Single Baby Update

Thanks to somebodysangel13 for suggesting I try out mods which increase the chance of multiples. I tested a couple out in my 100bc to see if any would help.

The first one I tried was the Multiple Birth Tuning Mod by BlakeS5678 on MTS. There are several flavors of this mod, and for the sake of testing I chose the Always flavor. It makes it so that every birth should result in multiples, with a 75% base chance of twins and 25% base chance of triplets. Single births shouldn’t happen ever with this flavor.


Sim!Ami was pollinated by the first Sim who appeared in the list who wasn’t eligible to be an actual father in the challenge. For the sake of maximum effect, she suffered through nonstop kids music and telly for three days, getting her needs maxed out as needed. These were her final percentages right before labor started. Looks pretty promising, right?


ONE POXY BABY. I tried this mod again in an alternate Kanto save. Ledyba got slightly higher odds than Sim!Ami did. Her results?


One. Of course. The mod itself is working though. All pregnancies outside of the legacy house in both saves have resulted in twins. Time to try something different.

The second one I tried was also from MTS. It is the Pregnancy Progress Controller by CmarNYC.

Again, Sim!Ami was pollinated by some random who wasn’t going to be a baby daddy.

Second Mod Test

This one is nifty. I can pick how many babies I want this pregnancy to result in, and I can induce labor whenever I want! Not useful for challenges as it would be a major rule break, but for testing purposes it’s a godsend. No more speeding through three whole days of gameplay to get to an end result. So with three babies chosen, surely we’ll get triplets. Right?

Second Mod Test ONE POXY BABY

Nope. Just one. That female moodlet is for the first mod testing baby. That’s how fast this second mod works!

Since I had to speed through six days (three for Sim!Ami’s first test pregnancy and three for Ledyba’s) and my 100bc likes to crash every few Sim hours it took practically all day to get these two mods tested, heading absolutely no results. I don’t know what’s wrong with my game to be refusing multiple births, but it’s getting rather annoying. I’ll continue testing different mods in different save files when I’m feeling up to it and I’ll keep you updated on my progress. But for now, I’m taking a break. Hopefully I’ll get a new Kanto chapter up soon, so look forward to that! Thanks so much for your support guys, it means so much to me 🙂

Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “Single Baby Update

  1. Hmm, so weird! So this isn’t an issue when there are fewer than 8 sims in the house, correct? (ie having multiples would bring the total sims to 8 or fewer)

    I assume you’ve tried making a brand new save to test this with? I sometimes have a lot of issues with multiple generational challenges (or ones where I’ve played the family for a while), and find making a new save helps determine if it’s a save problem or a mod problem. Really sounds like there is some kind of mod conflict going on there, unfortunately you might need to go through them to find the problem one (assuming you can’t find it using Dashboard) – this is where a new save that loads quickly will help!

    • There really shouldn’t be any mod conflicts since the only ones I use are all Nraas, but I’ll definitely have to check and make sure. Dashboard doesn’t show any, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Time to do some more testing. Once more into the breech! Thanks so much for your help these last couple of days, you’re the best ^.^

  2. You have Nraas Story Progression, correct? You should check the setting specifically for your family and their lot. Check the pregnancy settings. Also, do you have Nraas Mover ? It lets you have more than 8 sims in one household. You should be able to have multiples that would push over 8 sims with it.

    • I do have both those mods, and I did mess with the SP settings for my family, their lot, the whole town, the specific Sims, and any other place I could think of. Hasn’t worked yet, but I’ll keep trying. Thanks for your input! 🙂

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