3.21: Bypassing the Plan

Hello everyone! I’m back with a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, Azurill aged up with a severe case of neurosis, and the middle twins turned YA and moved out.


Kyogre: Greetings, boyfriend I haven’t seen in almost a week. Step right inside, please. I have a surprise for you.

Jovan: This seems a little sketchy…


Don’t worry, Jovan. It’s just cake.

Jamie: WOOO! Birthdays!!!

Kyogre: Caaakkkeee….


Joe Kyo ages up eccentric, to add to good, hates the outdoors, snob, and no sense of humor. He aspires to be a world renowned surgeon, just like his father. He enjoys songwriter music, key lime pie, and the color red. He is a cancer.

Kyogre: I don’t know about this adulthood thing…something just doesn’t feel right…


His boyfriend, Jovan Gale, is a charmismatic, party animal who loves sports and mooching stuff off of others. He enjoys country music, grilled salmon, and the color yellow, and his sign is gemini. I apparently forgot to write down his final trait and his LTW.


After scarfing down a piece of birthday cake, he immediately took off, not even saying goodbye to his boyfriend.


Altaria: Enough about that jerk-off. It’s my turn to shine!


Altaria: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to elope with Squirtle in a land apart.


Here’s our heiress, all grown up! She rolled nurturing, making her a nurturing, clumsy, hydrophobic, ambitious Sim. She wants to be a CEO. I’m not really sure if that suits her or not, but I believe in her abilities to successfully succeed. She enjoys songwriter music like her twin, spaghetti with veggie sauce, and the color white. She is a leo.

Altaria: And now I’m expected to marry someone who isn’t my love, right?

Well, yes.

Altaria: If I get some cute nooboos out of it, I suppose I’ll deal.


After trying and failing at getting Jovan back over so Kyo-kun could propose, I finally gave up, set him up in the medical career, and shipped him out. I hope story progression is kind to these two. For whatever reason, my game hardly ever keeps couples together unless I marry them in the legacy house and then ship them out together…

Well, now I have some explaining to do. This is the point where the plan would have started. In fact, it did start here. But it was disastrous.


I sent my heirs to Uni, where I had already picked spouses for them.



They met their future spouses, fell madly in love, yada yada yada. Everything was going swimmingly, until babies happened. Tari and Eddy had twins, which was fine. But Squirtle and Ashley had quads! And Ashley’s LTW is surrounded by family, meaning we needed MORE kids. Both sets of parents got pregnant again, and luckily, Tari only had one baby. Ashley had quads again. Eleven children! With four adults, two elders, and a teenager still in the house! And then, both sets of parents got pregnant again when I wasn’t looking! Both had twins. Fifteen child generation! It was ludicrous, stressful, glitchy as hell. My game kept crashing, which it hardly ever does anymore. I wasn’t taking good screenshots at all because of being so frustrated. All in all, it was unpleasant, and it wouldn’t have been fun for you guys to read about. So I tossed the idea. Luckily, I had kept my save from right when they arrived back home from Uni, so I picked right up from there. One thing to note, though:


White at Uni, Squirtle wrote two books and completed his LTW! He is the youngest Kanto yet to accomplish this! Tari was hard at work too, building up her charisma skill to level four. With all that out of the way, let’s see what we can do to bring in the next generation, shall we?


Klink: It’s good to have you kids back in the house! I’m so proud of my baby boy, completing his lifetime wish! And of my little Tari, just starting on hers. Be sure to clock in early on your first day, hon. Make a good impression.

Altaria: Whatever you say, dad.

Azurill: Later, family. There’s a bumblebee ride calling my name.


Squirts still has a point to go before he masters the writing skill, and he’s also rolled the wish to write fifteen novels, so he’s still going to be chained to his desk for a little while.


Klink painted this beauty the other day. I’ve seen it in other legacies, but this is the first time one of my Sims has produced it. I think I’m gonna save it for when Vermilion gen gets here. It might look good in a red nursery.


I have Squirtle try to strike up a conversation with Jamie, in hopes that we can marry this adorableness in.

Squirtle: So…how’s life as a maid?

Jamie: I’m gay.

Squirtle: …..okay?


Jamie: Sorry, I didn’t mean to rain on your parade like that. I just knew you were about to flirt with me. I could see it in your eyes.

Squirtle: I’m that readable, huh?


Squirtle: …..

Jamie: ……

Squirtle: Awkward….


I have Tari step in to ease the awkwardness. If I can’t have her in my legacy, I can at least use her to help Tari’s charisma progression. Also, I have no idea why there is a picture of Unown on the ground. I put it in Tari’s inventory, but it just kept teleporting back to that spot.

Altaria: Now you listen here, maid. If you so much as lay a hand on my Squirtle…

Jamie: I’m gay.

Altaria: ….okay?


Altaria: So…what’s it like being a maid?

Klink: Uggghh! My daughter is in the way of the pretty maid!

Jamie: I…think I see something that needs cleaning…


Meanwhile, I sent Squirtle all over town looking for people he could make his bride. I found this tattoo artist at the salon, and decided to have Squirlte chat her up, see if he liked her at all.

Squirtle: I can’t believe you’re making me spouse hunt. I HAVE a future spouse. Her name is Ashley and she’s squishy and adorable and perfect and wonderful and….

And cursed with a quads glitch. Besides, inviting Uni Sims over doesn’t always agree with my game. I’m sure you’ll find someone you like just as much as her.


Rachelle: So I hear you need babies. Well just so you know, I do have ovaries, and they are fully functional.

Squirtle: …right…


Rachelle: If I run off, will he chase me?

Not likely. Although, he did manage to make friends with her, so I’ll probably have him hunt her down again tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s check out Tari’s progress with Jamie the maid.


Altaria: I just don’t know what to do, weird maid chick. I need to carry on my father’s legacy, but I just can’t find a guy I like as much as my big brother…even my boyfriend back at Uni isn’t attractive to me…not really…

Jamie: Maybe you’re just gay.

Altaria: Gay? Me?

Jamie: Yeah. Do you ever find other women attractive?


Altaria: As a matter of fact, I do think you’re very pretty…

Changing gender preferences up in here

Huh, that’s interesting. The reason I picked Eddy as her spouse originally was because she told me she was straight before prom. But this certainly makes sense for her, since she never liked another guy aside from her big brother.


Altaria: Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I ever would’ve figured myself out.

Jamie: Any time, babe. If there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know, alright?

Altaria: Actually, there is ONE thing…

Jamie: What is it?



Jamie: Hey, it’s been real, but I have to get going now. We’ll hang tomorrow, kay?

Altaria: Actually, I was kinda hoping you’d move in with us…it’d mean a lot to me…

Jamie: Really? You mean it? Hell yeah, I’ll move in!


Altaria: Hold on a sec, there’s something I have to do…

Jamie: No prob. Wow, I’m really moving up in the world…

Altaria: Eddy, I’m sorry it has to be this way, but as it turns out, I’m gay! So…no hard feelings? I hope we can still be friends!


Altaria: I hope I’m doing the right thing…

Jamie: You’re following your heart. That’s always the right thing to do.


I gave Jamie her Cerulean makeover (although she’s still wearing that silly maid outfit) and then sent Tari over to pop the question.

Altaria: Will you be my girlfriend?

Jamie: Definitely.


She definitely seems happier than she was with Eddy.


Time to get on making Vermilion spawn. I’m going to try to avoid maternity leave with Tari, given her career based LTW, and Jamie is already into her adult life bar, so we need to work quickly.


Azurill: Big sister’s getting it on with that maid girl, daddy!

Joe: Where did you learn language like that, missy? Don’t talk about Tari’s private business. Besides, I don’t wanna hear about my precious baby girl’s sexual exploits.


Jamie wants to be a firefighter super hero (not likely to happen, but we can try), so she promptly gets a job in the firefighter career.


Klink: So how was your first time in bed, darling? I’ve had Woohoo with both a man and a woman, so if you ever need any advice…

Altaria: Daddy, please!

Perverts, this family…


Little Ri is obsessed with this thing, I’m telling you. Her first action every morning after getting up is to ride on it. It’s kinda ridiculous.


Tari, meanwhile, is obsessed with her business planner thingy from Uni. If I leave her autonomous, this is what she chooses to do. Squirtle never touches his…whatever the thing is they get for the communications major. Being at Uni kinda bores me a bit, so I don’t usually pay too much attention to this stuff.


First day on the job! I really like the firefighter career, but if I’m gonna spend a lot of time with it, I think I’d prefer it be with an heir instead of a spouse.


First order of business: maintain the firetruck.


Right across the street from the firehouse is the salon, and Rachelle the tattoo artist is nowhere to be found. Instead, we see Bobo and his elder wife, Winter Marquez. They obviously can’t spawn, but they are very much in love, so it’s okay. He’s the only Cerulean spare so far to be in a steady relationship.


Back home, we have a new maid. Who looks suspiciously just like Jamie…is there a maid warehouse where they make carbon copies of one girl, and when one leaves the service, a new one is shipped out?


Our first emergency!

Woman: OMG, help! My garage is on fire!


This “small house fire” is no match for Jamie Ring, firefighter extraordinaire!

Tari's first promotion

Guess who else is succeeding at her job.


Co-worker: I don’t get it. What’s one measly promotion in the grand scheme of things?

Altaria: In a legacy, it’s everything.


Back at the station, we finally found Rachelle! Apparently, she switched jobs overnight.

Rachelle: I’m playing hard to get. It usually draws men in like flies to honey. Now if you’ll excuse me, I see that darling legacy boy of yours staring at me through the window.


Squirtle: How would you like to help me bring a new color into the Kanto pallet?

Rachelle: Teehee, I’d really like that, Poke-boy.


Random Dude: Yo, Shelly, what gives? I thought we were on for tonight?

Rachelle: Shhh, pudding, don’t ruin the moment.


Rachelle: What’s the matter, stud, don’t got enough Pokeballs to do the deed? Don’t leave a girl hanging.

Squirtle: Shush, you! You’re not helping!


After spending the entire evening wooing her, Squirtle finally gets the courage to make a serious move.

Squirtle: What would you say if I asked you to move in with me?

Rachelle: I’d say that it’s about freaking time, sport!


Rachelle: So this is the place, huh? It could use some work, but it’ll do.

Altaria and Jamie: Look at us! We flirt autonomously! We’re cute! Give us all the screentime!

Squirtle: How nice, my sister finally found someone to love 🙂



Altaria: Woah. I mean, okay!

Rachelle: Oh, suger, c’mon over here and show me how much of a man you are. If these lesbians can do it, you can, too.

Squirtle: Ehh, that’s their thing. Plus, I’m not really in the mood right now, you know?


Jamie: Your bed, or the shower?

Altaria: Mmm…I’m kinda feeling the shower this time.

Rachelle: I’m a firefighter, you know.

Squirtle: Yeah, that’s cool I guess.


Rachelle: We could play a game. You be the damsel in distress, and I’ll be the hunky fireman who saves you from eternal damnation by flame.

Squirtle: Ooh, that sounds exciting!

Rachelle: Woohoo time?

Squirtle: Nope! I gotta write about that shit first!

Jamie: I think I’d like to play that game…


Squirtle: Look, Shelly, I have an important question for you.

Rachelle: I can see your speech bubble, darlin’. I know what you’re gonna ask.

Squirtle: Well? What do you say?

Rachelle: If it’ll get you to woohoo with me? Abso-friggen-lutely!


Success! Mate procured!


Joe: So look hun, if you or the maid girl need any pregnancy books, your father and I have plenty. We also have…other kinds of books, if you know what I mean ;P

Altaria: …seriously, dad. Stop it.


Rachelle finally got her wish, and we get Squirtle’s side of Vermilion gen underway! Rachelle is just a little bit younger than Jamie, but she’s also into her adult bar, so we really do need to make babies, stat.

Now that we’ve begun reproducing, how about I formally introduce the heads of Cerulean gen?

Squirtle Intro Card

Rachelle Intro Card

Altaria Intro Card

Jamie Intro Card

Welp, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and I’ll see you next time for the conclusion of generation 3! I hope you guys had a wonderful Pi day on Saturday, and I hope you continue to have a wonderful day today. Happy Simming!

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