3.2: That Legacy, These Children

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second chapter of generation three! Last chapter, two babies were born. Azelf is a little alien sweetheart, while Squirtle is his parents’ clear favorite. This chapter, maybe something important will actually happen! But probably not. Let’s begin, shall we?


We start off with Klink once again running toward the light. Luckily, I caught him in time and locked the door. As much as I love alien Sims, I think two babies is enough for the time being.

Klink: Ugghh, I was gonna get abducted, but this door is in my way! My life sucks!


Unown, being the introverted and nerdy child he is, was plopped down at the new chemistry station in hopes that he can turn some IFs real. I’d like to experiment and see if I can’t get interesting looking ones like in the Derpington prettacy rather than bland face ones.


Abigail: How is my little cutie patootie only child today?

Squirtle: That’s right, mother. Adore me!


It’s Klink’s turn to make breakfast this morning.


While Abby starts the toddler training.

Abigail: You know, maybe Klink having this little alien brat wasn’t such a bad thing…I can see it now, the woman who raises the little extraterrestrial girl despite the fact that she was born from her boyfriend’s affair with an alien…you’re my ticket to fame, darling!

Azelf: Ummm…goo?


Squirtle: Who needs mom to learn to talk when I have my trusty IF?

(I can’t actually remember what the kids’ IF’s names are right now…sorry…)


Unown: Something just went terribly wrong…

I’ll say…oh well, I guess they never really get it on the first try, do they?


After getting himself cleaned up, our sweet little Unown helps out by feeding his niece.


While his brother teaches Squirtle important life skills.

Squirtle: How dare you take such a demeaning picture of me! Oh well, I’m still adorable.


And Bronzong keeps on working at that LTW. Seriously, he should be done by now…I gave him fast learner and everything…

Warning: Cute children pic spam ahead. 




Now that you have enjoyed that little detour, let’s get back to the “story,” assuming this legacy actually has a cohesive story.




Klink: There, you’re in bed. Happy now?

Squirtle: Very.


Unown, what are you doing up, sweetie? You have school tomorrow.


Unown: That brat Squirtle crawled into my room specifically so he could wake me up with his screaming!!!


Doesn’t it look like he’s chuckling to himself in satisfaction? I’m starting to doubt the validity of his “good” trait…


The children are nestled all snug in their beds.


Unown: I’m gonna kill that kid…I’ll slip toxins into his bottle next time I feed him…



While visions of art supplies danced in their heads.


Hey, why are you not settled in for a long spring nap, missy? To bed with you!


Finally, we got Abby to bed, and it seems her presence triggers something primal in Klink.

Klink: I can haz hide the jellyfish, plz?

Not right now sweetie, but once we’re ready for more kids, you most certainly can.


In the morning, Klink gets to potty training his baby girl.

Klink: Even though I cannot allow you to inherit this legacy, as you have girly parts, I will still train you up to be the best Sim with girly parts you can be!

How noble of you…


Squirtle, in the meantime, waits patiently for his father to be finished with his current task so that he may ask politely for food.


Did I say he waited patiently and politely? I meant he screamed his friggen lungs out. My mistake.


Squirtle: I are satisfied 😀


Azelf: I’m cute too, aren’t I?

Of course, sweetie. And you’re also much nicer than your brother.

Azelf: Teehee 😉


Abigail: Haha, losers. You actually had to go to your graduation.

I hate that Abby works at the same time and in the same location as these things take place…so much excess lag…


Playing with your IF is all good fun, but I have something else in mind for you, young man.


Sibling bonding time!!!


Unown must have known his niece and nephew were playing in his room, because instead of going to bed, he passed out on the floor.


Squirtle: How does it feel to know that since you’re a girl, you can’t take over the legacy?

Azelf: This isn’t a patriarchy, you know…I have just as much a chance as you do…

Squirtle: As if! Everyone knows girls can’t compete with guys! That’s why aunt Minnie didn’t win heirship.


See what thoughts the two of you have planted in your children’s heads? I am very ashamed…


Azelf: I am extremely tired, but our parents are asleep, so I’m just going to sit here quietly until someone comes to get me.

Squirtle: That’s not how it’s done. You gotta scream to get what you want. Watch this. WAAAAA, AZA WANTS TO GO TO BED!!!!


Unown: ….I hate you….


The next day, Bronzong heads off to City Hall to drop off paintings for lots of money. Over half of them are actually Klink’s works since Bronzong was too busy playing guitar to paint. Shhh, don’t tell anyone…


On the way home, we run into Gator Wolff, who is dating my Simself’s daughter. He’s kind of a cutie. I like his coloring and freckles. I’m a sucker for freckles.


Back at home, after getting rested up, Aza is ready to learn how to walk. This is her last skill, and she’ll be all set!

Azelf: They must love me more, they’ve taught me all my skills before Squirtle!


Abby, meanwhile, does absolutely nothing useful, and can usually be found passing out on the floor, like this. I mostly leave her on free will, as she hardly ever listens to my commands anyways. I swear, she’s been taking lessons from TS2 Sims…


To conclude this update, we scroll over to little Unown, about to age up into a teen.

Unown: I’m so friggen tired….but YAY, BIRTHDAY!


Unown: …I am one sexy mo-fo.

Nowny gains the “loves the heat” trait and jumps right into his teen years. I will admit, I quite like him. I might keep him around longer than his siblings, but we’ll see. With that, we are going to end this chapter. Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed, and have a fantastic day!

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3.1: Mysterious Blue Babies

Hello everyone, welcome to the first chapter of generation 3! Last time, our both our heir and his girlfriend became pregnant, Unown aged up into a child, and Bronzong decided to throw a gift giving party. Let’s dive right in and see what happens, shall we?


Unown: Good evening world and all who inhabit it.


Unown: I think I’ll start out my night by playing with my lovely imaginary friend, Glameow.



Abigail: Umm, hello? Lady giving birth over here!!!

Oh, right. Sorry. You may proceed.


And our lovely Abby gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Squirtle.


Squirtle was born a good but grumpy chap. Now, this entire evolutionary line is by far my favorite. I adore Squirtle. But I hope to not show too much favoritism when it comes to the kids. If I do, you have my permission to slap me.


Abby gave birth just in time to start our party.


The guests have started to arrive, but they don’t seem to want to come inside.


I guess that’s a good thing though, as Klink is just about to give birth to his alien child.


He delivers a beautiful baby girl named Azelf. And she isn’t green.


Aza was born an artistic grump, the same traits her grandfather was born with.


The family has finally started to gather inside. It seems Mara Nix, Felix’s ex-girlfriend, has taken to stalking him to family events. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see her.


Unown: Who are all these people, and what are they doing in my house?

That’s your family. Plus Mara. You should go talk to them. It’ll be good for you.



Garth: Boo, this party sucks!

The family update was a little bit ahead, so some of the kids, including Garth, haven’t quite aged up yet.


Bronzong: So, son, been paying attention to the stock market lately? You know how much I love talking about the economy.

Steelix: Ummm, yeah, I’m just gonna go, dad…

Bronzong: Nice talk, son 🙂


Klink had no interest in going out and seeing his extended family. He instead stayed in the nursery and spent time with his newborns.

Klink: I thank you, oh wise Simmer, for giving me this glorious baby to carry on my grandfather’s legacy.

What about your other baby? You know, the one you gave birth to?

Klink: That one’s a girl. Everyone knows girls can’t continue legacies.

I’d like to see you tell your sister that.


With absolutely impeccable timing on her part, Gala’s ghost makes her first appearance.


Gala: Boo, Bronzong, you stink! Was two days of mourning all I’m worth to you? I gave a life of partying to have your stupid babies!

Abigail: Just ignore your boyfriend’s mother’s ghost, Abby. Everything will be a-ok.

Gala’s presence pretty much ended the party. Not that it was doing all that well anyways. The only Sim to get any presents was Violet Slymer, who promptly broke up with Steelix right after leaving.


I’m kinda glad the party ended early. Gives the adults of the house a chance to take care of two screaming, grumpy babies.

Bronzong: Why don’t you take the alien baby?

Abigail: Cause that one’s not mine.


Gala must be seeking revenge on this family for making her give up her single life. I was going to have Klink finish his book, but ghosty here made sure that wasn’t an option.

Gala: Trololol, bet you wish you could still control me, huh?




Unown: Well that was uneventful. I’m bored again.


Klink: I’m bored again.

Well, you could always go take care of your babies.


Klink: This is even more boring…

Welcome to parenthood.


Abby here was supposed to attend graduation today, even though she should’ve graduated the same day as Klink. However, I didn’t feel like sending everyone to a big ol’ lag fest, so I made them all stay home. Best decision of my life. She still got her diploma and “most likely to” award, but without all the trouble of being stuck in the same place for hours on end waiting for twenty or more Sims to finish the ceremony. She was voted most popular, just like Minnie.


Klink: I guess you’re really not so bad, are you, my little alien princess? You’re actually kind of cute. Yes you are, yes you are.


Bronzong: I miss my delicious, home-cooked meals…I mean, Gala! Right, I miss Gala…

I miss her too 😦


Repair Lady: Hello, have you called me here to lend my genes to this legacy? I’m a fairy and I bet I’d make some kickass children.

No no, we have our spouse picked out, thank you very much. You’re just here to fix the broken shower.


Repair Lady: Curses! I was so close to joining an actual legacy.


Repair Lady: They’re just like all the others, only wanting me for my tools…


Bronzong starts off his morning by feeding the babies and giving them some attention.


Unlike Klink and Abby, he doesn’t pick favorites.


Then, he goes to his beloved wife’s grave to mourn her.

Bronzong: Men don’t cry. Instead, we stand around and contemplate our own mortality. In a very sexy fashion.


Finally, paying homage to his deceased master chef, he makes breakfast for his growing family.

Bronzong: If I don’t burn the house down, it’ll be a miracle.


When the parents wake up, they also see to their children.

Klink: How is my wonderful little angel this morning?


Abigail: Hello, little man. How about we just pretend that other baby thing doesn’t exist and make you the heir by default?

Ummm, yeah. Not happening. Besides, even if Aza didn’t exist, you’re having more babies. Squirtle is not automatically the heir.

Abigail: We’ll just see about that.


Bronzong: I made pancakes. They turned out awesome. Anyone want some? Hellooo?…

Abigail: Shove it, old man. I’m getting yogurt. You don’t get a body like mine by indulging on junk food.


Unown could also not be bothered by his father’s gift of breakfast, as he had other plans.


Unown: Fishing is quite possibly the best thing a loner who loves being outside could do 😀


Bronzong isn’t too upset by his family’s cold indifference, though. He’s too busy perfecting that guitar skill to worry about that.


It’s not too long until our little babies are ready to become toddlers. I think Aza is positively adorable.


She’s got quite the run for her money though. Even though Squirtle seems like an Abby face clone, he’s still quite the looker.

Klink: He looks nothing like me…make him heir! Make him heir!

Starting to sound like your father…


Bronzong: Don’t worry, my dear little Aza. Grandpa loves you just as much as your brother. Your daddy does too, he’s just too easily influenced by that bi—

Klink: ~shouts~ Dad, are you teaching my precious daughter naughty language?

Bronzong: ….No!


To make up for almost slipping in a cuss word in front of the baby, Grandpa Bronzong begins to teach his granddaughter how to use the potty.


Abigail: Oh, Klinky…we haven’t had any time together since we had our baby…

Klink: You mean babies, right?

Abigail: No, I mean baby.


Klink: Don’t worry, Abby darling, I promise that on love day, we can take the whole day off and spend it together, just the two of us.


Abigail: Oh, Klinky…how sweet…


We’ll leave off with a picture of our adorable little Squritle. So many questions to answer next time: Has having a baby made Abby go soft? Will our little babies have major sibling rivalry due to their parents being more involved with Squirtle? Will Bronzong finally get that last guitar skill point? Find out in the next installment of the Kanto legacy.

Note: Felix has now been posted onto the “Other-Gen 2” page. Also, due to the abundance of children this generation, I have made the executive decision to have all of the spares’ spouses be included on the “Others” page for their respective generation. This means that Latasha and Heriberto will no longer have their own pages. This should make the tabs less clogged. Thank you guys so much for reading, and happy Simming!

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Generations 2 and 3 Spare Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to the spare update for generations 2 and 3 of the Kanto legacy. I have not been keeping you guys up to date with all the little Kanto children running about. I will try to do a better job of this in the future. But for now, here is what you have missed. 

First up, we will look at Misdreavus’s children. 

Rae-Toddler (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-Child (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-Teen (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-YA (Misdreavus's daughter)

This is Rae Kanto-Chimeree, the daughter of Misdreavus and Cocaine. She has just turned into a YA. Last time you saw her, she was still a child. Her traits are good, hydrophobic, light sleeper, commitment issues, and night owl. She would like to be a world renowned surgeon. I don’t know too much about little Rae, but she’s a very pretty thing. I probably won’t be putting her, or any of the spares’ children, up for download unless someone specifically asks for them. But they will be getting a page. 

Garth-Toddler (Misdreavus's son)

Garth-Child (Misdreavus's son)

Garth-Teen (Misdreavus's son)

Misdreavus’s second, and final child, fathered by her husband Brain, is Garth Andersen. He just turned into a teen. His traits are loves the outdoors, heavy sleeper, snob, and socially awkward. He is a Kanto, through and through. Those Betty genes sure are strong. 

Next, we’ll take a look at Ivysaur’s child. 

Felix-Toddler (Ivysaur's son)

Felix-Child (Ivysaur's son)

Felix-Teen (Ivysaur's son)

This is Felix Kanto-Creeper, Ivysaur’s only son with Pilot Inspector Creeper. He should follow Rae very shortly and become a YA. He is absent minded, hates the outdoors, virtuoso, and mean spirited. He is a very attractive child, and he is definitely my favorite of the spares’ children, which I know I shouldn’t say. I should love all my Kantos equally. But this boy…he reminds me so much of his mother, the only one of the first generation to resemble Absol at all…I’m not the only one to think he’s attractive. He goes through so many girls, it’s hard to keep track. At one point, he stole away his cousin Steelix’s girlfriend. At the moment, he is back with his ex-girlfriend, Mara Nix, but that is sure to last only a few days tops. 

That’s all of the second generation spares. Now let’s take a look at the gen 3 kids. First up are the children of Poochyena and Latasha. 

Tisha-toddler (Poochyena's daughter)

Tisha-Child (Poochyena's daughter)

First born is Tisha Kanto. She is a grumpy, clumsy genius. I was a bit worried about how children of Poochy and Tasha would turn out, but this little girl proved my fears wrong. She has a bit of an oddly shaped head, but other than that, she’s very pretty. Seems that Ball and Drudge genes mix together just fine. 

Cody-toddler(Poochyena's son)

Second born is Cody Kanto. His traits are excitable and loner. This little boy is a Latasha clone, though perhaps a bit more attractive. I hope these two have more children. I do love genetics, especially mixes between not so beautiful Sims. 

Next up, I present the children of Minccino and Heriberto. 

Tawanda-toddler(Minccino's daughter)

Tawanda-Child (Minccino's daughter)

First up is Tawanda Kanto. She was born on the same day as her cousin Tisha, and her traits are excitable, loner, and technophobe. She is a face clone of her father. Not much else to say about her.

Marian-Toddler (Minccino's daughter)

Minnie’s second pregnancy ended up in twins. The first of them is Marian. She is athletic and loves the outdoors. She is very similar in appearance to her older sister, except for some Bimple Pox. It doesn’t look too bad, and hopefully she’ll grow out of it. 

Annemarie-Toddler (Minccino's daughter)

Her twin, however, was not so lucky. This is Annemarie. She is a loner and a virtuoso. I have decided that she will be the start of a genetic experiment. She is the product of the Ball, Pincher, and Peddler genes. I’m going to breed her with another unfortunate looking Sim and see what happens. Hopefully, I can keep this up for the rest of the legacy. I think our victim will be one of the daughters of Navita and Param Singh. More updates on that as we go.

Unfortunately, although Steelix has gone through his fair share of the ladies, he has not yet reproduced. The poor guy really seems to want to start a family, and has been engaged at least three times, but the girl always breaks it off. Currently, he is seeing Violet Slymer. Will there be ghost Kanto babies popping up soon?  

The last grouping I’d like to show you are the children of my Simself. I’m going to keep updated on them as much as I can throughout this legacy as well. 

Nikki-Toddler (Simself's daughter)

Nikki-Child (Simself's daughter)

Nikki-Teen (Simself's daughter)

This is Nikki Simself, the daughter of Ami and Deandre Wolff. She was born on the same day as Felix Kanto-Creeper, and is due to age up into a YA any time now. Her traits are light sleeper, couch potato, snob, and insane. I like her, she’s very pretty. My only problem is that her lips look like she injected them to look like Angelina Jolie. 

Carly-Toddler (Simself's daughter)

Carly-Child (Simself's daughter)

Carly-Teen (Simself's daughter)

Finally, this is Ami’s second child with her husband, Cocaine Chimeree. Her name is Carly. You saw her once, in this last chapter of the Kanto legacy. She is around the same age as Garth, and they both just aged into teens. She is a light sleeper, a couch potato, good, and absent minded. For some reason, I think she looks a lot like me, but she only took my coloring and possibly my nose. The rest is all Cocaine. She is currently dating her childhood friend, Gator Wolff, and is the only one of the spares’ children to be in a steady relationship. 

This concludes my generations 2 and 3 spare update. A new page will be posted under each generation called “other.” This will be where information on each spare child born outside the legacy house, plus the Simselfs, can be found. For now, only Rae will be up, but as soon as each child reaches YA, their info will be posted. If, for any reason, you would like one of these spare children, as soon as they are posted onto the “other” page, you may ask for them, and I will put them up for download. Otherwise, they will just be on display for your amusement/curiosity. Thank you for reading this update. Have a great night, everyone! 😀

2.18: Life Goes On

Hey guys, I’m back with the last chapter of generation 2! The previous chapter was pretty heavy. First, Klink’s proposal of marriage to Abby was rejected. Shortly after, our lovely Gala sadly passed away. Then, to cope with his grief, Klink asked Abby to move in with him, and the two woohoo’ed for the first time, despite Klink’s intention to wait until marriage. This chapter, life will have  to move on for the Kantos. So let’s get started.

Abigail Intro Card

First, let’s formally welcome Abigail into the family. She is an insane, childish workaholic who loves the outdoors and is very charismatic. She loves indie music, the color grey, and, just like her boyfriend’s father, fish and chips. She is a virgo, and, although I forgot to include it in the card, wants to be an international super spy. Here, we see her hard at work. This was her first wish upon moving into the house.

Abigail: Must…advance in career…


Apparently, she worked so hard that she broke the computer.

Abigail: Derp.


Bronzong: Oh my Gala, why did you have to leave me?…It seems like just yesterday you were leaving your old boyfriend to move in with me…I shall dearly miss our time spent together…but worry not, for I shall join you soon…

Don’t say that! 😦 I’m not ready to lose my heir too…


Bronzong was given all of his love’s belongings, and I remembered that we never did use Gala’s last wish, so I had Bronzong summon him. He never actually appeared.

Invisible Robin the Genie: Hey, nice place you got here, man! I forgot how awesome legacy houses are.

Bronzong: Ummm…if you say so…


Since fairies live so long and Bronzong and Klink both have skills to build, Abigail has been put in charge of childcare duties. She’s not too fond of this job, but it’s what needs to be done.


Bronzong: Hmmm…something’s not right here…


Nope, something is definitely not right. We sent the genie back to his lamp shortly after this, and haven’t summoned him since.


Childcare duties done for the moment, Abby plops down to build her logic skill, something she’ll be needing for her job.


Despite desperately needing to max his guitar skill, Bronzong still spends every possible moment with his little alien baby. Which is understandable. I love this kid too.


Abigail: Holy Plumbob, this is disgusting…I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much of that spoiled food…


Bronzong: My wife died, I haven’t achieved my LTW yet, and this baby is so demanding and I just wanna go to bed, dammit!

My poor Bronzong…he’s been having a rough day…


At least little Klinky seems to be coping okay now that his lady is here with him.


Abigail: Not again…oh frig, it’s coming back at me this time…


Meanwhile, outside…

Klink: Why do I have the sudden urge to chase after this strange light?…


Abigail: I’m having a baby, aren’t I?

Probably. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make sure the aliens didn’t hurt your boyfriend too badly.


Klink: ~sobs~ I just had unspeakable things done to me…I will never be the same again!!!


Ghoel: Plumbob, if I had known this human unit was a crier, I would have left him alone…


Speaking of aliens, our little Unown can finally potty on his own.

Unown: That’s right. Now if you would please…a little privacy…

Of course. Sorry.


Abigail: I wanted those waffles, you worthless piece of shit.

Klink: Sorry dear…I’ll make you some more when you get home…

Abigail: Shut up, jackass.

Note to self: Don’t mess with a pregnant Abby.


Abby set out for her first day of work, but emerged early to develop her bump. She never did. She just sort of stood in the doorway, so I had to reset her.


This little girl is Carly, the daughter of my Simself and Cocaine Chimeree. You’ll learn more about her in the spare update coming up soon.


Klink: My mother died…this is such a troubling time in my life…

Poor baby 😦


Abby finally came home from work, dressed up in pregnancy gear. She does not have maternity leave or the pregnancy moodlet. This is the same glitch Gala had when she was pregnant with Poochyena. I guess it decided to rear its ugly head back up and make my life miserable again.


Abigail: Where are my drumsticks? I demand drumsticks!

Klink: Why are you making me eat with her again? T.T


In another part of the house, little Unown is aging up into a child.

Unown: Yay, birthday!


Abigail: What is that obnoxious noise and where is it coming from? It sounds like the Loch Ness monster or something.

Klink: Babe, that’s my brother…having his birthday…



Undeterred by his future sister-in-law’s nasty remark, Unown grows up and gains the bookworm trait.

Unown: Yes, I’m finally old enough to read actual books!

Time for his room to get a little makeover.




Since he’s a loner bookworm, I figured he’d go for the geeky look. He also loves the outdoors, which is why I gave him sort of a sporty looking outfit.


Abigail: ~snore~ I wish I were working…


And work she does. If she’s not actually AT work, she’s on the computer working from home.


And Klink paints. He’s currently working on his self portrait.


Unown constantly reads his books. I believe this one is his brother’s first novel, “Growing Up with the Demon Twins.”


Bronzong tends to either play his guitar or derp around. Usually the latter. He’s been ignoring my commands a lot recently.

Bronzong: My wife just died, give an old man some slack!


Sometimes, when she’s between working at home and at her job, Abby waves her magic around to impress people. Mostly, they can’t be bothered with her bragging.


There she goes, off to another day of work. Klink is still hard at work on his portrait in the background.


Unown heads off for his first day of school.

Unown: School is serious business.


With one final stroke, Klink has finished his self portrait! It looks significantly better than Bronzong’s.


Abigail: I’m home! And I ransacked Tinkerbell’s wardrobe on the way. Don’t I look fab?


Not much happened for the rest of the night, aside from Unown doing his homework outside. In the cold. When he had a perfectly good desk in his room to work on.

Unown: I ❤ the outdoors.

I see that.


A very tubby Klink sits down to start on his second novel, entitled “Alien Progency.” I think both he and his girlfriend are going to pop tonight. We’ll have the equivalent of twins!


Unown: Ewww, what is that stench?


Unown: Oh, Plumbob, it’s me! Gross!


Abby is directed to sit down for a nice game of chess while I patiently wait for her to have her baby.

Abigail: Chess is serious business.


Meanwhile, Bronzong decides to call up the family and arrange for a gift giving party.

Bronzong: Hey Minnie, how is my darling daughter doing? What? You’re pregnant? That’s wonderful news!


Bronzong: Well why don’t you bring your boyfriend over, and the rest of the family for that matter, and we’ll exchange some gifts. Great! See you later then, honey. Love you too.


Abigail: ~grumble grumble~ Why do I have to do all the chores around here?


Abigail: Oh, Plumbob! I think my water just broke…yupp, there is definitely more puddle than there was before…

With Abby about to give birth, and Klink probably close behind, we’re going to end this chapter here. How many babies will we have, and what will they be? How long until Bronzong follows his wife to the afterlife? And most importantly, how many presents will we get? Tune in next time for the first installment of generation 3.

Note: My last year of school starts in a little over two weeks, and I just got the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed, so I might be playing Sims 3 a little less than normal, but this year should be a lot less stressful than last year, since I got all my hard classes out of the way, so I should be able to update more often than I did last year. I sure hope I can, anyways. It’s been a year since I started this legacy, and I’m only on generation 3. That’s pretty sad…Anyways, enough of that pointless babble. I hope you all have a great day, and see you next time I decide to post something! (Which might be tonight, with the spare update.)

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Klink’s Writing Challenge Episode 1: My Fictitious Life


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Oh, wait a second, this isn’t the Kanto legacy! That’s right, this is a new side challenge that I’ve started. This is the “Live-What-You-Write” challenge written by Best_Leopard on MTS. Full rules can be found here. The basic idea of the challenge is that your author Sims have to complete certain activities to get ideas for their writing before they can actually sit down and write a novel. There are lists of rules for each type of book Sims can write, and Klink will be completing each of them. Originally, I was going to create a brand new Sim for this challenge, but I figured since Klink is a writer, I could just use him and call this a spin-off. Each episode of this series will be a different genre, meaning that chapters could get pretty long depending on the amount of activities we need to complete for each book. The first novel Klink will be writing is a fiction novel, so let’s jump right in! 


Here is our lovely Klink, current heir to the Kanto legacy. This is an alternate universe in which the rest of his family didn’t move to Moonlight Falls with him. It’s just little Klinky all by his lonesome. 

Klink: I can’t believe I have two stories revolving around me! 😀

For those who may be new to my blog and haven’t read the Kanto legacy, our little Klink here is an artistic, light sleeper who hates the outdoors but loves the cold, and is also very excitable. He likes Latin music, potato and truffle torte, and the color purple, and wishes to be an illustrious author. 

Let’s take a look at his list of things to do for this novel, shall we? 


01- Make a new friend or enemy. Choose Sims that are very different from yours if possible.
02- Travel to a new place and experience the local cuisine and culture.
03- Get a new pet and become friends with him/her.
04- Learn a new skill. Get the first three points, for example.
05- Try a new career or profession for a day (or a week).
06- Attend a symphony, concert, movie or sporting event.
07- Tour three of the rabbitholes in town.

As I don’t have WA, I won’t be able to complete number 2, but the rest will be a piece of cake. 


Klink’s first order of business is to marvel at this window. This house is much bigger and nicer than his own back in the normal reality. It was also completely built using blueprints because I was too lazy to build something original. 


Klink rolled up the want for a job in law enforcement, which is perfect since he needs a new career anyways. I’m only going to keep him in for a day or so, since he has other things to do, but we’ll see how much progress he makes in this short time. 


Klink: There go my days of not having to work…

It’s true, Klink has never had a real job before, not even as a teen. 


Klink: Woah, look at that glowing dude over there…


Oh, you mean Samuel Goth? 


He does need to make a friend, and eventually he’ll have to become friends with a ghost, so I could kill two birds with one stone…but no. I think befriending playable ghosts is probably not the point of the challenge and is therefore cheating. So move along. Nobody interesting to see here. 


After acquiring his new job, Klinky goes back inside the building to take a tour of City Hall. 

Klink: They have sirens in there! SIRENS!


Our little writer decides he wants to send a text to his partner, Janet Pok. 

Klink: It’s always a good idea to get friendly with your partner!

I think she’s going to be his first friend in town. 


There’s about an hour to waste before the next movie plays, so Klink spends his time streaming a video. 





Klink: Well, that was fun. 


Time to head off to the theater. 


Shoo! College is not part of the plan! 


While Klink is inside watching his movie (I picked Circus Roadtrip) I amuse myself by watching the passersby. I’ve never noticed before, but Linda here is quite pretty. 


Gah! MacDuff invasion! 


Oh hai, Joe! In an alternate reality, you and Klink spun together in the skating rink and I contemplated having you make cerulean babies together. Perhaps in the trashy episode, you guys can hook up…. 😉


Linda: I ain’t sticking around to deal with all these freaking MacDuffs. See ya. 


Faith: Blah blah blah blah blah….

Felicity: Ummm, sis? My eyes are down here…


Seriously, what are you even looking at? 

Let’s see how the brothers are getting along. 


Joe: Hey, bro, look what I can do with my eyes!

Jules: Nah, bra. Stahp. Totes not cool. 


Boys: Person person minus…



Klink: What a heartwarming film. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂

a great bromance (after 27)

I just knew Circus Roadtrip would be a winner 😀


The boys are still fighting, and this time it seems to be about Klink. 

Jules: What do you mean, you spun with him at the park? 

Joe: I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about, bro. That never happened. 

Jules: Not according to the voice!

Joe: What voice?

Jules: The one in my head! 


Joe: Crazy son of a bitch…

Jules: Oh, look. It’s him. 


Joe: What the hell do you want? You started this.

Klink: Ummm…hai?

Jules: I’m just gonna go now…


Klink: Hi, I’m Klink, but apparently you already know me…

Joe: I’m Joe. 

Jules: Maybe I’ll just keep lurking here in the background. I do love screentime. 


Klink: So…ummm…how’s school, I guess? 


Joe: It’s awesome, thanks for asking!

Klink: That’s great 🙂Screenshot-38

The two talked for a while longer before it became awkward and I decided it was time to leave. 


At home, Klink has some dinner,


and settles down for a good night’s rest. 


We pick back up the next morning where Klink is up and ready for his new job. 

Klink: Can’t I just sleep in a little more?

Absolutely not. 


After taking care of his morning routine, there’s still a little time before the carpool arrives, so Klink starts up a new blog. I decided that social networking will be his first skill. I think that blogging about his books will be good for sales, don’t you? 

Klink's blog

I hope you guys don’t think I’m just taking the easy way out or anything. I know this isn’t the most difficult skill to raise, but a bunch of the other skills are already part of other genres, and I’d feel like I was cheating if I got a head start on them. 


The carpool finally arrives, and Klink sets off on his first day of work EVER. 


Klink: I’ve never worked a day before in my life. 

Driver: That’s nice, kid. 


I must have missed it, but apparently the mailman threw a tantrum. Grumpy butt…


So many people crowding the rabbit hole…that’s one of the bad things about being three buildings in one…


Oh hai again Joe!

Joe: Why won’t you just leave me alone?



As a congrats on his first day on the job, Klink splurges and buys himself some food at the diner. 


Klink: Am I ready to write my book yet?

Not quite. 


The next morning, Klink has some business to take care of. 


Klink: Hey guys, I know I only worked for you a day, but I’m quitting now. Bye. 

That’s right. He made quick friends with Janet, which is what we wanted him to do, so he had no reason to work anymore. 


Besides, he has another job to do.

Klink: I’d like to adopt one of your pets 😀


While he waits for his new pet to arrive, Klink paints. And makes silly faces. He always looks so darn scared.


Why, hello there cutie. Are you our new pet? 

Kelly: Ummm….


Oh, you’re the pet. You’re cute too, I guess. This is Sky. She’s independent. 


Sky: Are there any ghosts in this house?…

Not that I know of, no. 


Kelly: Hi, I brought your new dog.

Klink: Gee, thanks 🙂


She’s already being adorable. 


Klink: Why, hello there! I’m your new master! 

Sky: What a freak. 


Klink: Yay, bonding!

Kelly: I wanna bond with a puppy… ~pouts~

Seriously, who knew a face one could be so freaking adorable? 

Side note: I did give him some freckles in CAS…


The two bond for a while longer, 


and then Klink tries to teach her how to hunt.

Klink: Go on, go hunt, girl. Aaaand, go! Go hunt. Please? Pretty please? Follow my hand. Go hunt. C’mon, why won’t you just go, already? 

Sky: What a nimrod. 


We did eventually get her hunting. I know we have to save some hunting for later in the challenge, but it’s not like there’s much else she can do right now. 


While his precious puppy hunted, Klink went over to the Vault of Antiquity to take a tour. 

Klink: Oh, the excitement! 


Afterward, he headed to the diner to grab some food. 

Klink: I feel something coming on…


Klink: Oh, puking…that’s what it was…


Ericas: Kliiink…love us…

Klink: Ummm, can we get out of here?

Of course. We still have one more stop for the night. 


Klink: Oh no, not the science lab…please, I’ll tour any other place, but not this one…they’re gonna experiment on me…

Oh, don’t be such a baby. 


See, he came out unscathed. 

Klink: Just barely…

C’mon, let’s get you home and rested up. 


The next morning, once Klink has fully recovered from his visit to the lab, he plops down to write his novel. 


A day later, he finishes it. 

Klink: Piece of cake. 

Officer Klank

His novel, Officer Klank, did fairly decently. Here is a brief description of the book: 

“Klank is the new police officer in town, and he’s ready to take the law into his own hands. With the help of his partner, Janice, his dog, Aqua, and his teenaged sidekick, Moe, can Officer Klank bring order to this crime infested town?” 

With his first novel finished, Klink can take a nice break. That is, until I decide to make him start on the next set of challenges. The next episode will be the sci-fi genre. This probably won’t be updated as often as the Kanto legacy (which isn’t very often at all, mind you), I’ll just be playing it when I want to do something quick and easy. Keeping that in mind, I hope you guys enjoyed this little side project. See you next time in whatever I decide to post, and have a great day 😀


2.17: Beloved By All

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, the main focus of the chapter was on wooing Abigail. This time, will Klink be able to win his beloved over and produce cerulean babies? Let’s find out!


Gala starts out the day, once again, repairing something.

Gala: Confound these contraptions! Why won’t they just stay fixed?


Klink is hard at work raising his painting skill. He really has been doing a lot better than his father.


Bronzong: I heard that!

Well, it’s true. Even though you have fast learner, you raise skill points at snail pace…

Bronzong: Is that a diss on the elderly?

Nope. Just on you.


Klink: I hate to interrupt your banter, but it’s graduation time!

Oh, awesome. Let’s head out, then!


Klink: Let me just grab my little bro here…

Bronzong: But I wanted to hold the baby!

You really should’ve let your father hold the baby…you’ll see why…


Gala: Why can’t I go to graduation? I’m all gussied up and everything?

Because you need to go to work. You’re sooo close to topping your career.


Klink: So this is what a graduation looks like…

He didn’t get to see his siblings graduate, since he was in boarding school.


Awww, look. Steelix came to cheer on his baby brother.

Steelix: Don’t kid yourself. I’m not here for the twerp. The Pincher girl is graduating, and since we live in the same house, I was required to come.

Sure. I believe that.


Bronzong: This sharply dressed man makes me feel very uncomfortable…

How do you mean?

Bronzong: He’s just…creepy…he makes me feel…hunted…can we just get this over with as quickly as possible?

I suppose so.

Klink's graduation info

Klink, like his sister before him, was named the class val. Good job, considering he only went to this high school for less than a week.


Bronzong: Kay, it’s over. Can we go home now?

I wish…everyone had to wait until the graduates had tossed their diplomas before they could leave. But before Klink could toss his diploma, he had to put down Unown. Which he wouldn’t do. These poor people were stuck here for a good 3-4 Sim hours. It was a disaster.


And then I come home to find this. Gala, what are you doing home?!?

Gala: They gave me the day off so I could attend my son’s graduation.

….. ~sigh~


It seems like the only Sim in this household who isn’t frustrating me lately is little Unown. Look at him, just playing with his blocks, all sweet and innocent.

Unown: I try.


Again, Gala? Geez, she would be the worst ISBI Sim…

Gala: Quiet, you! It’s hard controlling your bladder as an elder, especially when being impaled through the stomach by a sink.


Klink: I don’t think this is going to go well…


Klink: Proposing. To Abby.

Oh, you’re doing that today?

Klink: Well, not today…but soon…

It’ll be fine, I’m sure.


Here are Klink’s graduation awards, along with a trophy from his after school activity.


I don’t believe I’ve formally introduced you to Unown’s IF yet. This is Pidove.


I appreciate that she matches the pewter color. It makes me happy 🙂


This picture documents Klink’s first published novel, entitled “Growing Up with the Demon Twins.” Let’s hope Minnie and Steelix never find out about its existence, or they won’t be pleased.


After finishing his book and taking care of his needs, Klink invites his beloved Abby over for a visit.

Bronzong: Don’t mind me, I’m only the previous heir to this legacy. I don’t need attention or anything.

Oh, shush. You got plenty of attention before. It’s Klink’s turn to shine.


Abby arrives just seconds after being invited over. Eager, are we?

Abigail: Don’t be silly. I just wasn’t doing anything at the moment.



Klink beelines straight for his lady love.

Klink: Hey, Abby…missed you.

Abigail: I missed you too, Klinky.


Klink: How about you stay the night again. I have quite the surprise for you later on.

Abigail: I’d love to stay over with you, Klinky.

Klink: Great 😀


Meanwhile, the last of the toddler training ensues.

Bronzong: C’mon, Unown, I just need you to stand up for me.


Bronzong: That’s it! You’re doing great, little guy!

Unown: Why can’t I ever just learn these things on my own?


YES! Gala’s home! And she earned that promotion! LTW complete!

Gala: Technically, that makes me the first Sim of the legacy to do this. Please, I know I’m awesome. Hold the applause.

I was worried she wouldn’t be able to do this. Ever since she aged up into an elder, she’s been having this glitch that whenever she was supposed to be promoted, she’d get demoted instead and it was just awful, but she still managed! So congrats, Gala, you truly are awesome.


Abigail: Haha, vermin, I have trapped you! You are now mine to devour!


Abigail: What, did you think you’d be able to catch me in the act? Hah, I’m much to quick for you.

It’s true. I am genuinely surprised by how fast their movements can be sometimes, despite standing in one place for hours on end before actually deciding to do something.


Unown: Pidove, Pidove, she’s my bestest friend. She always listens when I talk and and our friendship will never end!

I do love this kid. I feel really bad that he was born too late to have a chance at heirship. But even if he had been in the running, Klink probably still would’ve won. Just guessing.


Ummm, Abby, why are you standing in the viridian couple’s room? Are you up to something?

Abigail: What? No. I would never plot against my boyfriend’s parents. I totally wouldn’t slip poison into their drinks or anything.

Gala: Must…check…drinks… ~snore~


Abigail: See, I’m just getting a book. Nothing creepy about that, right?


Abigail: See, I’m just reading. Which is completely normal. Also, why don’t these people ever do their dishes? It’s gross.

You could always help out and do them for us.

Abigail: That would require effort on my part.


Gala: Yes, this is Gala. I’m calling to let you know that I am now retiring from my job. I would like to spend my last days here at home with my family. Thank you so much, I’m glad you understand. Goodbye.

And just like that, Gala is retired. She deserves some down time after all the hard work she’s put in for this family.


Klink: Father, I will not try to please you by being the sports fanatic you never were! I’m my own man! I’m going to be artsy! Just like you!

Bronzong: Yes, you’re your own man alright…

I don’t understand this…they used to be so close…Klink was always Bronzong’s favorite, and now he’s completely indifferent to him…it must be his old age…


He is not, however, indifferent to his wife. The two of them are still close as ever, and Gala loves listening to him play.

Gala: It’s so relaxing, hearing his wonderful music while lying in bed.


Abigail: I’m super tired right now…I’m gonna go home and get some rest…

You were supposed to get rest here, but no. You just had to be creepy. Klinky, you might wanna go catch her. She’s leaving.

Klink: Crap…


Klink: ~panting~ Abby, wait…before you go, there’s something I need to ask you.


Abigail: Klink, what’s going on?…


Klink: Abigail Snitcher, I love you. I know we haven’t known each other very long, but you’re my best friend in the world and I never wanna live a day without you by my side. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?


Abigail: Oh…erm….look, Klinky, I do love you very much, but I don’t think that getting married right now would be a good idea. We aren’t ready yet. Like you said, we haven’t known each other very long. But I still want to be with you.

Klink: ~sniffle~ I knew it…

Oh, my poor baby 😦


Unown: WAAAAA, somebody get in here and feed me!!!

Hold your horses, kid. Your brother’s having a bad day.


~gulp~ And it’s just about to get worse…

Gala: I feel kinda funny…


Gala: Oh…that’s why…

It’s too soon…she’s just now at the end of her life bar…


Everyone comes rushing in to see the commotion. They did not take it well.

Bronzong: NOOO!!! You can’t take her away from me yet! I’m not ready to let her go!

Abigail: Huh. Well now I kinda regret rejecting Klink’s proposal.


Grim: I am here for your soul, Gala Kanto. Your time has come. Can we please hurry this along? I have an appointment to get to.

Gala: But don’t I get to say my goodbyes?

Grim: No time. Let’s go.

And with that, the two just vanished. Literally. Stupid, glitchy game, not even letting Gala have any final words…


Klink: Mother!!! Why??? Why did you have to leave us??? T.T



Abigail: This is so sad…

You didn’t have anything to do with this, did you?

Abigail: Of course not…I only poisoned her drink a little…it shouldn’t have been enough to kill her…



Dear, sweet Gala, beloved by all. In regions beyond now, but having a ball. She was the first Sim of the legacy to complete her LTW. Not only that, but she cooked meals and upgraded plumbing and electronics like nobody’s business. She was a wonderful wife and mother, despite her midlife crisis frenzy causing her to go astray for a while, and she will be dearly missed. Rest in peace, Gala.


Klink: Plumbob, I’m so tired…but I couldn’t sleep tonight…not after…mom…


Bronzong: ~sniffles~ Son, I know it’s hard, but we both need to get some sleep. She wouldn’t want us to suffer on her behalf.

Well said, Bronzong. Well said.


Poor little Unown, blissfully unaware of what happened on the other side of the house just a few moments ago. He’s still too young to understand death.

Unown: I don’t know what’s going on, Pidove, but I have a feeling it’s going to be just you and me for a while.



In the morning, after everything’s calmed down a bit, Klink finds comfort in the arms of the woman who just rejected him.

Abigail: There, there, Klinky. I’m here for you. It’ll be ok.


Klink: I know you’re not ready to fully commit to me, and I respect that. But I want to know if you’d be willing to move in with me. Dealing with my mother’s loss is going to be difficult, and I would feel a lot better if I had you by my side through it all.


Abigail: I would be happy to help you in any way I can. I’ll move in right away.

Klink: That’s wonderful! Thank you so much!


And so Abby was added to the household and given her pewter makeover.


Abigail: Hey Klinky, I think I know of a way to take your mind off of your sadness.

Klink: Oh, really?

Abigial: Yes, really…




It was a hasty decision that wasn’t thought through at all. In his rush to forget about the death of his mother, Klink forgot his resolve to wait until marriage and let his hormones think for him. He’s going to regret this choice for the rest of his life.

Abigail: Does that look like remorse on his face?

Oh, he may seem satisfied now, but when he’s in his right mind, he’ll definitely wish he hadn’t rushed into things so quickly. Despite his naive nature, he’s a smart boy with a good heart. He’ll know what he did was wrong (at least in his mind.)

With that, I’m going to end this chapter. I know, it was sad, but the next chapter will be happier, I promise! I hope you all have a great day, and thanks for reading 🙂

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2.16: Romantic Endeavors

Hallelujah!!! They’ve added the “Add Media” button back in! This makes my life so much simpler!

Heh…well, welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Last time, Klink aged up and got a girlfriend, Gala made her second wish, and Bronzong gave birth to baby Unown. Also, I lied in the last chapter. I said that Klink rolled “Heavy sleeper” when he’s really a light sleeper. It’s so hard to remember the boring traits…Anyways, let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?


We join our heir and his lady love on their first official date.

Klink: I know it’s only been a day since we’ve seen each other, but I missed you…

Abigail: Oh Klinky, I missed you too…

Klink: C’mon, let’s go inside. We’re the only ones here…I made sure of that…

Abigail: Oh…how romantic…


Klink: ~derps~

Is he really so nervous about jacking up this date that he’s fumbling with making a simple drink? (I’m guessing it’s simple. I’ve never made drinks myself and really don’t plan to, but it doesn’t look that difficult.)


Klink: I made you a drink…but I guess you already have one…

Abigail: Just set it down, I’ll get around to it eventually.


Klink got hungry and prepared himself something to eat.

Abigail: Why didn’t you get me any food?

Klink: I made you that drink and you already had one…I just figured if you were hungry, you’d get it yourself…

Abigail: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Klink: So…how’s your meal…of booze?

Abigail: Fine, thank you. ~chugs drink~ More please?


Clearly she didn’t need anymore. She was already about to burst.

Abigail: ~derps~ Ooops…


Abigail: Oh, plumbob, how embarrassing…Klinky will never respect me again…


Klink: Awww, Abby, of course I respect you. No amount of pants peeing could make me care any less about you.

Abigail: Heh…idiot…


D’aww, young love. Why does this picture look significantly darker than the rest, you might ask? Because Abby is a major cause of lag. Whenever she’s around, it takes hours to do each little interaction. I swear, it’s never this bad with any of the other Sims. Just her. But I do love her. So I’m dealing with it.


Klink: Nice night out, isn’t it, Abby?

Abigail: It’s alright.


Abigail: It’s actually a lot better with you here, Klinky.

Klink: Heh…really?

Abigail: Yes really, dummy.


Abigail: ~whispers~ I love you, Klinky.

Klink: ~beams~ I love you too!


Klink: See those stars up there? The ones that look like a frying pan?

Abigail: The Big Dipper?

Klink: Yeah, that! That one’s my favorite!

Abigail: Why’s that?

Klink: Because frying pans make food! I like food!

Shortly after this, they said their goodbyes and ended the date. I didn’t get a picture because I was hoping to have them spend more time together, but it was getting too late.


Upon arriving home, Klink met up with Unown’s mother.

Klink: Hey…I know you! Aren’t you the alien who impregnated my father?

Exe: So what if I am, pathetic human?

Klink: Well, your baby’s having his birthday. Wanna come inside and see him?

Exe: No, he’s your father’s spawn. I simply provided DNA. I want nothing more to do with the creature, and if you ever ask me again, I will zap you to infinity with my ray gun.

Klink: Harsh…


Well, Unown’s having his birthday with or without his mother. I don’t really wanna bother with cakes. Not because I don’t love him, but because they’re annoying and I don’t wanna deal with it right now.


Here’s the birthday boy! He’s absolutely adorable! I forgot to make all his clothes pewter colored when I dressed him, but it’s not that big a deal. Not like the poor kid has a chance at being heir anyways.


Klink: ~grumble, grumble~ Piece of crap computer ~grumble, grumble~


Klink: Mom, do you think I’ll ever be as good as dad is at painting?

Gala: In reality, son, I think you’re already better than he is. None of that crazy “abstract” stuff ever pops up in your work. But don’t tell him I said that…


Gah! The TV turned itself on! Or was that…Red the Gnome?…


Let the toddler training begin!

Bronzong: Can you say words, Unown? Pick a word, any word. I promise you won’t regret it.

Unown: In all honesty, father, I’d much rather learn to speak on my own…preferably with books…

Bronzong: Good, good! You’re learning!


Unown: Ummm, could you possibly NOT look at me while I go wee wee?

Oh, of course! I’ll leave you to it then.


Klink invited Abby over as soon as possible the next day.

Abigail: C’mon already, where’s my lover boy? I don’t got all day, you know.


Klink: Could you possibly look away? My lady love and I have some…catching up to do…

Uggghh. Get a room!


~sigh~ How could I stay mad at these two?


They’re just too cute.

Klink: Wanna stay the night, Abby? I’m not quite ready to go all the way with you yet, but we can cuddle.

Abigail: I’ll take what I can get, I suppose…


Bronzong really loves his alien baby. I think he pays more attention to this little guy than to any of his other children combined.

Bronzong: When those other kids become aliens, maybe I’ll pay them more attention.

Priorities. His are perfectly straight.


Abby has no problems making herself right at home.

Abigail: Wow, how pathetic. He has our greeting card photo on his nightstand.

He kept it because he loves you and the memories you two created together.

Abigail: ….he’s a sap…


Gala: I need to pee.

Then go to the bathroom. I think you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

Gala: But I want to finish this delicious food I prepared…

Uggghh…you’re gonna pee yourself…


Gala: Son, don’t watch. I’m going to pee my pants.

Klink: ~chokes~ Plumbob, mother, why would you say that? I’m eating!


Gala: Well, there it all goes.

Klink: Just ignore the senile old woman and enjoy your cheeseburger, Klink…


Gala: Oh, it’s dripping down my leg…

Klink: Well, that sure was an appetite killer…


Klink: I wanna go to bed, but my mother’s pee puddle is in the way!

I am so lucky this isn’t an ISBI…


It’s nice to be on the side of the house that actually knows how to take care of themselves and others.

Bronzong: Here you go, little guy, a fresh glass of…green.

Unown: Yay, food!


Klink: Plumbob, my mother is so embarrassing…


Luckily, Klink finally gets to bed, where his totally non-embarrassing girlfriend awaits.

Klink: Zzzzz….

Abigail: I could totally steal from him and he wouldn’t even notice…


Gala: Ok, Unown, I know you’re tired, but please…go potty for momma now…


Unown: No way! I want bed time and you smell like pee!

Gala: Could you at least stop impaling me with your thought bubble?…

Unown: No! Not until I get my bed!

Everyone’s tired and cranky tonight…we’ll pick back up in the morning when things have calmed down a bit.


Abigail: I’m soooo hungry! Feed me!

Go feed yourself.


After Abby’s satisfied her hunger and washed her dishes, she finds herself in a predicament in the bathroom.

Hand: You disappoint me, Abigail. You were supposed to do the dirty work tonight.

Abigail: I know, Lefty, but he says he’s not ready yet…


Hand: Then you force yourself on him!

Abigail: Wha…no! I couldn’t…

Hand: Sure you could! I’ll show you!


Hand: You just grab him by the neck and shove him through the wall! Not just against, mind you. Right on through!

Abigail: ~chokes~ Hey, that hurts…


Hand: Then, still clutching his neck, you pull him toward you and you just…do it. Easy as pie.

Abigail: No way am I hurting my Klinky like that! He may be an idiot, but I don’t need to force myself on him.


Other Hand: I agree with Miss Abigail, Lefty. There is no need to use force. These things should just come about naturally.

Abigail: I’m glad you concur, Righty.

Hand: You’re both morons…


Klink: Good morning, my love. Or, afternoon, I should say. How are you?

Abigail: I’m starving. Shut up and let me raid your fridge.

Klink: ~loving sigh~ Isn’t she a dream?

More like a nightmare…Just kidding, I love you!


Gala does the one thing she’s better at than cooking. She’s made more progress on fixing things than Absol ever did, and that was his LTW.


On the other side of the house, Klink bonds with his baby brother.

Klink: We’re gonna have a great relationship, Unown, not at all like it was with me and my other brothers. I promise I won’t ignore you.

You’d better have a decent relationship. I have a feeling you’ll be raising him after a while. Gala and Bronzong might not be around much longer…


Unown: Teehee, my big brother is pretty cool.


Unown: But not as cool as my logic blocks!

Haha, you think he went for those himself? You’re sadly mistaken…


Klinky and his lover have some romantic bathroom times.


Klink: I certainly don’t see anything wrong with making out in a bathroom. Do you, my dear?

Abigail: Well, it’s certainly not the most romantic thing in the world…but it’ll do.


Gala: Sexy times are over, children. Grandma Gala needs to pee. So get out.

Why don’t you get out? There are two other bathrooms in this house, neither of which are currently occupied. ~sigh~ Sims…


Abby doesn’t hesitate leaving the small bathroom. This area is better for picture taking anyways.

Abigail: ~lick, lick~ Must groom myself…Must look my very best for Klinky…

…right…it’s best we don’t question these things…


Klink: Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?

Abigail: I think we were about…


Abigail: Here…


Klink: Damn…that was…something else…

Abigail: ~pants~ You could have so much more than that, you know…


Klink: Baby…you know I love you more than anything, but I just don’t want to rush into things…

Abigail: I know…you just really turn me on…

Klink: ~blushes~ Heh…


Klink: I’ll make it worth the wait, I promise. Actually, now that I think about it, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…

Abigail: Wait, Klinky, I don’t think now’s the right time. Can’t this wait?

Klink: I…I guess so…

Abigail: Good. Now, let’s get some sleep. That angry red thought bubble’s been jutting out over your head for hours.

Klink: Yeah…sleep would be nice…


No, really. It wouldn’t let him ask. The option never showed up. Highest relationship possible, extremely irresistible, the works. I know she’s insane and all, but that shouldn’t stop him from being able to ask. Oh well, we can try again tomorrow. Well, that about wraps up this chapter. I had originally thought there would only be one more chapter plus the spare update before the new generation, but I was wrong. There will be two more. The next one should come out tomorrow. Have a great night, everybody, thanks for reading 😀

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