5.9: Many Successes

Heya guys! Sorry I’ve been sort of absent lately. And even when I have been posting I haven’t been responding to comments. This semester’s been kind of a collection of mini-heart attacks but it’s over now and I have the whole summer to de-stress!

In the last chapter, Arbok grew into a child and there was sibling rivalry for days. Will something important actually happen in this chapter? Let’s jump right in and find out.

Romance 1-Baby Birth

Firstly, BernTep baby! Interesting name choice…

Romance 2-Why

This happened too…we really need to move to a new town after this generation…


Oh look! A happy family breakfast!

Ditto: Who said anything about it being happy?

Espeon: Screw this, I’m going to play with Mien IF.

Arbok: You’ve only used that one ten other times in this legacy.

Missingno: Don’t make fun of Essey, baby brother, or Em will beat you up.

Arbok: Oh, I’m sooo scared.

Ditto: See? Didn’t I tell you?


Ditto: What? You’re taking more pictures of me?

Missingno: How’d you sleep, twin?


Ditto: I slept great, thank you!


Ditto: You’re looking particularly ghastly today, bro.

Missingno: Thanks…I guess? You’re really stretching for screentime, aren’t you twin?


Poor Leds just has a little bit more to go and then she’ll be free to do whatever the heck she wants for the rest of her immortal life.


This picture signifies a very important occurrence.

Autonomous Tari FTW!!

Autonomous!Tari FTW!!! She did this all on her own and I couldn’t be more proud!


The kiddos brought home this little guy from school. He’s Josiah, the son of Weastoffett, in case you forgot.

Josiah: I don’t like it here…these people are too scary…

I feel ya kid.


Hilary was there too. Hilary is always there…


Phillip: Why aren’t you wearing your generation’s specified color?! You’re a disgrace to this family!


Altaria: Haha, as if I’d listen to the fashion advice of a failed home designer who couldn’t paint to save his life!

Phillip: How dare you say that to me…

Accidental Compliment

What. Never had that moodlet before.


Josiah: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Altaria: Kid. Do you even know how over that is? It’s so last year.

Josiah: Making a snowman is out? What has life come to?…



Hilary: The rejection of that stupid kid amuses me. This family is mine, bitch! No one can steal their affections from me!


This is Josiah’s little sister. I think her name is Jeannine. She looks exactly like him but with different coloring.


And here’s our friend Clayton, all grown up.


Phillip: Woohoo time? Your Auntie Tari was so mean to me, I need you to comfort me.

Ledyba: Fine. But we’re gonna have to have paradise in a shower, cause all that chess all day really makes a girl reek.

Phillip: Fine by me.


Ledyba: Well, that was nice. Time for bed.

Phillip: My wife is so cool…


Hilary grew up when she left. She’s certainly a cutie.

Oh No!

Ohhh no. No no no no no. Sorry Ditto, but she’s your distant cousin and I’m not interested in inbreeding.

Romance 3

These two got back together. They’ll have their baby anytime now, so that’s good.

Romance 4-Oh Come On!

Clayton, not you too! Le sigh…


Maid: Oh, Phillip-senpai…I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you…

Phillip: Just ignore the creepy maid, Phil…we’re due for a new one any day now…


Birthday time! My little babies are growing up so fast!

Espeon: Nobody will be able to hold a candle to me once I’m a teen!


Ditto and Missingno: Woo hoo! Go sister!

Arbok: Oh look, a painting. Let me go stare at it for an unnecessary period of time.

Phillip: Stupid, broken dishwasher…


Here’s our little girl! She’s gorgeous.

Espeon: Hell yeah I am.

She rolled charismatic to add to artistic, good, and ambitious. She’s totally a student-body president!


Here are our lovely teens. We’ve got quite a great set of kids this generation, if I do say so myself.


More birthdays! Here is Solomon Mayfield, the child of BernTep! He’s got Bernard’s nose and lips and Tepig’s eyes and coloring.


Here’s newly teenaged Nick, the youngest of Chabbie.


And here’s Chandra as a teen! I think I’ve decided that she’s Em’s potential spouse, and her younger sister will be Ditto’s.

Romance 6-Baby Birth

Romance 7-Baby Birth

Babies! If Essey and Ari both end up straight, these two will be their future spouses.

Logic Get

LTW Complete



Ledyba: Finally. Now I’m going to bed.


Of course she got a hearty congratulations from her hubby first.


Missingno: Careful, brother. You never know who might have poisoned your food.

Ditto: Now that you mention it, that sounds like a great idea…


Just another picture of our new teen. She’s just so pretty!

Espeon: That’s right, adore me!


Ledyba: I’m still pretty, right? Tell me I’m still pretty…

Of course you are, dear. Where do you think your daughter got her looks from anyways?


Looks like she might be chained to a skilling item for a while longer…she rolled the wish to discover all of the potions.


One last thing before we close out this update.

Missingno: Em has a weird question for you, sister. Do you like boys or girls?

Espeon's Gender Preference

Espeon: Boys.

Excellent. Javon it is.

Welp, that’s all for this chapter. We have two more chapters before the heir poll, so get pumped! Thanks for reading guys, and as always, happy Simming!


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