4.11: All About the Girls

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! Last time Ledyba’s IF Solrock turned into a real boy. Altaria gave birth to the final child of the generation, Torchic. Kurtis Van Gold asked Deoxys to go to prom with him. And finally, the ghost of Squirtle took a break from his reaping world tour to visit with his children. Time to see what shenanigans will occur today!


The lazy bum here still spends all of his free time in front of the TV. What are you watching, kid?

Charmander: Why don’t you see for yourself?


Cooking channel, huh? I can deal with that. Learn those recipes, boy!

Charmander: Yeah, yeah. Glad I could be useful to you for once.


Looks like you have company.

Paras: My favorite food is loch-ness monster sandwich, just so you know. Hint hint.

Charmander: MOOOOMMM! There’s a creepy kid sitting next to me! Help!

Rachelle: Just hit her with your magic son, mommy’s busy applying face cream!

Don’t you dare, Charmie. Your cousin might just kill you.


Tari has completed her LTW, ladies and gents! These Cerulean kids, as uninteresting as they were, sure are efficient, aren’t they?


Of course she celebrates with her bae.

Jamie: Congrats, honey. What are you going to do now that you’ve completed your LTW?

Altaria: I’m going to Disney World.


The baby of the family is already a toddler. Those two days went by quickly. Could you turn toward the camera so readers can see your lovely face?

Torchic: Don’t you know never to stare directly into the face of evil? I’ll turn you all to stone!

I don’t think it works that way, hun.

Torchic: Prove it then!


Well, readers? Are you stone?

Torchic: Stare into my eyes. I dare you. I may look adorable, but I’m the deadliest entity in this house.

That’s not saying much. He’s the only one of the Tarmie kids to get Tari’s nose. I also find it interesting that all three kids got Jamie’s berry skin. They seem (at least for me) to be the hardest to pass down.


Paras: Hey! There’s more important birthdays going on over here!


Paras: Your turn, hun. And you’d better be a hunk, otherwise we can’t be together.

Camerupt: Give me a break, Paras. Have you seen the rest of my family? I’m bound to be gorgeous.


Here’s our new teen! As you can see from this picture, he’s the spitting image of his mother. He does have Tari’s lips, so he’s not a clone.

He rolled kleptomaniac.

Camerupt: I’m going to steal the hearts of all the lovely ladies of the world 😉

Charmander: Cake! Huzzah! Umm, I mean…you go, cuz!


Camerupt: Auntie Shelly, there’s dishes all over this house and it’s disgusting! Since you never do anything all day, don’t you think you could clean up this mess or something?

Rachelle: Quiet, sonny! I’m trying to enjoy my last piece of cake before my poor old heart gives out on me.

Oh please, you’re not even close to dying you old hag.


Camerupt: So now that we’re teens, how’s about you and I get some nice dinner together one night?

Paras: You realize that you’re mine forever as long as I say so, right slave?

Camerupt: Whatever gets me a kiss, babe ;D

Ledyba: My cousin Cammy demanded that you clean up these plates, mother. When he tells you to do something, you do it!

Rachelle: How’s an old lady supposed to live in a house where all these munchkins are ganging up on her?


We have a visitor!

Kurtis: Isn’t it enough that I asked that girl to prom? Now I have to spend another day at this insane asylum you people call a home?

Oh, be nice. You like it here.


Deoxys: Kurtis! I’m so glad you could make it!

Kurtis: Yeah, well. Not like I had anything better to do.


The two chat for a bit, building up their relationship more.


And then we go in for the kill! I mean, hug.

Deoxys: Wow, you’re actually touching me? You don’t think I have some kind of disease or anything?

Kurtis: Of course not. Just because you’re an alien, that doesn’t mean you’re infectious. And besides, hugging you feels kinda nice…

Deoxys: ~dies a little~


Deoxys: Wait…what are you doing?

Kurtis: Relax, Deo.


Kurtis: I’m just holding your hands. Is that ok?

Deoxys: Ye..yes…more than ok…


Deoxys: Time to take a leap of faith.


Kurtis: Wha…

Deoxys: Oh plumbob…please don’t hate me…




And then he promptly left.

Deoxys: But…wait…


Azurill: He kissed her! Can you believe it?

Camerupt: But then he just left! Doesn’t he know that’s not how you woo a lady?

Azurill: This is too juicy! I’ve got to get the full story!


Azurill: So…

Deoxys: I’m not telling you a damn thing. Not shut up and make your move.


Sim check. I sent Leds and Solrock to the festival.

Ledyba: LAME. Why’d we have to come to some stupid park? I wanna be where the real action is!

Solrock: I think this place is quite pleasant.


Charmie went to the junkyard to collect more scraps.

Charmander: This would be a nice pipe to bang over someone’s head, don’t you think?

This is sort of a creepy gen, ne? Shouldn’t we save the weirdos for Lavender town?


Cammy and Paras got to go fishing together.

Camerupt: Psst! Over here!


What are you doing in the bushes?

Camerupt: Hiding.

From who?

Camerupt: Paras. I think she brought me here to drown me. She knows I can’t promise myself to just one woman when there are so many other lovelies out there for me.

Don’t worry, hun. She can’t drown you. I’ll make sure of it.


And of course, Tepig paints.

Tepig: I was wondering when you were going to mention me this chapter.

You asked for more space, remember?

Tepig: …


Back at the festival, these two decided to have a hotdog eating contest. Because that’s all the Kantos ever seem to want to do at festivals.

Ledyba: This is different. These are extreme hotdogs.

I’m sure they are.


Ledyba: On your mark…

Solrock: Get set…

Ledyba and Solrock: GO!





Ledyba: Oh my gosh, I won!


Back home, Jamie partakes in the ceremonial skilling of the toddler.

Jamie: Yay! You’re doing so well, my little cutie pie!

Torchic: That’s right, mother. Fall under my adorable toddler spell!


Everyone returns home for the night. I see Paras didn’t kill you, Cammy.

Camerupt: Nope. And I made some decent cash from those fish we caught too. Catch enough of those, and I could be on my way to fame and fortune! Maybe hanging around with her won’t be so bad…


Ledyba: Hehe. I’m a winner.


Paras: Just you wait, Simmer. After prom, that boy will never think about another woman again. He will be mine, and so will this legacy!

We shall see about that, hun.

That’s all I have for you this chapter, guys. I have two more chapters to write, plus one quick update, and then it’ll be time for the heir poll! Yay! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a fantastic day! Happy Simming!



4 thoughts on “4.11: All About the Girls

  1. I really love Paras’ hair/eye combo. Too bad about the Face One syndrome. Though she is kind of scary, assuming that she and Camerupt are going to be together forever – they just turned teen!

    Ledyba is still one of my faves, along with Charmander. Interesting about Jamie’s berry skin – when I did my WYDC I found that the berry skin was passed along more often than not. Must be something in the coding that makes non-default skins a higher chance.

    • Haha, Paras is certainly a frightening lady! But she does have great coloring, so maybe I’ll have to randomize her face at some point…
      The berry skin thing is definitely very interesting. Maybe I just don’t play with enough colorful Sims, but it seems like over half the time, my kids take after their default skin parents. Perhaps some experimentation is in order…

  2. Paras has such lovely eyes! Creepy personality, but lovely eyes. ^_^

    I can’t decide my favorite yet, but Deoxys & Tepig are adorable, as is Charmander (my favorite starter of all time!). Hmmm…the heir vote might be close.

    Looking forward to the next chapter! ^_^

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