3.1: Mysterious Blue Babies

Hello everyone, welcome to the first chapter of generation 3! Last time, our both our heir and his girlfriend became pregnant, Unown aged up into a child, and Bronzong decided to throw a gift giving party. Let’s dive right in and see what happens, shall we?


Unown: Good evening world and all who inhabit it.


Unown: I think I’ll start out my night by playing with my lovely imaginary friend, Glameow.



Abigail: Umm, hello? Lady giving birth over here!!!

Oh, right. Sorry. You may proceed.


And our lovely Abby gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Squirtle.


Squirtle was born a good but grumpy chap. Now, this entire evolutionary line is by far my favorite. I adore Squirtle. But I hope to not show too much favoritism when it comes to the kids. If I do, you have my permission to slap me.


Abby gave birth just in time to start our party.


The guests have started to arrive, but they don’t seem to want to come inside.


I guess that’s a good thing though, as Klink is just about to give birth to his alien child.


He delivers a beautiful baby girl named Azelf. And she isn’t green.


Aza was born an artistic grump, the same traits her grandfather was born with.


The family has finally started to gather inside. It seems Mara Nix, Felix’s ex-girlfriend, has taken to stalking him to family events. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see her.


Unown: Who are all these people, and what are they doing in my house?

That’s your family. Plus Mara. You should go talk to them. It’ll be good for you.



Garth: Boo, this party sucks!

The family update was a little bit ahead, so some of the kids, including Garth, haven’t quite aged up yet.


Bronzong: So, son, been paying attention to the stock market lately? You know how much I love talking about the economy.

Steelix: Ummm, yeah, I’m just gonna go, dad…

Bronzong: Nice talk, son 🙂


Klink had no interest in going out and seeing his extended family. He instead stayed in the nursery and spent time with his newborns.

Klink: I thank you, oh wise Simmer, for giving me this glorious baby to carry on my grandfather’s legacy.

What about your other baby? You know, the one you gave birth to?

Klink: That one’s a girl. Everyone knows girls can’t continue legacies.

I’d like to see you tell your sister that.


With absolutely impeccable timing on her part, Gala’s ghost makes her first appearance.


Gala: Boo, Bronzong, you stink! Was two days of mourning all I’m worth to you? I gave a life of partying to have your stupid babies!

Abigail: Just ignore your boyfriend’s mother’s ghost, Abby. Everything will be a-ok.

Gala’s presence pretty much ended the party. Not that it was doing all that well anyways. The only Sim to get any presents was Violet Slymer, who promptly broke up with Steelix right after leaving.


I’m kinda glad the party ended early. Gives the adults of the house a chance to take care of two screaming, grumpy babies.

Bronzong: Why don’t you take the alien baby?

Abigail: Cause that one’s not mine.


Gala must be seeking revenge on this family for making her give up her single life. I was going to have Klink finish his book, but ghosty here made sure that wasn’t an option.

Gala: Trololol, bet you wish you could still control me, huh?




Unown: Well that was uneventful. I’m bored again.


Klink: I’m bored again.

Well, you could always go take care of your babies.


Klink: This is even more boring…

Welcome to parenthood.


Abby here was supposed to attend graduation today, even though she should’ve graduated the same day as Klink. However, I didn’t feel like sending everyone to a big ol’ lag fest, so I made them all stay home. Best decision of my life. She still got her diploma and “most likely to” award, but without all the trouble of being stuck in the same place for hours on end waiting for twenty or more Sims to finish the ceremony. She was voted most popular, just like Minnie.


Klink: I guess you’re really not so bad, are you, my little alien princess? You’re actually kind of cute. Yes you are, yes you are.


Bronzong: I miss my delicious, home-cooked meals…I mean, Gala! Right, I miss Gala…

I miss her too 😦


Repair Lady: Hello, have you called me here to lend my genes to this legacy? I’m a fairy and I bet I’d make some kickass children.

No no, we have our spouse picked out, thank you very much. You’re just here to fix the broken shower.


Repair Lady: Curses! I was so close to joining an actual legacy.


Repair Lady: They’re just like all the others, only wanting me for my tools…


Bronzong starts off his morning by feeding the babies and giving them some attention.


Unlike Klink and Abby, he doesn’t pick favorites.


Then, he goes to his beloved wife’s grave to mourn her.

Bronzong: Men don’t cry. Instead, we stand around and contemplate our own mortality. In a very sexy fashion.


Finally, paying homage to his deceased master chef, he makes breakfast for his growing family.

Bronzong: If I don’t burn the house down, it’ll be a miracle.


When the parents wake up, they also see to their children.

Klink: How is my wonderful little angel this morning?


Abigail: Hello, little man. How about we just pretend that other baby thing doesn’t exist and make you the heir by default?

Ummm, yeah. Not happening. Besides, even if Aza didn’t exist, you’re having more babies. Squirtle is not automatically the heir.

Abigail: We’ll just see about that.


Bronzong: I made pancakes. They turned out awesome. Anyone want some? Hellooo?…

Abigail: Shove it, old man. I’m getting yogurt. You don’t get a body like mine by indulging on junk food.


Unown could also not be bothered by his father’s gift of breakfast, as he had other plans.


Unown: Fishing is quite possibly the best thing a loner who loves being outside could do 😀


Bronzong isn’t too upset by his family’s cold indifference, though. He’s too busy perfecting that guitar skill to worry about that.


It’s not too long until our little babies are ready to become toddlers. I think Aza is positively adorable.


She’s got quite the run for her money though. Even though Squirtle seems like an Abby face clone, he’s still quite the looker.

Klink: He looks nothing like me…make him heir! Make him heir!

Starting to sound like your father…


Bronzong: Don’t worry, my dear little Aza. Grandpa loves you just as much as your brother. Your daddy does too, he’s just too easily influenced by that bi—

Klink: ~shouts~ Dad, are you teaching my precious daughter naughty language?

Bronzong: ….No!


To make up for almost slipping in a cuss word in front of the baby, Grandpa Bronzong begins to teach his granddaughter how to use the potty.


Abigail: Oh, Klinky…we haven’t had any time together since we had our baby…

Klink: You mean babies, right?

Abigail: No, I mean baby.


Klink: Don’t worry, Abby darling, I promise that on love day, we can take the whole day off and spend it together, just the two of us.


Abigail: Oh, Klinky…how sweet…


We’ll leave off with a picture of our adorable little Squritle. So many questions to answer next time: Has having a baby made Abby go soft? Will our little babies have major sibling rivalry due to their parents being more involved with Squirtle? Will Bronzong finally get that last guitar skill point? Find out in the next installment of the Kanto legacy.

Note: Felix has now been posted onto the “Other-Gen 2” page. Also, due to the abundance of children this generation, I have made the executive decision to have all of the spares’ spouses be included on the “Others” page for their respective generation. This means that Latasha and Heriberto will no longer have their own pages. This should make the tabs less clogged. Thank you guys so much for reading, and happy Simming!

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