6.8: On the Road Again

Hello everybody! So, I wasn’t planning for this to happen for another generation or so but…we have to move. My Dragon Valley save’s been horribly slow lately, so I checked the file size. It was over 7,000 MB. 7,000!!! I’ve hardly had files over 500 MB before! So everyone was promptly packed up and shipped off to a new hood.


So, here’s our new house in the town of Mesa Grande by aaronrogers8i3. This person has made some amazing base-game compatible worlds, including a Sims 3 version of Strangetown that I’ll definitely be using in a legacy at some point. I highly recommend their works!

The house pre-made from the bin. When I started playing in the new town, I wasn’t really in the building mood. If I end up liking it, we’ll stay here and I’ll redecorate everything. But for now, I left it all as-is.


All the relationships were kept intact except for the kids’ romances, so off Carnie goes to re-woo his lady love. The female quads have all aged up during the move (Lisette, Celeste, and Antoinette), but poor Pierre got stuck as a toddler.


Ling is sent to the Dolan household to do the same.

Deerling: Greetings, father-in-law. I’m here to reclaim my property.

Finn: Son, this is your girlfriend? You must be kidding. Surely there’s another one hiding around here somewhere.


I took pity on Pierre and aged him up with his sisters.

Peirre: What just happened?…


Carnivine: So, you still wanna be my girlfriend right?

Carolyn: Definitely.


Success. Again.


Finn: I don’t trust that girl…me and my hoard of dogs will be watching…


Two of the puppy siblings started attacking each other while we commenced with the romance.

Ace: Get ’em, Titus! Brother Krypto will pay for implying that our mother was a llama!

Deerling: Do you hear something, dear?

Andy: Nothing out of the ordinary, Ling.


Krypto: This looks like a lovely place to lay down and die…

Titus: Sorry, sorry! I shouldn’t have attacked you like that…

Deerling: So, you’re still my boyfriend, right husband?

Andy: Of course, babe.


Mission accomplished.


Finn: You know, I think I changed my mind. They make a rather lovely pair, don’t you think?


Bellossom: She’s painting a giraffe? Omg, my followers have to hear about this!

Chandra: Don’t you have something better to do?


Bellossom: Fine, fine. I guess I’ll just search the universe for more celestial bodies to name after Pokemon ships…


Right back to work with Ling. The move to a new town will not deter her from her mission.


I’m never quite sure what to do with Carnie, as he never rolls any skill related wishes. Finally, he decided to write a book.

Carnivine: I will document my experiences as the unloved spare child in a typical legacy family…in space.


Chandra: I am the greatest fairy of all time!

Bellossom: And so humble.


Deerling: Why do I have to do this? We’re filthy rich. Can’t I just buy all the scrap I need?

It’s the principle of the thing, dear.





Carnie’s revenge from last chapter, I suppose.


Carnivine: What have I done? I feel so ashamed…


Yuri grew into a teen.



Alex and Jordan.


And here’s Espeon’s baby, Shane. He takes a lot after mommy.

Painting Get

Chandra maxed painting!


With this lovely cat portrait.

Promotion 1

And Em officially completed his LTW!


Missingno: Em shall forever be known as the most evil and powerful Sim alive.


I guess that intrigued the aliens…


Alien: Well, that was fun. See ya!

Missingno: Em feels so violeted…


Deerling: Father, it’s absolutely rubbish that you get to glow red and I don’t. I demand glowey redness too.

Missingno: Become the empress of evil and we’ll talk, sweetie.


Deerling: Father is cool. I love father. >-<

Logic Get

‘Father’ is just on a roll this chapter.


Missingno: Oh yeah. Em’s the best.


One of the kids brought this guy home from school. I don’t remember his name, but he’s adorable. Everyone in this town is super attractive!


Carnivine: I don’t have much time left in this house…how best to leave an impression?…


Deerling: I shall soothe you all!

Chandra: It’d soothe me if you’d do the damn dishes…


Deerling: I am so awesome. It’s almost time to plow my husband.

Chandra: I really did not need to hear that.


Birthday time!

Deerling: Yeah, yeah. Let’s get this over with. I wanna seduce my guy already.


Here’s our girl! Her final trait was irresistible, and she wants to be a monster maker. I’m not so sure how I feel about that hair. It seemed like a good idea in CAS…

Deerling: Change it and I’ll shank you.


And here’s Bell. Or, her profile at least.

Missingno: Happy birthday, not get out!

Carnivine: That’ll be me someday. How depressing.


Goodbye, Bell. Hopefully you have a better life in SP.


Deerling: Hey, birthday boy. Get your butt down to the beach, stat.


Andy: Hey, Ling. What’d you wanna talk about?

Deerling: I have a very important question for you.


Deerling: Become my for real husband?


Andy: OMG YES!


Deerling: I don’t say it enough, but I love you husband.

Andy: I love you too, babe.


Hey, where’d he go?

Deerling: ….he left.


Oh no…



I hope you’re satisfied.

Chandra: I am. Immensely.


Carnivine: Hey, what are sister and her boyfriend doing outside next to an arch?


I guess he was still there. He followed us home. I wanted a cute beach wedding, but oh well. At least we got a pretty proposal.




Carnivine: I’m so happy to have witnessed this moment.


They get onto some baby making as well.


Carnivine: We’re gonna have a lot of babies in this house…


Meet Andy Kanto everybody! His current LTW is chess legend like Leds, but I’ll probably change it to the tinkerer once he gets enough points.


Puke shot. I hate you so much right now…


Right back to work for this one.


Ling will be the one taking care of the garden, but Em already has seeds in his inventory so I let him plant them.


Graduation time! Although Ling has to puke first.

Andy: Babe, c’mon. I wanna get this over with.


Graduation 1


Graduation 2


And a pop for Chandra.

(Side note: I hate graduation…the adults in the house who aren’t even graduating wear their robes around for the rest of the day and it’s annoying…)

That’s all I have for you today, folks. Maybe we’ll have babies next time! Thanks for reading, and happy simming!



6 thoughts on “6.8: On the Road Again

  1. Ooh, thanks for the towns link! I will be sure to check them out. It’s always difficult to find towns that don’t use ALL the EPs that are available, and they tend to work better the fewer EPs used.

    OMG, Chandra! As if we needed more Celadon babies. We’re about to move onto Fuchsia!

    Deerling is so pretty! And that hair works for her, which is an achievement, since I’ve not previously seen it look good on anyone. Yay for nooboo! Which I’m betting will come out with Chandra’s skin, if my game is anything to go by. Three out of five grandchildren were passed down berry skin when their parents didn’t have it.

    Re: graduation, I recently saw a mod on MTS to get rid of it. Haven’t had a chance to try it out myself yet, but maybe you should.

  2. Awesome, I’m going to have to check out the other worlds they have, too. Hope you like the new town!

    Deerling came out so well! I really love her look!

    Chandra wasn’t mean to the other sims this chapter, but she was mean to you. Sure has a smug look after getting her baby chime.

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