6.6: Angsty Teen Years

Heya friends! Last time, the Celadon kiddos hung out with their potential romantic interests.


We begin with our youngest participating in his favorite activity.

Carnivine: Ride like the wind, Bullseye!


Ling spends her morning jumping on the trampoline, but she has something else to take care of.


Deerling: Good morning, husband. Meet me at the theater, I need to get out of the house.


He was very happy to see her.

Andy: Well, you know what happens at theaters…

Nobody’s deflowering anybody today, bud.


She had to get out of the house before her brother’s birthday party.


Missingno: Daddy just got home from work kiddo, and he’s tired. Can we move this along?

Chandra and Bellossom: Yay, I guess.

Carnivine: Don’t I feel loved.


The eternal sad eyes continue! And he rolled brooding as his teen trait, adding to kleptomaniac, brave, and friendly.

Carnivine: I’m crying on the inside…


Deerling: Come, husband. I require nourishment.

Andy: Keep dressing like that and I’ll follow you anywhere.


Andy: Hey, isn’t it your ghost-brother’s birthday today? Shouldn’t you be home with him?

Deerling: You’re mistaken. Now get in here. I NEED FOOD.


Carnivine: Someone will find me out here…it’s only a matter of time…sister will come home and wish me a happy birthday, I just know it…


I don’t know, buddy. She seems a little busy.

Deerling: I just love this sunny weather. It’s almost too hot for clothes, wouldn’t you say, darling?

Andy: My girlfriend is so crazy…but at least she’s hot.


Carnivine: I did a good, University llama. I returned that painting I so heinously stole in my youth. I will become worthy of my Kanto name, and then sister will love me.


Carnivine: She came back. And she didn’t say anything to me. I am so unworthy…


Deerling: Why do I feel like someone’s staring at me through the window?


Deerling: Oh well, nothing a little inventing can’t fix.


Hey, remember Starmie? Yeah, she grew up.


Deerling: Today, class, we’re going to learn the basics of phasing through walls.


Carnivine: Hmm, how interesting. As a ghost, I have no idea about things like this.


Deerling: Insane? Me? How absurd. I’m the poster child for normies. Just look at my facial expressions.


Carnivine: You know, she’s right. I could learn a thing or two about normalcy from her…


Carnivine: But first, I must brood on the hopelessness of my social life. I’m headed for heartbreak with this whole Carolyn thing, aren’t I?

Not at all, sweetie. She’ll love you.


Missingno: BOO!

Deerling: GASP.

Scaring your own children, Em? Really?

Missingno: If Em is to become the emperor of evil, everyone is fair game.


Why don’t you do something useful, like maxing logic?

Missingno: Grumble, grumble, grumble…


I guess you forgave your sister for ignoring you on your birthday?

Carnivine: She did a fairy dance for me. I liked it.

Deerling: I am very good at that.


I found Leds leaving the school when the kids were going in. Hi sweetie! How’s life after the divorce?

Ledyba: You are dead to me.

Okay then…


Chandra got invited to a party. I didn’t think they were going to let her in for a while there.


I don’t remember this guy’s name, so he’ll just be blue guy for now.

Chandra: What is your opinion on flower arrangements? I’m partial to daisies myself, but magnolias are acceptable as well.

Blue Guy: Umm…


Espeon: I think I can remedy this party by providing conversation topics that aren’t so lame.

Blue Guy: Hey, yeah. This chick knows what’s up.


Chandra: What’s with that strange, blue-skinned man? Is he not susceptible to my fairy charms? I shall get you, sister-in-law…somehow…


Romance time! Here’s Carolyn all grown up and gosh, she is gorgeous. She might be my favorite townie kid this generation.


Carnivine: If the Sims had tandem bikes, I’d take us on a nice ride around the countryside.

Carolyn: How romantic.


Carolyn: You really are a sweetheart, you know that?

Carnivine: You mean you don’t find me horribly cheesy?

Carolyn: Of course not.

Carnivine: Can I…kiss you?

Carolyn: Hehe…I suppose.



Yay, both of our kids have love interests as teens! That’s a first for me, I think.


I waited until they were together to try the “talk about feelings” interaction, because I was afraid of how she’d react. Surprisingly, she took it well.

Carnivine: I think I love you.

Carolyn: You are the cutest thing ever! I’m so glad you’re my boyfriend now.

Of course, the maid had to get his fat thought bubble right in the middle of the moment.

Maid: You know what would be great right now? Waffles. I’m gonna go raid this family’s house and make some.

Welp, that’s all for this time. Be sure to go vote in the heir poll that’ll come up (hopefully) shortly after this. Thanks so much for reading. Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “6.6: Angsty Teen Years

  1. Aw, all the teen lovin’ going on…makes me remember that I should try to get my sim teens RIs prior to kicking them out. Then we may actually get grandkids from people outside the legacy house.

    Really love Carolyn, she’s sooo pretty.

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