4.3: Haunted

Wow, am I actually getting around to writing a new chapter of this legacy? Looks like it! I’m really excited, not necessarily for this particular chapter, but once the kids start growing up, they start getting pretty fun. So the sooner I get started writing these early chapters, the sooner we can meet our possible generation four heirs!

In the last chapter, Squirtle gave birth to the alien baby Deoxys, our first contender for heiress! The happiness didn’t last long, however, as shortly after that, he killed himself via ranting after spotting his wife and father flirting one too many times. But life must go on here in the Kanto household. There are offspring to raise and skills to gain!

Let’s start the chapter off with a couple of announcements.

Kyovan baby!

Like a Kyovan baby! I look forward to seeing cousins running about this generation, as we left all the Pewter kids’ offspring behind in Twinbrooke and didn’t really get to experience them at all. Hopefully it’ll be different this time around.


Also, Altaria is moving right up her career track. I may have forgotten to post previous promotion popups. If I have, sorry about that! I’ll do better!


Back to the family, Klink is attempting to atone for his sins in the last update by teaching his granddaughter valuable life lessons.

Klink: Money runs the world, youngling. This is the first thing you must learn. Especially as an evil little princess.


He isn’t making much progress, I’m afraid.

Deoxys: You killed my father. You can take your petty lessons and shove ’em!


Shelly hasn’t quite been functioning properly since her husband’s untimely passing. I can’t tell if it’s because she truly misses him and regrets her decisions, or if it’s because Klinky hasn’t been paying any attention to her. Either way, she’s been making these kinds of faces ever since.

Rachelle: Derp!


Tepig gets himself potty trained, meaning he’s now fully prepared to age up.


Even Joey is absorbing himself in the toddlers more and more since his step-son left the world of the living.

Joe: C’mon, Charmie! Walk to grandpa! You can do it!


Charmander: As soon as I learn to walk, the world will be mine to explore!

If I had WA, I’m sure he’d be adventurous.


Despite having retired from maid services, Jamie still cleans up after the rest of the family. Although this is the first anyone besides Shelly has been in Squirtle’s room since the incident.

Jamie: I’ve left this bed unmade for too long…it simply must be straightened…


Rachelle: I do believe the stress of being a single mother has given me wrinkles. How dreadfully inconvenient.



Tepig spam. He won’t be a toddler much longer.


Still grieving her older brother, Ri prepares for a much needed night of fun at prom.


Jamie: I remember my high school prom…I got so drunk, I nearly got it on with some skanky blond in one of the bathroom stalls…

Altaria: I chased around a bunch of boys I didn’t even like and met a man my twin would later steal from me…

Tarmie: Ahh, good times…


Klink: I hate to interrupt, but I’m experiencing a most peculiar tingling sensation…


Klink: Oh.

Really? Already? D:


Joe: Klinky?…but we never made up…


Rachelle: Two lovers in the span of two days? This is truly like somethin’ out of a Greek tragedy…I’m so upset, I might just cry…


Grim: You interrupted my roadtrip with Squirtle? This had better be good….

My previous heir just died.

Grim: It’s finally Klink’s turn? Score! I’ve been waiting for this reap! 


Klink: I’ve accepted my fate, Grimmy. Take me to the afterlife so I can see my son and apologize.

Grim: I think he’d like that very much. You’re all he’s talked about during our reaping tour. 

And so Grimmy swooped him away, leaving a houseful of Sims who had almost managed to rid themselves of their previous mourning moodlet only to be stuck with a second one.


Klink Kanto passed away at 93 days old from natural causes. He was the unwanted fourth child of Bronzong and Gala Kanto, conceived just before their short-lived divorce. Poor Klink was saddled with the knowledge that he was not my first choice for heir, but handled the position with dignity and managed to prove himself as a great Sim, even if he did some crummy things in his elder days, such as flirting with his son’s wife. He did manage to complete his LTW late in life despite challenges along the way, such as lag spikes, many game crashes, and stupid dumb Abby. I shall miss him very much, but he will live on in Klink’s Writing Challenge, I side challenge I started with him a long time ago that I do plan on continuing someday.




The toddlers live on in ignorant bliss. So glad none of them were old enough to witness either of the deaths.


Jamie rushes instantly to her love, prepared to help her through her sorrows as always.


She gets sidetracked, however, when she discovers she’s once again expecting.

Rachelle: Excuse me, hun. Your pregnancy pop is standing between me and that bathroom mirror. If you’d kindly get out of the way?


Looks like Tari got a little sidetracked too.



Squirtle: I just got back from my roadtrip with Grim. Man, was that a fun time.

I wasted absolutely no time in sending Shelly out to meet him. If my heir has to die prematurely, the least the game can do is give me some alien babies.



Coward Sims…


Eventually, she gets over her fear and makes amends with her late husband.


It may seem like I’m rushing this, and I probably am. I should give them a more touching reunion. But Squirtle is not a frequent visitor, and the game runs terribly slowly when the ghosts are about. Plus, time is ticking on Shelly’s maternity clock. I fear she’s only good for one, maybe two more babies.

Side note: Ghost Squirtle looks so small compared to his wife…


Jamie seems a bit dramatic, kind of like Shelly. I often find her standing around and moping about the death of a man she barely knew.


So I put her to some use.

Jamie: Come to Auntie Jamie, Deo!


Deoxys: I will vaporize your soul, woman!

Jamie: Aren’t you just precious?!


Shelly takes no responsibility for her child. Or any of the children, for that matter.


At least somebody takes time to train him…


Rachelle: Hey, now. I have more important things to do. Like carry this new baby.

Oh, please. Your pregnancy hasn’t even been confirmed yet.


Rachelle: This conformation enough for you?


Tari still paints in her downtime. Until further notice, she’s still the designated portrait painter for the generation.


This is Derik Kanto, the son of Phione and Shinx. He appears to be a Phio clone. The MacDuff genes are certainly strong in these children…


Shelly finally pops.

Rachelle: See? I told you.

Although I’m starting to regret allowing her to breed…


Altaria: Don’t worry, Charmie. I won’t let your mommy mess up your life. I have an obligation to your daddy to keep you safe and happy….

D’aww. If only she were that affectionate to her own kids.


All Joey and Ri ever do is play chess. They’re both very high in the logic skill now.


More potty training occurs. But this is the last of those gratuitous pics for now.


Instead we have gratuitous pics of labor!

Jamie: Why can’t I go to the hospital for this?!?

What can I say? I’m a sucker for the relationship boosts given with home births.


Azurill: What an inconvenient location to give birth…how inconsiderate of you…

I kind of agree. Did it have to be right by the staircase?


Welcome to the world, baby Camerupt Kanto.


Jamie’s pregnancy apparently went horribly, cause the little guy was born with brave and virtuoso both locked in. C’mon, Jamie. Give me heiress material…


In the midst of all the chaos of birthing, I almost forgot Tepig’s birthday.

Tepig: It’s ok. I’m used to being overshadowed by major family events.

He rolled insane…again, why do my spares get all the fun traits?!?


Joe: Awww, look at you! You’re such a cute baby! Yes you are!

Tepig: Grandpa, I just had a birthday!

Joe: Quiet, kid. I’m admiring this adorable munchkin.

Well folks, that’s all I have for today. This chapter honestly wasn’t the most fun for me to write, and I’m sure it shows. But I do have high hopes for some chapters in the future. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful night. Happy Simming!