4.9: Alien Encounters

Hey guys, it’s time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! And so soon after the last one, too! I’m bound and determined to post all the chapters I have left over break so that I can get the heir poll posted while I wait for my new computer. In the last chapter, Ledyba aged up into a child while her older brother Charmie became a teen. The rest of the time, the Vermilions attempted to establish their characters. Let’s see what they’re up to today, shall we?


We start off with the only friendship of the generation so far.

Camerupt: Leds, in honor of our alliance, I give you this gift as a token of our perpetual bond.

Ledyba: I have no idea what you just said, but YAY!!! PRESENT!!! Is it a motorcycle?!

It was some worthless rock he found in the catacombs last chapter. She loved it anyways.


And of course the only appropriate way to celebrate a gift is to play tag, right?


Meanwhile, inside the house, it’s Deoxys’s birthday!

Jamie, the Sim in the house who cares about poor Deo, was also the only one present for the celebration.

Jamie: Woop woop! You age up, weird alien chick!

Deoxys: I feel so loved…


Deoxys: I wish for a magical princess palace and a pony!…umm, I mean I wish for world domination! Mwahaha!


Deoxys: I feel so underwhelmed with this transition…

She rolled cat person. Fitting. She can sit menacingly in a swivel chair stroking a cat whilst concocting her evil schemes.

Deoxys: Or I can just pet them because they’re fluffy and adorable.

Pure evil right here, folks.


Gender preference check.

(That hair’s a little floaty, isn’t it?…)

Deoxys's Gender Preference

I’ll gladly decide for you. Your preference is Kurtis Van Gold.


Charmander: You should pay more attention to me. Nobody likes aliens.

Hey, be nice to your sister! I’ll pay attention to you when you do something interesting instead of sitting around on the couch all day.

Charmander: …I’ll show you…


Ledyba: Man, playing tag with cousin Cammy is exhausting…who’s ready for some cake? I know I am.

Very cake oriented, this family.


Deoxys: Where am I headed on this fine afternoon?

To meet a very important person. Or, re-meet him really.

(Note: She has the same dress that Azelf, the Cerulean alien had as a teen. I feel like it fits her though since she’s a cat person. Many apologies for the unoriginality.)


Deoxys: Oh dear plumbob…it’s him

That’s right, it’s your potential spouse.

Kurtis: Ugghh, seriously? This alien kid again?…


Deoxys: So, you were at my family’s slumber party a while back. Remember that? You thought I was a boy back then.

Kurtis: Yeah, I remember.


Deoxys: You’re looking particularly ghastly today, sir.

Kurtis: Umm, thanks I guess…


Deoxys: Umm…wonderful weather we’re having?

Kurtis: Is this chick for real?…


Kurtis: Look kid, if all you have to offer is small talk about the weather, I’m not interested. You seem nice, but please. Just leave before you embarrass yourself even more.

Deoxys: But…where did I go wrong?…


Deoxys: I’m really really sorry Kurt…I know I’m really awkward and that nobody likes me…I just…I don’t have many friends in school…I have more bullies than friends really, and I guess this is probably why…cause I’m a weirdo alien freak who doesn’t know the right things to say…I guess I just thought…


Kurtis: Woah, hey. It’s alright. You can stop rambling now, I get it. You know what? Why don’t you stick around a while. We can talk. Maybe you’re not suck a weirdo alien freak after all.

Deoxys: ~sniffles~ …really?

So how’s she going to use her second chance?


Deoxys: So…how’d you kick the bucket?



Deoxys: What do you wanna do when you graduate? What career would you like to go into someday?

Much better.


Kurtis: This might sound weird, but I wanna go into music. I love watching symphonies with my dads, and I always thought it’d be neat to conduct them someday.

Deoxys: Really. How interesting. Tell me more.

Now that these two seem to be stabilized, let’s check on the rest of the family.


Ledyba: Solrock, other than cousin Cammy you are my absolute best friend in the world!

Charmander: Damn you, wall! You’ve turned my baby sister into a crazy person! She’s talking to inanimate objects!

Everything seems normal here.


Tepig: I thought we had an agreement about space…

Fine, fine. Carry on.


Camerupt: Why am I the only one doing homework?…

Beats me, kid. But I applaud your studiousness.


Oh no! A rejected flirt!

Deoxys: Since you like music, would you maybe wanna go see a concert with me?

Kurtis: Are you kidding? I may be a vampiric ghost, but even I have standards!

I think it’s time to go home, sweetie. We’ll try again another day.


Charmander: Let me give you some brotherly advice, Leds. Imaginary friends? They’re rubbish. They follow you around, they never leave you alone. They’re creepy, really. And I don’t want you getting any more involved with yours. Otherwise people will think I’m related to a loon. Well, another one anyways.

Ledyba: Says the person who talks to walls and blows himself up.

Ah, sibling bonding.


Tepig: Haha, you’re all old and wrinkly now, Auntie Shelly. I bet Grandpa Klink and Uncle Squirtle wouldn’t be so into you now, huh?

Rachelle: Sonny, that was uncalled for! Y’all shouldn’t speak bad about the dead like that. It’ll come back to haunt you.

Tepig: Yeah right. Like I believe anything you say.


Deoxys: Talking bad about my dead dad, huh? REVENGE SCARE!

Tepig: ZOMG It’s coming back to haunt me! Oh wait, it’s just that weirdo alien freak who lives with me.

Deoxys: D:


Ledyba: Oh hey. You can walk now.

Solrock: I’m not talking to you. Your brother hurt my feelings.

Ledyba: Don’t listen to that doofus, he doesn’t know anything.

Solrock: ….

Ledyba: Fine. I’ll go somewhere else then.


Ledyba: Your move, cuz.

Camerupt: Quiet Leds, I’m trying to focus…


Oh, would you look at that.

Altaria: Look son, you’re going to be a big brother again!

Tepig: That’s nice Ma.

With three of our kids already teenagers and the other two not too far behind, this kid might not get a fair chance in the heir race. In fact, I might not even include him/her. But I’ll let you guys decide when the time comes.


Altaria: I don’t feel so good…

Really? You don’t get morning sickness until AFTER you pop?

Altaria: It’s not MY fault your game is glitchy.



This is Phione’s second child, Torey. Gotta love when your spares marry pudding faces and have bland looking babies.


Ri finally discovered IF potions, so time to make some fake friends turn real!

Camerupt: Here, drink this.

Paras: What is it? Looks kinda fishy…

Camerupt: Auntie Ri just gave it to me. I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Paras: I feel really funny…what they heck was in that drink?…

Camerupt: I wonder if I can sell these and become a playboy billionaire…that would be the life…


Paras: Well that wasn’t too bad.

Purple hair and turquoise eyes. I like.


I think this was Tepig’s first brilliant work. Or maybe his first masterpiece? Either way, it’s very nice looking. Tepig does a lot of nature paintings. Not sure which trait makes him do that.


Ledyba: C’mon Sol, show me your game face!

Solrock: Grrr!

Ledyba: Haha, right on! If I’m gonna bring you into this world to be my spotter, you’re gonna need to get tough!

Solrock: You got it, boss!

Paras: What a bunch of meat heads…


What’s the matter, Tepig? Lost and confused?

Tepig: I’m just get the feeling that something’s not quite right with me.


I wonder why.


Altaria: You seem happy today, kid.

Charmander: I’m surrounded by my beautiful, supportive family who I love unconditionally 😀


Charmander: You’re rubbish at this game, twerp! Why don’t you hand the controller over to someone who actually knows how to play the damn game?!

Camerupt: Shut up, asshat. I’m trying to beat this freaking boss and you’re distracting me!

Altaria: Yupp, I can definitely feel the unconditional love.


Rachelle: You know, that rude child was right. I’m not as young as I used to be. Maybe I should get a face lift…

No plastic surgery for you!


I’ll leave you guys with a better picture of Cammy’s IF.

Paras: Could you leave me alone? I’m busy planning to rule the world!

…well good luck with that. For some reason, I didn’t write down any of her traits…odd.

Anyways, thanks for reading this chapter, and have a fantastic HUMP DAAAY! As always, happy Simming!


One thought on “4.9: Alien Encounters

  1. IFs can be annoying with their constant Face One-ness. Though I do love the varieties in hair/eye colour that they give us. Could always randomise the face to make it more interesting, I guess.

    Really loving Ledyba and Camerupt’s friendship, it’s so cute!

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