Single Baby Glitch?

Heya friends! I have a slight problem that maybe you could help me solve. So, even though I have all the necessary mods for overstuffed households, I seem to be having a glitch where when there are 8 or more Sims in the house already I can only have single babies and not multiples. This is throughout all my saves, not just one in particular. I’ve been able to have multiples in overstuffed households before. In fact, the first version of Vermilion generation had 15 children. It’s only recently that this problem has started, and I don’t think I’ve done anything differently to my game since then. I haven’t even added new CC in a while.

It’s more of an annoyance in most saves, but I’ve been working on an undocumented 100bc and I’m thinking of starting a short lifespan legacy. In both of these challenges, multiples are kind of necessary, so I’d like to get it solved sometime soon.

I’ve tried fiddling with settings on MC, SP, and PP, but nothing that I’ve tried has helped at all. I’ve even tried forcing multiples by setting the chances to extreme percentages in MC and that didn’t even work.

I’ve been unable to find anything about this glitch online with the exception of the YouTubers xsimsugar and sims3simbiote, the founders of 100 Baby: Final Hope. They both had this glitch and fixed it, but neither really gave specifics on what they did. If anybody has had this glitch before or has any idea what I could try, please let me know! Thanks so much, and happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “Single Baby Glitch?

  1. I’ve not heard of this glitch; in my BISBI, quads were just born, bringing it up to 11 people (and 2 dogs) in the house!

    When you say you “can only have single babies”, does this mean MC indicated it should be multiples (over 100% chance is usually guaranteed), but only 1 was born? If you don’t already, maybe consider a mod that improves the chance of multiples – I use one from MTS, which has 15% chance of twins and 5% of triplets. Sorry I can’t be more help!

  2. Yeah, after the usual efforts of fertility treatment, kids music and tv, MC shows our odds at up to 15,000% for twins, in the thousands for triplets, and about 100% for quads and yet we still just get one baby every time. I’ll definitely try out a multiples chances mod. Thanks for the suggestion!

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