5.10: A Time of Getting

Hey guys, time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Apparently the last post I did was my 100th post and I didn’t even know…I don’t have anything special planned…sorry for being a lame Simmer XD

Anyways, in the last chapter, Autonomous!Tari topped the political career, Ledyba finished her LTW finally, and Espeon grew up into a gorgeous teen! We were actually productive for once! Will this streak continue? Let’s find out!

Romance 1

Another old lady who’s been around since Pewter gen is poaching our young Kantos…

Romance 2-Baby Birth

Double IF baby. In case you forgot, Derik is the son of Phione and Shinx from Cerulean gen, and Paras was the IF and wife of Camerupt

Romance 3-Baby Birth

And finally, fourth Herbson baby. And he’s called Sonny?!?! Guys, we got the wrong Van Gould!!!

Phillip: Hey! I resent that!

Sorry Phil. You know I love you.


Ever since her wife died, Autonomous!Tari has been sleeping in the spare room which used to belong to Torchic instead of in her own bed. I guess she still isn’t comfortable sleeping in the bed she used to share with Jamie…


Uh oh, you know what this means…

I didn’t plan on them having a fifth child but they both wanted one, and even though this baby can’t be heir I wanted to give Phillip another chance of passing down the ghastliness and/or purple skin. So we’ll see what happens.


Skilling time! Ditto works on his logic skill now that his mother has vacated the table.


Em does some logic skilling of his own with the chemistry table.


Essey, the artist of the generation, works on her painting skill.


And you, Ari? What are you up to?

Arbok: You’ll see.


Logic for this little guy too, only he gets to do it on the computer.

Our children are so diverse this generation, aren’t they?


Phillip: What’cha doing, hun?

Ledyba: Calling over the extended family.

Phillip: Eww, gross. Why?

Because you all wished to have a gift-giving party and since I love to torment myself with lag, I kindly obliged.

Ledyba: You’re such a saint.


Espeon: The gears have been turning in my mind brother, and I’ve come up with a brilliant plan for us to take over the world together.

Missingno: And what’s that, sis?

Espeon: Dual heirship.

Missingno: Didn’t we just have that a couple generations ago?

Espeon: But with my charm and your evil, who could resist?

Missingno: Hmm…Em concedes that you have a point…


Missingno: But what about Em’s twin? I can’t just leave him to rot. We’re a team.

Espeon: Don’t worry, he can stick around. The guy has all the traits of a bachelor, he probably Kanto get a girlfriend anyways.

Missingno: You make a good point.

Espeon: As I always do.


Ditto: I sense I’m being talked about…I can’t believe my twin of all people would scheme behind my back!

He is evil, you know.

Ditto: Yeah, but I thought he had more class than that…


Obligatory Phillip picture. This is really all he does, in case you haven’t noticed.


Well, I guess he does this too.

Phillip: How am I meant to walk to my room when there’s a pile of presents all the way across the floor from the archway I need? You’re so inconsiderate.

Yeah, yeah. I need you to move anyways, I wasn’t able to plop this down in the middle of the room cause you’re in the way.


Ledyba: Look, offspring. Your mother is pregnant again.


Espeon: Did you hear the news about mom’s new baby, Em? It’s absolute rubbish, isn’t it?

Missingno: I couldn’t agree more, sister.



Ledyba: I wonder if this baby will pop out as perfect heir material. That’d really put you ingrates in your place, wouldn’t it?

Espeon: Did you hear something, brother?

Missingo: Of course not, sister. I was too busy planning the best way to throw our future sibling in the bin when it’s born.

Ledyba: I swear, if any of you readers vote for these nitwits for heir, I will end you all.


The guests are arriving! Hey Bobo, hey Tori!

Torchic: Sup.

Wobbuffet: Boy, have I not missed this place.


This boy is Marcelo, the son of Camerupt and Paras. He’s such a cutie!


Marcelo: I can’t believe I have to waste my Snowflake Day with you dorks…

And so grumpy!


Here’s Deo and Abbie. Looking good, ladies.


Derik, you weren’t invited!

Derik: But I brought sushi 😀

~sigh~ Fine…come on in…


Georgina. When she’s next to her mom like this you can see how alike they look.


And Charmie, rocking some interesting hair and a goofy grin.

Charmander: Did you miss me?

Of course I did! I do so love my Vermilion children.


Nick decided to stand outside in the snow, huffing and puffing, instead of coming inside.

Nick: ~pouts adorably~

I don’t know what your problem is, kiddo. But you can stay out there if you really want to.


Violet Slymer showed up cause she’s married to Camerupt and was therefore his plus one, but her hubby is still nowhere to be found.

Violet: I think he got stuck at home building a snowman. He might not make it.

Darn it! I miss Cammy 😦


Phillip: We have a very colorful family, don’t we dear?

Ledyba: Were you just trying to pun?

Phillip: I don’t…think so?

Ledyba: I am very disappoint. No wonder our daughter turned out so awful. No woohoo for you for the rest of our days.

Phillip: But we’re immortal!

Ledyba: I know.

Phillip D:


Arbok: I’m just going to hide out in here until all those people go away. 😀

But then you’ll miss out on presents.

Arbok: …you drive a hard bargain…


Torchic: Plumbob, I’m sooo hungry…

You know where the kitchen is. You’re free to raid it. I don’t think anyone here would fault you, and if they did I’d just delete their “rude guest” moodlets.


After a while, everyone started gathering in Tari’s room as if it were the most normal thing in the world to do. I honestly didn’t think we’d get around to presents…gotta love these Kantos…


Altaria: Woohoo! My bedroom is hoppin’!

Is that really something to cheer about, honey?


Nick finally decided to come inside. And I think he mistook this for a Spooky Day party…

Nick: Don’t tell me how to live my life.


Essey doesn’t approve.

Espeon: Your costume’s bad and you should feel bad!

Your Music's Bad and You Should Feel Bad

You tell him, honey.


Looks like we’re finally gonna get this party started! This house is so not built to hold this many Sims in one location. We’ll build a new one next generation when we move. Not that it’ll look any better you guys saw how crap I was at Phillip’s decorating job.


First present of the night goes to Em.

Missingno: Em is humbled to receive such an honor.

Present 1-Missingno

Oh. Good. As if we need more logic objects.


Oh hey, Bernard! If he showed up then I bet Tepig isn’t far behind.


Ditto’s up next.

Ditto: The only screentime I get all chapter is this stupid present so I’d better make it good…

Bernard: This is soooo boring….just open it already!

Present 2-Ditto

Good. Exactly what we needed.

Ditto: I am so ashamed…next time will be better, I swear it!


Stupid, dumb Derik found his way into the hallway, then proceeded to complain about how he couldn’t join in on the action in the family room.


Stop roaming around our house and go back into the main room, you weirdo.


Phillip’s turn.

Phillip: C’mon, Philly needs a new pair of shoes!

Present 3-Phillip

Definitely needed another one of those. Really. We shall cherish this gift.

Phillip: You can never have too many easels!


Missingno: Sister.

Espeon: Brother.


Altaria: Let Auntie Tari show you noobs how presents are done.

Present 4-Altaria

Yupp. That’s the way.

Altaria: I don’t need your sass!



Tepig: Sorry I’m late guys. What’d I miss?

I thought I fixed him but I guess he’s broken again. We’ll just keep him out of the pictures for now.


Oh look, it’s Em’s future wife! Heya Chandra, what’s up?

Chandra: Honestly, I’m too good for this family. I hate having to interact with them so often…

Grumpy as ever, I see.


Arbok: Who needs girls anyways? In a bit, it’ll be my turn and I’ll show those loser siblings of mine how you really do Snowflake Day.

I hope you don’t end up regretting those words.

(Doesn’t he look so smug? I don’t enjoy smug people.)

Present 6-Espeon

I guess I forgot to get a picture of Essey’s turn at the pile, but here’s what she got.

Espeon: I tried.

I know you did.


Ledyba: Might as well get this over with.

Leds is so awesome that she gets to stay in her chair and get a present.

Present 7-Ledyba

Well, not necessarily useful but it’s more interesting than the repeat presents the others have gotten.

Ledyba: You know it is.



Arbok: Hey, hey! Look what I got! Look what I got!

Present 5-Arbok

Nice, kiddo. Something useful that we don’t have a billion of already.

Arbok: That’s right. Who’s the coolest kid in the family now?


Tori found the kitchen.

Torchic: You bet I did. This party rocks.

He just mooched off of our food all night. Sounds like a blast.



Derik: I don’t know what that pink kid with the cowboy hat is talking about. This party was LAME. All I did was stand in a corner in a completely different room from the party and it was the most boring experience of my life!


Bald Cammy? Is that you?

Camerupt: Hey. What’d I miss?

Bout time you showed up. Thanks for nearly knocking down the front of our house with your car.

Camerupt: I figured since I’m already late, I might as well arrive with a bang.


Phillip: I like this. This is nice. We should have house parties more often, what do you think Auntie Tari?

Altaria: Quiet kid, I’m watching people open their gifts. It’s riviting.


Last present of the night goes to Em.

Missingno: Oh boy, be a good one this time!

Present 8-Missingno


Missingno's Second Present


Guys. A glitch gift for a glitch Pokemon.

(And after I typed that sentence my computer froze and I had to restart it…not even kidding you…)

But really though, looks like I have some bad CC to hunt down. I hardly even use any furniture CC, just some decorations and some stuff for kids mostly, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Birthday time! This kid is Stefan, Phillip’s baby brother. He looks just like our Phil, but with pink skin instead of purple. Wonder what Sonny will look like…


Here’s little Javon, Espeon’s future husband. We’ll be speeding up his aging a bit, of course. He appears to have Gumby’s nose and maybe mouth shape, and Daniel’s eye shape and jaw. Loving the red eyes!


And here’s Ichelle, who will be Arbok’s wife. She, too, will be aged faster than normal. She looks to be mostly Angry Beaver, but she does have Jenna’s skin and eye colors and her mouth shape. Looks like we have two more adorable potential legacy spouses!


Josiah became a teen! He can take care of his little sister now should his father pass away soon.


And here’s Kindra Van Gould. The firstborn of Lavender gen is all grown up!

Romance 4

I might as well not even comment at this point.

Romance 5

And finally, this happened. Anybody wanna place any bets as to how long they’ll stay apart this time?

Welp, that’s all for this chapter guys. Just one more chapter and then we’ll have an heir poll! Seems like this generation has gone by really quickly. Is it just me? Well, I’ll see you guys very soon for one last chapter. In the meantime, happy Simming!


3 thoughts on “5.10: A Time of Getting

  1. Lol, always fun watching sims be idiots at parties. But Camerupt takes the cake, driving the limo into the front of the house?

    The potential spouses look very interesting, may be a deciding factor on heir choice.

    • Gotta love when Sims glitches out like that, huh? 😀

      The spouse options really are great this generation, so glad I decided to stuck other legacy Sims in the game! No matter who gets chosen, I’m super excited to see the genetic possibilities for Celadon!

  2. House partay! They suck so much in TS3. So much lag. And if here’s not lag, there’s whiny sims you can’t help EVERYWHERE! I don’t do house parties very often.

    I squeal every time I see Bernard. He was Best Sim. 😦

    Very interesting looking spouse potential there. I think Chandra might be the prettiest, though. 😉

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