6.5: Date Night

Hello friends! Last time on the Kanto Legacy, we had a sleepover and met some of the potential spouse candidates. After that, Deerling and Bellossom aged up into teenagers, and I lied to you all. I had said that Ling’s teen trait was over-emotional, when that was actually her child trait! Her new trait is insane. Moral of the story: Don’t write chapters from memory. Always use your notes.

Romance 1

Romance 2

To start off, Ditto finally got himself into a relationship, and is expecting! Congrats, sweetie!


If you guys remember, we bought a dragon egg a couple chapters ago. I got my glitch fixed, so it should hatch this time.

Deerling: Who’s gonna be a horrendous, fire-breathing monstrosity? You are. Yes you are.


She does have some business to attend to though.

Deerling: Get your dumb butts over here so we can bond.


This little girl is Carolyn Kelley, the girl I said I was thinking about for Carnie, but couldn’t come to the party because she’d just aged up. She does not disappoint!

(Side note: Her mother just gave birth to quads! I don’t think I’ve had townies have triplets, let alone quads!)

Carolyn: Multiples run in my family. I could bring you many a pink baby.



We also have a newly aged up Andy, who brought his baby brother Isidrio. Ling heartfarted a bunch of boys when she aged up, so I figured Andy’s still a safe choice without having to check her preference.


Carnivine: I know we just met and all and have barely had a chance to develop our friendship, but I just wanted to let you know that my Simmer wants us to have babies together.


Carolyn: Haha, that’s hilarious!

Carnivine: I know, right? Imagine us, having babies.

You seemed pretty okay with it when you first got here, missy.


At least the other two are getting with the picture.

Deerling: So, husband, I think the green flag has been waved. You may now proceed with the wooing. But please but down that infant.

Andy: Whatever you say, dearest.


Carolyn: You know what I’ve always found fascinating? Rubbish šŸ˜€


Carnivine: Where have you been all my life?! Rubbish is my absolute favorite thing to talk about! Especially since my life is pretty much a smelly bag of poo!

As we all know, garbage bins are the beginning of all great relationships.


Deerling: I thought I told you to put that baby down. Seriously, just drop it in front of a TV or something, I wanna make out.

Andy: Sure thing, babe.

He’s so whipped already.


The kids go outside for some tag. At least they seem to be doing it right this time.

Carnivine: If I weren’t a ghost who can’t float more than two miles an hour, I’d totally be whipping your butt!

Carolyn: Not likely, ectoplasm-boy!


Chandra still exists too. She’s painting.

Chandra: Don’t sound so excited.


Andy did actually put down his brother, and these two finally got down to business.


Deerling: We’re official now.

Andy: Okay.


True love.


Bell still exists. She pretty much just chats with people on the internet.

Bellossom: Well, nobody else in this house talks to me.

Too true. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have brought her to life…


Deerling: Father, where have you been? I have procured my mate and am ready to take over the legacy now.

Missingno: That’s not really something Em needed to hear, sweetheart. Can Em just pretend that you’re still little and innocent?

Deerling: Silly daddy. I was never innocent.

Finally Time to Choose a Branch

We finally got to choose the evil branch.

Promotion 1

Em’s really moving up in the world.


Andy: Hello, ma’am. Nice go meet you. I wanted to know when I could start moving my things in. Ling has demanded that I be ready to take over my duties as legacy spouse as soon as possible.

Chandra: Kid, if you think I’m letting you inside this house, let alone anywhere near my daughter, you’ve got another thing coming.


Undeterred, Andy makes himself at home in the basement. The one negative point I can give to him is that his LTW is chess master, which we’ve already done with Leds. If he becomes the spouse, I might change it to mix things up a bit.


Lynn sticks around too, but she chooses to stay outside in the freezing cold temperatures.

Carolyn: Sometimes you gotta suck up your pain to have some fun!

They both stayed the night. The next morning, I kept getting popups that Andy needed to go or else he was gonna be late for school. I didn’t think we’d locked him anywhere, so I checked around the lot to see what he was doing.


GAH! ANDY!!! Luckily, we got him fixed up and sent home before he DIED ON US. Grilled cheesus, at least wait until you’ve given us a fuchsia baby before you check out on us!


Deerling: I, the great Ling, bring you gifts. Another spouse option.

Honey, you already have Andy wrapped around your finger.

Deerling: Yes, but all great leaders have consorts.


We don’t have to worry about destroying Andy’s heart just yet, though. She brought over the town’s resident pudding face, Cara Gallagher. Oh wait, it’s just Gallgher, isn’t it. It just sounds so wrong without the “a.”


We got a purple dragon! His name is Goodra.


Missingno: Wow, Em’s never had a pet before! Em’s gonna take such good care of you, baby Goo.

I’m glad we got the purple one, that’s what I was going for!


Inspired by his new best friend, Em goes to work out some more.

Athletic Complete

And maxes athletic!


Deerling: I wish I had been born a ghost instead of a fairy. My brother’s just so much cooler than me.


Carnivine: Of course I’m not starving myself to make a good impression on Lynn, are you crazy? Donnie, I eat plenty. I don’t think anorexia even exists in our universe. Gosh, get off my back.

….Are you sure about that, Ling?

Romance 3

Ditto and Sophie had twins! Though I’m not sure why the second one says Trina. When I checked the family tree, her name was Jordan. Strange.

Romance 4

NOOOOO! Damn you, SP!!!


Carnivine: I may have done a thing…a maybe not so good thing…

What might that be?


Carnivine: I stole this painting.

Good job, kiddo. You showed off your trait, finally.

Carnivine: I feel awful. Can I give it back?

…We’ll work on it.


Deerling: I wanted to sit in that spot. Get out.

Bellossom: I was here first. Besides, it’s not even your desk.

Deerling: That’s right. It’s my brother’s desk. In my brother’s room. What are you, some kind of pervert?

Bellossom: You wanted in here too, right? What does that make you?

Deerling: It’s not weird for me. We’re siblings.

Bellossom: Sure…


Deerling: I’m not a pervert, right? It’s not weird to want to hang out in your little brother’s room instead of your own.


Deerling: How dare she imply such things about me! She’s the one who’s creepy, always following me around! She should be exiled! Vanquished!


Deerling: I am having a moment. Please leave me.


Carnivine: Dead Auntie Tari’s bed…I wonder what secrets it holds…


Demonic spirits. Sounds about right.


Carnivine: Wow. She was so cool. I wanna be just like her.


I see you’re feeling better.

Deerling: Dancing always soothes my soul pain šŸ™‚


Little Yuri grew up! He really doesn’t resemble Ari at all, but he’s still super cute!


Missingno: In case you didn’t know, Em is the greatest.

Promotion 2

Yes, yes. You’re pretty spectacular, sweetie.

That’s all for this chapter. Just one more until the heir poll, methinks! Thanks so much for reading and as always, happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “6.5: Date Night

  1. Aw, young/teen love, so cute. Though it does alarm/amuse me that with SP running, we need to choose spouses at the child/teen stage, so as to ensure the game doesn’t steal them right after age up. Surely that’s grooming? Or is it ok since the sims are similar ages?

    Anyway, great choices, looking forward to seeing what Carni looks like as a teen!

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