2.18: Life Goes On

Hey guys, I’m back with the last chapter of generation 2! The previous chapter was pretty heavy. First, Klink’s proposal of marriage to Abby was rejected. Shortly after, our lovely Gala sadly passed away. Then, to cope with his grief, Klink asked Abby to move in with him, and the two woohoo’ed for the first time, despite Klink’s intention to wait until marriage. This chapter, life will have  to move on for the Kantos. So let’s get started.

Abigail Intro Card

First, let’s formally welcome Abigail into the family. She is an insane, childish workaholic who loves the outdoors and is very charismatic. She loves indie music, the color grey, and, just like her boyfriend’s father, fish and chips. She is a virgo, and, although I forgot to include it in the card, wants to be an international super spy. Here, we see her hard at work. This was her first wish upon moving into the house.

Abigail: Must…advance in career…


Apparently, she worked so hard that she broke the computer.

Abigail: Derp.


Bronzong: Oh my Gala, why did you have to leave me?…It seems like just yesterday you were leaving your old boyfriend to move in with me…I shall dearly miss our time spent together…but worry not, for I shall join you soon…

Don’t say that! 😦 I’m not ready to lose my heir too…


Bronzong was given all of his love’s belongings, and I remembered that we never did use Gala’s last wish, so I had Bronzong summon him. He never actually appeared.

Invisible Robin the Genie: Hey, nice place you got here, man! I forgot how awesome legacy houses are.

Bronzong: Ummm…if you say so…


Since fairies live so long and Bronzong and Klink both have skills to build, Abigail has been put in charge of childcare duties. She’s not too fond of this job, but it’s what needs to be done.


Bronzong: Hmmm…something’s not right here…


Nope, something is definitely not right. We sent the genie back to his lamp shortly after this, and haven’t summoned him since.


Childcare duties done for the moment, Abby plops down to build her logic skill, something she’ll be needing for her job.


Despite desperately needing to max his guitar skill, Bronzong still spends every possible moment with his little alien baby. Which is understandable. I love this kid too.


Abigail: Holy Plumbob, this is disgusting…I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much of that spoiled food…


Bronzong: My wife died, I haven’t achieved my LTW yet, and this baby is so demanding and I just wanna go to bed, dammit!

My poor Bronzong…he’s been having a rough day…


At least little Klinky seems to be coping okay now that his lady is here with him.


Abigail: Not again…oh frig, it’s coming back at me this time…


Meanwhile, outside…

Klink: Why do I have the sudden urge to chase after this strange light?…


Abigail: I’m having a baby, aren’t I?

Probably. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make sure the aliens didn’t hurt your boyfriend too badly.


Klink: ~sobs~ I just had unspeakable things done to me…I will never be the same again!!!


Ghoel: Plumbob, if I had known this human unit was a crier, I would have left him alone…


Speaking of aliens, our little Unown can finally potty on his own.

Unown: That’s right. Now if you would please…a little privacy…

Of course. Sorry.


Abigail: I wanted those waffles, you worthless piece of shit.

Klink: Sorry dear…I’ll make you some more when you get home…

Abigail: Shut up, jackass.

Note to self: Don’t mess with a pregnant Abby.


Abby set out for her first day of work, but emerged early to develop her bump. She never did. She just sort of stood in the doorway, so I had to reset her.


This little girl is Carly, the daughter of my Simself and Cocaine Chimeree. You’ll learn more about her in the spare update coming up soon.


Klink: My mother died…this is such a troubling time in my life…

Poor baby 😦


Abby finally came home from work, dressed up in pregnancy gear. She does not have maternity leave or the pregnancy moodlet. This is the same glitch Gala had when she was pregnant with Poochyena. I guess it decided to rear its ugly head back up and make my life miserable again.


Abigail: Where are my drumsticks? I demand drumsticks!

Klink: Why are you making me eat with her again? T.T


In another part of the house, little Unown is aging up into a child.

Unown: Yay, birthday!


Abigail: What is that obnoxious noise and where is it coming from? It sounds like the Loch Ness monster or something.

Klink: Babe, that’s my brother…having his birthday…



Undeterred by his future sister-in-law’s nasty remark, Unown grows up and gains the bookworm trait.

Unown: Yes, I’m finally old enough to read actual books!

Time for his room to get a little makeover.




Since he’s a loner bookworm, I figured he’d go for the geeky look. He also loves the outdoors, which is why I gave him sort of a sporty looking outfit.


Abigail: ~snore~ I wish I were working…


And work she does. If she’s not actually AT work, she’s on the computer working from home.


And Klink paints. He’s currently working on his self portrait.


Unown constantly reads his books. I believe this one is his brother’s first novel, “Growing Up with the Demon Twins.”


Bronzong tends to either play his guitar or derp around. Usually the latter. He’s been ignoring my commands a lot recently.

Bronzong: My wife just died, give an old man some slack!


Sometimes, when she’s between working at home and at her job, Abby waves her magic around to impress people. Mostly, they can’t be bothered with her bragging.


There she goes, off to another day of work. Klink is still hard at work on his portrait in the background.


Unown heads off for his first day of school.

Unown: School is serious business.


With one final stroke, Klink has finished his self portrait! It looks significantly better than Bronzong’s.


Abigail: I’m home! And I ransacked Tinkerbell’s wardrobe on the way. Don’t I look fab?


Not much happened for the rest of the night, aside from Unown doing his homework outside. In the cold. When he had a perfectly good desk in his room to work on.

Unown: I ❤ the outdoors.

I see that.


A very tubby Klink sits down to start on his second novel, entitled “Alien Progency.” I think both he and his girlfriend are going to pop tonight. We’ll have the equivalent of twins!


Unown: Ewww, what is that stench?


Unown: Oh, Plumbob, it’s me! Gross!


Abby is directed to sit down for a nice game of chess while I patiently wait for her to have her baby.

Abigail: Chess is serious business.


Meanwhile, Bronzong decides to call up the family and arrange for a gift giving party.

Bronzong: Hey Minnie, how is my darling daughter doing? What? You’re pregnant? That’s wonderful news!


Bronzong: Well why don’t you bring your boyfriend over, and the rest of the family for that matter, and we’ll exchange some gifts. Great! See you later then, honey. Love you too.


Abigail: ~grumble grumble~ Why do I have to do all the chores around here?


Abigail: Oh, Plumbob! I think my water just broke…yupp, there is definitely more puddle than there was before…

With Abby about to give birth, and Klink probably close behind, we’re going to end this chapter here. How many babies will we have, and what will they be? How long until Bronzong follows his wife to the afterlife? And most importantly, how many presents will we get? Tune in next time for the first installment of generation 3.

Note: My last year of school starts in a little over two weeks, and I just got the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed, so I might be playing Sims 3 a little less than normal, but this year should be a lot less stressful than last year, since I got all my hard classes out of the way, so I should be able to update more often than I did last year. I sure hope I can, anyways. It’s been a year since I started this legacy, and I’m only on generation 3. That’s pretty sad…Anyways, enough of that pointless babble. I hope you all have a great day, and see you next time I decide to post something! (Which might be tonight, with the spare update.)

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5 thoughts on “2.18: Life Goes On

  1. It always amuses me when the puke is different colours; I wonder what causes that?

    And I love that pokeball poster, where did you get that?

    “Abigail: I’m home! And I ransacked Tinkerbell’s wardrobe on the way. Don’t I look fab?” PMSL, yes Abby, you do look fab. I am enjoying all her different outfits. And I love that she didn’t get maternity leave – I actually have a mod in my game to prevent it. Pregnant sims can work just fine!

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