5.4: Chess or Die

Hey guys! I’ve started the new semester and it already seems like more work than the last one, so updates will probably get infrequent again. With that in mind, let’s start the last chapter recap!

We had plenty of birthdays last time! Little Espeon was born as the third member of the generation. Our twins became children. And finally, Torchic became a YA and moved out.

Childhood Friendship 1

I hardly ever get these childhood friendship popups! I’m glad these two are getting along so well!

Romance 2

Too bad these two aren’t getting along so well.

Romance 3

Romance 4-Breakup

Neither are these two though.


Our last chess opponent, cousin Suzanna, stayed all night. And she’s apparently taken an interest in baby Espeon.


Wait, where are you going with her?!

Suzanna: You already have two babies, and I only have one. I’m taking this one home with me. Kthxbai.

Nooo! Put her down!


I didn’t mean literally! Seriously…she picked up the baby, acted like she was going to steal her, and then calmly set her down on the ground and left. I worry for the safety of her own child.


Luckily, Daddy’s around to save the day.

Phillip: Come here, princess. Let’s get you back inside.


The twins share a nutritious breakfast before their first day of school.


Missingno: Em is absolutely horrified by these disgusting dishes which seem to plague our dining room. We should do something about it, brother.

Ditto: Really? I find the smell of rotting foodstuffs rather calming.

Missingno: …you disgust me…


Ditto: To heck with this. I’m going back to bed.

You know you’re gonna have to get back up in just a few minutes for school, right?

Ditto: ~grumble grumble~


Leds gets some more practice in before we invite over her next opponent.

Ledyba: Seems like all I ever get to do anymore…

Your fault for picking this LTW.

Ledyba: ~grumble grumble~


Missingno: She told you that you’d have to get up again soon bro.

Ditto: So much hate…

Have fun in school, boys!


Phil works on his architectural design for a while. But he soon leaves for another job!


I had this itsy bitsy space to work with, but I like this room better than my last one. Not too fond of that dresser, but it’s one of the only small ones that would fit into the space next to the bed. In retrospect, I should’ve messed with the coloring a bit more, but meh.


While we were waiting for Violet Slymer to show up and rate our room, I got distracted by this random sparkly thing. My first thought was that it was a ghost from the ghost hunting career, but I don’t know what it would be doing here in daytime. I didn’t investigate it any further.


Back home, Jamie distracts the maid from his work.

Jamie: This is my grandson! Isn’t he handsome? I just love spending time with my boy!

You’ve never met him, hun. Sometimes I forget that he’s her only grandchild and that our lavender kiddos aren’t related to her at all.


Finally, Violet showed up.

Phillip: So Grandma, how’d you like your room? You’re gonna give your favorite grandson a good review, aren’t you?

Well Boo To You Too

Violet: Absolutely not. It sucked. Go do it again.

Phillip: But…but I did everything you asked of me…

I remember getting really bad reviews at first the last time I did this career too. So either I’m really awful at design and the game knows it, or this is normal when you’re just starting out. I’m gonna go with a little of both.


You okay, honey?

Phillip: I don’t wanna talk about it.


When the kids get back home, they start on their homework immediately. Ditto’s a vampire AND a genius, so it took him a couple seconds to finish his! So much <3!

Ditto: I live to please.


His poor brother on the other hand…

Missingno: Em is too tired for this…what does algebra have to do with world domination anyways?…

They were supposed to work on their homework together, but apparently Ditto didn’t want to help his twin.


Ditto: This wouldn’t be a problem if you’d just paid attention in class, idiot.

Missingno: Shut up, buttmunch…


Birthday time! Here’s Clayton Kanto, the son of Judy and Alyssa Holly. He has Alyssa’s hair and eye color, but all his facial features come from the MacDuff line…le sigh…


And this little one is Hilary Mendoza, the daughter of Suzanna and Rice Krispies. She’s a nice mix of her parents, with the MacDuff nose and Rice Krispeis’ eye shape. I have high hopes for this one!

Romance 1-Baby Birth

Romance 5-Baby Birth

We had a couple of births too! Stefan is another vampiric ghost. I don’t know that Herbson can produce anything else.


Our next chess opponent is Aza. And for the first time EVER, Leds lost!!! Three times! Aza doesn’t even have that high a logic skill!!!

Ledyba: I don’t believe this…


After three victories, she tried to leave. I wasn’t about to let that happen. If she was anything like Bobo, she’d be a pain in the butt to beat, especially since Leds had already lost three times. So I locked her inside the room. I’m not above a little cheating sometimes.

Azelf: Confound it! This door is locked!

Ledyba: Chess or die, bitch.


Phillip: How’s daddy’s little princess doing today, Essey? Are you ready for your birthday?

Espeon: Birfday! Birfday!


Azelf: Birthdays might have to wait. I’m feeling rather odd…

Ledyba: Sit down, will you? We’re not done with this game yet.

Wut?….I didn’t mean “chess or die” literally!!!


Missingno: Auntie Aza, no!!! Em is so sad for this person he’s never met before!


For some reason, Grimmy chose to do his reaping from the roof instead of inside the house. You do you, Grim.

Grim: Killing people who you can’t beat at chess? Squirts, I like the way your daughter thinks! 

We didn’t do it on purpose!!!

I so did not anticipate this happening…


Ditto: Who cares about death? Would you take a look at this block? It’s blue!

What an astute thought.


To get the boys away from all the death and despair, I sent them to the park. Alyssa and her offspring were there! Look how little they resemble each other…

Alyssa: Shut up. My baby is beautiful, just like my wife.


Alduin Bedlam was there too, but with the Mendoza baby instead of his own…

Alduin: Babysitting.

More like kidnapping! You don’t even live in the same house as the Mendozas!


Back home, baby Espeon had her birthday!

Espeon: How dare you forget about me because some chick died in our house. It’s my day, darn it!

Wow. Ruthless. She looks a lot like Ditto, with Phil’s nose and Ledyba’s mouth. She definitely has Leds’ eyes too. The Ledyba genetics are strong in these children.


Ledyba: Let’s see…that’s how long now until these brats are out of my hair?

Mother of the year she is not.


Back at the park, Alyssa is teaching her kid how to talk!

Alyssa: What are you, an investigative reporter? Leave us alone already!

Hilary: I wish my mommy was here…

Alduin: Shut up kid…


Are our boys bonding, mayhap?

Ditto: Tag! You’re it!

Missingno: What the heck, Ditto?! Why’d you hit Em like that?

Ditto: Helloo? You run. I tag. Get it?


They got the hang of it eventually.

Ditto: You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!

Missingno: ~casually floats~ Better keep running, brother. Here Em comes.

Hilary: I sure wish I could play too!


Essey is the only kid this generation to get an IF. His name is Mienshao.


Probably won’t be bringing him to life, but he does exist.


Leds rolled the wish for another baby. And she tries to tell me she can’t stand her bratty children.

Ledyba: Honestly, it’s just an excuse for woohoo.

Sure, like you two don’t do that enough as it is. Anyways, the boys will be teens before we know it, so if we want to give the next kid a chance at heirship, better get him/her cooking.


Toddler skilling time.

Phillip: I’m gonna need a face lift after this…

Espeon: Daddy is so rude…hmph…


Next chess opponent: Deo. Leds won easily.

Ledyba: Honestly, sis. I expected you to put up more of a fight.

Deoxys: I heard what you do to people who don’t let you win. I don’t want any part of that…

Ledyba: It wasn’t my fault!!!


Ledyba: I want a baby.

I know. You’ll get one, don’t you worry.

Deoxys: I’m starving and all you have for me is cake or yogurt?

You used to live here, Deo. You know perfectly well how food works in this house.


Missingno: See that, brother? Even the random lady roaming our house knows how to pick up dirty dishes.

Ditto: Why don’t you pick them up yourself if they bother you so much?

Missingno: I would, but it’s the principle of the thing! You should learn to be more cleanly!

Ditto: Slob trait, bro. Slob trait.


MOAR BIRTHDAYS! This is Nick, the son of Chabbie. He reminds me so much of Squirtle! He has Abby’s eyes and mouth and Charmie’s nose. Such a cutie!


This is Chandra Tart, the daughter of Alduin and Beinget and our first spouse option! She’s a great mix of her parents, with her father’s eyes and nose and her mother’s mouth. Plus, she’s a fairy!


Finally, here’s Kurxys’s daughter Kindra, growing into a teen.

Romance 6-Baby Birth

Also, another baby birth! Francesca is another spouse option for us, hooray! Let’s hope she’s as cute as her sister!


This is interesting. These two went to bed not quite friends, but apparently their friendship meter has been going up from just being in the same room as each other. They’re now best friends! I didn’t know that was a thing!

Missingno: It was that game of tag. It’s still going on in our minds.

Ditto: Friendship through osmosis, didn’t you know? It’s all the rage these days.


Ledyba: See? I like my children. How’s my little princess today?

Espeon: Affection is nice, mummy, but I need food now please.


Ledyba: Puking and a broken shower? Could this day get any worse?…


Phillip: Hey, at least you don’t have to potty train a toddler.

Espeon: Don’t worry, daddy. I’ll make this as painless for you as possible.


At least he gets to paint afterwards.

Phillip: I call this one “The Lucky Bachelor With No Children.”


Leds had to play against Bobo again. Luckily, he didn’t try to run off this time. He must have heard about the curse of the chess table too.

Ledyba: Am I ever going to live that down?…

Probably not.


Match won just in time for Leds to pop.

Ledyba: Oh, nooboo. So you didn’t lie to me when you promised I’d get another one.

Of course not, hun. Have I ever lied to you?

That’s all for this chapter, guys. Have a wonderful rest of your day and happy Simming!


5.3: Friendship is Magic

Hey y’all! In the last chapter, we trained some toddlers, Phillip got his first remodeling job, and Leds found out that she’s pregnant again!

Romance 1-Baby-WUT

WUT. Kurtis and Phillip, two grown men, are getting a baby sibling. I guess that happens when you have two immortal parents.

Romance 2-Baby Birth

Romance 4-Baby Birth

Two baby births! Can’t wait to see what they look like!

(Not that big a fan of the name Clayton, Judyssa…)

Romance 3

And JenGin got back together.


Phillip: Here you go, my precious baby boy. Drink your suspicious green fluid.

Missingno: Yay, food!


Look! Leds is holding air!


Just kidding!

Ledyba: Not funny.

I’m so mature, you guys.


Torchic: BOO! BE AFRAID!

Phillip: Did I hear something just now? Hmm, it was probably nothing.


Phillip: Oh my gosh, I just remembered that I forgot to record my soap last night!

Torchic: ~grumble grumble~


Torchic: Hey there, kid. How’s my little buddy doing today.

Missingno: Em is great, thanks for asking. Now can you put your little buddy down? He has to go pee.

Yeah, Tori’s totally not going soft on us.


Ledyba: Why do I have to read this again? I already went through the whole thing last pregnancy.

Because you wished for it.

Ledyba: I wish for a lot of things that you don’t promise.

It’s true. For example:


She’s rolled this one about three or four times at this point. Once she’s finished with her LTW I’ll consider it, if only because I find it hilarious.


Ditto: If family is too busy for me, I’ll just go play with my blocks. That’ll show ’em.


Tori’s been following Em around all day. Can you say creepy?

Torchic: Wait little buddy, I just wanna play with my best friend!

Missingno: Em needs some space…could you please just leave me alone?


Altaria: That’s weird. I thought this baby was see-through.

That’s a different baby, Tari.

Altaria: You mean there’s two of them?

Ditto: I don’t care if I get confused for brother Em. Someone finally wants to hang out with me!


Since there’s only one kid going to school at the moment, I thought I’d let Tori start riding the bus.

Torchic: I hate this. It smells like sweaty gym clothes.


Jamie: You look hot when you hold babies.

Altaria: Hehe…thanks. I think?


Phillip: Why do I have to read this thing again?

We already went through this with your wife. It’s because you wished for it.

Phillip: Yeah, but you’d think if just one of us reread it we’d be all set…


Cammy came over as Leds’ next chess opponent.

Camerupt: Hey there, little guy. Aren’t you just the cutest thing. I bet you and my Marcelo are gonna be the best of friends.

Ditto: Did you say friends? I like friends!


There was really no competition this time around. She won in record time.


Ledyba: So you saw my kid, huh? He’s pretty awesome, isn’t he? I just love that he’s a ghost.


Camerupt: Actually, I saw the other one. And I think he was super special awesome. I’m quite fond of the vampire variety.


Ledyba: Thanks for coming over, Cammy. It was good to see you.

Camerupt: Good to see you too, Leds.


Autonomous!Tari raising her painting skill, like a boss. She seems to be getting used to taking care of herself.


Apparently Cammy didn’t go home. He’s been outside playing soccer.

Camerupt: Darn. The wife wants me to come back home. Something about our son’s birthday…


Altaria: Sonny boy! It’s been so long! Let me tell you all about my political prowess!

Camerupt: Hey ma. I’m actually really tired. I’m gonna head home.


D’aww. This is the first time these two have cuddled!


I guess Cammy chose not to go home for his son’s birthday. The household better not get mad at him for being a “rude guest.” He used to live here!


Here’s Cammy’s little boy. He’s adorable!

Romance 5

Weast and Bobo got married.

Romance 6

You’ll start to see this becoming a running theme with these two.


It seems another Lavender baby is about to join the world.

Phillip: Holy crap, honey! You’re in labor!

Ledyba: Calm down, you spaz. I’ve gone through this before.


Ledyba: Could you get out of the way? I need to make the bed.

Seriously. She couldn’t have her baby until everything was perfectly in its place. Perfectionists, honestly.


I sent him to take care of his other babies so his wife could have their new one in peace.


Ledyba: Let’s just…oof…get this over with…


Ledyba: Look honey, it’s a girl.

Phillip: Oh. But we both wanted boys.

Ledyba: I guess we’ll just have to have another one then.

I’m glad it’s a girl! Her name is Espeon.


She’s good and artistic. Yay…

Not Purple

She’s purple in the wish and portrait panels, which got me super excited. But she actually has normal vampire-colored skin. Don’t know what you’d call it. Grey? I sure wish Phil’s skin would get passed down…


Missingno: Em is growing up now! Attention please!


Torchic: Yay! You go, little buddy!


Ditto: Yay! Birthday!


Here’s our little ghostie! Missingno rolled daredevil, like his mother before him.

I think I was wrong about his eyes. They don’t look exactly like Ledyba’s, but they sure aren’t Phillip’s.


Torchic: MWAHAHA! Now that my peon is a child, I can start training him to rule the world!


Ditto rolled slob. His mother will throw a fit.

Ditto: Serves her right for not paying enough attention to me.

I’m still not sure about Ditto’s eyes. They look even less like Leds’ eye shape than Em’s do, but they’re too big to be Phillip’s. I doubt Sims genetics allows for the size of one parent’s eyes and the shape of the other’s. I guess we’ll see when he gets older, but he probably does have Leds’ eyes.

I do love my little twins!


Phillip: Oh. My kids grew up. That’s cool I guess.


I don’t know what Leds was doing outside, but she almost died! Get your butt in the house, missy!

Ledyba: Make me.




Both our little boys rolled the wish to learn the logic skill and read the logic book straight away. I think they’re the first Kanto kids in a while that didn’t gain any skill points from the logic blocks or the xylophone. What where they doing during their toddler days?

Ditto: Being cute?

Missingno: Being followed by Cousin Tori.

Ah. I see.


Ledyba: I’m glad I got a girl. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing?

Looks like Leds is going a little soft too. I guess babies will do that to you.


Leds has to play Suzanna again. I guess there aren’t enough chess players. Everyone has two ranks. The outcome was the same as the first time.


Hey Phil. You gonna talk to your son?

Phillip: Nope. We enjoy each other’s silence. Right, kiddo?

Missingno: Em doesn’t care either way. Father is just a stepping stone on my path to glory, after all.


Torchic: It is now time for me to rise and take over this legacy!

Sorry, hun. You know as well as I do that when you grow up, you’re leaving.

Torchic: Drat! Foiled again!


Altaria: My last little baby is leaving me…

Missingno: Em wishes to celebrate cousin Tori’s birthday, but Auntie Tari is in the way!

Phillip: I’m just here for cake.


Ditto: Who does this guy think he is, stealing attention away from the important people?…


Torchic: YAWN. This whole birthday thing sure is a bore.


The final Vermilion child rolled workaholic, adding to evil, heavy sleeper, equestrian, and unlucky. He likes pop music, porcini risotto, and the color yellow, and is an aires. He wants to be an emperor of evil.

Torchic: Enough with the formalities. I’m starving and smelly and I just want to leave already.


Torchic: It’s absolute rubbish that you dorks get to stay here in the legacy house and I have to leave.

Missingno: It’s your own fault for being born later than the rest of your generation.

Ditto: Yeah. You really should’ve thought of that before being conceived.


Phillip: Guess what? Cats.


Suzanna: Oh my gosh, I love cats 😀

Pro-Tips From Phillip: Talk about cats and everyone will instantly love you.


Missingno: MWAHAHA! Em shall be ever so much more popular than twin brother! Especially if I laugh evilly like Cousin Tori taught me!


Ditto: What is that trash still doing at our table? Nobody wants him here. He should just leave already.

Torchic: Gee, thanks kid. I’ll definitely kill you last once I’m the emperor of all that is terrible.


Torchic: See you around, kid. Make me proud with your evil doings, okay?

Missingno: Em will try his best!

So with a new job in the criminal career and a room in Cheryl Slymer’s house, Tori went on his way.


This is little Georgina, the daughter of Chabbie. Isn’t she adorable?

Romance 7-Baby Birth

Her baby brother was born the same day she aged up.

Romance 8-Baby Birth

As was a future spouse option, Chandra! Let’s hope our children all like girls.

Romance 9-Baby

Immediately after Chandra’s birth popup, we got this. Huzzah for another option! Although this one will probably be too young for our boys.


Our boys find their beds and settle down for their first night as children.

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

5.2: Everybody’s a Critic

Hello guys! In the last chapter of the Kanto Legacy, Ledyba gave birth to twin boys: a ghost called Missingno and a vampire called Ditto. They both grew into toddlers. Phillip bit Leds so that she could transform into a vamp herself. Finally, Tari aged up into an elder.

Romance 2-Baby

Romance 3-Baby

We have babies incoming from the legacy Sims and the spares’ children.

Romance 4-Breakup

JenGin broke up though.


Altaria: Hooray! Aren’t babies exciting?

They sure are. Speaking of babies…


Ditto: ~whimpers~ I’m hungry….

Missingno: You’ll never get attention that way. Step aside, brother, and let Em show you how it’s done. WE WANT FOOD!!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!


Ledyba: Yeah, yeah. I’m coming, you little brats.


Once the children have been fed, they congregate at the blocks table.

Ditto: You were right about that screaming, Em. It really did work.

Missingno: Of course I was right. Em is always right about these things. But aren’t you supposed to be the genius, bro?

Ditto: Oh yeah, that’s right.


Here’s little Kindra Van Gould. I do so wish that she didn’t have the standard alien face.


Ledyba: Uncle. Get your butt over here. It’s time to duel.


Once more with feeling this time. She beat him before he ran off to work today. Huzzah!

First Job!

Phillip finally got his first job offer! It’s been a week since he was hired…also, Beignet doesn’t have any kids, let alone a teenager!


Phillip: My first job. I’m so excited!


It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I think the Link statue really brings the whole thing together. I didn’t really like any of the other statue options and I thought, what normal teenager wouldn’t want a life-sized Link statue?


Phillip: So Beignet, I finished with that room you wanted. You want me to wait outside in the sun for you to get home? Okay, I guess…

Yeah, vampires are probably the worst Sims we could choose to do home design.


Back home, the boys play together. I didn’t prompt this!

Missingno: Bro, why do we only have green guys? Where’d all the red ladies go?

Ditto: Maybe our aunts and uncles who had this house before us ate them all.

Missingno: You mean like how you’re eating one of the only two green guys we have left?

Ditto: Exactly.


Beignet: Oh…I wasn’t quite expecting a ghost…

Says the fairy.

Phillip: So do you have my review ready yet?

Beignet: Sure do.



Well then.

Be honest, it was the Link statue wasn’t it?


This child seems to enjoy eating things.

Ditto: What are things for other than putting them in my mouth?

Are we sure this one is the genius?


Since Tori wants to make friends with his little cousin, he gets to teach him to walk.

Torchic: C’mon kid, it’s easy. Just put one foot in front of the other…

Missingno: If that’s all you have to say, why can’t Em just learn to walk from that Rankin/Bass movie?


Phil comes home from his terrible first review and seeks comfort in the arms of his lady love.


Phillip: If I get woohoo everytime I have a bad day at work, I hope I get negative reviews every day!

Romance 8-Baby

Romance 9-Baby

Romance 10-Baby

More babies on their way! Tartlam baby will be our first spouse option!

Romance 11

Judyssa marriage!


What a beautiful family moment.

Phillip: Little man, your daddy has a totally hot bod. Your mommy can’t get enough of me. One day, you might have as good a figure as this.

Ledyba: You have got to be kidding me…


Our next chess opponent is Kimberly Strauss. She is dating Barry Slymer, Unown’s son.

Ledyba: I’m going to beat you so badly that you won’t want any photographic evidence of this embarrassment.

She won, of course.


Kimberly: Back in my day, people respected their elders!


Altaria: Sonny, you should take your poor old mother on a trip. Preferably one where we have to take an airplane.

Torchic: Mother, you know we don’t have WA.

Altaria: My older brother gets to go on vacations with his best friend Grim.

Torchic: That’s because he’s dead.

Altaria: Then make it happen!

Torchic: MOM!


Torchic: There you go, kiddo. Sleep tight.

D’aww, looks like someone’s going soft.

Torchic: Sh…shut up! I totally poisoned his drink beforehand!

Sure you did.


Ledyba: What have I told you about showing my weakness?

Yeah, yeah. I was just leaving.


This painting reminds me that we haven’t had an alien invasion in quite some time. I must be getting better at putting my Sims to bed at respectable times.


Ledyba: Wow, look at those fangs. I look wicked.


Ledyba: Do you mind, cousin? I’m trying to admire my hotness.


Altaria: I’m lonely. Will you hang out with me? Do you wanna go look at some constellations together?

Kimberly: I…umm…I have to go now. See you later.


Torchic: Why do I have to do this potty training crap? Isn’t this the kid’s parents’ job?

Ditto: Uncle Tori doesn’t wanna hang out with me either?


Phillip: One day, little dude, you’re going to meet a fantastic lady and get married. And you’ll be totally whipped but it won’t matter because you’ll have great woohoo for the rest of your life.

What are you teaching your son?!

Missingno: Em doesn’t wanna get married, daddy. Em thinks girls are icky.


Ledyba: New baby. Hooray.

Yay! I hope we get a girl this time!


Auntie Jamie does some toddler training too, while the parental units are busy.

Jamie: Didn’t I already do my fair share of this with my own children?

Ditto: Doesn’t anybody wanna hang out with me?…


Missingno: Em wants to be in more pictures! Pay more attention to Em!

Don’t you just love when they cry over nothing?


Next opponent: Jenna Young. Leds remains undefeated.


Jenna: Well that’s a load of crap.

That’s all for this chapter, guys! Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Simming!

5.1: Purple Nobility

Hey guys! Time for more Kantos! In the last chapter, our young heiress and her boyfriend aged up into YAs and finally took over the legacy! They got pregnant and married straight away. The youngest Vermilion child, Torchic, romanced his girlfriend, but then screwed it up. Finally, there was much romance between spare Kantos and legacy Sims.

Georgina Kanto

Chabbie’s baby was born!

Romance 1

Finally, a couple of legacy Sims figured out that I want potential spouses out of them. Hooray for Daniel and Gumby!

Romance 3

Not only are they dating, they’re gonna get married too!

Romance 4

Rice Krispies and Suzanna are getting married as well.

Romance 2

Weast! Can’t you pick somebody your own age? Preferably one of the other legacy Sims?

Romance 5

At least Alduin finally has some sense. Please pick somebody you can make babies with!


Ledyba: It’s about time you stopped showing popups and started paying attention to me. I AM your heiress, after all.

Yeah, yeah. Get back to raising your logic skill, why don’t ya?


Phillip: Could you keep it down? I’m trying to get informed about babies over here. I wanna be a good father, after all.

Jamie: No can do, sonny. I’m about to finally beat this really hard boss! Get him! GET HIM!

Phillip: ~sigh…~


Ledyba: Hey Cammy. Life as heiress is great, thanks for asking. Other than the fact that the Simmer keeps ignoring me. It’s not like I’m an essential member of this legacy or anything.

Oh, shush you.


I risked one more action from Tari to get her started painting our sassy heiress’s portrait. From here on out, it’s officially Autonomous!Tari for good.


Here’s the Vermilion couple! Phillip’s portrait is okay at best, but I can let it slide. I’m definitely going to have him redo Leds’ picture when he’s high enough in skill level and she’s not pregnant though.


Phione’s second child, Torey, became a YA. He got married to an old face one lady and the two are very happy together.

Romance 6

Apparently Buddy has made his way to the Vermilion spares. That’s the wrong one though!

Romance 7

Meanwhile, Kurtis and the girl we intended for Cammy got together. My plans have been ruined!

Romance 8

At least he’s happy, though.


Ledyba: They don’t care about those people! What they care about is that I am in AGONY!!!

Relax, hun. You’re only giving birth. Besides, I thought you relished pain.



Phillip: Did I just hear my wife shouting that she’s going to kill me?

I don’t think you have to worry about that. You’re already dead. Just continue with your painting.

Phillip: Kay.


Ledyba: Here’s your stupid kid. Am I done now?

Not quite. This little guy’s name is Missingno.


He was born evil and athletic. Sure, Missingno is a glitch and not an actual Pokemon. But I’ve been waiting this entire legacy to name a Sim this. And it’s fitting for the haunted gen, ne? I do wish he’d been a girl…


Little Em isn’t an only child. He has a vampiric twin brother, Ditto.


He was born an athletic genius. I think he’s the first genius we’ve had in this legacy so far, so yay! New trait!


Phillip: Wicked! I fathered a ghost child!


Ledyba: Don’t worry little guy. We love you too. Vampires are just as awesome, after all.


Ledyba: I am so glad I got married.

I thought you hated your husband and wanted to murder him.

Ledyba: How could you even think that? He gave me these totally awesome munchkins!


Phillip: This whole baby thing really has me drained. Do me a favor, babe?

Ledyba: I guess?…what are you gonna do?

Phillip: You’ll love it, I promise.


Phillip: Just relax, okay?

Ledyba: Yeah…sure…


I think we broke her.

Ledyba: That was…strangely hot…hey Ami? I know what I wanna do with my life…

And what would that be?

Ledyba: Become a vampire…



Ledyba: Please please please, you HAVE to turn me, Phillip! Becoming a supernatural is the only way I could get cooler than I already am. And I wanna live forever with you.

Phillip: You sure about this, babe? It’s quite a big commitment…

Ledyba: Absolutely.

Phillip: Well…okay then.


Phillip: You know the rules. Just relax.

Ledyba: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! You got it, boss!


Ledyba: Bats and red smoke, take me to my happy place…


Phillip: Two rounds of the sweetest blood I’ve ever tasted? Score!


The two share a celebratory woohoo. No new babies yet though. Twins are enough to handle for the moment.


While all this was happening, Autonomous!Tari was watching the cooking channel. Handy, as she tends to make food every single morning, and we wouldn’t want her accidentally burning down the house.

Altaria: I can still be useful sometimes, you know.


Torchic: I’m noticing a considerable lack of me in this update. Care to fix that?

Maybe if you’d get off your lazy ass and do something, you’d show up in more pictures.


Torchic: I got off my ass and did something, and now this freaky infant thing is crying!

Altaria: Feed it, you dummy.

How Cute!


Even after a negative first encounter, Tori still rolled this wish. How cute! I’m guessing it’s because Em is a fellow evil Sim.


Ledyba: ~snore~ I need to exercise…those children made me fat…

Enjoy your last nights as a human, honey. You might just miss them.

After Sleeping Picture

I love supernatural Sims, especially vampires. And I thought it suited her personality to want to change. Only problem is that now I’ll have to deal with this drama queen for the rest of the legacy >_<

Ledyba: I heard that!


Kyo-kun is an elder! Once again, his twin sister still has some time before she turns herself.

Romance 9

Judyssa is still very much a thing. And despite the fact that their babies would be too closely related to ours, I hope they stay together. Their couple name is too perfect!

Romance 10

Riceanna got married.

Romance 11

And JenGin still seems to be going strong. If these couples must be together, the least they could do is give us some babies to fawn over!


Back home, Leds seems to be concentrating very hard on her chess match.

Ledyba: I have to. I must prepare to demolish that man once and for all.


Yeah, we’re still working on Bobo.



After Bobo Leaves

At least her change is progressing.


Jamie: Look. I found this baby thing.

You sure did.

Jamie: It’s…dead.

Any other profound thoughts about the infant, Jamie dearest?

Jamie: Nope. I’m good.



The Kyovan twins finally became YAs! Which means it’s actually legal for the legacy girls to date them! On top is Judy and on bottom is Ginger.

Robyn Hozman, Phione’s youngest child, was supposed to grow up with them. But given the wonky aging of my game, it could be days before she grows up.


This little boy is Marcelo, the child of Camerupt and Paras. He appears to have Paras’s eye and lip shape and Cammy’s nose. And he is properly adorable.

Romance 12

Danby got married! Make babies, you two!

Romance 13

Romance 14

Alduin appears to have many ladies on his arm. Either of these two are perfectly acceptable candidates. I’m glad he’s not going for a Kanto.


Guess who else aged up! Here’s little Missingno, looking a lot like Leds. He seems to have a mixture between his parents’ eye shape though. His eyes are big like Ledyba’s, but hers are more slanted than this. So I’m hoping they come from Phillip.


And here’s little Ditto. This is a great picture, I know. He has the same eye shape as Em’s, which I still think might be Phil’s. He also has Phil’s nose and Ledyba’s mouth shape. They are both super cute!

Ditto: Goo!

If it seems like they grew up fast, it’s because they did. Most of their second day of infancy wasn’t documented because not much happened.


Phillip: I like this one. He’s a ghost, just like me.

Missingno: Put me down please…


Time for some toddler skilling!

Ledyba: Can’t I just give this kid some letter blocks and be done with it?

Ditto: Mama doesn’t wanna hang out with me?


Phillip: I’ve been giving it some thought and I don’t want my child to be dead anymore. Do you think we can fix him with a jumbo band-aid?

Missingno: Nothing to fix, father. Em is perfect just the way he is!


When I was looking through Phillip’s friendships, I found this. WTH is this? What does it mean?


Maid: It means that I’m super special awesome and you should marry me in.

We already had a maid as a spouse. Doing so twice would just be redundant now wouldn’t it.



Potty training time! In case you haven’t noticed, I like getting these skills learned as soon as humanly possible.

After Potty Training

Is it time?


It is!

Ledyba: I don’t know what the hell is happening to me, but it’s almost as painful as giving birth to twins. Please make it stop!


Ledyba: I am reborn.

I think she’s even hotter as a vampire. Your thoughts?


This is Chabbie’s baby, Georgina. She has Charmie’s eyes and nose, and Abbie’s lips. Her mother’s blue skin goes well with her father’s blue eyes, ne?

Nowny Died (After Vamp Transformation)

Unfortunately, our dear Nowny passed away. He was from Pewter gen, so even though he was the last born he lasted a long time!


Finally, it looks like Autonomous!Tari aged up!

Altaria: Why no cake? Do you not love me anymore?

You should know you don’t get a cake for becoming an elder. Don’t be getting all senile on me, woman!

That’s all for this chapter. Join us next time, where hopefully we’ll get to know our Lavender twins a bit more. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

4.17: The Start of Something New

Hey guys! Last time in the Kanto legacy, Leds worked toward her LTW, Torchic became a villainous teenager and Cammy became a YA and moved out of the house. The teens went to prom and Tori got himself a girlfriend.


Chabbie is finally pregnant! Huzzah! I was worried they would never have kids.

Kurxys is no more

Kurxys broke up though. I was constantly getting negative popups about them, so I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Romance 1

Alduin is missing the idea that he’s supposed to breed, not date old ladies.

Romance 2

Bernard and Cheez Whiz have the right idea though.

That’s enough popups for now. Let’s see what our family is up to.


Torchic: As much as I love the attention, my cousin and that ghost are aging up. Might wanna see to that.


That’s right! Our new heiress and her spouse are about to take over the legacy!

Altaria: Who cares? We all know my children should’ve been heirs.

Ledyba: Ready for this, Phil?

Phillip: You know it!


Here’s our Vermilion heiress, all grown up! I had to age her up through CAS again, but all is well! She rolled snob, adding to absent-minded, grumpy, daredevil, and perfectionist (I think I said she was perceptive in the poll. She’s not. Apologies.) She enjoys country music, tri-tip tofu steak, and the color white, and she is a pisces. As you all know, she wants to be a chess legend.


And here’s her spouse, Phillip Van Gould! He is inappropriate, an animal lover, grumpy, artistic, and socially awkward. He likes R+B music, French toast, and hot pink. He is also a pisces, and he wants to be a home design hotshot. Haha, not likely. I suck at interior design.


They are quick to start making babies.


And afterwards, Phil gets set up with his job.


Ledyba: Hey babe, watch this! ~scarfs down dust from the floor~


Phillip: That was…disgusting…I can’t believe I just kissed that mouth…

Ledyba: What, you don’t think that was dangerous and sexy?

Clearly these lovebirds come from different worlds.


Meanwhile, we have another pair of lovebirds.

Torchic: MWAHAHA! I shall make this girl fall in love with me and we will have evil, beautiful babies!

Sadie: Isn’t he a dream?


Bobo comes over to play chess with Leds.


He left for work just when she was about to beat him.


Torchic: I can’t believe a girl like you would even give me the time of day.

Sadie: Girls are attracted to bad boys, remember?

Torchic: Heh, right.


Sadie: And you’re not so bad, Tori. You’re actually a pretty good guy.

Torchic: That’s…kinda the opposite of what I’m going for…

Poor guy. He even fails at acting evil.


At the risk of messing up my game again, I controlled Tari for a bit to tell her to paint Phil. Luckily, nothing happened this time.


Back to Tori. Looks like he got his first kiss in.


Torchic: Would you maybe go out with me? Even though I’m apparently not evil enough?

Sadie: Of course. I’ll go out with you because you’re not evil enough.


D’aww. Twue wuv.


Of course, he has to go and ruin it.

Torchic: If you actually thought I would like you after you said I wasn’t evil, you have a brain the size of a pea!

Sadie: Wait, what? Are you insane?

Ledyba: Oh look, my cousin’s ruining his only relationship. Big surprise.


He rolled this wish after the ordeal…wow.


Phil rolled the wish to give Leds a hypnotic gaze.

Phillip: Look deeply into my eyes, lover. I will control you!

Sadie: Oh look. The creepy vampire is trying to control his girlfriend’s mind. Big surprise.


Ledyba: Ummm, okay then?

Yeah, I’m still not sure what that did…


Torchic: I hate you. Get off of my couch. Leave.

Sadie: Fuck you, dude. I’m playing video games.


Our love birds spend their first night together.

Ledyba: Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

I did, thank you very much.


Wobbuffet became an elder. For some reason, his twin sister Phio is still an adult. There is something seriously buggy about the aging in my game…

Marcelo Kanto

Cameras baby! Marcelo is the second born of Lavender gen, technically.

Romance 4


I guess Cheez Whiz decided he didn’t like Bernard too much. I’m glad Tepig has a boyfriend now, but I’d rather these legacy Sims breed with each other so their offspring can actually be married in…

Romance 5

I guess Buddy’s making his way through the legacy Sims now too.

Romance 6

Jenna is also missing the point, and has apparently chosen a teenage Kanto.

Romance 8

Holly is romancing the other twin.

Romance 7

And Angry Beaver and Nowny might be a thing.


We bought an art table for Phil so he could research architectural design. He still hasn’t received any job offers.


Ledyba: Don’t you dare take pictures of me during moments of weakness! This is so degrading…


Here’s Tari’s finished portrait of Phil. It’s…okay. We’ll probably need a redo at some point.


Elder Wobbuffet comes back over to get beaten at chess. He ran off again…


Jamie’s getting good at this working out thing.

She's ready. Promotion

She’s actually getting promoted.


Tori actually managed to discover a potion!

Torchic: What do you mean, actually? You doubt my awesomeness?

Of course not.


Ledyba: Hey, bring the focus back over here, will you? I appear to be knocked up.

That you do.


Time to sit you down in a room filled with kids music to read a pregnancy book.

Ledyba: I don’t see the point in this…~grumble grumble…~


What are you doing?

Torchic: Secret things…


Torchic: The next person to step foot in this bathroom will suffer the wrath of stink juice!

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It never goes well.

Torchic: Shut up. I know what I’m doing.


Torchic: Now to just place the potion and…


Torchic: Ugghh…dear plumbob, that smell…


Torchic: This is VILE! Why didn’t you warn me?



Ledyba: Hellooo? Neglected heiress over here?

Yeah, yeah. You’ll get your attention soon.


But first, Phio finally aged up. I don’t know why she didn’t age up with her twin.

Romance 9

These two got engaged.

Romance 10

As did these two.

Romance 11

Another of my spares’ children snatched up Rice Krispies. No future spouses from him.

Romance 12

That engagement ended quickly.

Romance 13

And finally, these two made it official. She’s still a teen, Alyssa!


Ledyba: Dude, you smell, you yelled at your girlfriend, and you’re taking all of my screentime. I oughta bury you for that…

Torchic: Oh, I’m so scared.

Don’t bother with him, Leds. You have more important things to worry about.


Ledyba: So Phil, I have a question for you.

Phillip: What’s up, hun?


Ledyba: Hold on, lemme just find this box…

Phillip: Is that what I think it is?


Ledyba: Sure is. Marry me?

Phillip: OMG.


Phillip: You know I will.

Ledyba: Excellent. Let’s get married right now.

Phillip: Kay.




Yay, marriage! Next time, there will be babies! Thank y’all for reading and Happy Simming!

4.16: Howdy Cowboy

Hey guys! It’s time for a new chapter! I have a bad habit of binge playing an entire generation when an heir is chosen, so I really need to stop for a bit at catch up. I have a week left of break. Let’s see how productive I can be.

In the last chapter, both Charmie and Deo grew into YAs and left the legacy house. They both married their significant others, and Kurxys had a ghost-alien baby named Kindra.

Buddy. Great Choice


Suzanna Too

Buddy Judd, the Sim I picked out for Tepig, has been working his way through all the elder and teen ladies of the hood. I still haven’t gotten any word about Tepig though. Poor kid.


Now that we have a free easel, Phil has taken to actually doing something important. The only real artist we still have left in the house now is Tari, and she’s autonomous.


Altaria: I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright!

Hate hate hate >_<


Buddy happens to be Ledyba’s next ranked opponent.

Ledyba: I’m gonna whip your sorry ass at chess for messing with my cousins.

She won, of course.


Cammy has the spotlight back for playing his guitar. Although the music they play is always so calm, and I really see Cammy as a punk rocker or something.

Camerupt: That is stereotyping and I am offended.


These two are still very much in love, despite Jamie’s flirty wishes.

Jamie: It was just a phase, I tell you!


Phillip: Hey Bud, sorry if my lady scared you earlier. She can be a little intense. Sooo…mind hooking a brother up with your secret to charming the pants off the town?

Buddy: Kid, I know you didn’t just ask me that. That girl of yours will have your hide on the mantle if she catches you.

Poor kid doesn’t have any flirty traits, but he always seems to think he’s a player.


Ledyba: My boyfriend is garbage, Cammy. Could you get me a new one?

Camerupt: Sorry cuz, you’ll have to take that up with the Simmer. And I doubt she’s giving up vampiric ghost children.


Buddy: May I offer the lady a rose for the lovely game of chess earlier?

Ledyba: Seriously. Get out of my house.

Phillip: C’mon babe, don’t be like that.

Ledyba: I hate all of you.


This kid just doesn’t get along well with our heiresses.

Buddy: Your house stinks. I would hate to live here. And your family is the least hospitable group I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet.

Altaria: I’d like to make a snow angel with his face…


Altaria: Hey son. Did you sleep well last night.

Camerupt: I sure did, ma. Thanks for asking.

Altaria: That’s good. You’ll need to be awake and alert for this next part.

Camerupt: Huh?


Altaria: You have absolutely no brains at all, kid! You are possibly the stupidest person I have ever met!

Camerupt: Mom, what..?

Altaria: Don’t interrupt me when I’m criticizing you!


Camerupt: What the hell was that about?!

Autonomous!Tari, folks.


More repairs for our favorite maid/handywoman combo.


(I have no idea why she’s wearing her fireman suit. She’s retired.)

The maid she’s been crushing on seems to like her as well.

Maid: So I’ve been thinking…since we’re home alone at the moment we should…

Jamie: No thanks. I’m over it.

Ooo. Rejected.



Leds seems to be a carrier for all these weird glitches. I must have some screwy CC in my game, although it really only shows with her.


That’s okay. Phil still loves her even though she’s a glitchtastic mess.


And she still loves him even when he pretends he’s a ladies’ man.


Derik, Phione’s eldest, is a YA! They grow up so fast.


I swear, this dishwasher breaks every other day. We need it fixed before everyone gathers in the kitchen, or else it’ll be the only thing they can think about.


Torchic: And obviously the only thing people need to be thinking about today is my initiation into teenhood.


Here’s our little cowboy! He rolled unlucky. My vision for him is that he’s one of those over-the-top, mustache twirling villains from a melodrama who’s constantly having his schemes foiled. (In retrospect, I should’ve dressed him in black, not white.)

Torchic: Except nobody could possibly foil my evil schemes, because I’m too awesome. Right?

Sure, kid.


Torchic: Parents, for my birthday present you shall buy for me a horse.

Jamie: Nope.

Altaria: Sorry kid.

Torchic: Drat. Foiled again.


~Sigh~ More repairs. We have money. I should really just buy better stuff.


Somehow, this kid already has homework.

Torchic: Whoever invented homework should be locked in a room filled with all the homework in world. See how he likes it.


Autonomous!Tari is at it again, playing soccer in the snow.


Much better.


I happened to be looking at the town view and Squirtle’s map tag showed up!

Hey Squirts, how’s it going?

Squirtle: You again? I mean ‘sup. I gotta go now. Grim and I are going to the Bahamas.


Ledyba: Flirt flirt.

Phillip: Flirt flirt flirt.

Yeah, it really looks like they both want new significant others, doesn’t it?


Camerupt: I’m smarter than you. I’m on the honor roll.

Torchic: You don’t even like horses. You have no room to talk.

Camerupt: I hate you.

Torchic: I hate you a slightly larger amount.


Here’s a better picture of our little cowboy, minus the hat. He’s actually super attractive without that mustache, but the look isn’t quite complete without it.

Torchic: I think the mustache is sexy. Don’t you?


Birthday time!

Camerupt: Hey kid, get over here! It’s my time to shine!

Torchic: I hate you. Therefor I refuse to celebrate any birthday of yours.

Camerupt: You’re gonna miss out on cake.

Torchic: I’ll make my own damn food!

Camerupt: Your loss.


Leds was crying just now, but she stopped before I could snap a picture, as if to make you think no such thing happened.

Ledyba: ~sniffles~ I don’t cry. I’m too badass to cry.


Here’s our Cammy, all grown up! He rolled cat person. I guess he really wanted to spite his equestrian brother. He adds cat person to brave, virtuoso, ambitious, and kleptomaniac. He likes pop music, porcini risoto, and the color red. He wants to be a master of the arts.


Phillip: What a beautiful moment.

Ledyba: Hurry it up, I’m STARVING over here!

She’s very torn up about her best friend’s departure.


Camerupt: I’m gonna miss you, cuz.

Ledyba: I’ll miss you too. You’ll come visit me, right?

Camerupt: Of course. So long as the Simmer lets me.


Cammy got a job in the musical career and we moved him in with a relative of some sort. I also moved in both Maribel, the red girl, and a new and improved Paras.


Here she is after plastic surgery. I’ll let Cammy choose with of these girls he wants.

Cameras Babies

I guess he chose. She’s still a teen at this point, by the way.


Maribel is going out with Torey, Phione’s pudding face middle child.


Speaking of Phione, she’s our next opponent. Leds wins again.


Phillip continues to raise his painting skill.


Tori continues his quest to discover potions.


Jamie rolled the wish to learn the athletic skill. After a couple skill levels, she wished to join the athletic career and I thought, why not. I might as well let her do something, since I’m definitely not finishing her LTW.


Suzanna, the eldest of Kyovan, showed up at our door-in the middle of winter, mind you-for tricks or treats.


She brought along one of her little twin sisters. I think this one is Ginger. What, have you two been waiting in the pumpkin patch this whole time and missed the actual date?


Ah, I see. She wanted to get in one more day of fun before becoming a YA.


Phio stuck around a while and played video games with her sister.

Phione: Woop woop, I’m winning!

Altaria: Not for long, sister dearest…


Altaria: I made an oopsie…

Autonomous!Tari FTW.


She then decides to nap on a bunk bed instead of sleeping in her own bed. Yay for Autonomous!Tari.


Torchic: Mwahaha! It is time for the prom, and I’m going to wreck havoc!


Yupp, it’s prom time! Not only that, it’s Ledyba and Phillip’s last night as teens!

Prom 1

Leds is Prom Queen. Big surprise there.

Prom 2

And Phil is the King.

Prom 3

Even though she went with her boyfriend, apparently Leds has a crush on a different boy…maybe she really did want a replacement.

Prom 4

And yet she still had a great time with Phillip.

Prom 5

Of course Torchic got into a fight with somebody.

Prom 6

But he also got a love interest!


Her name is Sadie Fairchild. She must be descended from aliens.


Finally, this is Kindra Van Gould, the ghost-alien baby of Deoxys and Kurtis. I suppose it’s too much to ask that Kurtis actually contribute to her facial features.

That’s all for today, folks! We have one more chapter before Lavender gen, so get pumped! Hope you all have a great day and as always, Happy Simming!

4.15: Family Matters

Hello everyone! Time for a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Ledyba was declared the next heiress and Tepig, the eldest child of the generation, became a YA and left the house.

We Tried

Well. We tried. Buddy is clearly not gay and seems to have an affinity for old ladies and teens. He’s been working his way through the unmarried Kanto ladies since I moved him in with Tepig.


Altaria: What is wrong with that child, not wanting my precious baby boy?!

My thoughts exactly, Tari.


At least one couple in this family is happy.

Phillip: Leds, moving in with you was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Ledyba: Aww, Phil…that’s so sweet of you to say.


The maid tries to get in good with me by befriending Deo.

Maid: What a lovely house you have here. I quite like the creepy pictures of everyone on the walls.

Deoxys: Okay…thanks I guess?


Deo rolled the wish to train someone and since the maid was so enthusiastic when talking to her, I took that to mean she volunteered.

Deoxys: You call that running? That’s sissy stuff! Step it up, lady!

Maid: On second thought…can I just leave now?

I guess training counts as inappropriate behavior because the entire household lined up to ask her to behave. Of course I set them back to doing (somewhat) useful things.


Jamie: Those idiots who gave me the eternally faithful reputation have no idea that I’m going to flirt with the maid first chance I get. And they never will. ~chuckles evilly~

Man, she’s getting to be as bad as Rachelle was…


Phillip: That aunt of yours is pretty great, huh? She gives me a funny feeling in my tummy…

Ledyba: Plumbob help us…


Cammy’s taken over painting for his brother. He’s rolled the LTW of master of the arts, and I locked it in. Maybe one of these days these Kantos won’t be so artistic…


Phillip: There goes your sister. And isn’t she just a work of art. I’d like to hang dat ass on my bedroom wall to stare at…

Ledyba: Is it too late to trade this in for a less defective model?

He really is devoted to Leds, I promise. He’s just a creep sometimes too. Like most men.


The next chess opponent, cousin Robyn, came over. They never finished the game.


Altaria: Why does everything in this house always break?…

Because Sims.


That’s really not necessary, hun.

Charmander: Shut up. You don’t know my life.

Actually, I do. Now get your butt downstairs.


See? Birthday.

Charmander: I suppose this is acceptable. After all, I finally get to leave this hell-hole!

Don’t sound too excited…


Phillip: HAHA, I bet you’re gonna grow up lame!

Jamie: You go, nephew!

Altaria: I don’t see why I should have to cheer. After all, you didn’t let me watch MY son grow up.


Well didn’t you grow up all handsome.

Charmander: Of course I did. Have you seen my parents?

Charmie rolled lucky to add to brave, couch potato, eccentric, and natural cook. He likes pop music, pancakes, and the color spiceberry, and he is a scorpio (like me!) He wants to be an astronaut.

Charmander: I’m gonna use my miner to dig for gold on the moon.

I’m sure you are. I don’t actually remember where his hair came from. Somewhere on TSR I think. But it’s the only one I like on him so he gets to keep it for now.


I’m not sure whether Leds is crying because her big brother is moving away or because she’s being hunted by her future brother-in-law.

Ledyba: I’m not crying. I just sneezed. And besides, having vampires around the house is freaking awesome, not scary.

Sure, hun. Keep telling yourself that.


I set him up with a career in the military and sent him on his way. Goodbye, Charmie! Have a good life in SP! He moved in with another family member (I think Unown) and Abbie (Blue Girl.)

Chabbie Marriage

They are very happy together.


I did keep the miner out back. I actually forgot we had it until he moved.


Family meal!

Kurtis: Why is there a child at this table? You know perfectly well how much I loathe children.

Torchic: Why the antagonism? I haven’t even done anything evil to you yet.

Phillip: He’s just an ass like that.

Ledyba: You tell ’em honey.

Jamie: Why must you children argue all the time? It hurts my poor old heart…

Altaria: I’d just like some cake, plzkthx.


Deo doesn’t care for festivities. She’s too busy discovering stars named after Pokemon ships. In daytime. Because logic.


Excuse me children, but what are you doing?

Ledyba: Are you stupid? What does it look like we’re doing?

Must you?


Apparently they must. And in her late father’s bed too. I must say this is in quite poor taste.

Ledyba: Do I look like I care what you think?



Ledyba: Immensely.

At least it wasn’t a TFB.


Robyn came back over to play. Leds won, of course.

Ledyba: I quite enjoy crushing the hopes and dreams of my opponents.

Are we sure she’s not the evil one?


Torchic: I swear, chemistry table, I will one day rule you…but first I have to go potty.

Chemistry Table: Challenge accepted.


This seemingly pointless picture of Tari by the toilet actually does serve a purpose. It reminds me to tell you that she is now on free will. Whenever I click on her now, I get a portrait panel error and the menu on the bottom screen always displays her info no matter who is active. So since she’s completed her LTW, she can just do what she wants and I won’t click on her anymore. It seems autonomous Tari can make it to the toilet on her own, so good for her.


Phillip: You sure know how to groove, man!

Camerupt: Dude, you just deflowered my baby cousin. If you don’t want to die tonight, you’ll stay the hell away from me.

Phillip: Gotcha.


Phillip: If I can’t listen to music I’ll just scare old ladies!

Jamie: Oh my. I sure am scared.

Oh, you’re being mean to her now? I thought she made your tummy feel funny.

Phillip: This is how I show affection.

I think there are more beneficial things you could be doing.


Like raise your relationship with your girlfriend.

Phillip: Baby, you so fine I could just eat you up.

Ledyba: That’s so lame it’s almost cute.


Robyn: I really didn’t need to see this.


Robyn: No really, it’s fine. I’ll just sit here and do my homework while you two make out two feet away from me. It’s all good.

Poor Robyn. She’s not used to the awkward things that go on in this house.


Lucky Jamie gets to keep fixing stuff. There is always something broken in this house despite everything supposedly being unbreakable.


Torchic: Why must I be subjected to this thing you mortals call “homework?” It seems to be a waste of my talents.

You know, every kid asks me that but nobody ever gets out of doing it. So suck it up.

Torchic: Drat…foiled again…


D’aww. They wuv each other.

Ledyba: Shut up. I’m only doing this because his slimy ectoplasmic body feels awesome to touch.

Phillip: ~loving sigh~ Yeah. What she said.


Poor, clumsy Tari falls into Deo’s training camp of terror.

Deoxys: Keep running, maggot!

Altaria: But I’m tired and I have work tomorrow…

Deoxys: No excuses! Get your ass back up!


Camerupt: You know I love you like a sister, right cuz?

Ledyba: The feeling is mutual, Cammy.


Camerupt: So would you maybe wanna be my official BFF?

Ledyba: Do you even have to ask?


ZOMG They both squee-ed! That is the cutest thing ever! They both had the wish locked in and I’ve never actually done this before.


Tori asked his cousin Robyn for a bedtime story.

Torchic: Read me to sleep, minion?

Robyn: Sure, why not.


She kind of got lost.


Torchic: Where’d my minion go? I’m getting impatient…


Apparently she got distracted by science. It happens to the best of us.


During the evening, Deo enjoys a nice bath. She has a big day in the morning.



Deoxys: Here that, future husband? We can finally move out and start our new life together!

Kurtis: That’s nice hun. Can I have cake first?


Here’s grown up Deo! I had a hard time dressing her. A lot of things looked kinda awkward on her because she’s skinny but she’s got big muscles.

Deoxys: Still making fun of me even when I’m about to leave, huh?

She rolled eco-friendly to go with evil, light sleeper, loser, and cat person. She likes pop music, vegetarian fish and chips, and some color I apparently didn’t write down. She is a pisces, and she wants to be the empress of evil.


Autonomous Tari got stuck in a birthday loop. Hooray.

Altaria: Birthdays are srs bidness.


Before they left, I made sure that chimes were heard. We wouldn’t want them breaking up before having babies, would we?


Altaria: I am so sick of all this cake, aren’t you wife?

Jamie: I find my extra fat strangely pleasant, actually.


After babies were conceived, I hooked Deo up with a job in the criminal career. Kurt already has his job.


Our heiress then decides to distract from her sister’s big day.

Ledyba: I’m seeing how long I can hold my breath. Gonna set a world record!


Ledyba: Holy plumbob…I need AIR!!!

I don’t think she’ll be setting any records soon.


With Deo and Kurtis gone, we’re down to six Sims in the house.

Kurtsys Marriage

They got married shortly after leaving.

Kindra Van Gould

And had a ghost-alien baby named Kindra.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Simming!