4.10: True Evil

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Ledyba and Camerupt had an adorable friendship and Deoxys aged up into a teenager and attempted to make the moves on the oldest Van Gold boy. She did not succeed. We also found out that Tari is having another baby. Now, let’s jump right into this chapter, shall we?


First off, yay! Ri managed to max the logic skill as a YA, tying with Squirtle as the youngest Kanto ever to max a skill!


One of Paras’s traits is definitely angler, although I don’t recall why I sent her to the graveyard to fish instead of a pond. Maybe it was closer to their house?


Tari still likes to pull this thing out whenever I’m not keeping her busy. Not sure what use it is to her anymore, but whatever makes the pregnant lady happy, I guess.


What’s this? Tepig’s actually wearing clothes?

Tepig: Mom got mad at me for walking around in my swim gear around cousin Ledyba. I can’t imagine why. I mean, we’re all family right? It baffles me almost as much as this calculus homework…


Ledyba: I don’t mind you walking around half naked one bit. It’s a learning experience for a growing girl. In fact, you should go ahead and take your shirt off right now.

Tepig: Really? Don’t mind if I…

Leds, when you finish your homework why don’t you go do something useful and stop creeping on the men in your family.

Ledyba: Hey, it worked for Auntie Tari. She creeped on daddy and she became heiress.


That’s a much better use of your time.

Ledyba: Here, Solrock. Drink this.

Solrock: What is it?

Ledyba: No clue.

Solrock: Maybe this isn’t a good idea…

Ledyba: Don’t be such a pansy! Just drink it already!

Solrock: Well…bottoms up…


Solrock: Woah…trippy…


Charmander: I hate to interrupt the moment, but I almost died again.

~sigh~ Go inside and get cleaned up, hun.


Here’s the newly human Solrock. I absolutely adore his coloring. Too bad he has to be such a face one.

Solrock: I resent that!

I wrote down his traits. They are loves the cold, athletic, and mean-spirited.

What do you think of your new friend, Leds?


Ledyba: Eh. I’ve seen better.


Ledyba: Now this is more like it! WEEE! Ride like the wind, Bullseye!


Don’t wanna play outside with Leds, Solrock? Won’t she get mad at you?

Solrock: She doesn’t own me! I’ll sit here and play with my blocks if I wanna!

It’s your funeral.


Phione’s eldest child Derik just became a teenager! They grow up so fast!


There goes Deo, pretending she’s evil again.

Deoxys: Mwahaha!!!

Solrock: What’s her beef?

Poor Deoxys

Poor Deoxys 2

She’s getting picked on. That’s her beef.


Deoxys: I’ll get back at them for this! I’ll make them rue the day they ever called me names! I’ll spread a rumor that she’s a loser, that’s what I’ll do!

It’s sad, really. Poochyena back in Pewter gen was a loser too, but I got one, maybe two popups that he was having trouble in school. Deo comes home crying about bullies just about every day. Screenshot-16

We got a bunny gnome! Huzzah! I figured we only got those for throwing the seasonal parties, but whatever. I forgot what I named him, but it’s not like I ever see the gnomes around anyways.


Rachelle: I heard you wanted to be informed about your family members’ bodies with minimal clothes on. Well, here’s what your sexy mother looks like in a nighty. What do you think, Ledy darling?

Ledyba: …I think I’m gonna be sick…

Honestly, this family…


At least someone is doing something productive.


Jamie: Just thought I’d let you know that I almost died.

This seems to be a recurring theme today.


Tepig is still painting away, I see.


While Charmie pretends to be studious.

Charmander: Hey! I always get my homework done!

Yeah, when you’re not blowing yourself up blasting magic everywhere.

Charmander: ~grumble, grumble~

AHHHHH!!!!! YES!!!!!


I’ve never had this happen before! Of course we said yes!


Deoxys: Of course I’ll go to prom with you! I’d be honored! Humbled, even! I can’t wait to rub it into that bitch Christina that I’m going to prom with the hottest guy in school!

Kurtis: Yeah, yeah…don’t make me regret asking.

I was seriously shocked by this. I kind of thought he hated her after her awkwardness the other day.


Charmander: Why does she get a date to the prom when I’m just stuck with hunks of metal?

Because I already had her future spouse picked out. There’s too many choices for you boys! Come home with a friend from school one day and I’ll hook you up.

Charmander: So much work…~grumble, grumble~



Yay, the (hopefully) last member of Vermilion gen is arriving!


Although the current baby of the family is distracting me from the birth.

Ledyba: Five laps to go before the end of the race, and Kanto is far ahead of the rest of the pack! She’s got this race in the bag!


Ledyba: Oh no! An angry driver that Kanto drove off the road is getting out of his car and running her way! Time to sweeerrvee!


Ledyba: Did you see that? That was too close!


Charmander: What makes her so special anyways? She’s not a witch like me, so she can’t even make pretty magic.

Oh Charmie, no need to be jealous. You know we love you too.


Altaria: Don’t worry, nooboo. If we’re patient enough, they’ll eventually acknowledge your birth.

Oh, oopsies! The new Tarmie baby is another boy named Torchic.


I was waiting to use this name for a girl, but I guess this will have to do. Torchic was born an evil heavy sleeper. Looks like Deo’s got some competition.


Right after he was born, this random old guy hanging out on our property died…


Torchic: MWAHAHAH!!! Behold my evil power!

This couldn’t possibly be your fault. You’re just an infant.

Torchic: Oh, but it is! And if you don’t believe me, I’ll gladly do it again!  Gaze well upon my face, my dear. For it is the face of evil!!!


Deoxys: NOO!!! Random guy! Why’d you have to die? This is so sad!…


Grim: Is this chick for real?

Jamie: ‘Fraid so.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Tepig: I hate these stupid dishes…

Squirtle: Don’t mind me. Just a happy haunt materializing.

Tepig: That’s funny. For a minute there I thought I heard a voice that wasn’t Grandpa Joe…


Squirtle: Hello, Ledyba. I’m your father. Sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve been…held up.

Ledyba: I have a ghost dad? Neato!

Paras: Where can a girl get some toys around here?

Way to ruin the moment, chick -_-


Charmander: Dad! You’re back!

Squirtle: Sure am, kid. Since Grim had a reaping in the backyard tonight, I decided to pop in for a visit.

Charmander: We’re so glad you did! Right, Leds?

Ledyba: Ectoplasm…awesome…

Tepig: Look at that family moment over there…it disgusts me…


Squirtle: Deo! It’s so nice to see you again!

Deoxys: Eww! Get away from me, ghost dad! You abandoned us! You left me alone with that crazy witch lady who isn’t even my mother!

Charmander: He died, Deo.

Deoxys: That’s no excuse!


Ledyba: So I wonder…how many crazy stunts to I have to pull before I can become ectoplasm like daddy?

Please don’t!


Deoxys: Gosh…maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on him…

Charmander: You think?

Squirtle: Look kids, it was great seeing you, but you’ve obviously been going through a lot lately and I’m not making things any easier. I need to go back to the underworld with Grim now, but I promise I’ll be back to see you again soon, ok?

Charmander: Wait dad! Please, don’t…


Charmander: …go…

I think it’s time we leave Charmie alone and see what else is going on, don’t you?


Ri still has a love for the babies of the house.

Azurill: I’m protecting him from all this sadness.

Torchic: Protecting me? HA! Foolish mortal, I caused all this sadness! MWAHAHA!!

Azurill: Isn’t he the sweetest thing?


Shelly went down to her old place of business to try casting a toadification spell on some poor soul.

Lady: No, please! Can’t we talk about this?


Not like anything she casts ever works.

Rachelle: Confound it!

Lady: I’m not…dead?

Not this time, hun.

Meanwhile, back at the house…


Altaria: Tada!

Tari became a proper adult.


…and decided to have a midlife crisis. Which I will most likely ignore.


Solrock: Hooray! You go, Mrs. K!

To close off this chapter, we have a few more birthday pictures to show off.



First are the Kyovan twins. The top picture is Ginger. The bottom is Judy. They certainly have MacDuff genes.


And this is Phione’s youngest child, Robyn. She’s quite adorable.


And finally, here is Ledyba’s future spouse Phillip Van Gold. I think I forgot to mention, he’s a vampiric ghost like his brother Kurtis.

Well, that’s the end of this chapter. Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day! As always, happy Simming!


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