4.13: There’s Something About Van Gold Boys

Hey guys! I know I just posted last night, but this is the last chapter before the heir poll so I got too excited. I just had to write this today. In the last chapter, Deoxys rolled an LTW (the first of this gen to do so) and the teens went to prom. The next day, Solrock aged up but Leds had issues. So let’s get started and see if things are back to normal!


Oh, look! After rebooting the game, Leds is back to normal!

Ledyba: What took you so long? Being stuck as a creepy dwarf thing was exhausting…

She rolled perfectionist, but it didn’t stick. I tried giving it to her through master controller a few times. Still didn’t stay. I’ll give it to her when she ages into YA.


Charmie got asked on a date by this girl, Maricela Shaver. She was Curley Hair from the sleepover. I’m not completely sold on Green Girl for Charmie yet, so I let him go.

Charmander: Let’s see…on the one hand, we’ve got hot green chick…on the other hand, we’ve got hot brunette chick…choices, choices…

Mericela: I’m right here, you asshat.


She’s a bit…interesting looking.


Here’s a closer look. If it weren’t for the jaw and they eyes, she’s pretty face bland. But Charmie can continue the date. We’ll see if he ends up liking her.


Charmander: If you marry me, you could end up being the spouse of an heir to a legacy! Isn’t that cool?

Maricela: Like right out of one of my romance novels…maybe being with this guy wouldn’t be so bad after all…

I sent them to get dinner and then to see a film. We’ll catch back up with them later.


Meanwhile, Ledyba’s on her own special mission.

Ledyba: What is this place? It looks like a Munsters mansion reject.


Ledyba: Woah, it’s a little alien dude! Is he made of ectoplasm like daddy?

Phillip: Hehe…boobs.

Leds, meet your future husband.


Ledyba: Little dude, the fact that you are a ghost is a HUGE turn on for me. As soon as you grow up, you’re mine ;D

Phillip: Oh…okay…


Oh, look. It’s Kurtis. Back from trying to seduce teenage girls?

Kurtis: For your information, things with Suzanna didn’t work out. We’re on…poor terms at the moment…wait a minute…what are you doing here anyways?

My youngest girl is making friends with Phillip.

Kurtis: You want my little brother too?! Why can’t you just leave us alone!!!

Because you two have been promised to Kanto women since your conception.


These two didn’t talk for very long before Phillip decided he was tired and needed to go to bed. But they did become friends, so a little progress was made tonight.


Charmie’s date went well. She ran off after the movie, but I think they had a “great date.” Still not sold on either of his spouse options. We might have to hunt down Blue Girl.


Back home, Tari maxed charisma! Huzzah!


Jamie: Wanna go celebrate, baby?

Altaria: You always know just what to say!


Torchic: I shall eat you alive, IF with default name!

Yeah, I forgot to name poor Tori’s. I think it ended up being Puzzle or something ridiculous like that.


Ledyba: Befriending your future ghost husband is exhausting…where can a girl get some power food around here?


Solrock: I can finally actually raise my athletic skill! This is the best day ever!

Good, I’m glad one IF in this household does productive things.


Camerupt: Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this guitar thing. ~rolls wish to be a master of the arts~

Nice try hun, but your great grandpa already did that. If you want a chance at being heir, you’ll have to do something different.


Tepig: I’m boss at this painting thing. ~rolls wish to be an illustrious author~

C’mon guys, can’t we get any original LTWs in this family?


At least one Sim in this house is doing something original.

Deoxys: Must…get…in shape…or Kurtis…won’t want me…anymore…


I..umm…don’t think you were meant to age up yet, bud. Oh well, I guess if my game wants to glitch out and make it easier for Leds to seduce her husband, I won’t complain. I think he’s rather pretty. Much better than either of Charmie’s options so far.


Speaking of Leds, she and Cammy haven’t gotten to hang out much since they became teens, but they’re still best friends. While playing this game, she rolled her LTW. Chess master. Not very extreme of you, Leds.

Ledyba: What are you talking about? Chess gives you the opportunity to dominate someone physically and mentally. I’d say that’s very extreme.

Despite being out of character for her, I locked it in. It’s something we haven’t done yet. (By the way, she’s been stuck in her formal outfit since the age up. Might have to reset her at some point.)


Unfortunately, Cammy couldn’t play long. He had places to be, aliens to visit.


Inside, Solrock is having a go at Deo.

Solrock: How dare you call yourself evil! You are a disgrace to Sims with mean traits everywhere!

Deoxys: But…but I am evil…


Our other evil kid is too adorable to be really evil either.

Torchic: I’m not adorable! I’m mutilating this block. See? EVILLL!!!!

Sure, kid.


We have company!

Ledyba: Wow, ghost boy! You grew up! And…you’re kinda hot…~blushes~

Phillip: Heh…that was kinda the idea…


Deoxys: Kurtis. How very nice to see you.

Kurtis: Hello, Deo. The pleasure’s all mine.

Why don’t y’all move inside and talk for a bit?


These two hit it off right away.

Ledyba: You’re so cool…living your whole live half dead is mega wicked…

Phillip: Heh…I guess it has its perks…especially if it means I get to hang out with someone as awesome as you…

Ledyba: That’s so sweet…


These two made up quickly. Although adult-teen interactions are so awkward…


Ledyba: OMG, we’re hugging…so this is what ghosts feel like…


Deoxys: Still mad that my baby sister is after your baby brother?

Kurtis: Naw. They seem sweet together. He really likes her.

Deoxys: And I really like you…

Kurtis: Deo…


First kiss!


Ledyba: This might seem kinda sudden…but I really like you, so…be my boyfriend?

Phillip: I really like you too, Leds! And I’d be honored to be your bae.



Ledyba: Catch me!

Phillip: H…heavy…

Hey! Don’t call my little girl fat!


Deoxys: So Kurtis, do you think maybe you’d like to make us official too? I mean, our siblings have known each other a day and they’re already dating. We’ve known each other since I was a kid.

Kurtis: Sure, Deo. Why the hell not?


Kurtis: Not in front of the camera, Deo. You don’t want readers thinking I’m a pedophile or anything, do you?

Deoxys: But…Kuris…


I caught these two about to run off and woohoo in the shower. Not on my watch, children! You guys just became teens, no need to think about that yet.


Deoxys: So, Kurtis. I know you’ve been wanting to move out, so what do you say you and your brother come live with us?


Kurtis: Sure! I don’t see anything wrong with that!


So we moved Rachelle, Azurill, and the two IFs out…


And the Van Gold boys in.

Kurtis is an artistic, snobby couch potato who sleeps lightly and dislikes children. He wants to be a master of the arts.

Phillip is an artistic, grumpy, inappropriate animal lover. He wants to be a home design hotshot.

I didn’t take a picture of it because months ago when I was playing this I was still adamant that one of the girls would be heir, but Kurtis and Tepig heartfarted when he moved in, so Kurt could also be an option for him.

If it feels like I moved them in really hastily, it’s because I did. I kept getting popups that Kurtis was flirting with half the town, and I freaked out. And months ago me decided that the better option would not be turning off his romance, but to instead move him in. So there you have it.

Now, we come to a little update section. I was going to make this a separate post, but decided against it. These pics were meant to be for another chapter, but the Kanto save file is getting really laggy again, so despite playing a few in-game days, I only have about 20 pictures. So I’ll just show you the highlights.


Jamie got to retire. She wasn’t moving up in her career at all and she wished for it, so I let her.


I moved all the graves to the graveyard in hopes that this would help with the slowdown at night.


Torchic became a child and rolled equestrian. I’m going to have fun dressing him when he’s a teen ❤


Azelf became an elder. If Squirtle were still alive, that means he’d be an elder now too T.T

Job Change.

Tari got he opportunity to switch jobs, and I let her. I figured being governor would be more fun for her.

Tarmie Anniversary

Finally, Tarmie had their first anniversary! Awww.

That’s all the updates, but I also thought I’d use this post to show you guys some of the spouse options.


Obviously for Deoxys, there’s Kurtis Van Gold. He’s also an option for Tepig.

Here are Tepig’s other options.


This one’s name is Buddy Judd. He’s already a YA, but Tepig’s just three days away, so he’s not too much older.


This one is Lonnie Bolech. He’s still a teen. His face intrigues me-I can’t decide if I like it or not-so I thought I’d consider him.

Now for Charmander’s options.


Christina Cornett (Green Girl.) She’s definitely interesting looking.


Mericela Shaver (Curley Hair).

There is also one more.


Abbie Jaramillo, otherwise known as Blue Girl. She’s my favorite for Charmie right now. She’s already YA too, but she’s about the same age as Kurtis, so there’s not too much of a difference.

Next, Camerupt’s options. The first is to bring Paras back into the house with plastic surgery.


The second is this girl, Maribel DeLong. She’s properly adorable, even with the squinty eyes. She’s my favorite option for Cammy.

Finally, for Ledyba.


Phillip Van Gold.

I don’t have any options for Torchic at this point. I don’t know his gender preference yet, and all the kids his age are face ones. I don’t think I’ll include him in the heir poll anyways.

Welp, that’s the end of this ridiculously long chapter/update/spouse introduction post. Sorry it’s so scattered and rambly at points. This will be the last chapter for a while, at least until I get a new computer. The Kanto save is pretty unplayable on my ancient monstrosity at this point. I will be posting the heir poll sometime today, so be on the lookout for that! Hope you guys have a great day, and as always Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “4.13: There’s Something About Van Gold Boys

  1. Mericela is an interesting name; and she has crazy arched eyebrows, wow! In face, all the spouse options are very intriguing. I really like Blue Girl, and Buddy has an interesting looking face, without being ugly.

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