3.17: It Takes Two

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, we finished out having birthdays for every Sim in the household. This time, we’ll find out who our new heir is! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super pumped! Without further adieu, let’s jump on in!


Before we get around to the actual chapter, I’d like to introduce you guys to Barry Kanto. This is Unown’s son with Violet Slymer. He’s very cute, but unfortunately cursed with Violet’s absurd nose.

Herbson Baby

Herbson’s baby is named Kurtis. He’s a ghosty! Mate material for Vermillion gen?

Enough stalling though, you guys really just want to know who’s taking over the legacy, huh?


Here are your Cerulean heirs, guys! That’s right, Squirtle and Altaria tied in the heir poll! They will both be sticking around and having Vermillion themed babies. An honorable mention goes out to Wobbuffet, who came in second. None of the other kids got any votes, not that I blame you guys. They weren’t all that interesting, even for me.


Aza and Shinx were immediately shipped out. I do love her, but I’d like to have less Sims in the house for a while before we have babies.

Aza and Shinx got a kitty

They got a kitty as soon as they left. This kitty had two litters, and they now have about ten cats living in their house. It’s ridiculous.


Klink: So children, by now you’re aware that you’re the co-heirs of the legacy…

Altaria: Does this mean you’re gonna paint our pictures now, daddy? Cause I’d really like for me and Squirty to share our picture.

Squirtle: I object. I want my own picture.

Klink: Separate pictures, Tari. Those are the rules.

Altaria: Drat…


You know, Phio, you don’t have to impress anyone anymore. The heir poll is over.

Phione: I know. I’m just getting into shape so that when you throw me out into the big, bad world of story progression, I’ll be prepared.


Squirtle: I’m sooo hungry…

You’re making food.

Squirtle: I don’t think I can last long enough to finish cooking it…this is just too strenuous…

Yupp, still a lazy bum.


Despite hardly having time for each other, Klink and Joey are still very much in love.

Klink: Privacy, please?

Right. Of course.


Remember that booby trap Phio set in the last chapter? Yeah, Squirts set it off.

Squirtle: Curses!


Squirtle: ~grumble, grumble~ That sister of mine will pay…I’ll write a character based off of her…then kill her off! Mwahaha!



Out of all of his kids, Joey is closest to Phio. In fact, she may be the only one who’s actually friends with him.

Joe: I’m sorry you’re not the heir, darling. I would’ve voted for you.


Phione: It’s alright, daddy. I think I’d rather live my own life than be bottled up in this house and forced to have babies anyways. I mean, that would require hunting down a man, and you know how I feel about that.

Joe: Ah, what a relief. I thought you’d be devastated.


Bobo gets no such comfort.

Wobbuffet: I can’t believe there’s two heirs this generation and I’m not one of them!


Wobbuffet: I mean, who wouldn’t vote for me? Do you even see how cute I am?

I’ll admit, you’re very pretty. But you’re not all that interesting, honey.

Wobbuffet: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Klink begins on Squirtle’s portrait.


This picture exists merely to remind me to tell you all that I changed Joey’s LTW. Obviously he wasn’t gonna master both athletic and logic skills. But he’s halfway to the top of the medical career, so I figured this goal was more attainable. I’m not counting on it happening, but we can try.


I definitely won’t be choosing an art-related LTW for Tari, but we will need someone with a high enough painting skill to do heir portraits once Klink is gone, so I’m letting her continue painting in her spare time.


Although it’s hard for her to focus on anything with Squirty 2.0 constantly shouting at and heckling her.

Squirty 2.0: You really suck at this. I could draw better with a set of used crayons. Don’t quit your day job.

I sent him back into her inventory after one too many negative moodlets from his heckling.


Pidove: Hey there, readers. I’m still around, too. Did ya miss me?

Right, she’s still hanging about. I have a plan for Squirts and Tari (which does NOT involve incest) so I need him to wait until she ages up to YA. Which is just a little under two weeks. I’m sure a lot of you can guess what my plan is, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m keeping it a secret. Anyways, Pidove is allowed to stay since it’s not pressing for Squirtle to get a wife right now.


Squirts’s finished portrait. I don’t think it’s as good as the Pewter gen paintings, but it’ll do.


Until he gets a wife, it’ll be hanging up next to his baby picture.


Cheryl Slymer aged up into a YA. That nose is certainly…special.


Ummm…excuse me?

Joe: Baby…

Klink: Don’t tell me the pills didn’t work…

So…apparently that Woohoo they had earlier in the update was either risky or TFB. I’ve been playing with sound off, and I didn’t even think to check if he could enroll in college. I didn’t expect this at all…


~sigh~ So lucky this isn’t an ISBI. She’s pretty much left on free will, cause I don’t like her. At all.


Tari rolled the wish to learn the handiness skill, so I figured, why not? There’s plenty of broken stuff in the house for her to fix. I haven’t had a Sim want to fix stuff since Absol.

Note: I know we haven’t seen much of our heiress yet this chapter. I was sort of rushing through the rest of her teen years in anticipation for her and Squirts officially taking over. Apologies to Tari fans. She’ll have more screen time soon, promise!


Phione: I’m still here, you know!

Yes, and in the exact same spot I left you. She never leaves Squirtle’s room. She’s just constantly working out.


Is this just another picture of Klink slaving away at the easel? Or could this mean…

Klinky masters one skill

He’s finally finished one half of his LTW! We’re super close to mastering writing as well, so hopefully we can get that done soon too. Also of note, he’s already completed all of the painting skill challenges. You go Klink!


Wobbuffet: Do you know anything about Elizabeth Bathory, sis? I have to do a research paper on her.

Altaria: Bathory? As in, bath? As in, a tub filled with water? You know perfectly well I’m afraid of water! You’re such an insensitive jerk! I’m telling Squirtle!!!

Wobbuffet: You do that…


Kyogre: Commencing “fun” in 3…2…1…


Kyogre: WEEEE!!!


Kyogre: Deactivating “fun” mode.

Welp, it was nice while it lasted.


Much like his namesake, and unlike his little sister, Squirts loves splashing around in water.




Such cute.


A typical Kanto family meal.

Phione: You’re body’s grown weak and flabby, dear brother. You should really exercise more often.

Wobbuffet: But I spend every second I’m not at school or taking care of my needs working out in front of the TV…how could I possibly exercise more?…

Joe: I think Phio’s right, Bobo. Flex that athletic skill like there’s no tomorrow.

Phione: Like you’re one to talk, dad. Have you seen your belly lately?

Joe: That is your younger sibling you’re talking about!

Altaria: All this “sibling bonding” is upsetting…I just wanna do my homework…

Klink: Will you all just be quiet? I’m trying to max out my writing skill here.


Kyo-kun spends a lot of time in front of Aza’s old mirror. I still haven’t made over the room she used to share with Squirts.


Kyogre: Awww yeah, I’m a hottie.


Altaria: Why do I have to do this crap?

Because you wished for it?

Altaria: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~

Lots of grumbling this chapter, I’ve noticed.


Squirtle wrote his first best seller! The title was sort of a play on the manga, “I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother.” I haven’t actually read it, but it’s on my list, and I thought it was fitting, given his situation with Tari.


Squirtle: Ok, I wrote a best seller. Can I go to bed now?…

Oh, I suppose.


Wobbuffet: I’ll show that stupid sister of mine…I’ll work out so hard I’ll end up passing out!

Please don’t…


Joe: Son, I’d like for you to feel my baby bump.

Kyogre: Mhmm…I see…what rhythmic kicks…when you’re done with the placenta, may I keep it for my experiments? I’d love to test out some of those new preservative chemicals I purchased from Craigslist…

Ummm…not disturbing at all?


Herbert? What are you doing here?

Herbert: Trick or treat!


Herbert: Why are you Kantos so slow? You made me wait a billion years last time, too.

But…but it’s not Spooky Day…it’s not even the right season!


Joe: Here you are, young man. Several handfuls of our finest candies.

Herbert: Keke…sucker.

Joe: Jokes on him. It’s all hard candies. Only old men ever eat these. He’s gonna be so disappointed when he pops one of those in his mouth!


Herb aged up as soon as he got home, so I guess he was getting in one last hurrah. He’s quite the looker, isn’t he? I have high hopes for his and Bronson’s child.

Snub Snub Snub

Tari rolled the wish to snub her brother. So she did.

That’s all I have for this chapter, everyone. I have plenty more pictures though, so expect a new post soon! Hope you all had a spectacular Valentines Day, and happy Simming!

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4 thoughts on “3.17: It Takes Two

  1. Whee, Tari is heir! I like Squirtle too, so a shared heirship is fine with me. Seems Squirty is going to be chained the computer anyway, so Tari should get a decent lot of screentime. Can’t wait to see what your plans for them are. Lol, if Joe and Klink don’t ruin your plans. Aren’t they both elders? How do elders get pregnant from normal TFB?

  2. I honestly have no clue how that happened. I’ve never turned elder pregnancy on, so it must have been a glitch or an accident. Don’t worry though, I won’t let one extra baby derail my plan!

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