6.4: Spouse Hunting

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been a while, but this semester is finally over so maybe we’ll get some chapters in this summer! Haha, yeah right.Ā 

Last time on the Kanto Legacy, we changed Chandra’s LTW to living in the lap of luxury (completed), Bellossom came to life, Carnivine aged up into a child, Philyba and Starmie moved out, and Deerling planted the seeds of romance with Andy Dolan. Wow, it sounds like we accomplished a lot more than we actually did!


Em’s gonna be on the evil track pretty soon, so he needs to start working on that logic skill. I thought he might have more fun on the computer than on the basement chess table.


Carnivine: Good morning, sister.

Deerling: ~chokes~ I have a brother?!

This seems familiar…


Bellossom: Ewww, I don’t like ghosts at the breakfast table!

Deerling: Don’t make me regret bringing you to life, dumbo.


I thought it’d be nice to get the kids to bond a little.

Deerling: Look at me. I’m mother and I didn’t even know that The Flash and The Hulk are part of separate universes.

Carnivine: Haha, let me try! I’m mother and I didn’t even know that superheroes have to cover their eyes with masks to hide their identities.

Chandra: My children are so lame…


Chandra: Unlike me. I’ve got moves you can’t even begin to describe.

That’s one way to put it.


I guess Em had enough of chess for a while.

Missingno: Em may be a genius, but working out will always be Em’s element.


Ling’s becoming just a little bit obsessed with the fairy house. Chandra almost never touches it, but if I don’t give Ling something to do she gravitates toward it.


She tends to ignore her IF, leaving her to do things like this.

Bellossom: Teeter-totters are so much fun, guys.

It’s just a little bit sad…


Donovan Pleasant, the kid Carnie was talking to in the park at the end of last chapter, came home with him after school.

Donovan: I’m only doing this because mother feels sorry for that dork. Plus, maybe he’ll help me with my homework. I’m no good at geography.

Sure, sure.


Carnivine: Four kids hanging out doing homework together? This is just like a sleepover.

Deerling: How lame. I’m outta here.

Bellossom: Ling-Ling, wait! Why don’t you love me?

Donovan: What did I just get myself into?…


Donovan: Ewww, you didn’t tell me there’d be other ghost-losers here besides you!

Carnivine: Don’t talk that way about my daddy. He’s the coolest ever!


…I dunno about that, Carnie.

Missingno: Em’s going to fillet that kid alive if he talks that way again. How dare he insult Em’s ghostlyness?

Seriously, he’s not insane. What is he yelling at?!


This little guy is Yuri, Arbok’s kid. He looks to be a Mori clone, but with Ari’s eye color. And of course it’s the spare’s offspring that inherit the berry skintone…


Donnie decided to stay the night in the treehouse.

Donovan: Mom was mad that I was late, so I told her I was sleeping over with my new friend. And there’s no way I’m actually staying in the same room as that dweebus or his creepy sister.


Deerling: If I wave my magic around like this, will all those dirty dishes go away?

Doubtful. But actually picking them up might.

Deerling: As if. That’s the maid’s job.


It’s the weekend, so Ling gets to work on her inventing skill.

Bellossom: I’ll stay by you always, Ling-Ling. I’ll just sit here and work on our homework while you tinker.

Deerling: I’m inventing, not tinkering. There’s a huge difference, you dingus.


Carnie wanted to visit the graveyard, so I sent him to explore the catacombs while he was there.

Carnivine: I sense no danger here.


Of course he was mauled by a bear.


Carnivine: Did you know that bears shoot electricity out of their giant bear-paws? Because they do. Just thought you should know.


Donnie’s still at our house, baking with our oven. The Kanto kids don’t even use it.

Donovan: That’s because they don’t have any class.


Carnivine: Who needs class when you’ve got IMAGINATION? Stop, you bears! I will destroy you! Ride, Destiny!


The kiddos bond a little over karaoke.

Deerling: IMAAAA-

Carnivine: One little spark.

Deerling: GINATION.

Carnivine: Of inspiration.


Afterwards, Ling makes an important phone call.

Deerling: Excuse you, I’m just sending a message through our group chat. “‘Sup, bitches. Get over to my family’s mansion for a sleepover.”

That works too, I guess.


The first guest is Noe Hooley, the son of Em’s best friend from work. He’s not my favorite kid in the neighborhood, but I’d consider him as an option if only for that reason.


This girl is called Blanca. She’s actually Espeon’s step-daughter. These two both just aged up yesterday, so they’re not too much older than our kids if we wanted to consider them.


Morrigan’s mother showed up as the obligatory, uninvited guest.

Mama O’Reilly: Someone’s gotta keep these kids supervised.

I think we had that under control, but thanks anyways.


She’s not completely unwarranted, though. This is Mori’s little brother, Jacob. He’s really cute, but a bit too old for either of the kids. Hopefully he’ll have babies around the same time Fuchsia gen is born.


Missingno: Mwahahah! So many possibilities for evil tonight!

Is it just me, or is Em getting creepier by the minute?


This girl is called Leticia, I think. She looks super excited to be here.


This little boy is Russel Cromos.


And finally, Miss Pouty Pants is Kindra MacAnna. I forget if she belongs to Em’s boss or the other sister. I think it’s the other one. Quite a cute bunch, overall. There’s another kid who I’m strongly considering for Carnie if he likes girls, but she aged up into a child literally right after I invited everyone so she didn’t get to come.


Carnivine: Just grin and bear it, Carnie. One day, you’ll know everyone. Then there’ll be nobody left to be disgusted by you.

Noe: I like the way you think, kid.

Both: ~Person person plus~

After this, the three teens left. I guess it was prom and I didn’t even realize.


THERE HE IS! The little darling.

Andy: Heya. Miss me?


Deerling: Husband! Come give mama some sugar!

(Side note: I hate that she had to change into those stupid pajamas. Her’s are just fine, thank you!)


Donnie never actually left. He and Russel strike up an instant friendship.

Russel: These people are a bit odd, have you noticed?

Donovan: Where have you been all my life?


Kindra: So, your sister seems pretty cool. Is she accepting friend applications?

Carnivine: Don’t you wanna be friends with me?

Kindra: Sorry kid, you’re kind of a dork.


Bellossom: Kitty, wha-


Bellossom: OUCH, KITTY!

Stray: I’m outta here.


Bellossom: You’ve made an enemy of me this day…

I liked this cat, so we invited it inside and even set up a food dish for it.


Leticia: Mommy doesn’t let me have video games. She says they’re too violent. I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

Andy: Guys, I’m trying to read this book my girlfriend gave to me. She said it’s absolutely essential to our relationship that I finish it tonight.

Donovan: Dude, you are so whipped.



It strikes again. And like the wind, it drifts away, never to be seen again…


The cold outdoors seems like a logical choice for sleeping, doesn’t it? It’s not like I set up space for them to sleep in the basement or anything…


Not like we have too much time to worry about things like that.

Burglar: I am ever so sneaky.


Burglar: Oops, they have an alarm. Might wanna back out before the coppers show.


Burglar: Crap! They shut the door on me!


Carnivine: Do you hear that sis?

Deerling: It’s probably nothing. Let’s just eat our cereal.

Deerling and Carnivine: Mmmm…cereal…


Officer: Hi there. You must be the burglar. I’ll be your opponent tonight. Nice to meet you.

Burglar: Let’s just get this over with.

Bellossom: You’d better whip that lady good for interrupting my beauty sleep.

Missingno: This sure looks like an exciting predicament.


Missingno: This seems like an appropriate place to hover.


Chandra: UGGGHH! I was trying to sleep, dammit!

Missingno: Hi, honey!


Chandra: Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be scared. GASP! A BURGLAR!


Officer: Let’s get to the car, ma’am. And since I had to get up in the middle of the night to deal with this, it would be great if you would drink some bleach when we get to the station šŸ™‚


Officer: Oh my goodness, that’s Missingno Kanto! He’s a wanted man!

Missingno: Em’s so happy he gets to be here for his only daughter’s teen birthday! Em can’t wait for caaakeee!

Officer: Buuttt…he seems harmless enough. I guess I’ll just leave now.

Promotion 2

Before I forget, Em did get a promotion tonight. Great job, sweetie!


Time to age the girls up!

Deerling: You gonna get your own boyfriend and leave me alone when we’re older?

Bellossom: Not likely.


Here’s our girl! She rolled over-emotional as her fourth trait! Seems fitting.

Deerling: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am in perfect control of my emotions, always.


And here’s Bell. She rolled natural born performer.

Bellossom: I will use this trait to act like I don’t mind being ignored.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for tuning in! I hope you all have a great rest of your night and as always, happy Simming!


5 thoughts on “6.4: Spouse Hunting

  1. Em’s really getting into his Evil job, innit he? Bellosom being stalker-creepy just rounds the whole thing out. XD I wonder how Over-Emotional will add to Ling’s personality? Looking forward to it!

    I hear you on the semester front! Here’s to hoping we’ll both be better at posting this summer! šŸ™‚

  2. Any of us who are studying, along with those who have ever done tertiary study, will understand the semester pressure. It hits all of us, don’t worry! Hopefully summer is less hectic for you!

    The sleepover was great fun, even in the stupid PJs. So many good spouse choices, though Andy is the most adorable.

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