Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys, long time no see! I bring exciting news. AWARDS!


Thanks so much to Jenn of the Tart ISBI  for nominating me for this award! It’s taken me over a week to respond to the nomination, but I’m finally getting around to it!

The rules: 

1. Thank the person who nominated you
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3. Share seven random facts about yourself
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Seven Facts: 

I’m not the most interesting person, and part of what was taking me so long to respond was figuring out what I was going to share. I’ve decided that instead of “facts,” I’m going to give seven of my fandom associations.

  1. Ravenclaw and Horned Serpent 



My Hogwarts house has always been Ravenclaw. Despite often being portrayed as the Spocks of the Wizarding World, the only traits you need to be in Ravenclaw are creativity, uniqueness, curiosity, and open-mindedness. You don’t need to be an emotionless, logical robot. It’s absolutely perfect for me! Most people I know consider themselves either Gryffindor or Slytherin, so I show a lot of Ravenclaw (and Hufflepuff, cause they need lots of love too!) pride.

As for my Ilvermorny house, when I first got sorted, I was placed into Thunderbird, but I didn’t really think it suited me very well. After careful consideration, and another placement test, I found my house in Horned Serpent!

2. Water Tribe


Although I tend to have the personality of an airbender, I would most definitely belong to the water tribe. Water has been the element I most closely associate with since I was a little kid watching Avatar for the first time. Maybe I’m one of the children of Aang and Katara!

3. Daughter of Athena


As I said before, I most closely associate with water, so I always thought I’d be a daughter of Poseidon reading through the Percy Jackson books. But I’ve been placed, through several different tests, into the Cabin of Athena. And I’m happy with it. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare, among other things. She’s honestly one of the coolest of the Olympian gods, and it’s an honor to be among her children ^.^

4. Rebel Alliance


Star Wars is one of my dad’s favorite things, and he made sure that it became one of mine as I grew up too! People are always arguing over whether they’d be a Jedi or a Sith. Well…I don’t think I’d be either. I’d be part of the Rebel Alliance, sticking it to the man, so to speak. Obviously I don’t want to be evil, but the Jedi are far too strict and bureaucratic for my liking. And who needs force powers to be awesome, anyways?

5. Balance School


Wizard 101 was one of the MMOs I played in my youth, along with the Disney classics like Toontown, Pirates Online, and Pixie Hollow. When I made my very first wizard and was asked to take a personality test in order to be placed, I was really hoping to get something cool, like the death school. Imagine my disappointment when I was sorted into balance, the lamest sounding one. But while I was offered a chance to retake the quiz, I went with it. And I’m actually very proud to call myself a balance wizard now. There aren’t very many of us (cause everyone has the same first reaction to balance as I did), and as they tell us during our training, we’re kind of the glue that draws from every other element and holds society together. So that’s pretty cool. And also our teacher is a talking dog. So, yeah.

6. House Targaryen 

Game of Thrones - House Targaryen Sigil Stencil

To be honest, I’ve been sorted into literally every single house in Westeros. Multiple times. Not even kidding. So really, nobody knows what the heck I am. But the house that I’ve been placed in the most frequently is the House Targaryen, so I’m going with that. And the Targaryens are pretty friggen cool. I mean, dragons? Awesome. Plus, we tend to be prone to madness. I’m definitely a mad person. All the best people are.

7. Team Instinct 


I sort of feel like I’m betraying my water type brethren by choosing Instinct, but that little cutie pie Spark just called to me. I didn’t like the leaders for either of the other teams, and Instinct had (still has, I think) no gyms in my entire city. So I had to choose it. And anyways, I played Pokemon Go for a total of two days before I got bored with it and stopped, so it doesn’t really matter. I prefer actual Pokemon, thank you very much. I’m still going to associate myself with this team though, as they need all the love they can get. (Like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.)

My Tributes (In No Particular Order): 

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If any of you have already been nominated, I’m terribly sorry! Feel free to ignore this nomination. Thanks once again to Jenn for this lovely award. It’s gonna be a while before the next chapter of either of my legacies, so sight tight friends. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always, happy Simming!