Do I hear you boys talking about the gem cutter? Because man, do I have words to say about that horrendous contraption.

Duly noted.




Skilling time. Em only has one more athletic point than Ditto, and yet look how much more muscular he looks than his twin. It’s kinda hard to see since he’s a ghost, but he’s kinda buff.


I actually decided to send Phil out for a renovation today. My heart really wasn’t in it though.


Phillip: ‘Sup lady? I finished your room.

Lady: Sweet. Lemme go check it out.


Lady: Hmmm, yes, I see. Very nice indeed. ~smiles through whole inspection~


Figures. Somehow, he got a promotion from this job. He’s at level five now. HOW?


Missingno: Here, baby. Let Em give you a massage. Watching Em work out must have been exhausting for you.

Chandra: Thanks, bb. You always know just what I need.

Yes, be romantic in front of the picture of the half-naked woman. Sounds logical.


Phillip: Baby, I need kisses. Stat.

Ledyba: Oh look, it’s my love slave. Back for more.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smirk like that on any of my Sims…I do love her.


I guess Phil does too.


Who’s that woohooing in the fairy house, you may ask? Must be the fairy, right?


Lol, nope.

Fairy House: Wait, Ledyba my love! Come back!

Ledyba: See? Even the inanimate objects know I’m awesome.


Is that a minor mixing a drink? I do believe it is.


Arbok: Haven’t even had a sip and I’m already feeling the buzz šŸ˜€

This kid kinda constantly looks high anyways. What harm could a little drink do?


He takes his drink and sits down to a wonderful family breakfast. Look at all my precious lavender children. They’re a fun gen, no?


After breakfast, Essey and Ari share a moment together. Karaoke with your siblings isn’t weird, right?

Arbok:Ā ‘Because she’s so-oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh ROCK AND ROLL and out of my league.’

Espeon: Sing it, bro! I’m groovin’ to this tune!


Since love day has arrived, Ditto asked Siobhan to hang out with him at the pub.

Siobhan: I heard that your little brother is some kind of maestro! That is so cool! I’m really into music myself.

Ditto: I know. I saw you playing guitar the first time we met. I mean…wow. That’s fascinating. Please tell me more.


Love day also marks the birthday of our youngest lavender child.


The family shares their enthusiasm, while Ari and Essey compete for the ‘most comical expressions’ award.


Let’s check up on Ditto super quickly.

Ditto: I wanna give you the world, Von. (AN: Anybody know any betterĀ nicknames for Siobhan?)

Siobhan: I’d gladly accept the world from you, Ditto.

Flirt accepted!


Meanwhile, at the birthday…

Starmie: Really, parents? Can’t keep it in your pants even for my special day?


She’s sooo cute! Although it’s a bit hard to get a good picture of her face because her eyes are so glowey…

Starmie: I’m sooo sorry that my vampirism is an inconvenience for you.

She rolled perfectionist as her child trait, adding to loves the cold and loner. I’m getting a total ice queen vibe from this girl, and I love it!


Back with Ditto once again…

Ditto: Be my girlfriend?

Siobhan: Of course!


The rest of the household gets settled in after the excitement of the birthday. Surprisingly, nobody even really had cake. That never happens.

Arbok: Oh man, I totally lost this online chess match to some idiot who barely knows how to play! My life is over!

Oh, relax. You’ll be fine.


Chem: ~flirt, flirt, flirt~

Espeon: Could you guys go be gross in private? Some of us don’t want to see that.


Ditto: I know we just met, but I love you. Von. Marry me?

Siobhan: Oh my goodness, Ditto! I don’t know what to say…

Ditto: Could you hurry up and make a decision? The sunlight’s bouncing off the ring and right into my eyes…

Siobhan: Of…of course I’ll marry you!

Success! Mate procured! For some reason, I could never get the option of “have private wedding” to pop up. I don’t think it’s anything to do with having too big a household, as the house was full when we asked Chandra to marry in. I sent them back to the home lot and did some resets, and still couldn’t get it to work.


Leds cornered her future daughter-in-law and started making quick friends.

Ledyba: I can’t wait to tell you all the embarrassing stories of Ditto’s childhood! Like the time his high school girlfriend peed on his shoes after confessing her undying love.

Siobhan: Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Tell me more, tell me more!


I thought I had a picture of him calling the housing services, but it seems to have disappeared. Anyways, time for Ditto to take his leave. He’s now living in a nice, tw0 bedroom abode decently far away from his crazy family. We’ll keep an eye out for development between him and Von. Hopefully, nieces and nephews are in Em’s future! And with one less Sim and one less toddler in the house, you know what that means!


Chimes were most definitely heard!

Thank you guys for your patience, and I hope you all enjoyed this update. We may see new babies in the next chapter, so get excited for that! I hope you’re all having a great holiday season, and everybody have a great Festivus this evening! Happy Simming!