6.5: Date Night

Hello friends! Last time on the Kanto Legacy, we had a sleepover and met some of the potential spouse candidates. After that, Deerling and Bellossom aged up into teenagers, and I lied to you all. I had said that Ling’s teen trait was over-emotional, when that was actually her child trait! Her new trait is insane. Moral of the story: Don’t write chapters from memory. Always use your notes.

Romance 1

Romance 2

To start off, Ditto finally got himself into a relationship, and is expecting! Congrats, sweetie!


If you guys remember, we bought a dragon egg a couple chapters ago. I got my glitch fixed, so it should hatch this time.

Deerling: Who’s gonna be a horrendous, fire-breathing monstrosity? You are. Yes you are.


She does have some business to attend to though.

Deerling: Get your dumb butts over here so we can bond.


This little girl is Carolyn Kelley, the girl I said I was thinking about for Carnie, but couldn’t come to the party because she’d just aged up. She does not disappoint!

(Side note: Her mother just gave birth to quads! I don’t think I’ve had townies have triplets, let alone quads!)

Carolyn: Multiples run in my family. I could bring you many a pink baby.



We also have a newly aged up Andy, who brought his baby brother Isidrio. Ling heartfarted a bunch of boys when she aged up, so I figured Andy’s still a safe choice without having to check her preference.


Carnivine: I know we just met and all and have barely had a chance to develop our friendship, but I just wanted to let you know that my Simmer wants us to have babies together.


Carolyn: Haha, that’s hilarious!

Carnivine: I know, right? Imagine us, having babies.

You seemed pretty okay with it when you first got here, missy.


At least the other two are getting with the picture.

Deerling: So, husband, I think the green flag has been waved. You may now proceed with the wooing. But please but down that infant.

Andy: Whatever you say, dearest.


Carolyn: You know what I’ve always found fascinating? Rubbish 😀


Carnivine: Where have you been all my life?! Rubbish is my absolute favorite thing to talk about! Especially since my life is pretty much a smelly bag of poo!

As we all know, garbage bins are the beginning of all great relationships.


Deerling: I thought I told you to put that baby down. Seriously, just drop it in front of a TV or something, I wanna make out.

Andy: Sure thing, babe.

He’s so whipped already.


The kids go outside for some tag. At least they seem to be doing it right this time.

Carnivine: If I weren’t a ghost who can’t float more than two miles an hour, I’d totally be whipping your butt!

Carolyn: Not likely, ectoplasm-boy!


Chandra still exists too. She’s painting.

Chandra: Don’t sound so excited.


Andy did actually put down his brother, and these two finally got down to business.


Deerling: We’re official now.

Andy: Okay.


True love.


Bell still exists. She pretty much just chats with people on the internet.

Bellossom: Well, nobody else in this house talks to me.

Too true. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have brought her to life…


Deerling: Father, where have you been? I have procured my mate and am ready to take over the legacy now.

Missingno: That’s not really something Em needed to hear, sweetheart. Can Em just pretend that you’re still little and innocent?

Deerling: Silly daddy. I was never innocent.

Finally Time to Choose a Branch

We finally got to choose the evil branch.

Promotion 1

Em’s really moving up in the world.


Andy: Hello, ma’am. Nice go meet you. I wanted to know when I could start moving my things in. Ling has demanded that I be ready to take over my duties as legacy spouse as soon as possible.

Chandra: Kid, if you think I’m letting you inside this house, let alone anywhere near my daughter, you’ve got another thing coming.


Undeterred, Andy makes himself at home in the basement. The one negative point I can give to him is that his LTW is chess master, which we’ve already done with Leds. If he becomes the spouse, I might change it to mix things up a bit.


Lynn sticks around too, but she chooses to stay outside in the freezing cold temperatures.

Carolyn: Sometimes you gotta suck up your pain to have some fun!

They both stayed the night. The next morning, I kept getting popups that Andy needed to go or else he was gonna be late for school. I didn’t think we’d locked him anywhere, so I checked around the lot to see what he was doing.


GAH! ANDY!!! Luckily, we got him fixed up and sent home before he DIED ON US. Grilled cheesus, at least wait until you’ve given us a fuchsia baby before you check out on us!


Deerling: I, the great Ling, bring you gifts. Another spouse option.

Honey, you already have Andy wrapped around your finger.

Deerling: Yes, but all great leaders have consorts.


We don’t have to worry about destroying Andy’s heart just yet, though. She brought over the town’s resident pudding face, Cara Gallagher. Oh wait, it’s just Gallgher, isn’t it. It just sounds so wrong without the “a.”


We got a purple dragon! His name is Goodra.


Missingno: Wow, Em’s never had a pet before! Em’s gonna take such good care of you, baby Goo.

I’m glad we got the purple one, that’s what I was going for!


Inspired by his new best friend, Em goes to work out some more.

Athletic Complete

And maxes athletic!


Deerling: I wish I had been born a ghost instead of a fairy. My brother’s just so much cooler than me.


Carnivine: Of course I’m not starving myself to make a good impression on Lynn, are you crazy? Donnie, I eat plenty. I don’t think anorexia even exists in our universe. Gosh, get off my back.

….Are you sure about that, Ling?

Romance 3

Ditto and Sophie had twins! Though I’m not sure why the second one says Trina. When I checked the family tree, her name was Jordan. Strange.

Romance 4

NOOOOO! Damn you, SP!!!


Carnivine: I may have done a thing…a maybe not so good thing…

What might that be?


Carnivine: I stole this painting.

Good job, kiddo. You showed off your trait, finally.

Carnivine: I feel awful. Can I give it back?

…We’ll work on it.


Deerling: I wanted to sit in that spot. Get out.

Bellossom: I was here first. Besides, it’s not even your desk.

Deerling: That’s right. It’s my brother’s desk. In my brother’s room. What are you, some kind of pervert?

Bellossom: You wanted in here too, right? What does that make you?

Deerling: It’s not weird for me. We’re siblings.

Bellossom: Sure…


Deerling: I’m not a pervert, right? It’s not weird to want to hang out in your little brother’s room instead of your own.


Deerling: How dare she imply such things about me! She’s the one who’s creepy, always following me around! She should be exiled! Vanquished!


Deerling: I am having a moment. Please leave me.


Carnivine: Dead Auntie Tari’s bed…I wonder what secrets it holds…


Demonic spirits. Sounds about right.


Carnivine: Wow. She was so cool. I wanna be just like her.


I see you’re feeling better.

Deerling: Dancing always soothes my soul pain 🙂


Little Yuri grew up! He really doesn’t resemble Ari at all, but he’s still super cute!


Missingno: In case you didn’t know, Em is the greatest.

Promotion 2

Yes, yes. You’re pretty spectacular, sweetie.

That’s all for this chapter. Just one more until the heir poll, methinks! Thanks so much for reading and as always, happy Simming!


And Now For Something Completely Different…A Liebster Award

Way to kick off the summer with a bang! The Liebster Award is once more being passed around and it’s made it’s way over to this humble legacy.

Liebster Award

Thanks so much to fluffymao of The Mayfields for nominating me for this award! She is an amazing writer who managed so suck me into her world of Sims storytelling when I’m usually more a fan of commentary-style blogs.

Da Rules

I think we’re all familiar with the process of these awards by now, but I’ll go through it just in case you’re new to all of this tomfoolery.

The Liebster Award is a way to recognize and appreciate fellow bloggers whom you believe deserve some love and attention. This process does come with a few simple rules.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person asked you
  3. Nominate other bloggers
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions of your own (Why 11? Because we like to go one step beyond.)

Questions from Fluffymao 

  1. What’s your favorite beverage?
  2. Do you write characters that share your viewpoints or clash?  In-between?
    • In-between, probably. It depends on the characters I’m writing and the stories they belong to. I definitely don’t always agree with my protagonists, and I can sometimes see where my villains are coming from. Different stories call for different viewpoints to be expressed, no matter if they align with yours or clash.
  3. One word: ALIENS!  What do you think?
    • I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% a believer, but I don’t see any reason not to believe that there might be life on other planets. Now, I certainly don’t believe the stories that people get abducted from their farms at night and are now heavy with extraterrestrial progeny, but who knows what’s out there in other galaxies? I’m holding out hope that Starfleet will be founded in the next century as scheduled and I’ll get to watch on as our descendants explore strange new worlds and discover new life and new civilizations!
  4. To you, what is the best sounding word?  What about the worst?
    • One of my favorite words has always been “shenanigans.” A lot of people would vote “moist” as the grossest sounding word, but it’s never bothered me much. Instead, I’d like to nominate any modern slang terms. I sometimes use these ironically, but when people say them with a straight face (looking at you, sorority sisters…) I cringe every time.
  5. Put your rebel cap on.  What’s the worst thing you’ve done that you’ve gotten a thrill out of?
    • Confession time. I am a walking contradiction. On the one hand, I’m a thrill seeker and there’ve been plenty of situations where I’ve wanted to do something “bad” to see what would happen. On the other hand, I have severe anxiety problems, guilt anxiety being one of the major issues. I can’t physically bring myself to do bad things for fear of getting into trouble. Because of this, the worst thing I’ve ever done is let myself skip class one day a semester when I’m feeling sick without my parents knowing. And I feel super badly whenever I do.
  6. You’ve had your fun, but now the psychic police are coming!  What do you do?!
    • I’m a pretty unassuming person, so if I just stood in a corner in a crowd of people, they’d never actually find me.
  7. Do you know your personality type?  If so, care to share?
    • My Myers-Briggs type is INFJ. As a psych nerd, I could tell you my NEO and MIPS results as well, but that’d take way longer to explain than just stating some letters XD
  8. Blue. Red. Green.  What’s the first thing you think of?
    • Red, Blue, and Green
    • …Sorry, not sorry.
  9. What was/is your most hated school subject?  Why?
    • Honestly, I’ve mostly liked school. There were a few specific classes I haven’t liked, but that’s mostly due to the professor. I guess I’d say that I’m not really a fan of sociology, since they always seem bent on discrediting biology and psychology in favor of their ideologies.
  10. You’ve got to leave to someplace faraway for some reason or another.  You’ve got 10 minutes to pack one bag.  What do you take?
    • Lots of people would probably pick something sentimental to bring with them, a family heirloom or a gift from their boyfriend or a favorite childhood toy. I’m not a very sentimental person though, and I’m assuming that I’m coming back at some point. For the sake of practicality, I’d probably take a few pairs of clothes and a pair of pajamas, some books to keep me occupied, some money, and my laptop if I have enough room. Sorry guys! I wish I had a more interesting answer for you.
  11. You’re about to die and need to pass on some grain of knowledge for future generations.  What do you say?
    • Stand up for what you believe in, even when everyone else is telling you that you’re wrong. Fight to protect your rights and your freedoms. Defend free speech with all your might. Advocate for diversity of thought, not just diversity of appearance. You are the future. You can make things better for the next generation, if only you have the courage to try.

The Chosen Ones

The Tale of the Bagleys by meg

In the Shade by seraphaeli

The Mendoza ISBI by TinyPiglet

EliottsISBI by crazyelo

Berries of Insanity by ChazzyBazzy

A Small ISBI by Jenn

The Legacy of the Xavier’s by lomai

Mister Wolfe Legacy Challenge by misterwolf86

Insanity Family by MichelleLynn01

Through the Plumbob by zefiewings

The Berthold Legacy by Reggie

The Inquisition 

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world besides where you live now, where would you choose?
  2. What is your favorite song right now? What song annoys you the most?
  3. If you could only eat foods from one of the five food groups for the rest of your life, which group would you choose?
  4. What’s your favorite scary movie?
  5. Which period in history fascinates you the most and why?
  6. What’s your favorite thing to do on a night out with your friends?
  7. If you could marry any fictional character, which would it be and why?
  8. Which Disney princess is/was your favorite? How about the princes?
  9. If you could have any animal as a pet, which would you want? What would you name it?
  10. Do you play board games? If so, which do you have the fondest memories of playing?
  11. And last but not least, the most important question: Left or right Twix?

Thank you once again, fluffymao, for bestowing this award upon me! It’s always an honor to receive these awards and to participate in the rituals of answering and asking questions.

Thanks to all you readers as well for supporting me and for brightening my day with your own amazing content. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day. Happy Simming!

6.4: Spouse Hunting

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been a while, but this semester is finally over so maybe we’ll get some chapters in this summer! Haha, yeah right. 

Last time on the Kanto Legacy, we changed Chandra’s LTW to living in the lap of luxury (completed), Bellossom came to life, Carnivine aged up into a child, Philyba and Starmie moved out, and Deerling planted the seeds of romance with Andy Dolan. Wow, it sounds like we accomplished a lot more than we actually did!


Em’s gonna be on the evil track pretty soon, so he needs to start working on that logic skill. I thought he might have more fun on the computer than on the basement chess table.


Carnivine: Good morning, sister.

Deerling: ~chokes~ I have a brother?!

This seems familiar…


Bellossom: Ewww, I don’t like ghosts at the breakfast table!

Deerling: Don’t make me regret bringing you to life, dumbo.


I thought it’d be nice to get the kids to bond a little.

Deerling: Look at me. I’m mother and I didn’t even know that The Flash and The Hulk are part of separate universes.

Carnivine: Haha, let me try! I’m mother and I didn’t even know that superheroes have to cover their eyes with masks to hide their identities.

Chandra: My children are so lame…


Chandra: Unlike me. I’ve got moves you can’t even begin to describe.

That’s one way to put it.


I guess Em had enough of chess for a while.

Missingno: Em may be a genius, but working out will always be Em’s element.


Ling’s becoming just a little bit obsessed with the fairy house. Chandra almost never touches it, but if I don’t give Ling something to do she gravitates toward it.


She tends to ignore her IF, leaving her to do things like this.

Bellossom: Teeter-totters are so much fun, guys.

It’s just a little bit sad…


Donovan Pleasant, the kid Carnie was talking to in the park at the end of last chapter, came home with him after school.

Donovan: I’m only doing this because mother feels sorry for that dork. Plus, maybe he’ll help me with my homework. I’m no good at geography.

Sure, sure.


Carnivine: Four kids hanging out doing homework together? This is just like a sleepover.

Deerling: How lame. I’m outta here.

Bellossom: Ling-Ling, wait! Why don’t you love me?

Donovan: What did I just get myself into?…


Donovan: Ewww, you didn’t tell me there’d be other ghost-losers here besides you!

Carnivine: Don’t talk that way about my daddy. He’s the coolest ever!


…I dunno about that, Carnie.

Missingno: Em’s going to fillet that kid alive if he talks that way again. How dare he insult Em’s ghostlyness?

Seriously, he’s not insane. What is he yelling at?!


This little guy is Yuri, Arbok’s kid. He looks to be a Mori clone, but with Ari’s eye color. And of course it’s the spare’s offspring that inherit the berry skintone…


Donnie decided to stay the night in the treehouse.

Donovan: Mom was mad that I was late, so I told her I was sleeping over with my new friend. And there’s no way I’m actually staying in the same room as that dweebus or his creepy sister.


Deerling: If I wave my magic around like this, will all those dirty dishes go away?

Doubtful. But actually picking them up might.

Deerling: As if. That’s the maid’s job.


It’s the weekend, so Ling gets to work on her inventing skill.

Bellossom: I’ll stay by you always, Ling-Ling. I’ll just sit here and work on our homework while you tinker.

Deerling: I’m inventing, not tinkering. There’s a huge difference, you dingus.


Carnie wanted to visit the graveyard, so I sent him to explore the catacombs while he was there.

Carnivine: I sense no danger here.


Of course he was mauled by a bear.


Carnivine: Did you know that bears shoot electricity out of their giant bear-paws? Because they do. Just thought you should know.


Donnie’s still at our house, baking with our oven. The Kanto kids don’t even use it.

Donovan: That’s because they don’t have any class.


Carnivine: Who needs class when you’ve got IMAGINATION? Stop, you bears! I will destroy you! Ride, Destiny!


The kiddos bond a little over karaoke.

Deerling: IMAAAA-

Carnivine: One little spark.

Deerling: GINATION.

Carnivine: Of inspiration.


Afterwards, Ling makes an important phone call.

Deerling: Excuse you, I’m just sending a message through our group chat. “‘Sup, bitches. Get over to my family’s mansion for a sleepover.”

That works too, I guess.


The first guest is Noe Hooley, the son of Em’s best friend from work. He’s not my favorite kid in the neighborhood, but I’d consider him as an option if only for that reason.


This girl is called Blanca. She’s actually Espeon’s step-daughter. These two both just aged up yesterday, so they’re not too much older than our kids if we wanted to consider them.


Morrigan’s mother showed up as the obligatory, uninvited guest.

Mama O’Reilly: Someone’s gotta keep these kids supervised.

I think we had that under control, but thanks anyways.


She’s not completely unwarranted, though. This is Mori’s little brother, Jacob. He’s really cute, but a bit too old for either of the kids. Hopefully he’ll have babies around the same time Fuchsia gen is born.


Missingno: Mwahahah! So many possibilities for evil tonight!

Is it just me, or is Em getting creepier by the minute?


This girl is called Leticia, I think. She looks super excited to be here.


This little boy is Russel Cromos.


And finally, Miss Pouty Pants is Kindra MacAnna. I forget if she belongs to Em’s boss or the other sister. I think it’s the other one. Quite a cute bunch, overall. There’s another kid who I’m strongly considering for Carnie if he likes girls, but she aged up into a child literally right after I invited everyone so she didn’t get to come.


Carnivine: Just grin and bear it, Carnie. One day, you’ll know everyone. Then there’ll be nobody left to be disgusted by you.

Noe: I like the way you think, kid.

Both: ~Person person plus~

After this, the three teens left. I guess it was prom and I didn’t even realize.


THERE HE IS! The little darling.

Andy: Heya. Miss me?


Deerling: Husband! Come give mama some sugar!

(Side note: I hate that she had to change into those stupid pajamas. Her’s are just fine, thank you!)


Donnie never actually left. He and Russel strike up an instant friendship.

Russel: These people are a bit odd, have you noticed?

Donovan: Where have you been all my life?


Kindra: So, your sister seems pretty cool. Is she accepting friend applications?

Carnivine: Don’t you wanna be friends with me?

Kindra: Sorry kid, you’re kind of a dork.


Bellossom: Kitty, wha-


Bellossom: OUCH, KITTY!

Stray: I’m outta here.


Bellossom: You’ve made an enemy of me this day…

I liked this cat, so we invited it inside and even set up a food dish for it.


Leticia: Mommy doesn’t let me have video games. She says they’re too violent. I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

Andy: Guys, I’m trying to read this book my girlfriend gave to me. She said it’s absolutely essential to our relationship that I finish it tonight.

Donovan: Dude, you are so whipped.



It strikes again. And like the wind, it drifts away, never to be seen again…


The cold outdoors seems like a logical choice for sleeping, doesn’t it? It’s not like I set up space for them to sleep in the basement or anything…


Not like we have too much time to worry about things like that.

Burglar: I am ever so sneaky.


Burglar: Oops, they have an alarm. Might wanna back out before the coppers show.


Burglar: Crap! They shut the door on me!


Carnivine: Do you hear that sis?

Deerling: It’s probably nothing. Let’s just eat our cereal.

Deerling and Carnivine: Mmmm…cereal…


Officer: Hi there. You must be the burglar. I’ll be your opponent tonight. Nice to meet you.

Burglar: Let’s just get this over with.

Bellossom: You’d better whip that lady good for interrupting my beauty sleep.

Missingno: This sure looks like an exciting predicament.


Missingno: This seems like an appropriate place to hover.


Chandra: UGGGHH! I was trying to sleep, dammit!

Missingno: Hi, honey!


Chandra: Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be scared. GASP! A BURGLAR!


Officer: Let’s get to the car, ma’am. And since I had to get up in the middle of the night to deal with this, it would be great if you would drink some bleach when we get to the station 🙂


Officer: Oh my goodness, that’s Missingno Kanto! He’s a wanted man!

Missingno: Em’s so happy he gets to be here for his only daughter’s teen birthday! Em can’t wait for caaakeee!

Officer: Buuttt…he seems harmless enough. I guess I’ll just leave now.

Promotion 2

Before I forget, Em did get a promotion tonight. Great job, sweetie!


Time to age the girls up!

Deerling: You gonna get your own boyfriend and leave me alone when we’re older?

Bellossom: Not likely.


Here’s our girl! She rolled over-emotional as her fourth trait! Seems fitting.

Deerling: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am in perfect control of my emotions, always.


And here’s Bell. She rolled natural born performer.

Bellossom: I will use this trait to act like I don’t mind being ignored.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for tuning in! I hope you all have a great rest of your night and as always, happy Simming!