4.8: Hobbies. We Have Them.

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, we hosted a slumber party for all the neighborhood kids and got to meet some of our interesting spouse options for the generation. Also, Altaria and Jamie’s eldest child Tepig aged up into a teen. They grow up so fast! Let’s jump right into today’s chapter and see what hijinks will ensue!


We start off with the current youngest child of the generation, Ledyba, about to grow into a child.

Ledyba: Yay! That means more screentime!


She rolled daredevil. Yay, a new trait for this family!

Ledyba: ~sigh~ You people bore me…I wanna be where the action is!

All in due time, sweetie.


First, it’s time for your older brother to grow up.

Charmander: I get to actually flirt with girls now, don’t I?

I think you were already doing that in the last chapter.


Azurill: You remembered his birthday. And he gets a cake. I see how it is.


Charmander: Please let me become more interesting so readers will like me…


Charmie rolled natural cook, just like his great-grandma Gala. Wow, has it already been so long that she’s his great-grandmother? How the time flies…

Charmander: Can we get back to focusing on me? I just turned hot!

Yes yes, you’re very pretty. And I lied to you again. That is definitely Squirtle’s nose. It just looked way different on him as a kid than it did on Squirts. Which means he’s not a clone child! Huzzah!


Camerupt: I swear, if one more family member of mine ages up hot enough to steal my ladies away…

Ledyba: Big brother, did you know you’re not wearing any pants?

Charmander: Umm…

Please tell me she’s not another Tari…


Charmander: We haven’t talked in a while, cuz. How’s life? Enjoying teenhood?

Tepig: Quiet Charmie, I’m trying to write a very important memoir about being insane in even more insane places.

Charmander: That’s deep, bro.



Ledyba: Why do you get two pieces of cake, mother? That’s absolute rubbish!

Rachelle: Because I’m a frail old lady and my body needs the nutrients.

Jamie: If by nutrients, you mean calories you old hag.

The friendship between our spouses is very strong indeed.


I was supposed to show you this picture last chapter, but I forgot. This is Phillip Van Gold, the younger brother of Kurtis. Hopefully, this will be Ledyba’s future spouse prospect should she be chosen heiress.


This whole laziness thing didn’t fly with me when your father pulled it, so it sure isn’t gonna work now.


Much better.


Deoxys: I can’t wait until I’m a teenager and I can start making people beg me for mercy!

Tepig: Can’t focus…too many distractions…


Tepig: Much better…

I honestly have no idea why he was writing in the first place. Maybe I was fulfilling a wish?


Maid: Boo to the attractive teenager being too young for me!

It’s not like I’d give him to you anyways, nose lady. I’m so not letting those genetics into this family.


Deoxys: Hey, hey! I found something in the sky!

Satellite Discovery

I’ve taken to naming her discoveries after Pokémon ships that I support. This was the first.


I sent our youngest kiddos to the graveyard to explore the catacombs since one is brave and the other is a daredevil.

Camerupt: Are you sure about this Ledyba? I don’t wanna get mauled by a bear or anything and mess up my gorgeous face.

Ledyba: Don’t be a wimp, Cammy! This is gonna be freaking awesome!

Ledyba Exploration

Ledyba Exploration 2

Camerupt Exploration


Camerupt: Grrr, that Leds…she dragged me here and just left me to die! Wait’ll I get my hands on her…where’d she go anyways?


In the comfort of your home, playing with her IF.

Ledyba: Solrock needed me to protect him. Things were getting too scary for his delicate temperament.

Some daredevil.


Tepig: What was I doing in here again?


Tepig: You distracted me! Now I can’t remember where I was going!


Tepig: I suppose it’s not your fault. I mean, it is your job to take pictures of me and everything…


Tepig: You’re rather quiet today. Normally this is where you’d make stupid comments like, “Ooo, look at me. I’m a Simmer and I can control you.”

How could I possibly make comments when I’m too busy enjoying the show?


Altaria: Isn’t our son the greatest, Jamie?

Jamie: He’s certainly something, hun.


Tepig: All hail the mighty Simmer who controls our pathetic existences and forces us to do her bidding.


Tepig: Well from now on I’m taking control of my own life! You are no longer in charge of my…of my…


Tepig: Wait, what does that say? Den…density?

Joe’s Ghost: That’s destiny, you nitwit! She’s no longer in control of our destiny!

Tepig: Oh, that makes sense.

I don’t think Joe likes me too much for letting him die before he completed his LTW. I thought Tepig was just insane, saying his ghost took control of his left hand, but maybe there’s some merit there…


I had Ri go around asking our teens what their gender preferences are.

Tepig's Gender Preference

Tepig likes men. No wonder none of the ladies at the party were making any progress with him.


What about Charmie?

Charmie's Gender Preference

Girls. Good, that means Blue Girl has a chance.


All these two every do is have sexy times.


I guess they have a reason for it.

Altaria: More babies please?

We’ll see. Although at this point the new baby would probably be too young to have a proper chance in the heir race.


Little miss evil is at it again.

Deoxys: The people I live with are such slobs…doesn’t anyone ever clean?


Rachelle: I got the magic in me 😀

She is so different as an elder…it’s odd…


Camerupt: So look Leds, I’m gonna forgive you for abandoning me at the graveyard like that if you let me pummel you with water balloons.


Ledyba: How noble of you.


In the spirit of maintaining the alliance they made as toddlers, she let him.

Ledyba: I’m gonna need a spotter someday when I do epic motorcycle stunts and stuff.


Charmander: So, I’m a witch. And witches ride on brooms. So that means I get my own broom someday, right? Just imagine me gliding around town impressing all the ladies.

Azurill: Is this kid for real?


Tepig: Can’t you just leave me alone to read for five seconds?

Fine, fine. I should stop giving this goofball all the screentime anyways.


Awww, Nowny’s an elder now! It’s crazy how much younger he was than the rest of Pewter gen.


Every true Kanto paints autonomously at least once in their life.


Ummm…Charmie? I think you have a problem there.

Charmander: I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Charmander: Oh wait…holy plumbob I’M ON FIRE!!!




Nobody could be bothered to care about Charmie’s plight.


Fortunately, he managed to get to the shower in time to put himself out. Thank goodness.

Welp, that’s all I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you again soon for another chapter. As always, happy Simming!


One thought on “4.8: Hobbies. We Have Them.

  1. What hobbbies this fire generation have! The teen boys are indeed very cute, but then so is Ledyba. And her spouse option is the most adorable ever. Will be a hard choice for this generation’s heir, might just come down to spouse options.

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