6.3: Seeing Green

Hey guys! Last time on the Kanto Legacy, both our Celadon children had a birthday and Altaria passed away.


I forgot to mention it last chapter, but I did change Chandra’s LTW to Living in the Lap of Luxury. It’s a really easy one and I kinda feel bad about that, but I wanted to keep it similar to the one we had to change.


We get right on training the new toddler.


Deerling: You married my uncle. I approve.

Morrigan: Ummm…cool?


We bought a dragon egg. Leds is the first to approach it.

Ledyba: You’d better turn into a fire-breathing monster that can burn down the houses of my rivals. Coochie-coo.


These fairies and their flowers…

Phillip: I can relate to my grandchild by talking about potted plants, right?

Deerling: You’re an idiot, Phil.


Carnie spam for the soul.

Carnivine: I have named this little man James.

I can’t imagine why.


Chandra keeps working at raising her painting skill. She skills really fast. Is that a fairy thing?


Deerling: Soon, Bell, you will come to life. And then you will do my bidding.


Poor Em doesn’t get to spend much time with his kids cause he’s on the opposite sleeping schedule, but he does get in some teaching before work sometimes.

Promotion 1

And he does get promoted afterwards too.


Bellossom comes to life!


Deerling: Meh. I’m too tired for this.


Carnivine: So hungry…someone save me…

This kid looks so sad all the time, poor thing.


This one, however, is pretty happy. And she’s supposed to be the over-emotional one.

Deerling: Some of us believe in playing it up for the camera. Anything to win heirship, right?


Since Chandra’s taken over the easel, Phil’s taken to sculpting. He made a bench.

Phillip: I’m so cool.


Leds takes a break from fixing things to try to get that IF potion. I don’t plan for Bell to be a spouse, but I’d still like to bring her to life.


This egg has been “about to hatch” for the past day or so. I did figure out the problem a little later, but we won’t be having a dragon in this chapter.


Ledyba: I hate you. I hate all of you.

Yeah, yeah.


Bellossom: Hey. Come play with me. Hey. Hey!

Deerling: I will tear your stuffing from your cute little fuzzy body if you don’t leave me alone.

On second thought, do we really want to bring anymore of these to life?


Carnivine: You love me too, don’t you?

Of course, honey. How could we not love that adorable face of yours.


Starmie: Can you believe this freakazoid niece of mine?


What? She’s just playfully pestering her imaginary friend. It’s completely normal.

Bellossom: Your wings are tickling me, Ling! This is such rubbish!


Time for Carnie to finish his skills with the TSAL.


SARAH! She’s the girl Ditto met in the park that first day and turned into a vampire! She’s pregnant with her second child. The first is the same age as Ling, and they’re friends.


Phil uses his library time to troll the forums.


Em’s boss, Teagan, doesn’t like the trolling ghost too much.

Teagan: Being evil is one thing, but being an internet troll is in a completely separate league of villainous!


Missingno: Mother, would you like to play chess with Em and help him raise his skills?

Ledyba: Quite, kid. I’m trying to focus on making this damn IF potion so I can get back to playing video games.


Phil tries to intimidate his daughter.


Bellossom: Oh, my.

Starmie: That was so wicked, dad!


Starmie: Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be disgusted by that. Get away from me!


Starmie: You are so stupid for thinking that would work on me!

Phillip: Dude. I thought I was supposed to be the argumentative one in this family.


Bellossom: Deeeeerliiiinggg.

Deerling: Ugghh, fine.


Deerling: Drink this stupid potion already.


Here’s our girl. I went ahead and randomized her face so she wouldn’t be just another pudding face.

Bellossom: Happy birthday 🙂


Speaking of birthdays…


Not that Ling could be bothered to care about her brother’s big day.


He still looks depressed even as a kid. It’s those eyes, man. Anyways, he rolled kleptomaniac.

Carnivine: You think anyone would expect this adorable face of stealing? And even if they did, one look at my puppy-dog eyes would make them back off.

I guess that’s true.


Ledyba: But since the kid grew up and the IF is real, that means…

Yupp, it sure does.


Time for Philyba and Starmie to move out into the world.


Have fun in SP, guys!

Romance 1

Starmie got an RI instantly after leaving.

Romance 2

But these two keep getting negative popups. How?! They were the most obnoxiously lovey couple in the house!

Baby Yuri

The first cousin was born though!


Ling has an important call to make, too.


This is Sarah’s kid, Andy. He’s one of my favorite options for spouse, and he just so happens to be Ling’s only friend from school. Score!


Deerling: Hey, welcome to my house.


Deerling: So here’s how this is gonna work. You’re gonna buy me the most expensive diamond that your measly allowance can afford.


Deerling: And then we’re gonna fall in love or some garbage and you’re gonna move in here and we’re gonna make a bunch of pink babies.


Andy: I’m down with that. ~person person plus~


I sent Carnie out to see if he could make some friends. Of course, he chose to be antisocial. Time to send him somewhere without any books on the lot.


Donovan Pleasant doesn’t seem too interested…

Donovan: Ewww, a ghost!

Carnivine: It’s okay. I’m used to the feeling of cold rejection.


I gave the poor kid a better haircut and sent Carnie to talk to him anyways.

Donovan: I guess he’s more funny-looking than scary.

Carnivine: At this point, I’ll take it.


Carnivine: Do you like comic books?


Donovan: Comics are for nerds. I do like comic movies though, especially ones with super hot celebrity stars.

(I feel like this is a good time to mention that both the kiddos have the nerd and can apprehend burglar hidden traits.)


Ling and Andy play a quick game of tag in the backyard. Although they seem to need a little help…


I turned away for two seconds and Donnie was upset with Carnie for something he said.

Carnivine: I’m sooo sorry! Whatever I did!


Donovan: It’s cool, I guess.

Carnivine: Friends?

Donovan: I don’t know if I’d go that far. You’re still a dork.

Time to head on home, methinks. That’s it for today, guys. Thanks so much for reading and as always, happy simming!