5.4: Chess or Die

Hey guys! I’ve started the new semester and it already seems like more work than the last one, so updates will probably get infrequent again. With that in mind, let’s start the last chapter recap!

We had plenty of birthdays last time! Little Espeon was born as the third member of the generation. Our twins became children. And finally, Torchic became a YA and moved out.

Childhood Friendship 1

I hardly ever get these childhood friendship popups! I’m glad these two are getting along so well!

Romance 2

Too bad these two aren’t getting along so well.

Romance 3

Romance 4-Breakup

Neither are these two though.


Our last chess opponent, cousin Suzanna, stayed all night. And she’s apparently taken an interest in baby Espeon.


Wait, where are you going with her?!

Suzanna: You already have two babies, and I only have one. I’m taking this one home with me. Kthxbai.

Nooo! Put her down!


I didn’t mean literally! Seriously…she picked up the baby, acted like she was going to steal her, and then calmly set her down on the ground and left. I worry for the safety of her own child.


Luckily, Daddy’s around to save the day.

Phillip: Come here, princess. Let’s get you back inside.


The twins share a nutritious breakfast before their first day of school.


Missingno: Em is absolutely horrified by these disgusting dishes which seem to plague our dining room. We should do something about it, brother.

Ditto: Really? I find the smell of rotting foodstuffs rather calming.

Missingno: …you disgust me…


Ditto: To heck with this. I’m going back to bed.

You know you’re gonna have to get back up in just a few minutes for school, right?

Ditto: ~grumble grumble~


Leds gets some more practice in before we invite over her next opponent.

Ledyba: Seems like all I ever get to do anymore…

Your fault for picking this LTW.

Ledyba: ~grumble grumble~


Missingno: She told you that you’d have to get up again soon bro.

Ditto: So much hate…

Have fun in school, boys!


Phil works on his architectural design for a while. But he soon leaves for another job!


I had this itsy bitsy space to work with, but I like this room better than my last one. Not too fond of that dresser, but it’s one of the only small ones that would fit into the space next to the bed. In retrospect, I should’ve messed with the coloring a bit more, but meh.


While we were waiting for Violet Slymer to show up and rate our room, I got distracted by this random sparkly thing. My first thought was that it was a ghost from the ghost hunting career, but I don’t know what it would be doing here in daytime. I didn’t investigate it any further.


Back home, Jamie distracts the maid from his work.

Jamie: This is my grandson! Isn’t he handsome? I just love spending time with my boy!

You’ve never met him, hun. Sometimes I forget that he’s her only grandchild and that our lavender kiddos aren’t related to her at all.


Finally, Violet showed up.

Phillip: So Grandma, how’d you like your room? You’re gonna give your favorite grandson a good review, aren’t you?

Well Boo To You Too

Violet: Absolutely not. It sucked. Go do it again.

Phillip: But…but I did everything you asked of me…

I remember getting really bad reviews at first the last time I did this career too. So either I’m really awful at design and the game knows it, or this is normal when you’re just starting out. I’m gonna go with a little of both.


You okay, honey?

Phillip: I don’t wanna talk about it.


When the kids get back home, they start on their homework immediately. Ditto’s a vampire AND a genius, so it took him a couple seconds to finish his! So much <3!

Ditto: I live to please.


His poor brother on the other hand…

Missingno: Em is too tired for this…what does algebra have to do with world domination anyways?…

They were supposed to work on their homework together, but apparently Ditto didn’t want to help his twin.


Ditto: This wouldn’t be a problem if you’d just paid attention in class, idiot.

Missingno: Shut up, buttmunch…


Birthday time! Here’s Clayton Kanto, the son of Judy and Alyssa Holly. He has Alyssa’s hair and eye color, but all his facial features come from the MacDuff line…le sigh…


And this little one is Hilary Mendoza, the daughter of Suzanna and Rice Krispies. She’s a nice mix of her parents, with the MacDuff nose and Rice Krispeis’ eye shape. I have high hopes for this one!

Romance 1-Baby Birth

Romance 5-Baby Birth

We had a couple of births too! Stefan is another vampiric ghost. I don’t know that Herbson can produce anything else.


Our next chess opponent is Aza. And for the first time EVER, Leds lost!!! Three times! Aza doesn’t even have that high a logic skill!!!

Ledyba: I don’t believe this…


After three victories, she tried to leave. I wasn’t about to let that happen. If she was anything like Bobo, she’d be a pain in the butt to beat, especially since Leds had already lost three times. So I locked her inside the room. I’m not above a little cheating sometimes.

Azelf: Confound it! This door is locked!

Ledyba: Chess or die, bitch.


Phillip: How’s daddy’s little princess doing today, Essey? Are you ready for your birthday?

Espeon: Birfday! Birfday!


Azelf: Birthdays might have to wait. I’m feeling rather odd…

Ledyba: Sit down, will you? We’re not done with this game yet.

Wut?….I didn’t mean “chess or die” literally!!!


Missingno: Auntie Aza, no!!! Em is so sad for this person he’s never met before!


For some reason, Grimmy chose to do his reaping from the roof instead of inside the house. You do you, Grim.

Grim: Killing people who you can’t beat at chess? Squirts, I like the way your daughter thinks! 

We didn’t do it on purpose!!!

I so did not anticipate this happening…


Ditto: Who cares about death? Would you take a look at this block? It’s blue!

What an astute thought.


To get the boys away from all the death and despair, I sent them to the park. Alyssa and her offspring were there! Look how little they resemble each other…

Alyssa: Shut up. My baby is beautiful, just like my wife.


Alduin Bedlam was there too, but with the Mendoza baby instead of his own…

Alduin: Babysitting.

More like kidnapping! You don’t even live in the same house as the Mendozas!


Back home, baby Espeon had her birthday!

Espeon: How dare you forget about me because some chick died in our house. It’s my day, darn it!

Wow. Ruthless. She looks a lot like Ditto, with Phil’s nose and Ledyba’s mouth. She definitely has Leds’ eyes too. The Ledyba genetics are strong in these children.


Ledyba: Let’s see…that’s how long now until these brats are out of my hair?

Mother of the year she is not.


Back at the park, Alyssa is teaching her kid how to talk!

Alyssa: What are you, an investigative reporter? Leave us alone already!

Hilary: I wish my mommy was here…

Alduin: Shut up kid…


Are our boys bonding, mayhap?

Ditto: Tag! You’re it!

Missingno: What the heck, Ditto?! Why’d you hit Em like that?

Ditto: Helloo? You run. I tag. Get it?


They got the hang of it eventually.

Ditto: You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!

Missingno: ~casually floats~ Better keep running, brother. Here Em comes.

Hilary: I sure wish I could play too!


Essey is the only kid this generation to get an IF. His name is Mienshao.


Probably won’t be bringing him to life, but he does exist.


Leds rolled the wish for another baby. And she tries to tell me she can’t stand her bratty children.

Ledyba: Honestly, it’s just an excuse for woohoo.

Sure, like you two don’t do that enough as it is. Anyways, the boys will be teens before we know it, so if we want to give the next kid a chance at heirship, better get him/her cooking.


Toddler skilling time.

Phillip: I’m gonna need a face lift after this…

Espeon: Daddy is so rude…hmph…


Next chess opponent: Deo. Leds won easily.

Ledyba: Honestly, sis. I expected you to put up more of a fight.

Deoxys: I heard what you do to people who don’t let you win. I don’t want any part of that…

Ledyba: It wasn’t my fault!!!


Ledyba: I want a baby.

I know. You’ll get one, don’t you worry.

Deoxys: I’m starving and all you have for me is cake or yogurt?

You used to live here, Deo. You know perfectly well how food works in this house.


Missingno: See that, brother? Even the random lady roaming our house knows how to pick up dirty dishes.

Ditto: Why don’t you pick them up yourself if they bother you so much?

Missingno: I would, but it’s the principle of the thing! You should learn to be more cleanly!

Ditto: Slob trait, bro. Slob trait.


MOAR BIRTHDAYS! This is Nick, the son of Chabbie. He reminds me so much of Squirtle! He has Abby’s eyes and mouth and Charmie’s nose. Such a cutie!


This is Chandra Tart, the daughter of Alduin and Beinget and our first spouse option! She’s a great mix of her parents, with her father’s eyes and nose and her mother’s mouth. Plus, she’s a fairy!


Finally, here’s Kurxys’s daughter Kindra, growing into a teen.

Romance 6-Baby Birth

Also, another baby birth! Francesca is another spouse option for us, hooray! Let’s hope she’s as cute as her sister!


This is interesting. These two went to bed not quite friends, but apparently their friendship meter has been going up from just being in the same room as each other. They’re now best friends! I didn’t know that was a thing!

Missingno: It was that game of tag. It’s still going on in our minds.

Ditto: Friendship through osmosis, didn’t you know? It’s all the rage these days.


Ledyba: See? I like my children. How’s my little princess today?

Espeon: Affection is nice, mummy, but I need food now please.


Ledyba: Puking and a broken shower? Could this day get any worse?…


Phillip: Hey, at least you don’t have to potty train a toddler.

Espeon: Don’t worry, daddy. I’ll make this as painless for you as possible.


At least he gets to paint afterwards.

Phillip: I call this one “The Lucky Bachelor With No Children.”


Leds had to play against Bobo again. Luckily, he didn’t try to run off this time. He must have heard about the curse of the chess table too.

Ledyba: Am I ever going to live that down?…

Probably not.


Match won just in time for Leds to pop.

Ledyba: Oh, nooboo. So you didn’t lie to me when you promised I’d get another one.

Of course not, hun. Have I ever lied to you?

That’s all for this chapter, guys. Have a wonderful rest of your day and happy Simming!


6 thoughts on “5.4: Chess or Die

  1. Espeon is so adorable, early fave for heir! But the boys are cute too, and I would like a ghostly heir, for something new. Interesting that none of the kids (yet) have been like their father, the ghost-vamp hybrid.

  2. I love how you write Em! I adore how he speaks in third person! XD Ditto’s cute, but I dislike slobs (just on principle), and Espeon looks a bit too much like Ledyba (imho), so Em’s my favorite for heir. Plus he’s a ghost! We’ll see if the new baby changes that.

    Chandra looks absolutely adorable! Wee fairy! Much cuteness! 😀

    Great chapter! ^_^

    • Haha, thanks! I honestly have no idea why I started writing Em in the third person. It just sort of happened. Glad you like it though 🙂
      Espeon does look a lot like Ledyba. Her genes are really dominant with these children! I’m hoping future babies will have more of Phil’s looks, but we’ll see!

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