Happy Birthday, Kantos! (New Challenge)

Hello everybody! Yesterday was my legaversary! I’ve officially been working with the Kanto family for three years now. Unfortunately, this special occasion snuck up on me and I don’t really have anything prepared. What I do have is a proposition for a new challenge.

You see, three years ago I had a second challenge on this very blog. I called it, “Total Drama Sims.”

The challenge starred these two dorks.

Chris McSim

Chris McSim and

Chef Simchet

Chef Maria Simchet.

I was super excited to play this challenge and it was a lot of fun to get it all together. Unfortunately, it was right around the time that I was drafting the first chapter that I had to restart the Kanto legacy with Bronzong due to corrupted save files. Since I was restarting that legacy and I had just begun my dual legacy, I decided to scrap this idea for the time being and the first chapter was never published.

But now, after all this time, I’d like to go back to it. And this time, I fully intend to get through a whole season of Total Drama Sims.

This challenge gets its own blog this time, so as not to clog up the Kanto site. Although there’s nothing on it right now besides two fairly blank pages, it can be found here.

This challenge will require some setup, so it’ll likely take a while for me to begin working on it. In the meantime however, I’d like to ask a favor. Instead of me creating twenty-two of my own campers to compete, I’d love it if you guys could submit Sims of your own for the challenge!

Sims can be spares, random townies you like the look of, or made from scratch if you like. They can look and act however you’d like. They can be big, small, vanilla, berry, supernatural. Whatever you want. The only rule I have is that they must be teenagers, in the spirit of the original Total Drama Island.

CC is welcome, just make sure to send me a link to it. As far as EPs, I have all but World Adventures, Late Night, Island Paradise, and Into the Future. I don’t have any SPs because I’m lame. Sorry to be so limiting when it comes to CAS :/

You can submit multiple Sims if you want, and you’re more than welcome to come up with backgrounds for your Sims and their reasons for joining the show. You can also leave them mysterious if you’d prefer.

So without further adieu, leave a link in the comments here or on the Meet the Campers page of the TDS blog if you’d like to submit Sims, thanks so much for reading and for sticking with me for these three years, and happy Simming!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kantos! (New Challenge)

  1. Woo! New challenge!

    I don’t know if I could supply you any teenaged sims. I’ve got my family sims up for download that you can age down if you want, but otherwise I don’t make sims often. Looking forward to the start though! ^_^

  2. I know this was posted a while ago now but I noticed there was no progress on the site. Are you still looking for sims for this? If so I can supply you with a couple. Doesn’t matter if not just thought I would ask the question anyway. The challenge sounds interesting and I would definitely read it.

    • I’m definitely still planning to do this, and I could always use more Sims if you’d like to send some! The challenge just takes a bit of set up and I haven’t had a lot of time to play lately. Thanks for the interest ^.^

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