5.3: Friendship is Magic

Hey y’all! In the last chapter, we trained some toddlers, Phillip got his first remodeling job, and Leds found out that she’s pregnant again!

Romance 1-Baby-WUT

WUT. Kurtis and Phillip, two grown men, are getting a baby sibling. I guess that happens when you have two immortal parents.

Romance 2-Baby Birth

Romance 4-Baby Birth

Two baby births! Can’t wait to see what they look like!

(Not that big a fan of the name Clayton, Judyssa…)

Romance 3

And JenGin got back together.


Phillip: Here you go, my precious baby boy. Drink your suspicious green fluid.

Missingno: Yay, food!


Look! Leds is holding air!


Just kidding!

Ledyba: Not funny.

I’m so mature, you guys.


Torchic: BOO! BE AFRAID!

Phillip: Did I hear something just now? Hmm, it was probably nothing.


Phillip: Oh my gosh, I just remembered that I forgot to record my soap last night!

Torchic: ~grumble grumble~


Torchic: Hey there, kid. How’s my little buddy doing today.

Missingno: Em is great, thanks for asking. Now can you put your little buddy down? He has to go pee.

Yeah, Tori’s totally not going soft on us.


Ledyba: Why do I have to read this again? I already went through the whole thing last pregnancy.

Because you wished for it.

Ledyba: I wish for a lot of things that you don’t promise.

It’s true. For example:


She’s rolled this one about three or four times at this point. Once she’s finished with her LTW I’ll consider it, if only because I find it hilarious.


Ditto: If family is too busy for me, I’ll just go play with my blocks. That’ll show ’em.


Tori’s been following Em around all day. Can you say creepy?

Torchic: Wait little buddy, I just wanna play with my best friend!

Missingno: Em needs some space…could you please just leave me alone?


Altaria: That’s weird. I thought this baby was see-through.

That’s a different baby, Tari.

Altaria: You mean there’s two of them?

Ditto: I don’t care if I get confused for brother Em. Someone finally wants to hang out with me!


Since there’s only one kid going to school at the moment, I thought I’d let Tori start riding the bus.

Torchic: I hate this. It smells like sweaty gym clothes.


Jamie: You look hot when you hold babies.

Altaria: Hehe…thanks. I think?


Phillip: Why do I have to read this thing again?

We already went through this with your wife. It’s because you wished for it.

Phillip: Yeah, but you’d think if just one of us reread it we’d be all set…


Cammy came over as Leds’ next chess opponent.

Camerupt: Hey there, little guy. Aren’t you just the cutest thing. I bet you and my Marcelo are gonna be the best of friends.

Ditto: Did you say friends? I like friends!


There was really no competition this time around. She won in record time.


Ledyba: So you saw my kid, huh? He’s pretty awesome, isn’t he? I just love that he’s a ghost.


Camerupt: Actually, I saw the other one. And I think he was super special awesome. I’m quite fond of the vampire variety.


Ledyba: Thanks for coming over, Cammy. It was good to see you.

Camerupt: Good to see you too, Leds.


Autonomous!Tari raising her painting skill, like a boss. She seems to be getting used to taking care of herself.


Apparently Cammy didn’t go home. He’s been outside playing soccer.

Camerupt: Darn. The wife wants me to come back home. Something about our son’s birthday…


Altaria: Sonny boy! It’s been so long! Let me tell you all about my political prowess!

Camerupt: Hey ma. I’m actually really tired. I’m gonna head home.


D’aww. This is the first time these two have cuddled!


I guess Cammy chose not to go home for his son’s birthday. The household better not get mad at him for being a “rude guest.” He used to live here!


Here’s Cammy’s little boy. He’s adorable!

Romance 5

Weast and Bobo got married.

Romance 6

You’ll start to see this becoming a running theme with these two.


It seems another Lavender baby is about to join the world.

Phillip: Holy crap, honey! You’re in labor!

Ledyba: Calm down, you spaz. I’ve gone through this before.


Ledyba: Could you get out of the way? I need to make the bed.

Seriously. She couldn’t have her baby until everything was perfectly in its place. Perfectionists, honestly.


I sent him to take care of his other babies so his wife could have their new one in peace.


Ledyba: Let’s just…oof…get this over with…


Ledyba: Look honey, it’s a girl.

Phillip: Oh. But we both wanted boys.

Ledyba: I guess we’ll just have to have another one then.

I’m glad it’s a girl! Her name is Espeon.


She’s good and artistic. Yay…

Not Purple

She’s purple in the wish and portrait panels, which got me super excited. But she actually has normal vampire-colored skin. Don’t know what you’d call it. Grey? I sure wish Phil’s skin would get passed down…


Missingno: Em is growing up now! Attention please!


Torchic: Yay! You go, little buddy!


Ditto: Yay! Birthday!


Here’s our little ghostie! Missingno rolled daredevil, like his mother before him.

I think I was wrong about his eyes. They don’t look exactly like Ledyba’s, but they sure aren’t Phillip’s.


Torchic: MWAHAHA! Now that my peon is a child, I can start training him to rule the world!


Ditto rolled slob. His mother will throw a fit.

Ditto: Serves her right for not paying enough attention to me.

I’m still not sure about Ditto’s eyes. They look even less like Leds’ eye shape than Em’s do, but they’re too big to be Phillip’s. I doubt Sims genetics allows for the size of one parent’s eyes and the shape of the other’s. I guess we’ll see when he gets older, but he probably does have Leds’ eyes.

I do love my little twins!


Phillip: Oh. My kids grew up. That’s cool I guess.


I don’t know what Leds was doing outside, but she almost died! Get your butt in the house, missy!

Ledyba: Make me.




Both our little boys rolled the wish to learn the logic skill and read the logic book straight away. I think they’re the first Kanto kids in a while that didn’t gain any skill points from the logic blocks or the xylophone. What where they doing during their toddler days?

Ditto: Being cute?

Missingno: Being followed by Cousin Tori.

Ah. I see.


Ledyba: I’m glad I got a girl. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing?

Looks like Leds is going a little soft too. I guess babies will do that to you.


Leds has to play Suzanna again. I guess there aren’t enough chess players. Everyone has two ranks. The outcome was the same as the first time.


Hey Phil. You gonna talk to your son?

Phillip: Nope. We enjoy each other’s silence. Right, kiddo?

Missingno: Em doesn’t care either way. Father is just a stepping stone on my path to glory, after all.


Torchic: It is now time for me to rise and take over this legacy!

Sorry, hun. You know as well as I do that when you grow up, you’re leaving.

Torchic: Drat! Foiled again!


Altaria: My last little baby is leaving me…

Missingno: Em wishes to celebrate cousin Tori’s birthday, but Auntie Tari is in the way!

Phillip: I’m just here for cake.


Ditto: Who does this guy think he is, stealing attention away from the important people?…


Torchic: YAWN. This whole birthday thing sure is a bore.


The final Vermilion child rolled workaholic, adding to evil, heavy sleeper, equestrian, and unlucky. He likes pop music, porcini risotto, and the color yellow, and is an aires. He wants to be an emperor of evil.

Torchic: Enough with the formalities. I’m starving and smelly and I just want to leave already.


Torchic: It’s absolute rubbish that you dorks get to stay here in the legacy house and I have to leave.

Missingno: It’s your own fault for being born later than the rest of your generation.

Ditto: Yeah. You really should’ve thought of that before being conceived.


Phillip: Guess what? Cats.


Suzanna: Oh my gosh, I love cats 😀

Pro-Tips From Phillip: Talk about cats and everyone will instantly love you.


Missingno: MWAHAHA! Em shall be ever so much more popular than twin brother! Especially if I laugh evilly like Cousin Tori taught me!


Ditto: What is that trash still doing at our table? Nobody wants him here. He should just leave already.

Torchic: Gee, thanks kid. I’ll definitely kill you last once I’m the emperor of all that is terrible.


Torchic: See you around, kid. Make me proud with your evil doings, okay?

Missingno: Em will try his best!

So with a new job in the criminal career and a room in Cheryl Slymer’s house, Tori went on his way.


This is little Georgina, the daughter of Chabbie. Isn’t she adorable?

Romance 7-Baby Birth

Her baby brother was born the same day she aged up.

Romance 8-Baby Birth

As was a future spouse option, Chandra! Let’s hope our children all like girls.

Romance 9-Baby

Immediately after Chandra’s birth popup, we got this. Huzzah for another option! Although this one will probably be too young for our boys.


Our boys find their beds and settle down for their first night as children.

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!


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