Welcome to the Kanto Legacy! I’m so excited to get this started. In case you missed my introduction post, here’s the basics of what’s going on in my legacy.

  • This will be a casual legacy challenge, so no formal score will be taken. However, I will still attempt to do things such as fulfill their wishes and lifetime wishes, paint portraits, and etc.
  • This is a rainbow legacy, and more specifically a Kanto Region rainbow legacy, so all the generations will be the colors of the towns in Kanto. Generation one is white, because of one of Kanto’s mottos.
  • If you have any criticisms to make or you want to suggest something, such as a baby name, please feel free to leave a comment. Comments are always welcome 🙂 as this is my first documented legacy, I’m not really sure of what I’m doing, and I’d love to get feedback, just to know people are actually reading this.
  • I will be having heir polls each generation, so keep your eye out for those!

There is now a second challenge on this blog, called Klink’s Writing Challenge. Klink Kanto, the Pewter heir, will be attempting to complete a list of tasks based upon each genre available to Sim writers, and will be writing novels according to his experiences. This challenge is based upon the “Live-What-You-Write” challenge, which can be found here.



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