Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everybody! Thanks so much to fluffymao of The Mayfields and cynanyx of Delirium and Daisies for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Sorry to get to this so late, I’ve actually been out of town all week so I’ve just now had free time.

Little Miss Sunshine

Similar to the Liebster Award, this was made by bloggers for bloggers as a way to sort of share the love around the blogging community. It’s a great way to give some recognition to some of your favorite blogs, and also to find new reading material along the way!

The Rules: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

Questions from Fluffymao 

1. Of your sims, who’s your favorite?

My favorite Sim of all time is still Freddy Lawrence, the first heir to my first legacy. I do miss him so. I’m also rather fond of all of my Kanto heirs, but my favorite Kanto still has to be Steelix. I’ve stuck him in more save files than any other family member, and he was also the first Sim I ever created in TS4. He was a real hoot to have around!

2. What’s the greatest in-game moment you’ve ever witnessed?

That’s kind of a hard question…other people’s games seem to have all these wacky, insane shenanigans happening all the time, my game seems so tame in comparison.

I suppose one of the most interesting things that has happened (though not necessarily great) was the very first time I played in the Capp household in TS2 as a kid. I don’t think this happens every time you start the game, as I’ve played the household for the first time on different computers and it hasn’t happened, but correct me if I’m wrong. Juliet and Romeo were flirting and being gross, and Consort Capp started a fire that of course everyone flocked to. Nobody was able to put it out and both Juliet and Hermia ended up dying. And no matter how many times I reloaded, the same thing happened and Juliet and Hermia would always die. And it was the first household I ever played in TS2, so that’s fun. For the longest time, I was so afraid to open that house again for fear of killing half the family, and Veronaville quickly became my least favorite town to play in.

3. What’s your favorite game (aside from the Sims)?  If not game, substitute show/book/movie/etc.

There’s so many…as you can probably tell, I LOVE Pokemon. Other favorites include Nancy Drew PC games, Phoenix Wright, Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, various indie games, and several others.

4. What is a trait you wish you had/didn’t have?

I’m a very accommodating person, being the type that never wants to cause conflict. But sometimes I wish that I was more assertive, since I have such a hard time saying “no” to people.

5. You found a black suitcase sitting on your front porch.  It’s got $1 million in it.  What do you do?

I’d probably put away some of the money to travel the world with, and then donate the rest to various charities.

6. What’s your favorite holiday?  Why?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve adored Christmas. It’s such a special time of the year, and the holiday spirit is infectious. No matter what terrible things are happening in people’s lives, most can put aside their differences and enjoy the season with their family and friends. As early as Halloween when the radio starts playing holiday classics, I’m in Christmas mode. I’m sure some of you know how “fucking-bat-shit-crazy-about-Christmas” the Nostalgia Critic gets. I’m pretty much like that XD

7. What’s your favorite color?  Any particular reason?

I’ve always loved purple. I don’t think I ever had a specific reason for it. It’s just always appealed to me.

8. Any grand plans for the future?

Oh yes. Once I get my Ph.D. in psychology, I hope to study behaviors, specifically reasons people have for making the choices they do. I hope to use this knowledge to help these people, and others in similar situations, make better decisions for themselves and improve their lifestyles. Make the world a better place and all that jazz. I know that sounds super cheesy, but I’m heavily influenced by a branch in our field called positive psychology, which emphasizes the goodness and potential in humanity. That-along with my INFJ need to make a difference in the world-have really decided my fate ^.^

9. Cheddar, mozzarella, or muenster?  Naming gouda as the top cheese is also acceptable.  😛

I’m really a provolone woman myself, but I do love mozzarella as well!

10. You have 24 hours to do whatever you please with no repercussions or anyone remembering anything but you.  What happens?

More difficult questions…24 hours really isn’t enough time! I guess I’d escape to some foreign land and explore to my heart’s content, then return to my mundane education with my family none the wiser.

Questions from Cynanyx: 

1. If you could live in the universe your stories take place in/ that your sims live in, would you?

I don’t think I’d want to live in any of the towns that my legacies have taken place in. I might want to live in Dragon Valley or Midnight Hollow, but my stories haven’t taken place there so they don’t count.

2. What’s your dream job (one that actually exists in the real world)?

My dream job would be landing some sort of research position that allows me to travel across the world and study people of all different cultures and backgrounds.

3. What’s your favorite song, or your favorite band/singer?

I don’t think I could name one favorite song, and it’s hard to pick just one band. My all time favorite is Owl City. Other favorites include: The Cab, All Time Low, All American Rejects, Lifehouse, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Marianas Trench, Mayday Parade, Go Radio, McFly, Bowling for Soup, Broken Iris, Coldplay, LM.C, A Rocket to the Moon, Fall Out Boy, The Ready Set, Nevershoutnever, The Maine, Hollywood Undead, Cute Is What We Aim For, Skillet, Falling in Reverse, Maroon Five, Panic at the Disco, Snow Patrol, and Dashboard Confessional.

I know, that’s a lot. But music is kind of my life and it’s hard to limit my favorites to just a couple.

4. What’s your writing process?  Do you do anything unusual or funny while writing or to come up with ideas?

I don’t think so. I definitely don’t have much of a process for my Sims blogs. They just sort of happen, mostly. As far as my actual writing goes, I’ve always been the type that’s struggled with brainstorming activities and outlines and other pre-writing activities that your English teacher tried to make you do in middle school. I always just sort of take off with an idea and see where it leads me, and it’s always worked out great. Despite what you may see here, I’ve always been a very talented writer. I just suck at Sims photography so much that it hinders my abilities to actually write any coherent story XD

5. Any funny or weird facts about yourself or someone you know?  If you can’t think of anything, put a quote or a picture of a cute animal here.

Weird facts? Okay, well….

You know how most little girls have huge celebrity crushes, usually on famous boys from their generation? Like, girls my age were obsessed with Justin Timberlake, that kid from Home Improvement, Drake Bell (although who wasn’t obsessed with Drake Bell?) and other various heartthrobs from the 90s and early 2000s. But I always liked Elvis Presley. I got made fun of for it later in school, because he “died on a toilet” and all that, but I didn’t care. He had a great singing voice, he was classy and more handsome than the boys other girls were obsessing over, and being a man of the 50s he was certainly far more charming. I went to Graceland when I was 8 or 9 years old, I decorated my bedroom with Elvis posters and framed records, I had CDs with practically all his songs. It was sort of ridiculous, now that I think about it. So that’s my weird fact!

6.  If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, whether it’s real or not, where would you go?

In real life, I think I would want to live either in Dublin or London. Probably Dublin though. Ireland is simply gorgeous and I can almost guarantee that one day when I visit, I’ll never want to leave.

As far as places I’d like to live that aren’t real, I’d want to live in the Kanto region of the Pokemon world. Or in Hyrule. That would be fun too 😀

7. Favorite quote?  If you don’t have one or can’t think of anything, put whatever you want in this space.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

-Walt Disney

8. Is there a movie or book character you’d like to become (it’d be permanent)?  If so, who?

I don’t think I’d necessarily want to become any characters, especially if it’s permanent. There are certainly characters who I’d like to meet and interact with, but I’d want to stay myself.

9. Do you have any pet peeves?  Is there something in particular that annoys you?

One thing that really annoys me is small talk. I know that might sound weird, but us INFJs like to have really deep conversations and truly get to know a person. If there’s really nothing meaningful to say, we prefer a nice silence. When people try to initiate small talk with us, we get annoyed.

10. How did you get into writing your blog, or writing in general?

I’ve been writing in general pretty much since I was a toddler. At as early as two years old, I was already obsessed with books and I knew writing was what I wanted to do with my life. Of course, by high school I got irritated with the condescending looks I’d get when I tell people I want to be an author, so I picked an “actual” career to pursue.

As far as my blog, one day I somehow stumbled across The Kyoti Legacy by Rad, and I sort of fell in love with the concept of challenges. I wanted to do one of my own. People in real life weren’t at all interested in my Sims exploits, so if I wanted to tell other people, I’d have to start a blog. It was a struggle for me, since my social anxiety is way worse through the internet than in real life since I have no way of gauging people’s reactions based on body language, and to this day I remain a lurker on other people’s blogs and refrain from commenting or involving myself too much. But at least I managed to actually post something, so yay for that!

11. If you could be the best in the world at one thing (such as playing a specific instrument, playing a specific sport, or painting), what would you pick?

I don’t know…maybe I’d like to be the best in the world at making people feel comfortable? It’s a very desirable skill in any branch of psychology, even research. I’m already fairly easy to be around, but to be the best in the world at soothing people and making them feel welcome would be a really great feat, I think.

My Champions: 

Here are my nominations! (I’m not good with the whole synopsis thing, so bear with me!)

Paint the Town by Jenn-This is a 100 baby challenge with a colorful twist! It’s just getting started, so I’d highly recommend getting in on the fun!

Surrounded by Color by Randi-Another challenge that’s just getting started, this is a rainbow ISBI. As you can probably tell, I’m quite fond of rainbows ^.^

McColor ISBI by cynanyx- More colors? Imagine that! This one shares a site with A Royal Prettacy, and both are really fun reads!

Berries of Insanity by Chazybazzy-An ISBI with a fun (and gorgeous!) cast of characters!

Rourke Epic Legacy by somebodysangel13-A challenge following the boolprop epic legacy rules. With lots of fun characters and legacy Sims as spouses, this is a great read!

Through the Plumbob by zefiewings-The theme for this legacy is culture! Each generation represents a different culture around the world. With Italian and French represented so far, this is a unique and fun challenge that I highly recommend catching up on!

Insanity Family by MichelleLynn01-The Kook family stars in this backwards ISBI, and are so crazy and fun, you’ll instantly fall in love!

The Cult of Personality by inujade-Although this one hasn’t been updated in quite some time, I still thought it deserves a nomination. The Personality heirs are chosen based solely on their personality as opposed to looks, making them a bizarre and wonderful bunch of Sims.

It’s Raining Idiots by Madcapp-Another legacy that hasn’t been updated in a long time, but also one that’s influenced me a lot in my Simming, It’s Raining Idiots is a hilarious ISBI! Madcapp also has a genetic experiment that didn’t get very far, but I’d highly recommend. Both these stories are great reads!

Rated R for Language by Andie-Recently resurrected in TS4 with Xander Jenkins, this is both an uglacy and a backwards alphabetacy which is extremely hilarious!

The Gordon Legacy by DSLady-This is a very fun legacy with some crazy (not to mention gorgeous) Sims!

Interrogation Section: 

Here are my questions for my poor nominees. I’ve always been really bad at coming up with questions, so sorry about that!

  1. Who or what inspired you to start writing a Sims blog?
  2. Do you have a favorite townie in any of the games? If so, why are they your favorite?
  3. What’s your favorite song (or songs) at the moment?
  4. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
  5. What is/was your favorite subject in school? Why?
  6. If you could live inside of the world of any fandom, which would you choose?
  7. If you could be any life state from TS3, which would you want to be?
  8. Which Olympic sport do you enjoy watching the most?
  9. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?
  10. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Thanks again for the nomination, fluffymao and cynanyx! It’s been a blast trying to answer all your questions and coming up with some of my own! I hope you all have a fantastic day. Good luck to everyone in cheering on your country for the Olympics, and as always, happy Simming!