3.7: Will the Real Pewter Spouse Please Stand?

Hey guys, guess what? A new chapter! I finished setting up the town, and other than the fact that I can’t find the option in Nraas SP to delete homeless Sims, and for some reason, there were three homes that my game would crash every time I tried to delete, things are running really smoothly now! I think we can actually get this legacy rolling again! Let’s get started, shall we?


We begin the chapter with Bronzong, still alive and about 103 days old now, tagging up his room.

Bronzong: It makes me feel young again, dammit!


Unown still does his homework outside, even though there’s a perfectly good desk in his room. I guess if he can see well in the dark, it’s ok.


Our little heir has a big day today. You could say that something life changing is about to happen.

Klink: Really? Life changing? How exciting! 😀


I appreciate you trying to complete your LTW, Klink, but I have a different activity in mind for you.


I see a future legacy spouse approaching. Klink, roll out! (I know this means nothing to you guys, but the phrase “roll out” is so funny to me now. Oh, clarinets…)


These two are pretty decent friends now, so I had Klink start in on him immediately.

Klink: Joe, welcome! Wanna come on inside?

Joe: I wish I could, Klink. I just came over to tell you that I can’t come over right now. I have to go to work.

Dammit, I forgot again…


Every time…

Klink: I will have you….mark my words….

Joe: I don’t know if I wanna come back now…he’s kinda scary…


I’ve stopped paying attention to what Bronzong does. Usually he just stands around staring at artwork (which reminds me of the best Sim I ever had…) but sometimes he does useful things like this.

Bronzong: I’m useful all the time! You just usually catch me between productive activities.



I’ve kind of stopped worrying about Unown’s homework at this point. I just really want him to make IF potions. Priorities.


Don’t be fooled by this picture. The Kantos never actually do things together. This was a setup. I was posing them for my “Mi Verano” project. I do have pose player, but I haven’t installed it yet cause I’m a lazy bum.


Naughty, naughty Klink texts his new friend Joe at work. Why don’t you go paint or write or something?


Success! You’re getting better at this, Nowny. I’m proud of you.

Unown: Awww yeah, I’m awesome.


Bronzong: I don’t know what I’m ranting about, but I am VERY PASSIONATE!

Please don’t do that…I would like you to pass away peacefully when the time comes, not of ranting. (Although…I’ve never seen what death by ranting looks like…maybe I should let him do it…)


Just a cute father-daughter moment. They’re usually on opposite schedules, so these are rare. They’re still best friends, though.


Squirts here has more important things to do than spend time with daddy.

Poor Squirts

Poor kid’s first book was a flop. C’mon guys, no need to be so harsh. He’s like, ten years old.


Bronzong has also started a book. Specifically, he’s writing a poetry book dedicated to his beloved wife. He wanted to learn the writing skill, so I figured, why not.


Unown, although not much of a writer himself, loves to read other peoples’ works. And he also loves his nephew’s beanbag chair.


Even though he’s good at every other art, Klink has no culinary prowess what-so-ever. Although he seems to think he’s a master chef, just like his mother.

Klink: I must go brag about my awesome cooking skills to everyone I see! I truly know fine cuisine when I see it!


Our Cerulean babies don’t talk to each other much. But they also don’t hate each other, despite their sibling rivalry in their early years.

Squirtle: How’s your day going, sis?

Azelf: Fiiine….(why is he talking to me?…)


Unown: Well, poo.

~sigh~ Off to the shower with you.


Azelf: You have the worst aim ever, you dingus!


Squirtle: I’ve heard better insults from an infant, you extraterrestrial freak!

Ahhh, sweet sibling bonding.


This is Cheryl Slymer, one of our potential spouses. She has a baby brother, Bronson. He’s a ghost. Not sure what he looks like yet. And we also have Herbert (I think…) Van Gold. All three are interesting prospects. Cheryl and Herbert have interesting coloring, and we could have a ghost spouse. I guess it’ll depend on who the heir is.


Finally, we got Joe back over. After a little bit of schmoozing, we were ready to take the next step with him.


Klink: So Joe, we’ve been friends for a while now, and I was wondering…would you wanna move in with me? I could really use some help with the kids, since I sent Abby packing.


Joe: Sure, I don’t see why not. Your kids seem awesome.

Little does he know, he will be giving us some more kids later on…after he moved in, something in Klink’s panel changed…

ummm...excuse me....klink doesn't have a job

Ummm, excuse me? Klink doesn’t have a job. He’s never had a job. And he certainly never had one in science…what is this sorcery? I wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t rolled the wish to “talk about new job” to someone. Has this kind of thing ever happened to any of you?


First order of business: clear up this mess.

Klink: Yes, excuse me, I don’t know why you think I work for you now. I’ve never even applied to your company. In any case, I don’t want the job. Yes, I’m quitting. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Second order of business: Woo legacy spouse.


Klink: So Joe…I really like you. And I don’t mean as a friend.

Joe: Heh, wow…I really like you too, Klink…I have since that day we skated together all those years ago…


Joe: I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since that day…even when I was with my wife Helen, all I could think of was you…I’m so glad you feel the same way…

Klink: I’m so sorry it took me this long to realize it, Joey…I was just so hung up on that stupid Abigail…

Joe: Please don’t say that name…not now…



Klink: What do you say, Joe? Will you be my real legacy spouse?

Joe: Absolutely. I’ll make the best damn legacy spouse you Kantos have ever seen.


Finally, we got these two together.


I wasted absolutely no time in the baby making. Squirts and Aza are almost teens, so if we want a fair heir race, we’ve gotta get moving. I went for a dual pregnancy with these two. Might as well. Gives us more options.


Unown: Pfffttt, you traded that hottie Abigail for this geek? You’re so lame, bro.

Klink: I swear to plumbob, Unown, if you don’t get out of here right now…

Unown: Leaving. Leaving.


Squirtle keeps getting woken up in the middle of the night by his TV mysteriously turning on.


And here I thought Lysandre was the evil one.


One of the ghosts is haunting the bathtub. I think it’s Brain. This is the first time the house has ever actually been haunted. Normally they just play computer games or steal our food.


Joe: Dear sweet plumbob, what is happening?…

Welp. Looks like this is his formal initiation into the family.


Did you have anything to do with this, Nowny?

Unown: You’ve kept me too busy with potions to have time to contact my mother. Besides, I never get a chance to relax and watch TV. I wouldn’t give that up even to see an abduction.


How about you, little miss Aza?

Azelf: I’m downloading my homework, just like you told me to. Besides, revenge against daddy’s new boyfriend would be tacky. That’s something my dearest brother would come up with.


Well, Squirtle? Something you want to tell me?

Squirtle: I didn’t do anything bad, promise! Why would I want revenge against Mr. Joe for taking mommy’s place? Nope, I’ve just been doing my homework like the good little boy I am.

I’m very sure. In any case, we should probably check up on Joe. He is a coward, after all.


Joe: Well, alien rape is a tiring experience. I think I need to go to bed.


Alien: Boy, these Kantos are as good as my sister said…perhaps I shall have a taste of more of them…

No Joe-alien babies, please…as much as I love aliens, they wouldn’t be eligible for heirship anyways, and I don’t need extra kids clogging up the house.


I sure hope Nowny is better than his brother at making food.


You lazy bum, why don’t you do something productive? You could write. Or do your homework. Or roll the wish for a different skill. But no. You choose TV. I swear, this beanbag chair is like catnip for Sims…


At least one of our children cares about her grades…

Azelf: Would you please turn down the TV, Squirtle? I’m trying to focus on algebra.

Squirtle: Why don’t you go do your stupid homework somewhere else, idiot?

The boy makes a good point.


Here is an example of our ghosts hogging the computer instead of haunting things like normal ghosts.


And here’s an example of our ghosts only stealing our food. Also, turns out Nowny is just as inept as his brother is at cooking.

Unown: This ungodly smell…did I concoct such a monstrosity?

Gala: Son, I am very disappoint.


Oh look the first signs of pregnancy!

Squirtle: Daaad, can’t you take your puking elsewhere? I have to pee!

Klink: Go use a different toilet, you little twerp! Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to say that! I ❤ you, son!

Squirtle:….I’ll be going now…

Good plan.


Just a couple of hours later, Joe gets some morning sickness as well. And here is where we will end things. Tune in next time to see some new additions to the family! Thanks for reading, guys! Have a great day!

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Kanto Update

Hey guys, I think I’ve worked out a reasonable solution to my laggy old computer problem. I did test out Isle of the Midnight Sun with YA versions of the cerulean kids, and while it worked out really well and they’re both about to give birth in game, I just didn’t think that it fit with the tone of this legacy. I’m aiming for a more upbeat, fun legacy, but the route I was taking with the Midnight Sun challenge was really dark, and one of the children, I won’t say which, grows up to be really messed up…I’m honestly a lot better at writing depressing stuff like this, but it’s not what I want for this particular challenge, know what I mean?

So obviously the Midnight Sun challenge is a no-go for the Kantos, and I really don’t wanna have to move them again, so I created a new family to test out an idea. I deleted all the houses in the neighborhood, let story progression eradicate the homeless Sims, and made sure immigration was turned off, so basically only my family was in the neighborhood. And it worked great. No lag at all. So that’s what I’m going to do with the Kantos. I’m going to keep a few essential people, such as Joe MacDuff, that Van Gould kid I think is adorable, his mother, and Violet Slymer and her two children, in case they turn out cuter than the Van Gould kid. All of the spare Kantos have to be deleted, which is very sad. But they live on in my Sim bin. I will be adding them all to the “Others” pages eventually. I’m still getting everything set up right now, but soon enough I should be able to start playing and see if this works. Thank you for your patience and for sticking with me through all my technical difficulties. I know it gets frustrating, but it means a lot to me. Have a great day, guys, and hopefully be back with a new chapter soon!

World Search

Hello everyone, I mentioned in a previous chapter that I may need to move the Kantos into an unpopulated, or at least very scarcely populated world, at least until I get a new laptop. Well, I’m on the search for custom worlds that are small in size, preferably not populated, and don’t include World Adventures, Late Night, Island Paradise, Into the Future, store content, or any stuff packs. I did think about using Isle of the Midnight Sun, and I could always turn this into a legacy/midnight sun challenge using either Squirtle or Azelf. I’ll keep this under consideration. However, if any of you know of any nice custom worlds that might work for me for the time being, I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me about them. Thank you guys so much for being so understanding of my technical difficulties. Have a great evening, and happy Simming! 

3.6: In Which Nothing Happens

Hello everybody, welcome to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Last time, we had to replay some parts, we met Stacie, the girl who was supposed to be a new love interest for Klink but instead fancied Bronzong. Unown went to prom and got himself a girlfriend. The “twins” aged up into children, and Bronzong finally completed his lifetime wish! This time, as the title says, not much of anything significant will happen…OR WILL IT? Let’s find out.


The alien children gather outside to do their homework like the logical people they are.


Squirtle prefers to do his in the comfort of his room. A Sim actually using a desk I provide for them? Shocker.


Bronzong’s still painting wonderful works of art such as this.


And yes, he’s still every bit as insane as he once was.


Bronzong: Stay back, you hideous creature!

Gala: But honey buns, I just want a hug…it gets lonely in the afterlife with only Grim and that Brain fellow…

Bronzong: Back, I say!


Squirtle: Woah, is that my grandma’s ghost?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

Squirtle: Way cool.

I almost forgot he never got to meet her.


Mail Lady: How dare those Kantos overlook me as a potential mate! What’s that  Stacie chick got that I don’t got? Well if they won’t give me a try, I’m going to…throw their mail on the ground! That’ll teach them!

Sorry hun, but you should know that we wouldn’t be looking at Stacie either if she wasn’t Rocio’s replacement.


Is our little Aza going insane like her grandpa? Given the Sims she lives with every day, that’s not surprising.

free vacation

I decided to let the adults go have fun for a couple of days. Bronzong’s finished with his LTW, Klink is over halfway done with both writing and painting, and Nowny’s a good kid. I think he can handle his niece and nephew for a while.


Unown: Awww yeah, I could get used to this.

Sorry bud, I’ve got other plans for you.


Like inviting over your new girlfriend.


They get their flirt on right away.


Squirtle spends his day without parents watching TV in his room.


Aza decides to paint. I approve of her choice of activities, but I wish she would’ve done a small one instead.


It doesn’t take these two too long to share their first kiss.


Squirtle wanted to get attention from mom and socialize with a supernatural, so I killed two birds with one stone and had him call her up for a chat. They’re probably discussing plans for how he will take over the legacy.


While he’s not paying attention, Ellen snags Squirtle’s beanbag and watches his TV.


Squirtle: That bitch.


Since Unown has potions and Aza has paintings, I decided to start Squirtle on something useful to occupy his time. Since he reminds me of Green, I entitled his first novel, “How I Became Champion.”


I had to reset the lot because things were getting insanely glitchy, so the adults were forced back home a day early. I’m seriously thinking about plopping this family down in a completely empty town, such as the Isle of the Midnight Sun and bringing a few families with them, then making sure to have a very small maximum population in Story Progression. Maybe that would help with the extreme lag spikes and glitching happening with this family. I might wait until next generation. Or I might have to do it now. Depends on how things go from here.


Bronzong decided to use his creative abilities in a different way and started spray painting the house. I’ve been letting him learn all the new skills he wants, because I’m afraid that if I’m not constantly occupying him, he’s going to die on me.


He’s a master already.


In the morning, Aza gets right back to her painting.


In the morning, Klink invites over two people: one a special friend for his father, and the other, a surprise for himself.


What is Joe MacDuff doing over here, you might ask? Well to be honest, after I had him and Klink skate together all those years ago, I’ve been shipping Kloe. Now that Klink is single, I thought we might as well give it a shot.


Stacie comes over as well, and introduces herself to Bronzong. I figured we may as well see if he likes her, since she was so keen on him the other night.


We didn’t get to make any progress with Joe, he had to get going.

Joe: But I wanted to stay and chat with my old friend…

Don’t worry, we’ll invite you back over after work.


To pass the time before Joe comes back over, Klink paints.

Tale of a Mockingbird

And he writes. This is his most successful book yet. No idea why I named it that.


Unown: Why does this little punk get to play on the computer while I have to do homework?

Squirtle: I’m writing a book, you moron! And besides, I’m the heir. I can do what I want.

Excuse me little man, you’re not the heir yet!

Squirtle: But I’m going to be.


Bronzong: Aren’t my grandchildren the cutest little buggers ever?

Stacie: Adorable. Now when do we get to make out?

Bronzong does not like Stacie

Bronzong: I will never make out with you! Have you no shame? I wouldn’t betray my dead wife like that!

Stacie: Ummm, ok then…I gotta go…

Since Bronzong clearly didn’t reciprocate her feelings, she left, giving Bronzong the change to do useful things.


Bronzong kept rolling wishes to paint murals all over the place, and I thought it would be funny if he want all crazy and covered his room with graffiti, so I made it happen.


Nowny chooses to ignore his father and shove his head into a book.


Joe finally arrives again, and seems to be mourning the loss of his first wife, Helen Hall. What? You say we’re taking advantage of him in a state of weakness? How dare you even insinuate such things!


This lazy bum is almost constantly playing video games or watching TV.


While dear little Aza is studiously working on her homework.


Neither are aware that their dad is gonna put the moves on this handsome fellow as soon as their friendship bar allows it.


And after he has his adult birthday.


What do you know. Nothing changed.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the chapter. Yes, I know it’s short, but right after this, my game froze. I’m just thankful it didn’t crash this time. I really wanna get this chapter out now, too, because this week is band camp, and I probably won’t have much free time. Then I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off next week, and on Thursday, it’s freshman orientation, and I’m a link leader again so I have to be there. Basically, I’m gonna be a little bit busy for a while, and I wanted to get these last few screenshots up.

Random note: I was looking through the Kanto head shots, and I noticed something I probably should’ve realized before. Aside from the eye shape, Betty is a total face one! Considering my clone legacy and my constant desire to eradicate all face ones that pop up in my game, you’d think I would’ve noticed it by now. Luckily, Klink has more round eyes than a face one, and somehow his nose transformed itself a little bit, but he does have the lips. I’m a little bit peeved at myself for not figuring it out before. But at least now I’m aware, and I can work to get rid of those genes through the next seven generations. Well, thank you for reading this pathetic chapter and face one rant. Hope you guys have a great rest of the evening, and happy Simming!

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3.5: Groundhog Day

Hello everyone, it’s time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, Unown failed at life, the babies were cute, and Klink found this adorable girl named Rocio, who delivered his mail and stole his heart. And then my computer shut itself off, so the last part of that chapter became irrelevant. This time, we start from my last save point and see what changes.


The first change comes right away when Gala’s ghost makes an appearance.

Gala: I still got the moves!


Bronzong: Ewww, ectoplasm!!!


Unown: Is that my mother’s ghost trying to twerk to crappy pop music?

Why yes, yes it is.

Unown: ~is scarred for life~


This is Rocio’s replacement, Stacie. I tracked her down and cheated her over, just to see if it was the same girl with a different name. She has the same traits, same favorites, same last name, and even the same silly outfit as Rocio, but she isn’t the same Sim…


All the same, Klink goes out to greet her. Maybe she’ll be a compatible sign, which is one of his wishes. I do know her sign since I checked her traits and faves, but I have no clue what all’s “compatible.”


Stacie: I could get used to a house like this…


Following in his mother’s footsteps, Klink drags his guest over to the radio and they dance their hearts out.


Once they’d danced enough to become friends, she steps away and starts making faces. I don’t know, maybe we should keep her around. Her expressions are wacky enough to even rival Klinks…

Stacie: Is that…an alien?

Yes. He’s your new friend’s brother.

Stacie: That’s insane…


Welp, I guess their signs are not compatible. I don’t believe in that stuff anyways. According to astrology, my boyfriend and I are supposed to not get along at all, yet we’re called the “perfect couple” by, like, all our friends.


Klink starts to get his flirt on, and she seems pretty into it, so I decided to do something a bit crazy, just to see what would happen.




Stacie: What the hell was that? We JUST met! What kind of girl do you think I am?


Klink: That is…not what I expected to happen…


Klink: I’m really, really sorry Stacie, I didn’t mean to upset you…I just got caught up in the moment…


Stacie: Oh, it’s alright. No harm done, I guess. I mean, I am pretty hot, so I get why you’d wanna kiss me. I’m flattered.


No wonder she didn’t accept his kiss. Chick’s got a thing for Bronzong.

Stacie: I love a man who knows his way around a guitar…


Bronzong: Yupp, I’ve still got it.


Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment. Bronzong has finally completed his lifetime wish. I honestly didn’t think he’d make it, but it turns out he’s one of those elder Sims that just keep on trucking, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

22-THE MOMENT (it crashed...)

Bronzong: Told you I’ve still got it.

~saves game~

Computer: I don’t think so! ~shuts off~



Klink: I’m getting the strangest sense of deja vu…

I saved just a few Sim hours before the crash, so it doesn’t take too long to get caught back up.


Abby called Klink, probably to try and persuade him to take her back. He politely declined. Just like him to be nice about it. Usually when I have Sims hang up, they yell at the person on the other end.


Stacie is still very attracted to Bronzong.


I guess it’s ok though, as Klink doesn’t like her that much either. Maybe we should let Bronzong have some late in life romance with a much younger woman. What do you guys think? Does this old man deserve some last minute lovin’? Either way, Klink is still gonna make friends with her. The Kantos don’t get out much, so they don’t have that many friends.


Bronzong’s had the wish for quite a while now to paint portraits of his grandkids, and since he’s finished with his LTW now, he starts on Aza’s.


Klink: You should meet my son. He’s just the greatest kid you will ever meet. So adorable and smart. He’s gonna take control of this legacy one day.

Stacie: But what about that kid sitting on the floor there? The one with the funky eyes?


Klink: Oh, Aza? I adore my little princess! She is just the sweetest little girl. But that’s the thing. She’s a girl.

Stacie: And?

Klink: And…we haven’t had a girl heir yet?

Stacie: Maybe she’ll change that.

Klink: Yeah right, like anyone would vote for a female heir! Preposterous!


Azelf: Ummm, bro, could you maybe move out of the way? I gotta pee…

Squirtle: Naw, I think I’m good here. Thanks for asking though.

You know, he kinda reminds me of Green. He’s an asshole, but you love him all the same.


Aza’s portrait is complete. And now you see why I say Klink is the better artist.


Klink: Look at this video. Isn’t it funny? I think it’s hilarious. Isn’t it just the best? 😀


Stacie: Hehe, yeah…it’s great…is this guy for real?


Time to start on Squirtle’s portrait.


Klink: Guess what? My brother is filthy stinking rich!

Poochie is apparently rich now.

Huh. You don’t say. Judging by his house, I seriously wouldn’t have guessed that.


Brain’s ghost makes another appearance, although he’s not that interesting. He mostly just hangs out in the dining room and plays on the laptop he apparently has in the afterlife.

Baby Eliseo

Poochyena has another baby. Interesting name…


Do my eyes deceive me?


Unwon: I made a stink juice potion! Success!


He decided he wanted to plant it. In his room. Next to his bed. Which is sure not to backfire.

Unown: I am ever so sneaky~


The best laid plans…


I let these two halfheartedly flirt a little, but it doesn’t really mean anything. I don’t think she’s the right one for Klink. Although I might call her back over for Bronzong in the future…maybe…


After flirting a couple times, Stacie runs off. Maybe she remembers what happened the first go around and wants to escape before it can happen.

Stacie: Why do I get the feeling that if I don’t run, he’s going to kiss me?


Klink: Poor girl. Must be overwhelmed with my charms.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.


Oh well. Baby steps.


Squirtle’s portrait is finished. It seems slightly better than Aza’s, but it’s still pretty awful.

Bronzong: I put my heart and soul into these paintings of my grandkids, dammit!


Nowny takes a break from potion making and watches some TV. I suppose it’s alright since he’s homeschooled now.


Afterwards, he calls up a kid he was friends with in elementary school. He may be a loner, but he needs friends too.


Somehow, I managed to get the brothers to the dining room table at the same time. Considering the wonky schedule Klink’s been on, this kind of amazes me. It will probably be the last time, so enjoy it while it lasts.


I completely forgot it was prom night! And Klink actually gets to go to his, unlike his older siblings.

Unown at prom 1

Unown at prom 2

Evidently, he is a fighter, not a lover.

Unown at prom 3

Although I guess it’s hard to be a lover when you get rejected.

Unown at prom 4

He rebounded pretty quickly.

Unown at prom 5

Unown at prom 6

I’m glad he got to have a nice night out.


This is his new love interest, Ellen Parra. She’s a babysitter. And she’s kind of adorable.


Back at home, it’s baby birthday time. First up is Aza.


She gained the “snob” trait, to go along with artistic and grumpy. And she’s still as adorable as ever, with possibly the slightest case of Bimple pox. It’s barely noticeable though.


Next up is Squirtle.


Squirtle: Hi, my name is Squirtle and I am completely flawless.

He aged up a couch potato to go along with good and grumpy. The nursery was converted into Aza’s room, and Squirtle was given Nowny’s room right next door. Nowny’s stuff was moved into the spare room on the other end of the house, because I wanted the “twins” to have rooms next to each other.


Our little artist gets right to painting. I’d say that puts her high in the heir running, as both of our heirs so far have loved to paint.


Squirlte gets them signed up for homeschooling, and then plays some computer games. With them out of the way, I can get their rooms set up.




This is Aza’s room, heavily inspired by her “snob” trait. She’s got a vanity so she can adore herself, a poster of the evil stepsisters, and some makeup even though she’s just a little kid. She also has her own easel so she won’t get in the way of her father’s LTW.




Screenshot-41 Here is Squirtle’s room, influenced by his “couch potato” trait. Yes, it is bigger than Aza’s, but not by a lot, and there’s not too much more stuff in his than in hers. I figured that a couch potato would like video games, and people who like video games are often nerds, so I went for the kind of geeky look with him too.


And in Unown’s new room, his prom picture has a new place of honor on his desk. He’s still so early on in his teen life bar that he’ll likely get another one, and maybe he’ll get to take his girlfriend with him next time.

This is where I’ll be ending things for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter, I know I enjoyed writing it. Have a good night, and happy Simming!

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3.4: Confusion

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Kanto legacy. Last time, Klink and Abby broke off their relationship and she left the legacy house, hopefully for good. Klink has had it pretty rough lately, but hopefully things will be better. Let’s jump on into the chapter and find out.


Azelf: ~sniffles~ I’m very hungry…could somebody please feed me?…


Squirtle: You amateur, that’s not how you get attention. Watch the master and learn.




Klink: Why hello my little princess, are you ready for some food this morning?

Squirtle: Hey, no fair! I’m the lonely one! Daddy??? Hello?…


Looks like everyone’s having a rough start to their days.


Everyone except Bronzong. He’s just waking up, his spirits high. Although when they stand like this, I can’t help but thing they’re about to die…


Klink: There you go, sweetheart. One nice bottle for breakfast.

Azelf: Yay! Thanks daddy.


Squirtle: H…hey? What about me?…


Klink: Woah there, little man, calm down. There’s no need to shout…I’m here…

Squirtle: ADORE ME.


Azelf: ~sobs~ I don’t like it when brother gets more attention than me…


Squirtle: I GOTTA PEE!!!

Klink: Man, this kid stinks…

He’s gonna stink even more if you don’t put him down.


Azelf: Nevermind, I’m good now ^.^


Apparently I set up an online dating profile for Klink when he was younger, probably before he left for boarding school, so I had him check his messages. He was contacted by every girl on the site. He didn’t accept any requests since they were all married or old.


Klink: I’m so popular, the computer couldn’t handle it.


Unown is confused. Unown hurt itself in confusion.


He may be crap at potions, but at least he can fix our broken stuff now.


Squirtle: I am the most adorable thing since Grumpy Cat.


Azelf: Yeah, well you can’t even walk yet. So hah.


Klink spends his time painting.


Bronzong gets closer and closer to achieving that LTW.


The toddlers try to outdo each other at every step.


The ghosties make an occasional appearance.


And Unown fails at life. Such is a typical afternoon in the Kanto household.


For the first time ever, we are completely out of food, so I had Bronzong whip something up. It took him ALL DAY. Seriously. He started at around 7 in the morning, and he wasn’t finished until about 5 or 6 at night. See if I ever have these people make their own food agian…


Squirtle: Look at me, I’m learning the logics!


Azelf: Yeah, well I have artistic talent.


Unown was supposed to go over to a friend’s house, but he was taking an awfully long time to get there, so I checked on him and found him standing here in the middle of nowhere, not doing anything. So I sent him back home.


Abby decided to make an appearance. As a zombie. She just couldn’t stay away.


Once he was back home safely, his first order of business is to do his homework. Outside. In the rain. Like any normal, reasonable person would do.


This…intriguing piece turned out to be Klink’s first brilliant painting. Sometimes I question these Sims’ tastes.



I can’t resist taking pictures of these cuties. Which is exactly what they want…


When Klink and Abby split up, I asked you all advice on what we should do with him for the rest of the generation. Basically, should he move on and have more babies. Well, I still value your input, but everything changed when I saw this mail deliverer…


Here is a closer up picture. I guess she’s not all that amazing, but I think she’s super cute. Plus, she’s got gorgeous eyes and is a vampire. Her name is Rocio, and she will be ours.


As if sensing our intentions, she bolts from the premises and doesn’t turn back. Oh, but we will have you, my dear. Just you wait…


Bronzong was getting lonely and broody, so he called up some family members, and we got some pretty interesting popups about them.

Missy has moved on

It seems that Missy has gotten over Brain’s death pretty quickly, and has moved onto some other old fart that’s sure to die any day now.

Ivysaur and George

Ivysaur got married to George Weasley. Which is nice, but sort of disappointing, as they won’t be able to have kids. I think he has a baby with some other chick though, so it’s ok. Fred doesn’t have any children yet.

Tisha's steady boyfriend

Tisha, Poochyena’s oldest, has found herself a boyfriend. A rather fugly one at that. It’s like she’s begging me to experiment with her genetics too, even though she’s rather pretty.

Rae's first girlfriend

Finally, Rae has found love as well, with a face one…I like this girl’s coloring, she’s one of the few black Sims populating this town right now. Why does she have to be a bland EA face?…


Klink decides to text our lovely Rocio, and due to his charisma skill challenge, gets a nice head start on their relationship.


Meanwhile, Unown tries his hand at potion making again.




After getting cleaned up, Nowny signs up for homeschooling since the careers mod doesn’t seem to be spreading out the students very well and I’m tired of sending him to lag central every morning.



Because cute. I was trying to get a good angle on that facial expression Klink is pulling, but no matter where I tried to get this shot, Squirtle was in the way. Just trust me when I say it was a pretty hilarious face.


I finally remembered to write down their IF’s names. Squirtle’s is called Horsea.



And Azelf’s is named Shinx.


Although it might not matter too much if Unown can’t get the ball rolling with these potions.


I appreciate the cleanliness, Bronzong, but isn’t there something more productive you could be doing with your time?


Much better.


After a while, Klink invites over Rocio for a nice visit.


Nice outfit.


Time to start schmoozing.

Rocio: You seem like a very cultured man. What are your thoughts on music?


Klink: Well, I’ve never been to a symphony or anything, but my father’s kind of an expert musician, so I basically get a concert in my own house every day.


And then, after a single friendly interaction, she promptly left.

Rocio: Don’t burn, don’t burn, don’t burn…

We tried inviting her inside, but she apparently wasn’t interested. Might wanna say goodbye to her though, because after this, I tried to save my game, and my computer crashed. And I don’t mean to the desktop. It shut itself down. It does that sometimes when I’m playing TS3, but it’s never done it while saving before. So basically the second half of this chapter never happened…and since Rocio is a service Sim, there’s no guarentee she’ll exist next time I start up the game…this is why we can’t have nice things…anyways, hope you guys managed to enjoy this super disorganized and all over the place update. Thanks for reading, and have a great night!

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Klink’s Conundrum

If you’ve read the last chapter, then you know that Klink and Abby have split up. Now, I did not get quite as many kids as I had hoped for, as I love having Sim babies, and Cerulean was always my favorite town in Pokemon, with Lavender a close second. However, two babies seems like a decent amount, especially when the adults of the house still have skills to build. So I’m going to ask you guys what I should do. I have quite a few options in mind here. Should I have Klink find a new love and have more babies? Should he find a new love but not have more babies? Should I make him get abducted by aliens again and see if he gets pregnant? Should I adopt a new kid (although according to the rules, adopted babies cannot be the heir. I suppose since this is a casual legacy, I can do what I want. It’s up to you guys though). Should I have Klink and Abby make up? Or do you think that things are fine the way they are, that two babies are enough, and that Klink should just stay single? I’ll leave it up to you guys, as I could go for anything at this point. I don’t want you all to feel rushed, either. We have all the time in the world (ok, not really, but you get the idea). Klink isn’t even a full-fledged adult yet, and we still have toddlers to take care of. So take as much time as you need, think about it carefully, and tell me what you think I should do. No rush. Thanks everybody, and have a fantastic evening!