5.14: Waking the Dragons

Hello there friends! I hope you’ve all been well since last we met. I just started my new semester and next week I’ll be super busy with recruitment all week so I thought I’d try to push out a chapter while I have some downtime.

In the last chapter, our eldest Lavender boys became young adults, Missingno officially took over as heir, and Chandra was married and moved in. She intends to see the ghost of her rich husband, which didn’t fulfill last time, so we’ll see what happens with that.


We start off with Ditto, taking his turn with the training of the toddler.


Em works on that athletic skill. He should be pretty prepared for the life of a criminal at this point.


Bonding with the mother-in-law.

Ledyba: So. You married my son, did you?

Chandra: Yes, I did.

Ledyba: I also heard you want him dead. Even though he’s already dead. I’m watching you…


New maid has the hots for Chandra.

Maid: My love.

Too bad, bud. You can’t have her.


Chandra: Ewww. As if.


She’s much more interested in painting. Not really sure which skills I’m going to have her focus on yet, so right now she just gets to do what she wants.


Leds is tasked with the fixing of the ever-broken dishwasher.


Ledyba: Stay fixed please?


Ledyba: Yay 🙂


Ledyba: How dare you take pictures of me making such stupid facial expressions.

I do love her.


Nothing new here.


Or here.


Arbok: Oh, look. My parents are flirting their asses off. Imagine that.

Even the kids know this is all they do.


Chandra: This house is terrible! How can you people live here? You’re the man of the house, father in law! Fix this.

Ledyba: This bitch really doesn’t wanna live, does she?


Phillip: Calm down, chick. It’s not like there’s a whole lot I can do.

Chandra: Maybe you should have thought of that before inviting me into your home!

Antagonizing the in-laws. Good plan, Chandra.


Arbok: The heck is wrong with my new sister?

Hot-headed trait.


We inturrupt this drama to bring you good news! One shower after a workout later and Em makes the call.

Missingno: Yes, Em would like to move his whole family to a new town.


But where could we be heading?


Welcome to Dragon Valley! Originally, I had planned to move the Kantos to a custom world I had yet to determine, but then I ended up getting some of the store worlds and I decided Dragon Valley would be a good fit for this family. I’m super excited for this! Never played here before!


Here is the outside of our new, slightly less awful house. Still not very pretty, but…meh. These house pictures were taken as an afterthought, after I’d already played through this chapter, by the way. So please excuse the fact that they were taken in buy mode and there are Sims strewn about in various places.


First floor. We have two bathrooms, the dining room and kitchen, laundry room, study, living room, toddler bedroom, and a hot tub outside. It was only now that I realized I’d forgotten to build Starmie her own toddler room, so she gets to stay in the Celadon room for now.


Second floor. Two bathrooms, an art room, gym, and then bedrooms for Arbok, Ditto, and our Lavender couple.


Third floor. Two bathrooms, Espeon’s bedroom, Tari’s bedroom, and the Vermillion couple’s bedroom. I really don’t like that there are three stories, but what’s done is done.


Basement. The top division is sort of the crypt area, with the portraits and teddys so far. I haven’t decided whether or not we’ll be keeping the graves down here or if we’ll move them to a graveyard. The bottom division is a mess of a bunch of objects I wanted but didn’t really fit anywhere else. To the left are more fun objects like ski ball and karaoke. To the right are skill building items like the alchemy station and the science thing. So beautiful, I know.


Backyard. We’ve got a pool, a play area for the kiddos, a treehouse, and a fairy house for Chandra. Please excuse my terrible terrain skills. I have no idea why there are random patches of light green grass around the pool. I didn’t do anything besides the lining around the pool and the “rocks” in the kids area, so it must have been part of the original terrain or something. I’ll fix it later. That’s the end of the house tour. I’m not good with decorating big spaces, so the rooms are fairly small and pictures might be tight. Apologies in advance for that.


WAAAA! EM! What happened to you?!

Missingno: Something wrong?

Just give me a second…


There. All better. Hope you all enjoyed seeing Human!Em for a short while. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.


After getting himself sorted out, Em lands a job with the local mob bosses. My child the wanted criminal. I’m so proud.



Phillip and Essey are quick to grab their easels. Our entrance into Dragon Valley also marks the first use of a custom paintings mod that’s been sitting in my downloads folder for a good year now before I actually installed it. Let’s see what gems we create, ne?


Just because we’re in a new town doesn’t mean we get to neglect the needs of our Star.

Ledyba: Nobody else could do this?

She is your child, you know.

Ledyba: Technicalities…


Werk it, Em.


Chandra is tasked with being the first Kanto to learn the alchemy skill. I decided to have her focus on this for now and see where it goes.


Ari finds his new guitar and gets right to playing.


He already has a fan.

And Ditto?


He’s out meeting the locals! Not only is he looking for his own spouse, he’s also looking for townies to drink from and to turn.

This one is meh.


Getting warmer.


Oh. My. Goodness. SHE’S SOOO CUTE! If we hadn’t already married Em off to Chandra, she’d totally be birthing us some Celadon babies! Quickly, Ditto! Make your move!


Ditto: Hello, my name is Ditto. I just moved here with my family this morning.

Girl: I’m Sarah. It’s very nice to meet you.

Ditto: Likewise.

Dude: What, am I not good enough for you?



Ditto and Sarah got on very well. Unfortunately…


Of course she is. I think it might have been that guy with the green hair, too. And on top of this, Ditto doesn’t find her very attractive. She’d better make us some gorgeous babies for the next gen to marry.


This young redhead is married to this old fart here, and he was having a go at her while we were talking to Sarah.

Old Fart: You should become more muscular. I don’t like scrawny women.

Redhead: Look, darling. You’re going to die any day now and I’ll have a rebound man within minutes. I’ll stay as scrawny as I want to.

Old Fart: ~disgruntled old man noises~

Blue Girl: I should not be as desensitized to this as I am.

This town is already turning out more interesting than Moonlight Falls.


Even though she can’t be ours, Ditto can still make her count toward his LTW.

Sarah: I don’t know about this….

Ditto: It’ll be fine. I promise this isn’t dangerous.

Sarah: Well…okay…


She was making such a great face, but Ditto’s unwanted llama heartfart was in the way from the other angle…


Sarah: Wow…that was kinda hot actually…

Ditto: Best. Meal. Ever.

You sure you don’t wanna tap that?

Ditto: I’m sure.


Ditto: Come closer, mortal. I shall now make you one of my minions.

Sarah: I don’t know…I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day…

Ditto: Did I stutter?

Sarah: Okay, okay!



Well, at least we got something productive done from this adventure.


This is what Essey painted, by the way. WINNIE THE POOH. We’re keeping this for the nursery.






The Sims were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of new beginnings danced in their heads.


First one up in the morning is Tari, and she takes twenty years to make breakfast, as usual. Half the Sims in this house don’t even eat regular food, so I feel as though this is just the slightest bit wasteful.


Next up is Ditto, getting a workout in before another long day of turning the town.


Our Lavender couple still gets on very well despite Chandra’s tendency to blow up at everyone.

Chandra: Good morning, darling. Love you.

Missingno: Em loves you more, baby.

Still hasn’t fulfilled that LTW. We’ll wait a little while for some more money to build up and if it still hasn’t fulfilled, hopefully she’ll have accumulated enough LTH to change it.


Father-daughter bonding.

Espeon: Your paintings are wonderful, father. Color me impressed.

Phillip: If you make one more pun, I will disown you.


Ari gets in some video games before school. Sneaky little hobbitses.


Missingno: Here you go, baby sister. Breakfast.

Starmie: Yay! Food!

At least Em is nice to this sister. When Essey was a toddler, his evil trait really showed.


Before Ditto sets out on another spouse hunt/vampire-fest, he has to brush his teeth three times and wash his hands twice. Neurotic Sims. Honestly.

Ditto: What? I have to make sure I have fresh breath in case I kiss anybody. And who would want to touch hands that weren’t thoroughly washed?

I suppose the kid makes a point.


What is going on here?




Vampire intimidation. That’s what’s happening here. Man, these two really hate each other.

After Intimidate

…or do they?

No no, children. Don’t even think about it.


Now, I never really worried about toddler skills other than the main three and the blocks and xylophone before. But I’ve been playing a Four Immortal Sisters challenge on the side and that challenge requires that toddlers read all the books before they grow up, so I’ve gotten into somewhat of a routine. Starmie here is the first Kanto to have her very own TSAL. We’ll try to do this in the library with future kids, but she gets to do hers at home.


We sent Ditto to some bar to look for Sims, but nobody was there. He played Foosball for a while in hopes that maybe somebody would show up.

…but nobody came.


So to the library we ventured. This girl was there playing the guitar. She’s called Siobhan.

Siobhan O'Malley

Well now she simply must be ours.


Is that an instant attraction I see?


Ditto: You know what’s great? Treadmills. You should get one.

That is, if Ditto doesn’t go and ruin things.


Siobhan: Excuse you, sir. I am not a piece of meat. I will do with my body as I please.

Despite how it may seem, they didn’t get negative points from this. And they got on fairly well from then on, too. Oh yes, she’s the one.


Although, what is this option? I’ve never seen this before, and I didn’t try it for fear of ruining things. Is this a vampire thing? Is this a neurotic thing? Is it even a thing at all, or more like a figment of my imagination? What the heck kind of interaction is “worship” anyways?



For some reason, we got two maids. Both of them showed up super late at night, didn’t do anything at all, and charged us twice the normal amount. But at least they’re pretty.



Ledyba: Don’t mind me, son. Just going to use the toilet and then admire myself in the mirror.

Arbok: MOTHER! I’m kind of naked here…

Ledyba: Yes, yes. Carry on. I won’t watch.

Well…not really many places you can go after that, so…I think we’re just going to end this chapter for now.

You’d think this was Ditto’s generation with how much we focused on him this chapter, huh? Hope you didn’t mind too much. Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you all have a great rest of your day, and as always…happy Simming!