5.11: Unproductive

Hey guys! Sorry for the Kanto spam but I’m super excited to get to the heir poll and I just really wanted to get this chapter written.

Last time, Ledyba found out that she’s pregnant again and we had a gift-giving party which took up most of the second half of the chapter and totally wasn’t obnoxious at all.

Romance 1

Hey look, a relationship I can approve of since they’re not related! That’s right Hilary, just stay away from Ditto…

Romance 2


Romance 3

So glad I decided to have us move when the next heir takes over.

Romance 4

Well that’s interesting. The two exes of Jenna are getting together.

Romance 5

And this happened. I’m sure you know how I feel about it at this point.


The Kantos are all winding down from their “epic” party last night. Nobody really had time to sleep cause of school and work in the morning, so I just let them hang around and do whatever. This is what they got up to.

Missingno: Em is extremely cold hearted, don’t you think Auntie Tari?

Altaria: Is this your pathetic way of wishing for compliments? Cause it’s not working.


Arbok: Pink is the best color, don’t you think dad? Don’t you agree that I would be the best candidate to bring pink into our humble legacy?

Phillip: You do realize that green is the next color, right kiddo?

Ditto: Pink, green. Does it really even matter? All art is in the eye of the beholder, no?

Don’t you get philosophical on me, kid. We aren’t that kind of legacy.


Altaria: You have no brains at all if you think anyone would give this legacy to you. And will you leave me alone already? I don’t like you.

Missingno: But…but Auntie Tari. I thought we had something special…


Missingno: C’mon, Auntie Tari, you’re clearly not thinking straight. A hug will fix things.

Altaria: Back off, kid. Nobody touches the goods.


Leds gets to read a pregnancy book.

Ledyba: Not like I’ve already read it three times at this point.

Hey now, you rolled the wish for it.


Our beautiful family.

Arbok: Out of the way, loser! I’m trying to watch TV!

Espeon: As if I care about your views on the situation.

Ditto: For once, I agree with you sis. This little twerp thinks he can make money on music of all things. How lame is that?

Arbok: If you don’t shut up I’ll kill you.

Ditto: My level six athletic skill says otherwise.

Ledyba: Can you all just shut up? I’m trying to read up on uses for the placenta.

Lavender Kids: Ewww, mom! Gross!


After the kiddos left for school and Tari left for work, Leds gets to exercising.

Ledyba: Do you know what having a baby does to your body? And this is my fifth. Gotta keep the weight off somehow.

Fair enough.


Ari decided not to come home from school. I found him at the park almost past curfew.

Arbok: None of the other kids have done this, have they? It just proves how much cooler I am than them.

Right, it’s all about you being cool and has nothing to do with your love of the outdoors.

Arbok: You know it 😀


This is Geneva, born last chapter to Paras and Derik. The MacDuff genes are so strong in this family.




And finally, here’s Francesca. She’s the sister of Chandra and Ditto’s future wife. She’s super cute too, even though she’s not a fairy.

Romance 6

Oh. So that’s a thing. Can’t say I’m upset since it keeps him away from fellow Kantos.

Romance 7

Except…looks like we’ve got ourselves a wannabe Casanova here.


In the morning, lucky Ditto gets to fix the TV.

Ditto: ~grumble grumble~

Red: Don’t worry kid, you’re doing great!


Essey gets to paint some more.


Arbok: I think you should divorce dad, mother. He’s contributed nothing to this legacy, not even the purple skin he was specifically brought in for.

Ledyba: As if I’d listen to the opinions of a twerp like you.

Arbok: Seriously? You too?


And what’s Em up to?

Missingno: Is Em’s skin dry today? It’s looking a little flaky…


Missingno: Mmmm, no. Em’s just being paranoid. Em is still perfect.


See, Ditto? Now that the TV’s fixed you can continue raising that cooking skill.

Ditto: Yeah, yeah…



I guess Leds isn’t gonna heed her son’s advice. Not that I expected her to. She and Phil are always all over each other. It’s almost gross.


Arbok: Plumbob, Tari! Don’t you know how to knock?

Altaria: Scarring children for life, this is what I keep myself going for.


Oh no. Em’s having troubles.

Missingno: Em’s ok. It’s just a scratch.


Missingno: Have you been eating salad, mother? Vegetarian pregnancies are known to go much smoother than carnivorous ones.

Ledyba: Oh, so now you’re interested in me having a good pregnancy?


Ledyba: Speaking of babies…


Ledyba: If you’re gonna stand around shouting like idiots then leave!


Espeon: Honestly. You act like you’ve never seen a woman in labor before.

What, and you have?


Arbok: Fine. New baby can hog all the attention. I’ll just sit in this room and play video games. No big deal.


Hey Phil, your kid’s being born.

Phillip: Eh. You seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.


Ledyba: Remember me? The pregnant lady?

Maid: Oh no…this is so not what I get paid for…


Espeon: Distraction! Have a funny video to make you forget about the labor pains.


Maid: Excuse you, little girl. The woman I love who is married to the man I love is having a baby and you expect me to be amused by your internet sensation?

Espeon: Well you don’t have to be such an ass about it…


Ledyba: Let’s bring the focus back where it belongs, shall we?

I see it isn’t a ghost…nor does it have purple skin…

This is Starmie.


She’s a loner who loves the cold. (Elsa, is that you?)

And she disappoints me.


Ditto: Oh great lord of athletics, please let me have a fighting chance in the coming heir poll. I’m the most athletic Sim in the house, I could beat all my siblings in both mind and body!

We’ll see, kiddo.


Missingno: We’re running out of time, sister. What are we gonna do?

Espeon: Just relax, bro. We’ve got this in the bag. It’ll be fine.


Ledyba: Now that the nooboo is out of my body I can really work on shaping up my form.

Yeah, look at her. She really needs to lose weight.

Bobo Died

Oh no. Bobo died 😦


Altaria: Big brother. I shall miss you. But your spirit will live on in this infant.

Umm…no? No it won’t? Don’t say weird things, Tari.




Prom time!

Prom 1

Ditto’s the prom king!

Prom 2

And Essey’s the queen. Big shock there.

Prom 3

Oh, no. Don’t think that’s gonna last long, missy.

Prom 4

Prom 5

Prom 6

Prom 7

Prom 8

Prom 9

If they weren’t so closely related, I might allow this. I know they’re not technically that closely related, but Leds and Cammy were cousins that grew up in the same house and were best friends and it just feels weird to me. Besides, he has Franny to think about.

Prom 10

Overall, not the best prom of all time, but that’s ok. Skipping ahead in time to the next morning….


Birthday time!

Arbok: Let’s hurry this along, I’m starving.


Here’s our boy, all grown up! He’s so handsome! And if you ever forget what Em looks like underneath his ghost, just look at Ari.

Anyways, he rolled party animal, adding to loves the outdoors, virtuoso, and computer whiz. He’s a DJ!

Arbok: I prefer music specialist, thank you very much.

Now all our children are teens and ready to be voted on! But first…


Little Jeannine as a child.



Javon and Ichelle, two of our potential spouses. Obviously they were aged up much earlier than they were meant to, but we need to work fast.


And since Solomon is actually older than those two, he gets to become a child early too. Our little townie children are so cute!

Romance 10-Baby

Last thing. Incest baby incoming. ~shudders~

That’s all for this update. Time for the heir poll! Thanks for reading guys, and happy Simming!


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