Vermilion Spares and Spouses

(This Sim contains Scatter Genes skin by Scones.)

Tepig Kanto (Spare; Tarmie)


Traits: Artistic, Good, Insane, Bookworm, Excitable

LTW: Illustrious Author

Favorites: Pop, Grilled Cheese, Blue

Sign: Pisces

Parents: Altaria Kanto and Jamie Kanto


Charmander Kanto (Spare; Squashelle)


Traits: Brave, Couch Potato, Eccentric, Natural Cook, Lucky

LTW: Become an Astronaut

Favorites: Pop, Pancakes, Spiceberry

Sign: Scorpio

Occult: Witch

Parents: Squirtle Kanto and Rachelle Kanto

Partner: Abbie Kanto


Abbie Kanto (née Jaramillo) (Charmander’s Spouse)


Traits: Flirty, Unlucky, Family-Oriented, Excitable, Charismatic

LTW: None

Favorites: Pop, Spaghetti, Pink

Sign: Cancer

Parents: Unknown

Partner: Charmander Kanto


Deoxys Van Gould  (née Kanto) (Spare; Squirtle)


Traits: Evil, Light Sleeper, Loser, Cat Person, Eco-Friendly

LTW: Emperor of Evil

Favorites: Pop, Vegetarian Fish and Chips, ?

Sign: Pisces

Occult: Alien

Parents: Squirtle Kanto and Exe Ne’Xafughos

Partner: Kurtis Van Gould

Children: Kindra Van Gould


Kurtis Van Gould (Deoxys’s Spouse)


Traits: Couch Potato, Dislikes Children, Snob, Light Sleeper, Artistic

LTW: Master of the Arts

Favorites: Latin, Tri-Tip Steak, Green

Sign: Gemini

Occult: Vampire, Ghost

Parents: Herbert Van Gould and Bronson Van Gould (née Slymer)

Children: Kindra Van Gould


(This Sim contains Scatter Genes skin by Scones.)

Camerupt Kanto (Spare; Tarmie)


Traits: Brave, Virtuoso, Ambitious, Kleptomaniac, Cat Person

LTW: Master of the Arts

Favorites: Pop, Porcini Risoto, Red

Sign: Gemini

Parents: Altaria Kanto and Jamie Kanto

Partner: Paras Kanto


Paras Kanto (IF and Partner of Camerupt Kanto)


Traits: Night Owl, Excitable, Hydrophobic, Angler

LTW: None

Favorites: Classical, Autumn Salad, Lilac

Sign: Pisces

Occult: Imaginary Friend

Parents: None

Partner: Camerupt Kanto