Must Reads

(This is a work in progress)

Ongoing Legacies:

An Infectious Legacy

Bookabet Legacy

The Creeper Legacy

Cultric Legacy

Dayes of Our Lives

The Duckling Legacy (Sims 2 Legacy)

The Dysfunkshinul Legacy

Excel ISBI (on hiatus)

Heroes and Villains (on hiatus)

Herping and Derping: A Sims 3 Prettacy (on hiatus)

The Hicks

It’s Raining Idiots

Knights in Bright Patterns

Meet the Derps

Shattered Wings


Completed Legacies:

The Chimeree Legacy

Elemental Legacy

The Kyoti Legacy

Rainbow Knights

The Southern Prettacy


My Other Legacies:

The Century Legacy (cancelled)

Hottie and Bagger: A Dual Uglacy/Prettacy (on hiatus)


Reverse ISBI Challenge:

A Backwards ISBI Challenge Story

Insanity Family

The Keens

My Sims Challenges

The Talley ISBI

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