3.20: A Rushed Job

Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Kanto legacy! I should seriously have posted something this weekend, since I’ve been stuck home in bed with the flu, but looking at the computer screen gave me a headache, so I chose not to. Sorry! Anyways, let’s go ahead and get started, shall we?

Shinx Be A Player

We start out with some updates on Aza and her bae.

Enemies For Life

They don’t appear to be getting on too well. I saved a bunch of popups of him dating every other girl in town, but apparently lost them somewhere along the way. Just know that Shinx is a fickle lad.


Ri is an adorable baby. Not much else to say.


Homework party in the living room.

Kyogre: Homework is good for us, siblings. If we get good grades, we’ll get promoted in our careers faster!


Altaria: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~ I detest homework…

So you’ve said.


Everyone loves Azurill, exhibit A.

Kyogre: A bottle for my beloved baby sister.

Azurill: FOOOD.


I bought a motive mobile with Joey’s LTH points. I haven’t really had one before. I’m bad at spending LTH points…


This is Kurtis Van Gold, offspring of Herbson. He’s a vampiric ghost, I’m pretty sure. Totally mate material for Vermillion gen.


This is our new maid, Jamie Ring. She’s awesome and for a while, I debated not going through with my plans for Squirtle so he could marry her instead.


Klinky takes an instant liking to her.


I honestly can’t tell if she likes him too, or if she’s just playing along to get a raise.

Jaimie: Oh, Mr. Kanto, you’re so funny 😀


The adults in the house were invited on a free vacation. I obliged. They deserve a break.

Klink: Catch you later, suckers!


Tari instantly snatches the game console now that Squirty is gone.


Altaria: NOOO! I don’t want nerd influence! I’m not a nerd…


Phione: I’m sooo tired. ~yawns~ Maybe I can skip school since the parents aren’t breathing down my neck.


We interrupt the minimal plot with a birthday! This is little Barry, Unown’s son with Violet Slymer. He would be so adorable if it weren’t for Violet’s hideous nose…


Altaria: I hate school. I’m a legacy heiress, I shouldn’t have to go if I don’t want to. And I shouldn’t have to do homework. Homework is for losers.

Wobbuffet: Yes sister, we’re all painfully aware of your feelings…


In the morning when all the kids leave for school, we have to hire a babysitter.


He didn’t put Ri down ALL DAY. Even to let her pee.


When the teens arrive home, it’s time for a joint birthday party. First up is Ri.


Her siblings do love her dearly. There’s always at least one person to skip out on cakings. Not with Ri.


Azurill: Yay, birthday!


Azurill: The candles on these cakes concern me…they could totally explode and set the whole house ablaze. It’s happened in other legacies! Sure, it hasn’t happened to us yet, but our day is coming! Just you wait!

Yeah, she rolled neurotic. Why does my spare get the fun trait?…


Next, it’s time for Phio and Bobo go move out grow up. Nope, totally not ready to chuck them out. What are you talking about?


Phione: Deep down, you know you love us.

I never said I didn’t!


The adults chose a splendid time go come back home. Although I swore they had another day until they were due back…


Here’s Bobo, all grown up. He rolled easily impressed, to add to clumsy, good, eco-friendly, and athletic. This is now the second trait he shares with his twin. He likes geek rock, hamburgers, and the color spice brown. His star sign is Taurus, and he would like to be a superstar athlete.

I’m not big on his facial hair, it looks kinda awkward on him, but he looks even more awkward without it.


Wow, what happened to Phio?

Phione: Get with the times, baby. Rock n’ roll is where it’s at.

She rolled virtuoso, adding to artistic, easily impressed, athletic, and unflirty. She likes indie music, key lime pie, and the color lilac. Her sign is Pisces, and she wants to be a rock star. I definitely played off of her LTW when designing her outfits. I’m not sure if I’m happy with her look, but I’m not gonna change it. At least, not right now.

The twins were given jobs and promptly shipped out.


Azurill: If I make you love me, does that mean I can be heir instead?

Nope. My mind’s made up. But you may continue being adorable, if you’d like.


Azurill: I sense a dark presence under my bed…

That’s not even your bed…


Azurill: GAH! Run…run away…


Azurill: A midnight soccer game should calm my nerves.


Azurill: Will you read me a bedtime story, big brother?

Kyogre: It’s six AM. I’m getting ready for school. And you should be, too. Why in the world were you up all night anyways?

Azurill: Sad face…


Vain Kyo-kun wanted a portrait painted of himself. In the background, you can see Joey’s spouse painting. See how similar they look?


Kyogre: I just had a portrait of myself painted, darling! Isn’t that awesome? Wanna come over and see it? What do you mean, no?…

It’s true, Jovan hasn’t stepped foot in the Kanto household since that fateful day…

In other love related news…




I sent them out to the diner to celebrate.

Klink: Isn’t this just so exciting, dearest?! I can’t believe we’ve been married for a whole year! Oooo, I wonder what I’ll order…

Joe: ~gulps~ people…


Klink: Thank you for bringing me here, despite being afraid of literally everything, Joey. I love you.

Joe: I love you too, Klinky.



Ummm, Klinky already went home, Joe…shouldn’t you be heading back too?

Joe: Nope! This place is a goldmine! I come here all the time!


Joe: ZOMG, I think I found an entire couch in here!



Altaria: You’d best sit down, child. The queen of this legacy has already been decided. And that would be ME.

Azurill: But…but I was just playing…

Altaria: Nope, I shall hear nothing more on the subject. Now sit!

Better watch out, Ri. She’ll fight you.

That’s actually where I’m going to stop for the day. Next time, we’ll get to the plan, I promise! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, thanks so much for reading, and have a fantastic evening! Happy Simming!

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4 thoughts on “3.20: A Rushed Job

  1. Wobbuffet: Yes sister, we’re all painfully aware of your feelings…

    That line cracked me up so bad. And I see what you mean. Kyogre looks very similar to Joey. I never would have noticed until their photos were close like that. I’m not very good with picking out genetics unless its colours lol. Great chapter!

  2. Jamie is so pretty, and with pointy ears to boot! I would have picked her for Squirtle. Or, hell, Altaria could be gay, you never know.

    Wow, yes, Kyogre is a face clone. Good thing we didn’t choose him for heir. Need some Klink/Kanto genes in the pool.

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