4.12: Romance in the Air

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Camerupt and Paras aged up into teens and Paras became a crazy obsessed lover. Huzzah! Let’s jump on in and see what my lovelies are up to this time.


We start off with some toddler training.

Jamie: Can you say bait, Tori?

Torchic: Torture of innocent creatures! MWAHAHAHA!

Jamie: Isn’t he just precious?


Joe’s Ghost: I thought I told you to get rid of that stupid Simmer already!

Tepig: I’m sorry, grandpa Joe! I don’t think that’s even physically possible…

Joe’s Ghost: SILENCE.


Tepig: No, wait! Grandpa!


Tepig: I hate you. Immensely.

Not my fault you’re insane, hun.


Rachelle: You young things are so lucky. You get a brand spanking new, posh limo to pick you up and take you to prom! Back in my day, we had to walk to prom uphill in the snow both ways.

Camerupt: Yawn. As if I hadn’t heard that one before.

That’s right, tonight is prom for the Vermilion kids.


And Kyovan’s eldest daughter Suzanna aged up just in time for it.


Deo rolled an LTW. She’s going to become the empress of evil. If I remember correctly, she’ll need the athletic skill in the criminal career. I could be mistaken. The first heir to my first legacy ever was the last Sim I had in that career so it’s been a while.


Rachelle wanted to cast a love charm on someone and poor Ri hasn’t been out of the house in ages, so I let her have the honors. This girl was the first person we came across. Hope Ri likes her!


Looks like she does!


Here’s Azurill’s new girlfriend. I forgot her name, but you probably won’t be seeing her much anyways.


Ledyba: Who needs icky romance when we have each other, right Mr. Bunny?


Ledyba: Oh my goodness, Mr. Bunny can fly!

Mr. Bunny: They laughed. They scoffed. Until I took liftoff.

Ledyba: And now he’s flying! He’s flying high in the sky!


Rachelle: C’mon, Tori. Come to Auntie Shelly. I won’t bite you. Much.


Torchic: I’m the most dangerous Sim in this family and even I’m terrified of that creature…

Rachelle: How dare you disrespect your elders so!


Looks like our kiddos are getting ready for prom already.

Altaria: I can see your thought bubble, son. It’s far too early for you to be thinking of diamond rings, especially if you’re planning to give one to that trashy girlfriend of yours.

Camerupt: She’s not my girlfriend, Ma…

Altaria: But she will be…


Charmander: Now wait…was it two slows and one quick or two quicks and one slow?…GAH! I’ll never get a girl to dance with me if I can’t even remember that!


Deoxys: My back is killing me from all that exercising you made me do…how am I meant to dance with my bae if my back is broken?

I highly doubt it’s broken, Deo.

Tepig: I’m so embarrassed about earlier….could you leave me alone for awhile? I don’t want readers seeing me like this…

Paras: Imbeciles. All of them.


Poor Leds has to stay behind. She’s one day away from getting to go with the rest of the group.

Ledyba: I don’t mind. I’ll probably skip my prom when it comes anyways. I’ll be too busy doing some extreme sports or something cool like that.


Solrock: I’m okay with it too. Gives me time to develop my hot bod before I present myself to the lovely ladies of high school.

Prom 1


Against my better judgment, I said yes. Although I’m a bit surprised by the fact that Cammy asked her and not the other way around.

Prom 2

Prom 4

Charmie became prom king and got himself an RI! Let’s take a look at her, shall we?


Christina Cornett, better known as Green Girl from the slumber party. She’s not bad looking, but she definitely has an interesting nose and lips…

Prom 3

Poor Tepig. He just can’t seem to catch a break.

Prom 5

Surprisingly, Deoxys was named prom queen. I guess she’s not such a loser after all.

If you’re wondering about the lack of Kurtis related popups…


He ever so kindly decided to skip prom and grow up. And then had the audacity to start flirting with Suzanna, who literally just turned teen today. What a quality Sim I’ve picked out for Deo, ne?


The teens return home after an interesting night.

Paras: YES! I told you I’d get him to fall for me! I just knew we’d be together forever!

Camerupt: Well, I don’t know about forever, babe…

Deoxys: That’s right, just rub it in my face that you got your man while mine stood me up to become an adult and flirt with another woman…

Poor kid. That can’t be good for her self-esteem.


This is becoming a common sight. If I don’t constantly keep them busy, all they do is suck face…


Tepig: ~grumble, grumble~ Love stinks.

Don’t worry, honey. We’ll find you a nice boy soon.

Tepig: Like I trust you to do anything right?

Ouch. You’ll see. I’ll find your true love for you and then you’ll be thanking me instead of ridiculing me.



Redundant prom pics are redundant. It would be awesome if they had better poses, but we get what we get I suppose.


Cammy the virtuoso finally found Bronzong’s old guitar. Hopefully this’ll keep him occupied for a while.


Paras: ~pouts~ My Cammy isn’t paying attention to me…

He’s skilling, like any good legacy child should. Why don’t you go do something useful?

Paras: When I’m Queen, you’ll be the first to go.

Why do I get the feeling everyone this generation hates my guts?


Charmander: You know, I just realized something. I was about to invent something special for Christie, but I bet she’d prefer it if I wrote her a love letter!

I  think, if she really likes you, she’d love whatever you decided to give her. (Can Lysander being on the inventing table make it explode or anything?)


The final toddler skill has been learned. Huzzah!


Since aliens don’t sleep, I had Deo work on her athletic skill all through the night.


She may have nearly died a couple times, but I think she’s making some progress.


And in the morning, it’s time for some birthdays.

Solrock: Can’t wait to meet some girls finally!

Ledyba: Unless the cake catches fire, this event bores me.


We ran into some…complications.

Solrock: Hah! Looks like you can’t grow into a teenager, master. You can’t boss me around any longer, kiddo!

Ledyba: Sol, if you don’t shut the hell up I’ll punch your lights out.

A while back, I posted about one of my Sims being stuck aging, and when she did age up she became a bland pudding face. That was Leds. Fortunately, after some fiddling, I was able to age her up through master controller while keeping her face intact.




Much better. Changing outfits seemed to work.


~sobs uncontrollably~

I think I’m gonna leave things here. Hopefully next time, things will be back to normal. Thanks so much for reading guys, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day! Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “4.12: Romance in the Air

  1. Aw, Ledyba, you need to age up, so you can get to YA and be heir! I’ve had the same bug (it was only female teens that I had issues with), and it turned out to be some improperly catalogued teen clothing CC. Hard to find, but relatively easy to fix once you find it. If she’s still a dwarf, try using resetsim, that worked for me. Not the MC version, just the normal cheat console one.

    So many teens in the house, we must be coming up to heir stage now! I’m surprised Charmie isn’t closer to YA, I swear he was almost a teen when Ledyba was born.

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