6.2: Grim, Grinning Ghosts

Hello friends! Last time on the Kanto Legacy, both Deerling and Starmie had birthdays, ghost-baby Carnivine was born, and Phillip maxed the painting skill.


As soon as I started up the game, this random bus was just sitting outside our house. It’s, like, 3 AM dude. What are you doing?

Bus Driver: I thought I’d be extra on-time to pick your teenagers  up for school today.



Is that a human Em I see? Yeah, I thought I’d give DebugEnabler’s deghostify option a try at long last. It seems to be the popular thing now, and I do like getting to see my Sims’ genetics on a regular basis now. I can change it back later if you guys want.

Missingno: Em sees that his wittle nooboo is still a ghosty. What’s up with that?

Since you can’t see genetics on infants, I decided to leave Carnie as is until he ages up.


I almost forgot what Phil looks like.

Phillip: Greetings, children.

Lavender Kids: Whatever.

Phillip: I feel so loved 🙂


Leds doesn’t seem deterred by her husband’s sudden change in appearance.


I’ll just leave them alone to be lovey-dovey.


Starmie has developed a new love of soap operas.

Starmie: They make my life look normal in comparison.


Deerling: I. WANT. FOOD.

Ledyba: What a lovely, glowing baby. Let me stand here and stare at it for eternity.

Deerling: FEED ME!

Ledyba: Quiet, kid. I’m staring at a ghost child.


Missingno: Em doesn’t know about this whole ‘deghostify’ thing…the viewers shouldn’t have to see Em’s gross workout faces…

Oh honey. You’re pretty no matter what silly faces you make.


Ari seems to be the only kid that Phil has a good relationship with. They hang around outside and play ball together until school starts.


Since Ling’s finished her three skills, it’s TSAL time in the library. Maybe it’s just paranoia talking, but I snatched the books back up as soon as she was finished with them so other Sims didn’t steal our stuff. Not sure if that’s a thing that actually happens.


Grandma Leds is forced to come along, but she gets to skill handiness while she’s here.

Ledyba: Joy.


What’s this? Phil and Chandra not yelling at each other?

Phillip: Galaga is the best.

Chandra: I concur.

I guess video games do bring people together.


Dog: Away with you, heathen! Back to the cave with the rest of your bats!

Ledyba: You almost done, kid? I’m getting sick of all these people.

Deerling: Don’t rush me, gramma! I’m going as fast as I can!

Which is pretty darn fast, mind you.


These guys over here are having some kind of a book club. Why wasn’t I invited? D:


Phil has been extremely productive since he’s been set on mostly free will.

Phillip: Hmmm, how to cause mass hysteria on the internet… ‘YOI is an abomination and no one should watch it ever. Also, Victuuri sucks.’ Yeah. That’ll do it.

You’re so mature, Phil. (Please note that his trolling does not reflect my actual feelings on the subject.)


Maid: These rich bastards will never see it coming when I swipe all their fancy stuff from right under their noses!

Evil maid. That’s a new one.


I really shouldn’t have given this family video games. They don’t do any of the other fun stuff in the house.

Altaria: Don’t you dare take them from me. I’m part of the in-crowd of online gaming now. Makes me feel young and hip.


Birthday time! It’s almost time for little Ari to leave the nest.

Phillip: HAHAHA, you suck!

Arbok: Thanks dad. Love you too.


Phillip: Look at that loser, blowing out those candles.

Ledyba: You go son!

Missingno: I think here looks like a good place to hover.

Altaria: I’m too old for this shit.


Arbok: Time to get the hell out of here.


He’s so handsome! He rolled easily impressed as his final trait, adding to loves the outdoors, virtuoso, computer whiz, and party animal. He’s an Aquarius who likes country music, stu surprise, and hot pink. He wants to be a hit movie composer.


Ling is happy for the distraction. She gets to hang out with Bell instead of other Sims.

Deerling: She understands me better than anybody else. Right Bell?

Bell: ……

Deerling: She says yes.


Ari gets himself hooked up with a gig in music.


He then invites Morrigan over to commence the wooing.

Morrigan: Can we hurry this along? I think I’ve got a bug bite…

Since we waited until after school for the birthday shindig, it’s getting rather late now.


She apparently has another boyfriend. We quickly disposed of that little issue.

Arbok: Break up with that asshole?

Morrigan: Kay.


Arbok: Since it’s late, how about you stay over? We can resume the romance in the morning.

Morrigan: I’d love to.


This one looks possessed half the time, with her super blue eyes rolled back in her head like that.

Starmie: It’s this baby. It’s doing things to me.

I highly doubt the infant is messing with your head, but okay Star. You keep thinking that.

Promotion 1

Good job, Em!


Missingno: Em’s ready, promotion. Em’s ready, promotion.


Ah, there’s that antagonism.

Phillip: I don’t think you’re smart enough for my son. I bet you don’t even have half a brain in that fairy skull of yours.

Chandra: Look dude, I already live here and I’ve given this legacy two kids. You’re getting chucked out of your own house as soon as my babies are old enough. You can insult me as much as you want, but who’s really the loser in this scenario?


So, Starmie’s the only one who’s used the raft so far because she snagged it! I had it sitting by the side of the pool, and she stashed it in her inventory after the first time she used it!

Starmie: You can’t actually expect a classy girl like me to touch the water, right? I’d get wet.

Perish the though.


Birthday for Carnie! (Still debating that nickname…) He has the exact opposite genetics of his sister. His eyes, mouth, and face shape are all Chandra, and the nose is Em. He’s super cute too!

Carnivine: I try my best ^.^

After seeing his genetics, I’ve decided that two kids is enough for the generation. I know, I know. That’s so unlike me. Unless Em and Chandra both roll the wish for another one, which is highly unlikely seeing as neither of them even roll wishes for their current kids, Ling and Carnie are it for us!


Mori’s up and at ’em. And rejecting flirts already.

Arbok: Can I call you late-

Morrigan: No.

Phillip: Ooohhh, rejected!

Arbok: Shut up, dad…


He’s punished for his transgressions by being put on toddler teaching duties.

Phillip: Good thing you’re not a vampire, kiddo. Or you’d be frying up like eggs right now. Can you say eggs?

Carnivine: That was such disturbing imagery that I refuse to participate in this activity any longer.

Clearly the best person for this job.


Some friendly and funny interactions later…


Yes! Flirt accepted.

Arbok: I’m not a very good cook, but I’ll bring you breakfast in bed whenever you want, babe.

Morrigan: How sweet 🙂


Here’s a better picture of adult Ari. He really is very pretty.


Maid: Looks like they’re distracted. Time to strike.

Rest assured, Evil Maid didn’t try anything. Not yet at least…


Ledyba: The checkered flag’s coming up, you old hag. You’re so not pulling off this win.

Altaria: We’ll just see about that, you brat.


Ledyba: No way! Ugghhh!

Altaria: Haha, this is why nobody messes with Tari! You owe me a week of dishes!


Starmie decides to join them. Look at our three generations of Kanto women, getting along.

Starmie: You’re all rubbish!

Altaria: Yeah yeah, been through this already. Prepare to lose.


Ari has to go to work, so we’ll have to finish with the spouse-wooing on his day off tomorrow. Hopefully she stays until he comes home.


Oh boy…

Altaria: This’ll be good.

Ledyba: So you think you can date my son, do you? Well, watch this!


Morrigan: Oh goodness….


Ledyba: That’s right. Be spooked.

Altaria: I’m feeling a bit spooked myself.


Altaria: Oh wait. It’s just death.

Ledyba: ….crap.

Starmie: Great job, mother. Apparently you can kill people without chess tables too.


Missingno: Em’s death senses are tingling….Auntie Tari?….

Just continue caring for your child please, Em. She’s smelly and hungry.


Grim: Heya, Kantos. Long time, no see. Wow, digging the new place. 

Hi, Grim. Good to see you again.


Ledyba: I can’t believe I killed Auntie Tari….

Starmie: I can’t mourn properly because mother is in the way!


Morrigan: This…is super uncomfortable…

Ledyba: You. This is your fault.


I guess Grimmy had places to be, because Tari didn’t get a proper goodbye and he didn’t stick around.

Anyways, Altaria Kanto passed away at 108 days old. She wasn’t the longest lived Kanto, but she seemed to be around for a long time. She reared three children of her own and pretty much raised her dead brother’s three kids as well, all while reaching her LTW and then going on to top the political career. I was a little sad to see her go and she will be missed, but she lived a good, long life so it really was her time. She’ll be moved to either a family graveyard or the portrait room downstairs, depending on which I decide to do.


Time to moodlet manage everyone so they’re not all whiny crybabies for the next two days.


It worked on everyone but poor Chandra.


Afterwards, Leds takes some comfort in the arms of her husband.


I’m glad the kids were both still toddlers. They can live on in bliss.

Carnivine: This music stuff is kinda fun 😀


After Chandra gets herself sorted out, she comforts her husband too.

Missingno: Em just loved Auntie Tari so much…

Chandra: I know, baby. It’ll be okay.

He was honestly the most broken up about this.


Ari’s quick to ask Mori to stay over again as soon as he gets home. Hopefully we can wrap up the romance tomorrow and send these two on their way.


Mori wakes up in the morning to Chandra talking to her about flowers.

Chandra: Personally, I like daisies. But tiger lilies are pretty too. Your thoughts?

Morrigan: If Ari wasn’t such a work of art, I so wouldn’t put up with this…


Despite all the chaos, we got these two going steady.


Followed by the logical conclusion.

Alchemy Get

Compared to the other skills, this was underwhelming at best.


Good job, girl. I think she’s gonna work on painting next so she can do heir portraits when Phil leaves, but she has rolled the wish to make 15 elixirs so she might be chained to the alchemy station a while longer.


I wanted to assure babies out of these two in case SP decides to break them up.


It’s birthday time for Ling! Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

Phillip: Haha, that stupid baby can’t even get to the cake by herself!

Ledyba: Shut up, Phil.


Ari and Mori sneak away from the celebrations to have one of their own.


She’s still a cutie, if maybe a little emo-looking now. She rolled over-emotional, adding to absent minded and eccentric.


Goodbye Ari! We’ll miss you lots!

Arbok: Finally out of this plumbob-forsaken house…

That’s all I have for this chapter, guys! Hope you all have a fantastic day. Happy Simming!


6.1: Rainbow Dreams

Greetings, friends! This time it hasn’t been a billion years since my last post! Last time on the Kanto Legacy, our heir spent most of the chapter in prison, our teens went to prom and Ari came home with an RI, Espeon aged up, left the house, and got engaged, and the first member of Celadon generation was born.


We start out with Starmie, apparently unsatisfied with her own bed and choosing the tree house instead.

Starmie: Can you really blame me? There’s a screaming infant inside now.


She’s really not so bad. If you guys remember, the baby’s called Deerling. Since nurturing Tari always hangs out in the rocking chair anyways, she’s pretty much been chained to her great-grandniece.

Altaria: Auntie Tari loves the nooboo, yes she does. Feels good to be useful again.


Grandma’s a bit busy on her quest to upgrade the whole house to bother with the new baby.


And her parents already want another one. No chimes this time.


Leds finally gets around to meeting her grandkid. Don’t let that rough exterior fool you, she’s such a sap at heart.

Ledyba: Am not. It’s just customary to give affection to the next line of the family, is all.

Right. And you totally didn’t roll the wish for grandchildren as soon as your son got married.

Ledyba: …shut up.


Back to work for Chandra. Is alchemy supposed to be ridiculously easy to skill? Cause she’s definitely close to being done by now.


Speaking of being almost done, Phillip has just a sliver left of his skill bar before maxing painting. I mostly took this picture though because I liked his Hayao Miyazaki-style art. ‘Tis nice.


Tari found a way to combine her two favorite activities. And yeah, she still works. She seems to enjoy it and she’s never rolled the wish to retire, so I’ve let her continue.


Oh, you two. This time actually took. Second child on the way!


Another kid will be no problem, Em already loves his daughter.

Missingno: Em just loves his little Ling-ling. Yes he does.

(I’m thinking Ling sounds like a better nickname than Deer. Your thoughts?)


Regretting going for another so soon, Chandra?

Chandra: I hate you. I’ll kill him.


Birthday for Ling! And oh my goodness is she cute! She has Em’s eyes and mouth, with Chandra’s nose. Lots of Kanto genetics, but not a clone. I hope she doesn’t look too boyish, I just couldn’t resist the punk-rocker clothes on her!


Ledyba: Yeah, yeah. Who cares about toddlers? VIDEO GAMES.

This is all she does if I don’t keep her occupied with repairs and upgrades. She is so her father’s daughter.


You know what this means…


MAXED! I’m so proud of you, Phil! Even if I’m too horrid at decorating to complete your LTW, at least you’ve still done something with your life.

Now that this has happened, I’ve had a thought. The house is getting rather crowded and half our residents are immortal or have a super long lifespan which means they won’t be popping their clogs anytime soon. I was thinking that once this generation of kids gets a little older, out of toddlerhood maybe, that we’d send Philyba off into the world to live out the rest of their lives. I’d probably move Star out with them if she’s not an adult yet. Would anyone be super opposed to this?


Star finds another gem on our property. I kind of love living on a spawner. It feels almost a bit cheaty though, even though it was apparently programmed in.


Missingno: Daddy’s gonna teach you how to fight, Ling-Ling. That way, you can beat up those mean cops when they try to arrest you.

Deerling: Arrest? What’s that mean?

Em sweetie, I highly doubt she’ll be a criminal like you.

Missingno: She may be! Em isn’t counting out the possibility.


Arbok: Hey Mori, you wanna go out this weekend? Yeah, yeah, we can sit on a park bench and cuddle and whatever. Anything you want, babe.

Boy’s whipped already.


I missed the pop, but Chandra’s officially showing again.

Chandra: Great job, doofus. You had one job.

Yeah, yeah. Go about your business.


Em finally got promoted!


You didn’t get arrested today, I’m so happy!

Missingno: Em’s pretty happy about it too. It’s not exactly a beach vacation, spending the night in a cell. Em’s seen things.


Ling’s mostly left to her own devices, which means she gets plenty of time to play with Bellossom.



Ledyba: Wanna woohoo?

Phillip: Kay.

Arbok: Ugghh, seriously parents? In my bedroom? I am so done with this stupid house…


This kid is outside more than most. Maybe it’s just because she’s the first Kanto child to grow up with a fully functioning backyard. I guess we’ll see when the Celadon bunch grow up.

Starmie: Once I finish my castle, I’ll be the princess of the whooole backyard! Or maybe I’ll just bury myself in the sand. That would be fun too.


Pregnancy book and kids music. There’s a couple names I think would be cute for twins, but I’m not pushing too hard for it.


I can’t get over her cuteness.

Deerling: Teehee. Win their hearts early, win the heir race ^.^


Grandma has to get off her butt and be useful for a bit.

Ledyba: It could be worse. At least this kid’s pretty cool.



Someone’s rather grumpy this pregnancy.


Lucky Em doesn’t have to experience his wife’s grumpiness. When he’s not working or teaching his kid, he’s skilling. Good man.


While Star used the raft thing a while back, Ari’s the first Sim to actually use the pool. Every other household I’ve had, swimming’s all anyone ever wanted to do. Those silly Kantos and their refusal to do fun things.


Deerling: This sure isn’t fun…

You have to get this stuff out of the way so that you can do the exciting things when you’re older.


Starmie: It’s. My. Birthday.

Yeah, so? Isn’t that a good thing?

Starmie: No. I’m going to sit here and brood until the time comes.

You do that.


After taking a dip, Ari decides it’s time for some half-naked dancing. You know this showboating is pointless since the heir poll happened ages ago, yeah?

Arbok: Can’t a guy just have a good time?

I suppose.


Em reads the pregnancy book too. He and Chandra both wished for it.

Missingno: Maybe Em’ll actually be there to witness it this time. If that happens, Em needs to know what to do.


Before any baby business though, it is indeed Starmie’s birthday.

Family: Yay, cake! I mean, yay Starmie!

Missingno: Auntie Tari! Em loves Auntie Tari 😀


Here she is! She rolled dramatic. Fitting.

Phillip: I love my child that actually looks like me.

Starmie: Shut up dad.

That hair’s really not the best, but I went with it for the time being.


Missingno: Enjoying your cake, sister?

Maid: I should probably be disposing of all those fly-infested bottles right now, but dayum. Cake.

Starmie: I hate my life.


When unoccupied, Chandra dances. Gosh dang fairy obsession.

Chandra: You’re just jealous cause you don’t got the moves.

Like you have moves, pregnant lady.


I highly doubt that Lysandre actually knocked over the trashcan, but I’m going to pretend that he did. Because evil.


Leds gets right back to upgrading things.


Go away, llama. This teen is not going to university.

Llama: Well, can I have that attractive ghost guy? The really buff one?

He’s taken. Get out.


Instead of leaving, she rips off her costume and stride-of-prides around the backyard for the rest of the day. No amount of strolling around will make me give you Em.


He’s busy, anyways.

Missingno: Must…get…faster…to avoid…coppers…


Starmie: This house is filthy. You people are filthy. I want to leave.

You’ve got a ways to go, missy. You’ll just have to suck it up like everyone else.


Downstairs, something is actually happening.

Altaria: Oh goodness, she’s going into labor!

Chandra: Relax, old lady. I’ve done this before.


Chandra: Oh cheesus, this is even more painful than last time!!!

Altaria: Oh dear, oh dear…


Arbok: I am so pleased that I was able to witness this.


We already have a fairy girl, so it’s only fitting that we also have a ghost boy. His name is Carnivine.


It’s only at this point that I realized I don’t have my notes with me. I’m pretty sure he’s brave, and his other trait might be friendly? I’ll have to let you know next chapter.

Two town updates before we close off.


Oh. They’re going to be one of those couples.


At least Espeon’s happy. Make babies!

That’s all I have for you guys this time. Thanks so much for reading, and hope you all have a fantastic day. Happy simming!